Weft hair extensions is one of the best quality of hair extensions in hair market. In this article, you could learn more detail about this popular product. You may then pick the most trustworthy source to deal with.

Overview of weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions is a popular type of hair extensions, but you don’t understand clearly about this type of hair .There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but you may take it easy. Because Queen Hair will assist you to increase knowledge about this type of hair on the hair market.

Definition of weft hair extensions

 Weft hair extensions is a collection of hair strands sewed onto a super-thin fabric strip and ready to be worked into your hair by your hairdresser. However, the method by which the hair attaches to the strip differs.


Definition of weft hair extensions

 Some weft hair extensions will be machine sewed, while others will be hand sewn. Both offer advantages, albeit one may be better for you than the other depending on your hair type.

 Characteristics of weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions have 2 main features below:

  • Wefts that are hand-tied are the type of weft hair extensions were weaved by a real human hand, giving each weft individual care and resulting in the thinnest weft hair extensions conceivable! Because they are handcrafted and exceedingly flat, they are completely seamless, making them ideal for folks with fine or thin hair! It’s because they’re made by hand that they’re so seamless.
  • A machine-tied weft is fed through a machine and weaved tightly into the seam, similar to how a sewing machine works providing a thicker weft at the top. In addition, machine weft hair extensions require no tape, glue or heat for application.  This is one continuous weft of hair that can be cut into smaller pieces to be customized for various head shapes.  The machine weft is slightly larger than the hand-tied weft.  

Classify of weft hair extensions

There are a variety of weft hair extensions styles depending on your purpose of usage. We will list the three most popular weft hair extensions style based on statistics from our customers

  • Natural weft hair – First style of weft hair extensions

The first style of weft hair extensions is natural weft hair. Natural wefting hair extensions is the strongest type of hair because it was made 100% from natural human hair. Therefore, hair cuticles of natural weft hair extensions in the same direction from head to tail.


Natural Weft Hair – First style of weft hair extensions

Moreover, natural weft hair extensions were not processed by any chemical, tangle-free and no shedding. It is to make sure that natural weft hair extensions keep their original characteristics such as shiny, smooth and soft. This type of hair extensions would be easy to dye, bleach or restyle with a long lifespan.

  • Bone straight weft hair extensions – Second style of weft hair extensions

Bone straight weft hair extensions is the type of hair straight from top to bottom. The most popular hairdo that never goes out of style is bone straight weft hair extensions. Because it is produced from raw hair and straightened only with heat, the hair is silky, healthy, and of excellent quality. It is the finest option for anyone with a refined sense of style.


Bone straight weft hair extensions

Bone straight weft hair extensions are really easy to take care of . The most essential thing to remember is that you should not attempt to curl or restyle your hair in order for the straight patterns to endure longer. Furthermore, combing the hair properly will assist to extend the life of the hair. The tail should be combed first, followed by the top. It’s also a good idea to use hair conditioners before combing your hair.

  • Curly weft hair extensions – Third style of weft hair extensions

Curly weft hair extensions are very popular with women in Africa, especially Nigeria. This type of hair extensions were primarily imported from Asia factories by many hair wholesalers in Nigeria. Because African people’s natural hair is inherently curly, but their hair is not as strong and thick as Asian hair. Therefore, they tend to use curly weft hair extensions to make their hair look better.


Curly weft hair extensions

From the features we mentioned above, we can see that curly weft hair extensions are a product that will bring many profit to wholesale hair brands in Nigeria if you choose for your business a good curly weft hair extensions source from Asia hair wholesalers such as best vietnamese hair vendors.

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Economic benefit when starting business with weft hair extensions

Many hair dealers, particularly in Nigeria, preferred weft hair extensions. Because of its great quality and convenience, this sort of hair offers several benefits to hair sellers.

Starting weft hair extensions business with small capital

If you’re a rookie who wants to start a business in the hair extensions sector with a modest investment and want to use weft hair extensions as your product, but you haven’t yet found a recognized hair vendor and quality source, Choose wholesale hair sellers with high-quality items and virgin hair extensions hairstyles that are popular among local clients. Your company would get several financial rewards as a result of this.


Starting weft hair extension business with small capital

Queen Hair is a wholesale hair seller based in Nigeria that offers high-quality weft hair extensions produced from 100% Vietnamese virgin hair at reasonable costs. You may come see some sample items in our store or call Queen Hair for free business assistance from our specialists with years of expertise in hair extensions. In addition, you will not pay shipping when you buy weft hair extensions from Queen Hair.

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Great demand of weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions products have brought many economic benefits to hair vendors due to the great demand for changing hairstyles from many customers, especially in Nigeria. Weft hair extensions have diversity in hairstyles, it will be sewed into the client’s hair root, it won’t do any damage to the customer’s original hair.
One more advantage of hair extension wefts is that they bring to hair customers an easy way to change their hairstyle frequently. It also increases revenue of weft hair extensions suppliers by selling more types of wefting hair extensions. 

Criteria to identify reliable weft hair extensions suppliers

There are thousands of hair sellers out there, but how do you know who is a trustworthy weft hair extensions provider and who is a con artist? Queen Hair can assist you in finding reputable virgin hair extension providers.

Weft hair extensions supplier has many information in internet

Any search engine will return millions of hits if you type in the phrase “weft hair extensions provider.” One thing to keep in mind is that reputable wholesale hair sellers will normally appear at the top of their search results. As a result, you should opt to get their products from these wholesale hair suppliers.


Weft hair extension supplier has many information in internet

Furthermore, you may get information about them on the internet, such as their store address, phone number, social media profile, and weft hair extensions specifics, among other things. For example, their social media and website present a plethora of high-resolution photographs and consumer comments on their products, services, …

Weft hair extensions supplier has certification, address

Because it is supplied by a government organization, certifications concerning their company or shipping licenses can demonstrate that a weft hair extensions provider is reliable. When looking for a reputable weft hair extensions provider, certification is a good cause to consider.

Furthermore, many wholesale hair fraudsters disclose addresses to build consumer credibility in order to defraud them. This sort of con artist must be avoided at all costs. As a result, if they offer their address and it matches the location in your country, you should go to their store to double-check that this is their address and to inspect their genuine merchandise. We have a number of criteria to validate them if they aren’t situated in your nation.

Weft hair extensions supplier has many experience year in hair market

There are several methods for determining whether or not weft hair extensions are being used. Suppliers have extensive expertise in the hair industry. They will have a lot of reputations if they have been in the hair industry for a long time. Their social media accounts would be flooded with product photographs and feedback from customers.


Weft hair extension supplier has many experience year in hair market

Because of their excellent reputation, a large number of individuals may be aware of them. That makes it even easier for you to question anyone in the hair industry if the weft hair extensions provider is reliable and produces high-quality hair extensions.

Weft hair extensions supplier has many real feedback from customer

Customer feedback is the most accurate approach to assess a weft hair extensions supplier’s credibility. Customers provide feedback after they have purchased a product or used a service at least once. 

As a result, getting feedback from customers is the simplest approach to find reputable weft hair extensions providers. Many channels, such as Google reviews, Facebook, and Instagram, can provide you with client feedback regarding one virgin hair extensions source. They are reputable virgin hair extensions providers if they receive a lot of positive comments and high ratings for their weft hair extensions.

Ways to find the best weft hair extensions supplier

We discussed criteria for identifying reputable weft hair extensions vendors before. We’ll now look for the top weft hair extensions provider.

  • To begin, conduct a Google search for “weft hair extensions supplier” and list around 5 weft hair extensions providers towards the top of the results page. Vietnamese weft hair is frequently of greater quality than weft hair from other nations, thus we strongly encourage that providers give it.
  • Next, research reviews about their weft hair extensions providers on Google, Facebook, and other sites to ensure that they deliver a quality wefting hair extensions and competent service. If they are located far from you, you might also request product images or request a video to show their genuine weft hair extensions.


    Ways to find the best weft hair extension supplier

  • Last but not least, find a weft hair extensions supplier that has a branch in your nation to ensure that they are completely trustworthy and that they may have specific policies for local clients. Furthermore, to be your top weft hair extensions provider, the weft hair extensions supplier must have many positive reviews and items that you prefer.

Queen Hair is a wholesale hair extensions supplier providing weft hair extensions based in Vietnam that specializes in Vietnamese hair. To see some sample weft hair extensions, contact our sales experts. We have a lot of expertise in the hair market, so we can also provide you with a lot of tips on how to build your business faster.

Top 5 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

If you’re still looking for a dependable weft hair extensions supplier to help you grow your brand and provide you with high-quality virgin hair extensions, look no further. We’ll assist you in ranking five reputable weft hair extension providers.

Queen Hair – Top 1 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

Queen Hair has been one of the best Vietnamese hair producers and the best wholesale hair vendors for the past ten years, developing and providing high-quality weft hair extensions. Queen Hair recently decided to enter the Nigerian market as a wholesale hair supplier, supplying Nigerian and African markets with 100 percent natural weft Vietnamese hair from Vietnamese hair producers. Queen Hair also has a large selection of Vietnamese hair extensions to help you choose the perfect hair extensions for your customer, especially in Nigeria and Africa.


Top 1 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

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Queen Hair sells weft hair extensions to hair vendors in a variety of nations; our weft hair extensions have been picked by a number of large hair wholesale hair brands, and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback. We have many hair experts to assist clients in resolving any issues with their company as quickly as possible. We want to deliver the greatest products and professional services to the hair industry so that consumers are happy when they buy hair from us.

K-Hair – Top 2 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

With 80% of its consumers hailing from Nigeria, K- Hair is a reputable Vietnamese hair extensions supplier where you can purchase weft hair extensions. Their hair extension wefts they provide have high quality and a variety of special hairstyles. In addition, they also supply many types of hair extensions: straight, wavy, curly, kinky hair…


K-Hair – Top 2 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

5S Hair – Top 3 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

5S Hair is a well-known Vietnamese hair supplier that sells Vietnamese weft hair extensions to people all over the world. They’ve evolved to be the largest hair supplier in Vietnam. Customers may select from a variety of hairstyles and colors, including straight, curly, and wavy hair.


5S Hair – Top 3 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

 Venus Hair – Top 4 reliable virgin hair extension supplier

Venus Hair is one of Vietnam’s newest weft hair extensions providers, with five years of experience in the industry. They specialize in Vietnamese weft hair extensions, including wavy hair, and pony tail hair, in a variety of styles. Their quality looks to be on par with that of other Vietnamese hair manufacturers. The quality of Venus hair has been certified by a number of hair extension companies throughout the world, notably in South Africa.

Ruby Hair – Top 5 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

Ruby Hair, which has been making and supplying hair extensions for many years, offers excellent weft hair extensions. The hair extension wefts market, which is used to dealing with a large number of European clients, has a high need for high-quality products and competent service. As a consequence, their hair extensions are among Nigeria’s best wholesale hair vendors, with the best weft hair extensions.


Ruby Hair – Top 5 reliable weft hair extensions supplier

Based on the information provided in the article. We hope you are able to find the best reliable weft hair suppliers to help you expand your hair business. If you’re still not sure, contact Queen Hair as soon as possible for best advice from our hair experts.

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