Raw Cambodian hair vendors are currently quite popular in a few nations all over the globe. However, there is virtually little information on the internet about the raw cambodian hair vendors. This is why the following information on raw Cambodian hair vendor will be presented to you in order to assist you better understand this hair sector.


All secrets about raw Cambodian hair vendors

Overview of raw Cambodian hair vendors

As the primary source of hair, raw Cambodian hair vendors is famous for their good hair products. Many wholesale hair dealers are interested in the products of a raw Cambodian hair vendor for a variety of different factors.

In contrast, Cambodia’s economic growth has led to a shortage of hair resources. More and more women are no longer selling their hair to make ends meet as a result. For wholesale hair dealers that buy raw hair from raw Cambodian hair vendors, the supply will be inconsistent, which will have a negative influence on your business.

Features of raw Cambodian hair vendors

There are specific advantages that all wholesale hair providers receive from raw Cambodian hair vendors. Therefore, raw Cambodian hair vendors are an excellent choice of suppliers for wholesale hair providers who are looking to increase their profitability.

The products quality of raw Cambodian hair vendors

Raw Cambodian hair vendors  are well-known for its great quality and long-lasting life expectancy. There are no knots or shedding since the cuticles of the best wholesale raw Cambodian hair vendors come from healthy women who have not been chemically treated or bleached.


The products quality of raw Cambodian hair vendors

  • Raw Cambodian hair vendors is normally in excellent condition. Because women in this country frequently wash their hair with all-natural herbs
  • Raw Cambodian hair vendors, on the other hand, will have a slightly coarser texture because raw Cambodian hair aren’t totally straight. The wavy and curly hair from Raw Cambodian hair dealers in Cambodia is great for making curly hairstyles.

Raw Cambodian hair vendors in terms of price

Raw Cambodian hair vendors provide hair products at a low price. This is essential for wholesale hair dealers who want to be as cost-effective as possible while also being able to how to tell human hair from synthetic.


Raw Cambodian hair vendors in terms of price

Because of the low production costs of raw Cambodian hair vendors. In addition, raw Cambodian hair vendors obtain their products from rural women in the countryside. As a result, sellers from raw Cambodian hair vendors do not charge exorbitant prices. Therefore, many hair dealers around the world prefer hair from Cambodian vendors to other sources.

The consistance of hair source from raw Cambodian hair vendors

It is possible to get a high-quality product at a reasonable price from raw Cambodian hair vendors, but the supply is restricted due to the increasing Cambodian economy, and many women find employment that pay more money than selling their hair. Wholesale hair dealers face an irregular supply of products, which will have a big impact on your business’s growth.


The consistance of hair source from raw Cambodian hair vendors

Therefore, raw Cambodian hair vendorrs are your best bet if you’re in the market for low-cost, moderate-quality hair. Vietnam can be a great substitute for the top raw Cambodian hair dealers as a result The Vietnamese government encourages exports of hair products to other countries because it has a steady supply of high-quality hair at reasonable prices. Vietnamese hair is a popular choice for hair salons because of its affordability. If you’re interested in factory-direct Vietnamese hair at wholesale pricing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Queen Hair Factory right away.

Steps to find reputable raw Cambodian hair vendors

You can find a slew of raw Cambodian hair vendors on any search engine, but there’s no way to tell if any of them are reliable. To help you find reputable Cambodian hair dealers, we’ve come up with four methods.

  • Use Google to look for raw Cambodian hair vendors

Google is a great place to look for merchants of Cambodian raw hair. Google has become one of the most trustworthy ways to find information.
Then, verify that the information provided by raw Cambodian hair suppliers on those websites is accurate a second time. Using Google, look for reviews of this Cambodian hair factory in Cambodia to see if they offer high-quality extensions.

  • E – commerce platform is a trustworthy place to fine raw Cambodian hair vendors

The top raw Cambodian hair vendors may simply be found on e-commerce platforms. Those selling the greatest raw Cambodian hair should make sure the goods they are selling is exactly what is pictured.
Suppliers of raw Cambodian hair must be approved by this e-commerce platform before working with wholesalers. It is possible to get a refund from e-commerce if you obtain hair extensions that do not match the goods that the raw Cambodian hair dealers had promised.

  • Networking is a great way to find trustworthy raw Cambodian hair vendors

Because those who have dealt with raw Cambodian hair vendors in the past can help you locate them, networking is the best approach to find them. Getting information on raw Cambodian hair merchants would be a lot simpler if you could just ask a friend.


Raw Cambodian hair merchants may be familiar to someone who has interacted with a number of different raw Cambodian hair vendors. Since the hair extensions provided by this manufacturer are of poor quality, you should inquire as to which raw Cambodian hair factory in Cambodia you should select for the best value.

  • On social networking, you can find trustworthy suppliers of raw Cambodian hair vendors

The most easy way to locate reputable suppliers of raw Cambodian hair is through social media. You can search for “raw Cambodian hair vendors” or “raw Cambodian hair producers” on any social media network, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. A large selection of raw Cambodian hair merchants will be made available to you by them. While there are dozens of Cambodian hair dealers, where can we locate real raw Cambodian hair?
As the industry’s public face, most raw Cambodian hair vendors have their own social media accounts. On social media, raw Cambodian hair dealers who are reputable will present themselves in a professional manner. For starters, raw Cambodian hair manufacturers will have their own logo and visibly display their information, such as the factory’s address, phone number, website, and so on. There are a lot of postings and videos on their wall about these products, as well as client feedback.

Top 5 best raw Cambodian hair vendors

In order to identify the greatest wholesale raw hair vendors, you may follow these simple guidelines. If you haven’t found any reliable sources for raw Cambodian hair imports, we’ve compiled a list of the top five places to look.

Cambodian Hair Freak – Top 1 raw Cambodian hair vendors

Raw Cambodian hair vendor Cambodian Hair Freak is one of the top in the list of greatest raw Cambodian hair vendors. If you buy a large quantity of raw Cambodian hair from Cambodian Hair Freak, you can get a substantial discount on your wholesale hair costs from anywhere in the world.


Cambodian Hair Freak – Top 1 raw Cambodian hair vendorsCambodian Hair Freak – Top 1 raw Cambodian hair vendors

An Angkor hill tribe’s women aged 18 to 25 provided the hair, which has a high level of strength. Cambodian Hair Freak is committed to procuring ethically best raw Cambodian hair while also aiding Cambodian women in their efforts to improve their lives. You’ll always know where your hair comes from if you buy it from Cambodian Hair Freak.

Virgin Cambodian Hair – Top 2 raw Cambodian hair vendors

Due to an increase in the demand for ethically sourced raw Cambodian hair merchants in Cambodia, Virgin Hair Cambodge was established in response. For all parties involved in Cambodia’s best raw Cambodian hair sector, Virgin Hair Cambodia provides 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair that can be certified through our transparent sourcing approach and ethical treatment of donors.
Hair donors from rural Cambodia, where women have little or no opportunities to earn a living, comprise the majority of Virgin Hair Cambodia’s contributors. They rely on the money they earn from the sale of their hair to make ends meet for their family. We at Virgin Hair Cambodia know that hair is an important part of a woman’s self-confidence. Donors can get a haircut in exchange for their hair, regardless of its length.

Apsara Hair – Top 3 raw Cambodian hair vendors

For those looking for high-quality, raw Cambodian hair, Apsara Cambodian Hair is one of the most prominent suppliers of Cambodian hair. There are numerous methods to style your hair using their high-quality product. Increasing the quantity of clients in your company will benefit from this.

Cambodian Hair Extensions – Top 4 raw Cambodian hair vendors

5 years in business, among the best raw Cambodian hair vendors, Cambodian Hair Extensions. Aside from selling human hair, they also offer a wide variety of hair items such natural straight hair and weaves, and they are proud to be one of Cambodia’s leading raw Cambodian hair merchants. The greatest Cambodian hair suppliers, Cambodian Hair Extensions, target the Asian market with their product. They can store them for longer in Asia’s warmer climate, making their wholesale raw Cambodian hair more ideal for Asians.

Angkor Cambodian Hair – Top 5 raw Cambodian hair vendors 

In Cambodia, Angkor Cambodian Hair is one of the most well-known suppliers of Cambodian raw hair. They offer wholesalers and salons a great deal on high-quality raw Cambodian hair. There are five various styles available from the company, which is based in the nation’s capital, including bone straight, deep wave, curly… Also offered are wigs, colored hair, tape-ins, frontals, and wigs in various shades of blonde.


Angkor Cambodian Hair – Top 5 raw Cambodian hair vendors

Choosing Queen Hair over raw Cambodian hair vendors is the best option if you’re seeking for a high-quality Asian hair producer. Queen Hair, which was created in 2010, has expanded greatly in the Vietnamese human industry because of our unparalleled quality. Our production system has been upgraded and improved by Queen Hair for the previous nine years in order to serve Nigerians with better and more inexpensive hair.
Using the hair of healthy Vietnamese women with beautiful, silky black hair, Queen Hair creates its products. Queen Hair’s line of raw Vietnamese hair, which can be bleached, treated, and curled into any texture and color and still have a beautiful hair quality, includes these lovely locks.

As a result of what I learned from reading this essay. In order to assist you grow your hair company, we hope you found the greatest Cambodian hair merchants. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Queen Hair. Please feel free to reach out to us via any of the following channels:

  • Whatsapp: +84844444829
  • Website: queenhair.ng



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