Nigerian hair extensions are promising if you wish to enter Nigeria’s hair market. There are a lot of questions you may have regarding Nigerian hair extensions, and this piece is here to answer them.


All necessary information about Nigerian hair extensions

A quick overview of Nigerian hair extensions

Wholesale Nigerian hair extensions vendors in Nigeria and hair businesses generally have a tremendous amount of room for expansion potential due to the rapid economic development, growing standards of living, and youthful population of the country.


A quick overview of Nigerian hair extensions

Instead of producing their own hair, the vast majority of wholesale Nigerian hair extensions are imported from other nations. However, some of them do make their own hair. The bulk of local stores get their hair extensions from Asian enterprises based in China, India, or Vietnam. Sometimes they even get them from Thailand. Wholesale Nigerian hair extensions might still save you money compared to vendors in other countries, despite the higher costs associated with importing the hair.

Categorization of Nigerian hair extensions

In Nigeria, a wide variety of Nigerian hair extensions are available to meet a wide range of customer needs. Sew-in hair wefts, which are hair strands linked to a fabric piece for sewing into cornrows, are the most prevalent type. The most typical method for Nigerian women to change their hair is to wear a wig made from Nigerian hair extensions.

The classification of Nigerian hair extensions on quality

There are two types of Nigerian hair extensions: synthetic and real human hair. A human hair extension’s physical appeal is enhanced because it looks and feels like your own hair. However, the quality of Nigerian hair extensions varies greatly as well. Here, we’ll categorize Nigerian hair extensions by quality: virgin, remy, and non-remy hair.

  • Virgin Nigerian hair extensions

Virgin Nigerian hair extensions

Only one person’s hair is used to make virgin hair extensions, which are made from a single donor’s hair. “Virgin hair” refers to a single bundle of hair from a single donor that is used to make the extensions. Virgin hair extensions that have been treated or coloured can never be returned to their original state after they have been installed. Hairdressers love this type of hair extension because it’s easy to bleach, color, and style. This is the priciest sort of Nigerian hair extensions on the market.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain virgin Nigerian hair extensions and is now almost entirely exclusive to Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, and India.

  • Remy Nigerian hair extensions

Remy Nigerian hair extensions

Remy Nigerian hair extensions are made from strands of hair that have been arranged so that their cuticles line up. Hair strands are covered in “scales” known as cuticles. To avoid tangling, the cuticles of remy hair are aligned. Remy Nigerian hair extensions remy hair can be left natural or treated thermally or chemically.

  • Non-remy Nigerian hair extensions

Because the hair is obtained from a large number of donors in non-remy Nigerian hair extensions, there are no cuticle-aligned bundles present in the hair. These inexpensive Nigerian hair extensions continue to be quite popular despite the low production costs associated with them.


Non-remy Nigerian hair extensions

Choosing whether to utilize virgin, remy, or non-remy Nigerian hair extensions is entirely up to you and your hair extensions in Nigeria business’s goals and clientele. Virgin hair has the highest quality, followed by remy hair, and non-remy hair has the lowest quality and lowest price. To get the most value for their consumers, hair salon owners in Nigeria must shop around for the best sorts of Nigerian hair extensions to acquire from suppliers.

The classification of Nigerian hair extensions based on grade

Additionally, Nigerian hair extensions can be categorized into grades. Nigerian hair extensions can be classified as either single drawn, double drawn, or super double drawn, depending on the level of complexity.


The classification of Nigerian hair extensions based on grade

  • In Nigerian hair extensions, the first grade of hair extensions is single drawn: the majority of the hair is the same length, while the rest of the hair is significantly shorter.
  • Second grade Nigerian hair extensions are double drawn: 60 to 70 percent of the hair is identical length, while the remainder is shorter.
  • For the third grade of Nigerian hair extensions, the majority of the hair is the same length, while a small percentage is shorter.

In most cases, a wig of Nigerian hair extensions is made up of 2-3 bundles and a closure. High grades such as super double drawn or double drawn are therefore recommended for the best quality of items.

The classification of Nigerian hair extensions based on texture

When it comes to Nigerian hair extensions, there is a wide selection of wonderful hair textures available for consumers to select from. There is a wide selection of hair textures available to proprietors of businesses that sell Nigerian hair extensions.


The classification of Nigerian hair extensions based on texture

There is a large variety of options available in terms of quality, texture, and grade level while shopping for Nigerian hair extensions. It is absolutely necessary for proprietors of hair extension businesses in Nigeria to have access to wholesale hair suppliers in Nigeria who provide a large selection of high-quality products in order for their businesses to be successful.

Hair source of Nigerian hair extensions

Nigerian hair extensions come from one main material source: imported hair. Local hair is cheaper, but frequently of inferior quality, that’s why shops selling Nigerian hair extensions import products from other nations, primarily Asian like Vietnam, China and India.

Nigerian hair extensions from Viet Nam

Vietnamese hair extensions are one of the most reliable hair sources for Nigerian hair extensions, which is smooth, glossy, and long-lasting, making it ideal for black and Caucasian women. They’re also light and easy to put on.


Nigerian hair extensions from Viet Nam

  • Nigerian hair extensions from Vietnamese hair sources are available in Nigeria at low prices thanks to a large supply of raw materials. Hair was gathered from healthy Vietnamese ladies in rural areas. These Vietnamese women eat a high-fiber diet and live outside in the fresh air, which keeps their scalps healthy and their hair brighter and lustrous.
  • Nigerian hair extensions from Vietnamese hair sources are available in a variety of styles. Your company needs a varied product range to be able to meet all of your clients’ needs. Customers come to hair salons for a variety of reasons. It will be tough or take a long time to obtain your selected hair goods if your Nigerian hair extensions business does not have a big choice of hair supplies.
  • Vietnamese hair was once collected by Chinese merchants in Nigeria to be converted into Chinese hair extensions, but with the growth of the hair manufacturing business in Vietnam in recent years, Vietnamese hair has gained its own identity. Vietnamese hair extensions in Nigeria are not blended with other sources because native resources are plentiful, retaining their quality. The instructions to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria from reliable hair manufacturers will help you a lot. 

Entrepreneurs who wish to establish a hair business in Nigerian hair extensions might get a fantastic start with Vietnamese hair extensions. Hair extensions from Vietnamese manufacturers can be found in Nigeria for a fair price, and they provide a wide range of styles and lengths.

Nigerian hair extensions from China

The cheapest, fastest, and most readily available Nigerian hair extensions from China in Nigeria. Isn’t this a great deal?! No, that’s not exactly right. Large-scale production and a well-developed logistics system in China provide them a significant advantage in terms of price.

  • Nigerian hair extensions from Chinese hair sources are often produced from a mixture of hair from nearby nations and, more frequently, India. Because most Nigerian hair extensions from China are mixed, it has a shorter shelf life and is of lesser quality because it contains synthetic fibers. Today, there are many China hair factories in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria. 
  • Nigerian hair extensions from Chinese hair sources are frequently kept in stock, making them more adaptable in terms of delivery time and price. Human hair contains a specific level of moisture; if it is kept in stock for a long time, the quality of the hair will suffer.

If you’re a Nigerian business owner looking for the cheapest hair extensions and the quickest delivery time, you may want to look for Nigerian hair extensions from Chinese hair sources, even though the quality may not be as good as Vietnamese hair.

Nigerian hair extensions from India

The majority of Nigerian hair extensions are made of Indian hair, which is sold by a significant number of Nigerian hair extensions merchants.

  • Nigerian hair extensions from India, particularly raw hair, are inexpensive and readily available in Nigeria.
  • Due to poor hygiene measures, Nigerian hair extensions from India production has a reputation for poor product quality. Because of the country’s hot and dry climate, Indian hair tends to be weaker than that of South East Asians.
  • If you want to order Nigerian hair extensions from India for delivery to Nigeria during a period of political unrest, be sure to keep an eye on the news before placing your order.

The three main nations from which Nigerian hair extensions are sourced are Vietnam, China, and India. Consider purchasing hair from Chinese and Indian suppliers if inexpensive prices are your goal. Nonetheless, Vietnamese hair is a great option if you are looking for a fair price and excellent quality.

Top 5 best Nigerian hair extensions suppliers

This list is for you if you’re still looking for a reliable wholesale Nigerian hair extensions supplier in Nigeria to assist you build your business and deliver high-quality hair extensions. We’ll help you narrow down your search to the most reliable Nigerian hair extensions shops in Nigeria.

Queen Hair – The best Nigerian hair extensions supplier

At Queen Hair, a Nigerian hair extensions wholesaler and supplier with over two decades of experience in the hair industry, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of high-quality hair at competitive prices. Queen Hair, a leading provider of high-quality Nigerian hair extensions, is well-known for its dedication to providing exceptional customer service.


Queen Hair – The best Nigerian hair extensions supplier

  • Queen Hair’s products are known for their affordable prices. As a result of our proximity to raw materials and low-wage employees, our manufacturing costs are cheap.
  • With careful maintenance, Queen Hair products can last for five years or more. Because Queen Hair only use hair from donors who are in good health, and because they have been in the hair industry for a long time, they can guarantee our products’ quality.
  • Customers can pick and choose from a large range of hair care products at Queen Hair, the best Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria. Different hair colors and styles can be used to provide a variety of looks. Good quality hair means that styling will have no effect on it.

10 Change Elegant Hair – Top 2 Nigerian hair extensions supplier

Changge Elegant Hair Goods, a manufacturer of human hair goods, is located in Xuchang, China, the country’s largest collecting and distribution center for Nigerian hair extensions. Large part of the company’s success since its founding in 2010 has been attributed to the skills and expertise of its personnel.


10 Change Elegant Hair – Top 2 Nigerian hair extensions supplier

The company’s primary product is human hair extensions like Nigerian hair extensions, which include braids, remy hair extensions, wefts, and bulk extensions. The price of a Changge Elegant Hair Products product is $6.99USD.

Ted Hair – Top 3 Nigerian hair extensions supplier

As a prominent Nigerian hair extensions manufacturer and supplier, you can rely on TedHair for assistance with your cosmetics business. They provide beauty experts and business owners with high-quality hair care products and business solutions, including everything needed to get up and operating.


Ted Hair – Top 3 Nigerian hair extensions supplier

  • A good place to start is by looking at the following questions: Ted Hair, which offers a wide variety of hair kinds, has the most popular Asian hair extensions on the market.
  • Depending on where a hair is grown, its price can vary. Hair is available in a broad variety of styles and prices.

1 Hair Shop – Top 4 Nigerian hair extensions supplier

For more than a decade, some of the best Nigerian hair extensions stylists have collaborated with 1 Hair Stop. 1 Hair Stop, one of the most popular Nigerian hair extensions sellers, is also preferred by many hair wholesalers for its tape-in and clip-in hair.


1 Hair Shop – Top 4 Nigerian hair extensions supplier

  • The most important thing is: 1 Hair Stop specializes in clip-in and tape-in hair extensions, but they also provide a wide variety of remy Indian hair extensions.
  • Indian and European hair markets are the primary markets for this company’s primary product, which is long-lasting hair extensions.

Hair wholesalers will gain greatly from the low price of 1 Hair Stop’s hair from the best Nigerian hair extensions provider.

Luna Hair – Top 5 Nigerian hair extensions supplier

With five years of expertise in the hair extension market, Luna Hair is one of the newest suppliers of Nigerian wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. In addition to wavy hair extensions, they also offer wavy hair extensions and ponytail hair extensions. 

Several hair extension manufacturers throughout the world, including those in South Africa, have given their seal of approval to Luna hair.

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