What’s your preference when it comes to changing hairstyles?: going to a salon or doing it at home? However, you may believe that hair styling is expensive, time-consuming, or can easily harm your natural hair.? Exactly all you need is a hair extension, then! You’ll learn a lot about 12 inch hair extensions if you stick with this article all the way to the conclusion. You’ll no longer have to worry about styling your hair as a result.

Overview of 12 inch hair extensions

Hair extensions, particularly those 12 inch hair extensions, are becoming increasingly popular among consumers all over the world as a result of its ease of use, effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal. What are the benefits of using 12 inch hair extensions, and why are they so common? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Definition of 12 inch hair extensions

Hair extensions that are 12 inches in length are called 12 inch hair extensions. A definition of hair extensions, as well as information regarding 12 inch hair extensions, follows.
If your hair doesn’t have the volume or length you’d like, or if you simply don’t like your current haircut, hair extensions are a great alternative. The quality of hair extensions can vary substantially, depending on whether they are made of synthetic or natural materials.
Simply put, the term “12 inch” refers to an inch. Due of its widespread use, little can be said about this metric. You can find out more about 12 inch hair extensions by reading the following.

Outstanding features of 12 inch hair extensions

Hair extensions that are 12 inches long often include the following features. The length, weight, and cost are three of the most important considerations to consider. All of these aspects will be discussed in detail later on.

The length of 12 inch hair extensions

What is the length of a 12-inch hair extension? It’s absolutely 12 inches in length. If you’re not familiar with this particular unit of length, you can convert it to a variety of other measurements to further convey its meaning.. Now, we’ll show you how 12 inch is measured in feet, yards, and centimeters, as well.

  • 1/3 yard is equivalent to 12 inches.
  • 1 foot is equal to twelve inches.
  • 30.48 cm equates to a 12-inch measurement.

The weight of 12 inch hair extensions

One 12 inch hair bundle typically weighs 100g. However, bear in mind that the weight of 12 inches of hair will vary based on the type of hair and the method used to measure it.
The most critical step is to verify that the seller provides accurate weight information for the 12 inch hair you get. You should double-check the weight and length of the merchandise when you receive it to ensure that your order was proper.
When it comes to 12 inch hair, it all comes down to who you get your hair from and where it came from. For example, most 12 inch hair will have 30cm of length and 100 grams of weight in a single bundle.

The price of 12 inch hair extensions

According to the provider, the price of a 12-inch hair extension will vary. Using Queen Hair’s Vietnamese price list as an example, we were able to provide you with an idea of what 12 inch hair costs.
Queen Hair’s 12 inch hair is a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. Super double, double, and single 12 inch hair kinds are all recognized. The cost will vary according to the type.

  • The starting price for 10 inch hair at Queen Hair will be $18 for a 100 gram hair bundle.
  • For bone straight hair, the starting price for 10 inch hair will be $23 for a 100 gram hair bundle.

Typical types of 12 inch hair extensions

The five most popular 12 inch hair extensions are listed below. We strongly advise that you visit your hairdresser before using any product, as each hair type is best suited to a different person.

12 inch hair extensions in terms of clip in

The 12 inch hair extensions come in the style of a hair clip, which is highly practical and adored by a lot of females. Because of how simple it is to apply, this is one of the most popular 12 inch hair extensions.

  • These extensions are pre-installed with hair extensions that are 12 inches in length. It’s as simple as using a hair clip to secure it to your hair. It just takes 5 to 10 minutes to apply 12 inch clip-in hair extensions, even if you don’t have access to a stylist. This is a fantastic hair extension because it does not harm the hair. ‘
  • However, the 12 inch hair extensions clip in must be taken out before going to sleep because they are so heavy. This style of clip-in might be a bit of a pain to wear at times. The scalp can be damaged if the hair is not trimmed correctly.

12 inch hair extensions in terms of tape in

The hair extension linked to the tape is called a 12 inch hair extensions styles extension tape-in, and your hairdresser will then attach it to your natural hair. These hair extensions are taped in at 12 inches, however they are not permanent.

  • The hairdresser will place the tape-in hair extensions to your natural hair once it has been straightened. Tap-in extensions can be used for up of four to six weeks before they need to be removed by a hairstylist.
  • Tape in 12 inch hair extensions require meticulous combing and washing if you don’t want them to fall out. In addition to damaging your own hair, overheating your 12 inch hair extensions can also shorten their lifespan.

Sew – in by 12 inch hair extensions

People with coarse, frizzy hair prefer the sew in 12-inch hair extensions the most. We strongly recommend having a hairdresser stitch in a 12-inch hair extension in a salon.

  • Wholesale hair extensions that are sewn in have been pre-wired into a thread before being sewn in. It will then be sewed into your pre-braided hair with this 12-inch hair extension You can braid your hair into cornrows and then sew a 12-inch hairstyles extension into your hair for individuals with coarse and frizzy hair.
  • A 12 inch hair extension can be sewn into your hair to help you achieve the thickness you desire without a lot of time and work. When you use this product, you may rest assured that your natural hair will not be damaged or harmed.

Fusion and pre-bonded of 12 inch hair extensions

If you’d like thick, silky hair, consider using pre-bonded 12 inch hair extensions, which are known as fusion. Hairstylists will use heat and keratin glue to attach the natural hair to the extensions.

  • Fusion Hairdressers are required to perform a 12-inch hair length extension. 4 to 5 weeks is the average length of time this hairstyle will last. In order to remove the adhesive after the hair is long enough, you’ll need to visit a hair salon.
  • Heat and keratin adhesive are used in this style, therefore it will permanently alter your hair. So, if you want to use these fusion 12 inch hair extensions, we recommend that you have healthy hair.

Micro beads of 12 inch hair extensions

It is possible to attach natural and synthetic hair using microbeads that are made of plastic or metal. It will appear natural because each hair strand is separated evenly by this microbead.

  • After 4 to 6 weeks, you need visit a hairdresser to remove the hair extensions from your head because the hair has grown out of the extensions.
  • There are numerous hairstyles that may be created utilizing the microbead 12 inch hair styles extension because it is so versatile.

As a result, we can infer that each of the five 12 inch hair extensions has its own strengths and disadvantages. As a hair salon owner, we strongly recommend that you import clip-in and sew-in hair extensions, as these are the most popular on the market.

Top 5 best hair suppliers of 12 inch hair extensions

We’ve compiled a list of the top five most trustworthy 12 inch hair providers on the market in order to ensure that you get only the best.

Queen Hair – Top 1 best hair suppliers of 12 inch hair extensions

Queen Hair factory is one of the most well-known manufacturers of 12 inch hair in the hair industry at this time. Over the course of the last two decades, the company has worked with thousands of well-known brands to supply 12 inch hair. Since our plant is located in the location where the raw materials are sourced, we are able to guarantee a regular supply of hair. Because of the country’s stable political climate and a number of measures that promote imports and exports, we can assure you that your order will be delivered quickly and easily.

  • Queen Hair offers 12 inch hair extensions at a very reasonable price. This means that Queen Hair does not charge additional expenses like operating costs, shipping charges, or taxes.
  • High-quality Queen hair care products are on the market. Donors who reside in the mountains are preferred because they have a healthy supply of hair. These blood donors eat healthily and use herbal shampoos and conditioners on their hair.
  • The product selection at Queen Hair is extensive. With our many years in the hair industry, Queen Hair is well-versed in what our clients want when it comes to hairstyles and colors.


  • Website: Queen Hair
  • Whatsapp: (84)8444444829
  • Email: queenhairng@gmail.com

Salon Lab – Top 2 best hair suppliers of 12 inch hair extensions

Salon lab is a renowned African hair supplier, offering 12 inch hair extensions straight hair. Many African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, and others, get the company’s hair extensions.

  • Salon Lab 12 inch straight hair price is $62/bundle.
  • The hair source of Salon Lab is from India.

Ted Hair – Top 3 best hair suppliers of 12 inch hair extensions

For 12 inch hair trading and manufacturing, TedHair is a trusted partner and industry leader. Beauty experts and business owners can take advantage of their turnkey business solutions and high-quality hair products at the lowest possible prices from this provider. Hair extension wholesalers, merchants, salons, and stylists all around the world rely on us for top-notch products.

Virgin hair extensions in the 12inch length can be found in a number of Ted Hair’s offerings. All of your opinions and ideas are welcome here. Please verify that I am a legitimate member of this website before I proceed.

JC Hair Factory – Top 4 best hair suppliers of 12 inch hair extensions

Since 2002, JC Hair Factory has been supplying China’s wholesale market with virgin 8-inch hair and hair extensions. Everybody should have access to high-quality, natural hair regardless of their financial situation. We eliminate the middleman by selling hair extensions directly from our factory to the end user. When you buy your hair extensions from us, you’ll save a lot of money.
Anyone can create a hair salon with the help of JC Hair Factory, regardless of their financial or time resources. It will save you time and effort to employ our dropshipping and bespoke packaging services. JCFactory is a superb online supplier of high-quality hair extensions for salon owners, wholesalers and retailers, and stylists.

TSA Hair Extensions – Top 5 best hair suppliers of 12 inch hair extensions

Hair extensions measuring 12 inches in length are available from TSA Hair Extensions, a Nigerian company. A total of two years’ experience in the hair industry has been accumulated by the business.

  • TSA Hair 12 inch straight hair price starts at $65/bundle.
  • The main product of TSA Hair is wig

Finally, 12 inch straight hair is one of the most popular hairstyles right now. Hair salon owners who want to expand their businesses should import 18-inch straight hair from the United States because it is a popular product. If you want to make more money, you can go with a hair vendor that is located in the material area.


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