How Queen Hair Come to life

Being a first-generation college student in a farmer family, Ms Jessica was motivated to make a change. After graduating from a prestigious university, she always wants to make a value to society and create opportunities not just for herself, but also people in the rural areas. Following merchants on a trip to the mountainous North East districts of Vietnam, she found out about an industry hardly anyone was talking about: human hair trade. Looking at the flowing, shiny black hair of healthy ethnic women, she thought about how much potential they hold. After several years of saving up money, studying hair manufacturing technology and planning, Ms Jessica opened a small scale hair factory in 2000.


Ms Jessica and Queen Hair Team

Customers are the ones who gave us our Crown

After trials and failures, Ms Jessica finally received bigger orders locally and even internationally. Thinking bigger, Ms Jessica built the manufacturer into its own distributor in 2012.

Even in this competitive market, Queen Hair never lost sight of its core values. Despite how other manufacturers get away with malpractice, Queen Hair promises only to provide the best hair products for customers, produced ethically.

The message behind our mantra: Queen Hair – Discover your inner Queen

Queen Hair strongly believes that every woman is gorgeous and regal in her own way. That’s why we are here: to empower you with a hair transformation, because all women deserve to look like queens.

We call each customer who shops at Queen Hair our Queens, and provide them with the best hair quality and customer care. Discover your inner Queen today with Queen Hair %100 human hair, and feel like the best version of yourself.


Welcome VIP customers to the Queen Hair office

Our mission

  • Inspire Nigerian women to discover their most beautiful selves.
  • As a Nigerian-centric brand, we aim to help Nigerian women find their Queens by uplifting their natural features with different, expressive hairstyles.
  • We believe hair to be the most natural yet fun way for women to express their personalities. And when women are the most confident and happy with themselves, they will shine like a Queen.
  • Supply quality, affordable products for our Nigerian customers. Our rule in making products is always “quality first”. We put the most effort into improving our hair quality day by day, and every hair extension product we deliver to the customer is made with the utmost care.

Queen Hair Factory supply the best quality

Market the brand of Vietnamese hair to the world

Queen Hair collects hair from healthy Vietnamese women. These Vietnamese donors have a fiber-rich diet and live in the clean air of the countryside, keeping their scalps healthy and their hair a luxurious, shiny black color that can blend excellently with African women’s features.

We pride ourselves in ethical collection and production. Queen Hair aims to enhance the natural beauty of Nigerian women with our Vietnamese human hair extensions, helping them feel like true Queen.