In recent years, Vietnamese hair is a favourite product of many wholesale hair vendors. Go through with us in this article to get more knowledge about Vietnamese hair to get the answer about the question “is Vietnam hair good ?”.

What is Vietnamese hair ?

Vietnamese hair is hair cut from Vietnamese people who raise their hair with the utmost care so that their hair can be of the highest possible quality. These people will usually have an agreement with a Vietnamese hair factory for a monthly or yearly supply of hair. Therefore, Vietnamese hair is high quality Vietnamese hair produced by Vietnamese hair factories.


What is Vietnamese hair

Understanding what is Vietnamese hair, hair traders all over the world now tend to choose Vietnamese hair as their main product. To understand more deeply about why Vietnamese hair is chosen by so many hair traders and whether is Vietnamese hair good. Please read this article more carefully.

Characteristic of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is being selected as the main product of many hair dealers around the world such as Nigeria, Russia, Spain, … because of the extremely high quality and reasonable price that Vietnamese hair brings. In the following, we will show the characteristics of Vietnamese hair to help hair traders who are looking for Vietnamese hair to do business better understand this type of hair.

Origin of Vietnamese hair 

The origin of Vietnamese hair is curious by many hair traders who want to import Vietnamese hair for business. This will determine the quality of Vietnamese hair, so we will show you how hair Vietnam is collected right below.

  • Vietnamese hair is collected from Vietnamese women in mountainous areas, where women often grow their hair to sell. Vietnamese hair factories would go there to make arrangements with those women so that at a fixed time every year, they would come and collect hair from there and bring it back to the factory to make into finished products.

    Origin of Vietnamese hair

  • Because Vietnamese women who sell hair have an agreement with a Vietnamese hair factory, they will have to arrange a healthy lifestyle such as washing their hair with herbs daily, not eating greasy food,… so their hair meets the hair quality needs of Vietnamese hair factories. Before being put into production, Vietnamese hair will be tested for hair quality by hair experts at Vietnamese hair factories, if qualified, it will be put into production. Therefore, Vietnam hairs is of extremely high quality compared to hair from countries like China or India.

Hair traders should choose for yourselves a reputable Vietnam hairs factory with a clear source of hair to import products from. This will guarantee you the highest quality hair and the most stable source of hair, plus the cost of these sources will also be cheaper than from comparable hair sources in terms of quality.

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Features of Vietnamese hair 

The characteristics of the hair is something that hair dealers need to know to be able to better understand the products they trade. From there, it will be easier to advise customers about your products. Therefore, we will point out the outstanding hair characteristics that Vietnamese hair brings to help you better understand Vietnamese hair.

  • Vietnamese hair have affordable price

Vietnamese hair is an extremely good quality hair in the hair market. However, the price of Vietnamese hair is extremely suitable for hair traders to achieve high efficiency in business. The reason that hair Vietnam has an affordable price is that Vietnam is located in a raw material area and the labor cost in Vietnam hair factories is quite low. It saves a lot of production expense to Vietnamese hair factories to manufacture Vietnamese hair. Therefore, the price of Vietnamese hair is an advantage that makes many wholesale hair vendors choose Vietnamese hair.


Vietnamese hair have affordable price

Therefore, Vietnamese hair should be considered as the number one choice when you want to find a good hair product at an affordable price. This not only helps elevate your brand in the eyes of customers, but also helps you get a significant economic benefit.

  • Vietnamese hair have highest quality 

Vietnamese hair is of the best quality since it is acquired from Vietnamese women who grow their hair for the purpose of selling it. Furthermore, Vietnamese women’s hair is naturally smooth, healthy, and strong due to their healthy lifestyle, food, and hair washing by herber. Furthermore, Vietnamese hair is 100 percent human hair, taken from healthy donors and never treated, with no egg or lice. Hair in one bundle comes from a Vietnamese single donor, so there’s no mixing.


High quality Vietnamese hair

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In addition, Vietnam hairs, when collected from Vietnamese women, will have to go through a quality control step by hair experts at Vietnamese hair factories. If Vietnamese hair meets the standards, it will be put into production. In addition, Vietnamese hair, when collected from Vietnamese women, will have to go through a quality control step by hair experts at Vietnamese hair factories. If Vietnamese hair meets the standards, it will be put into production. In addition, Vietnamese hair will be tested once more for quality before being sold to hair dealers. Therefore, hair dealers will be assured that Vietnamese hair products will be of the best quality when they reach your hands.

  • Vietnamese hair have great diversity product

The diversity of Vietnamese hair products is another thing that hair distributors should be aware of. The reason behind this is that the hair gathered by Vietnamese hair manufacturers is virgin hair, meaning it is 100 percent human hair collected from healthy donors who have never treated their hair. As a result, hair may be readily groomed and even bleached or dyed to a variety of hues.


Vietnamese hair have great diversity product

Hair experts in Vietnamese hair factories have a long experience of researching and producing hair Vietnam in the hair market. In conclusion, Vietnamese hair factories are extremely diverse in hair products and can supply the exact types and colors of hair that wholesale hair dealers want. The crucial thing is that the hair remains in good condition.

For hair dealers who seek Vietnamese hair with the three features listed above, Queen hair is one of the greatest Vietnamese hair manufacturers. Queen Hair is based in Nigeria, but has a hair factory in Vietnam. We wish to help African and Nigerian hair sellers succeed by providing the greatest quality at a reasonable price. If you want the greatest product you’ve ever seen, contact Queen Hair now.

Classification of Vietnamese hair

To help you better understand the basic types of Vietnamese hair that are popular in the current hair market. We will classify hair Vietnam into 3 main types based on origin, texture and grade.

Classification of Vietnamese hair based on origin 

On the hair market, there are 3 main types of hair: virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair. However, to ensure the highest quality for Vietnamese hair products, Vietnam hair factories will only produce two types of hair: virgin hair and remy hair.


Classification of Vietnamese hair based on origin

  • Vietnamese virgin hair

 Vietnamese virgin hair is the finest grade of Vietnamese human hair. In a hair bundle, this hair type will only gather from one Vietnamese donor. Virgin hair must not have been handled with chemicals such as coloring, perming, or bleaching in order for Vietnam hair companies to import this Vietnamese hair type. Because the hair is from a donor, the cuticles will be aligned in the same direction and the hair will be tangle-free.

  • Vietnamese remy hair 

Vietnamese remy hair is the better alternative choice for Vietnamese virgin hair. Vietnamese Remy hair is the type of hair that is collected from many Vietnamese donors that has been bundled together with the cuticles intact and oriented in one direction. However, because Vietnamese remy hair is made up of hair from numerous donors in one bundle, when bleached and coloured, it can take on a range of colors.

The aforementioned Vietnamese hair kinds can be chosen by hair extension providers based on their business needs. Vietnamese virgin hair is the best option if you want to acquire your own hair and style it anyway you want. Because of its highest quality, Vietnamese virgin hair is the most expensive and difficult to find of the two hair varieties mentioned above. If you want to buy hair to create simple styles, Vietnamese remy hair will be ideal and will help you save a lot of money.

Classification of Vietnamese hair based on grade 

There will be criteria to govern hair based on grade depending on the classification of hair from each country. To compare the differences in Vietnamese hair, we’ll utilize the most prevalent standard.

  • Super double drawn Vietnamese hair: This is the best sort of Vietnamese hair for customers that need the highest level of quality. It provides the most fullness and 85-95 percent of the length in the same length, although it is still short.
  • Double drawn Vietnamese hair: This is the most frequent Vietnamese hair, with a reasonable price and good quality. It has a 75 percent appropriate cm quantification, with the remainder being short.
  • Single drawn Vietnamese hair: Because single drawn Vietnamese hair is merged with short things to save money, this style of hair is the cheapest of the three kinds of hair. 60 to 70 percent of the hair length is sufficient cm, and the remainder is short hair.

    Single drawn vs Double drawn vs Super double drawn

As a result, wholesale hair vendors should use super double drawn Vietnamese hair or double drawn Vietnamese hair for your business to ensure the best quality and economic efficiency.

Classification of Vietnamese hair based on texture 

The most crucial thing to know about Vietnamese hair is the texture of the product. Natural straight Vietnamese hair, bone straight Vietnamese hair, curly Vietnamese hair, and weave Vietnamese hair are the four main types of Vietnamese hair from Vietnamese hair factories.

  • Natural straight Vietnamese hair: As the name implies, natural straight Vietnamese hair is hair that has not been treated with any chemicals to make it straight. Because this hair is naturally straight, it will be easy to create different hairstyles.
  • Bone straight Vietnamese hair: different from natural straight Vietnamese hair, bone straight Vietnamese hair is used for heat to straighten the hair. Therefore, bone straight Vietnamese hair is silky and seems flat from top to bottom. Bone straight Vietnamese hair can not restyling and feels flat, it also cannot be curled. It does not necessitate the use of bending rollers, a tonging machine, or a hair curler. When you try to curl bone straight hair, it falls flat soon. 

    Classification of Vietnamese hair based on texture

  • Curly Vietnamese hair: Because Vietnamese hair is of very good quality, it is possible to create many different curly hairstyles. There are so many types of curly Vietnamese hair provided by Vietnam hair suppliers such as bouncy curly, egg curly, tip twist curly,…
  • Wave Vietnamese hair: Like curly hair, Vietnamese wavy hair is also extremely diverse in hairstyle, length, and hair color. There are a few popular Vietnamese wave hairstyles such as body wave Vietnamese hair, natural Vietnamese wave, Vietnamese deep wave,…

Through the hairstyles above, we can see that Vietnamese hair can create many different styles. However, the most important thing is that these hairstyles still retain the high quality in each hairstyle. In addition, if you want to create a hairstyle for your business, please contact Vietnamese hair factories to receive the most detailed advice.

Comparison among Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair 

Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair and Indian hair are the 3 most commonly used hair types in the hair market. However, each type of hair has its own differences in terms of characteristics such as price, quality and product variety.


Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian hair which is the best hair

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Comparison price among Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair 

Indian hair, as you may know, is the cheapest hair on the market, with pricing starting at 3-4 USD a bundle. Following that, Chinese hair will be somewhat less expensive than Vietnamese hair (starting at 7.9 USD each bundle). The most expensive of these three hair varieties will be Vietnamese hair (beginning at 8.5 USD/bundle).

The reason behind this is because Indian and Chinese hair is obtained in quite different ways than Vietnamese hair. Indian hair will be acquired from temples where Indians willingly donate their hair to the gods in exchange for good luck, and then gathered and sold by the temple administration to hair manufacturers in India and China. As a result, temple officials may sell plentiful hair at inexpensive costs to hair companies in India and China.

Vietnamese hair is collected in a completely different way than Indian and Chinese hair. There is a region in Vietnam where individuals grow their hair for the purpose of selling it to Vietnamese industries. As a result, because Vietnam hair factories cannot buy in bulk and must purchase from hair donors in order to sell, the Vietnamese hair price is the highest when compared to Indian and Chinese hair.

Comparison quality among Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair 

When compared to Vietnamese hair, Indian and Chinese hair will be less expensive, as previously stated. When purchasing hair products, however, you should not be too influenced by price. So, if the quality of three types of hair is different or not.

  • Vietnamese hair is well-known for its highest quality at an affordable price. Furthermore, the healthy lifestyle of Vietnamese hair donors help Vietnamese hair last for a long period, up to two years if clients know how to properly care for it.

    Comparison among Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair and Indian hair

  • Due to the availability of inexpensive labor and high-tech, Chinese hair is well-known for industrial-scale manufacturing and low-cost items. As a result, Chinese hair might be regarded as rather inexpensive. However, many wholesale hair vendors claim that China hair looks attractive at first, but eventually tangles and sheds readily.
  • Because of the cheapest price in the market, Indian hair is the hair with the lowest quality of the three hair types above. The natural hair of Indians is often thin, weak, and curly, so it is difficult to style. If you want to style, you will have to straighten Indian hair first before you can style it. That makes the already weak Indian hair even weaker.

We can see the difference in hair quality of Vietnamese hair, Indian hair, and Chinese hair by comparing the hair quality of Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese hair. We can tell that Vietnamese hair will be of higher quality than hair from India or China. That is also why the cost of Vietnamese hair will be the most expensive. However, if you want to improve the quality of products in your hair company, Vietnam hairs is the best option.

Comparison diverse among Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair

The range of items available is a significant benefit that may help you improve the number of people who purchase your hair. So, what’s the difference between Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair, and Indian hair in terms of diversity

  • On social media, you may discover a broad range of hairstyles, hues, and lengths created by Vietnamese hair. Furthermore, Vietnamese hair may be restyled in any hairdo and color while maintaining its high quality. Customers who purchase Vietnamese hair will be able to construct their own hairstyles under their own brand. As previously said, Vietnamese hair is easy to style since the natural hair is incredibly good and does not need to be processed before styling.
  • Like Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair is also very diverse in hairstyles. Because hair factories have high technology to produce hair, hairstyles made from Chinese hair will have unique styles. However, because the hair is used many times with chemicals to style, Chinese hair has a very beautiful appearance, but the usage time will be much shorter than Vietnamese hair (from 5-7 months).
  • Indian hair, on the other hand, is limited in that it will be confined to a few hairstyles. The reason behind this is that in order to construct a hairstyle, you must first have straight hair, while Indian hair is naturally curly. As a result, when it’s gathered, it’ll need to go through a pre-treatment phase to straighten the hair before it can be styled. Indian hair, which was already fragile after style, gets much weaker as a result of this. As a result, coming up with a new hairdo is challenging.

    Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair vs Indian hair

After determining the differences between Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese hair. We arrived at the conclusion that Indian and Chinese hair would be the best choices for your business if you are looking for short-term economic gains and do not really care about hair quality or longevity. On the contrary, to provide a consistent and high-quality supply. Vietnamese hair will be the finest match for your business in terms of determining the source of items and improving the percentage of consumers returning to buy from you.

Factors impacting the price of Vietnamese hair

The price of Vietnamese hair is quite competitive in the market up till now. There are many factors impacting the price of Vietnamese hair including demand, supply, SPEC, and government policies. 

Demand factors impacting the price of Vietnamese hair

  • In recent years, there is a high demand for Vietnamese hair. Many reports have indicated that Vietnamese hair is considered a promising star in the world hair market, especially in South American countries and Asian nations. 
  • Besides, the European market and the USA market have witnessed the rising need for Vietnamese hair lately. Compared to hair from other countries, Vietnamese hair has the middle-segment price with fine quality. 

Supply factors impacting the price of Vietnamese hair

  • Vietnam is the country having an abundant hair supply compared to other Asian countries like Malaysia or Myanmar. Vietnamese hair is mainly collected from women from 18 to 45 years old. According to a report by General Statistics Office in 2019, over half of the population in Vietnam is women (50,2 percent). 
  • As per MICS Statistical Snapshot Sample & survey characteristics, the percentage of women from 25 to 49 accounts for the most ratio among other women of different ages. The abundant supply keep Vietnamese hair price always competitive with international wholesalers. 

Government policies impacting the price of Vietnamese hair

Vietnam enjoys many privileges in trading activities thanks to beneficial agreements such as EVFTA. Under operation since 2021, these agreements help Vietnam goods minimize many costs for delivery from European countries and vice versa. With the potential in the European market in the future, Vietnamese hair will become the most sought-after commodity in such rigorous countries at a reasonable price.

Other factors impacting the price of Vietnamese hair

Politics play an important role in the trading business in Vietnam. Thanks to being a peaceful country with stable institutions, Vietnamese hair trading in particular and good trading, in general, can be supported a lot. By contrast, an unstable politics with a military coup resulted in a decrease in Myanmar’s hair exporting, once one of the most promising nations for hair business development.

Top 5 best Vietnamese hair supplier 

The top 5 best Vietnamese hair suppliers are listed here, so you can buy Vietnamese hair at a factory price. They may also advise you on how to run a successful firm to maximize your profits.

Queen Hair – Top 1 best Vietnamese hair supplier 

Queen Hair is one of the most famous high quality Vietnamese hair manufacturers and suppliers in the hair market. We provide our customers significant economic efficiencies by providing high-quality hair products at a factory price for many markets. In addition, we accept hair styling and hair color requests based on the needs of the customer. As a result, when clients buy from us, they will have a wide range of items to choose from.

Another benefit for hair extension dealers who wish to verify the consistency of their hair supply. The Vietnamese government is quite supportive of hair exports to other nations, and the political climate in Vietnam is highly stable. As a result, hair merchants who purchase Vietnamese hair from Queen Hair may count on a consistent supply of items.


Queen Hair – Top 1 best Vietnamese hair supplier

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Furthermore, we make it easier for those who want to test the quality of Vietnamese hair by allowing hair dealers from other countries to buy in small quantities, beginning with three bundles, and by offering hair product packages tailored to your needs, such as large business packages, new business packages, small business calls, and so on. When you buy from us, you’ll also get expert hair guidance. Examine your company plan in depth to assist you in attracting new consumers and increasing revenues. Please contact our sales manager right away for further information about your goods and company.

K-Hair – Top 2 best Vietnamese hair supplier 

K-Hair is a Vietnam hair supplier with over 24 years of experience in the production of virgin Vietnamese hair. They offer the best Vietnamese virgin hair made entirely of Vietnamese hair. Despite the fact that K-Hair is situated in Vietnam, the bulk of its clients are Nigerians. Vietnamese women’s hair is naturally fairly strong, and the commodities they give are of excellent quality, thanks to their healthy lives.


K-Hair – Top 2 best Vietnamese hair supplier

Ruby hair – Top 3 best Vietnamese hair supplier

Ruby hair, a Vietnamese hair supplier with a long history of making and marketing Vietnamese hair, is the only Vietnamese hair supplier in Europe. The hair industry, which is accustomed to dealing with a large number of European clientele, has a high demand for high-quality products and competent service. As a consequence, their Vietnamese hair is deserving of being counted among the best Vietnamese hair suppliers in the country.

  • Main product: Vietnamese remy hair
  • Shipment: DHL, Fedex
  • Payment: Western Union, Bank Transfer

5S – Top 4 Vietnamese hair supplier

5S Hair is one of the earliest hair extension vendors in Vietnam. After several years of creating Vietnamese hair, 5S Hair decided to venture out. The first of its areas is to establish itself as a wholesale hair supplier, selling high-end Vietnamese hair goods in Europe as well as a range of hair kinds such as weft hair, wave hair, bone straight hair, wavy hair, …


5S Hair – Top 4 best Vietnamese hair supplier

  • Main product: weft hair, tip hair, tape hair
  • Shipment: Fedex, DHL, UPS
  • Payment: Western Union, Naira Agent, Remitly

Luna Hair – Top 5 Vietnamese hair supplier 

Luna Hair is a Vietnamese hair supplier that has been in business for 5 years. They are proud to be one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers, offering Vietnamese hair produced by human hair, as well as a variety of other hair products such as bulk hair, natural straight hair, weave hair,… Luna Hair is targeting the Asian market with their product. As a consequence, their haircuts are more suitable for Asians, and the warmer climate in Asia allows them to retain them for longer. 

  • Main product: Natural straight, curly hair
  • Shipment: Fedex, DHL, Asia Agent
  • Payment: Bank Transfer, Remitly

Based on the information in the article. We hope you were able to get more knowledge about Vietnamese hair and choose the finest Vietnamese hair supplier for your company. If you have any consideration, get in contact with Queen Hair right away for guidance.

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