With the expansion in the hair industry, hair entrepreneurs have no longer been strange with remy hair vs non remy hair. However, not everyone can thoroughly understand these types of hair which plays a crucial role in running a hair business. Things we are about to show in the following may be the key to help your business enhance economical effectiveness.


All about remy hair vs non remy hair

Remy hair vs non remy hair

Remy hair and non remy hair are two popular types of hair on the present hair market and You may have heard of these terms several times. However, to maintain a stable development for your company, certain knowledge about products is extremely important because it can directly affect your customers. Therefore, let’s begin with basic information of remy hair vs non remy hair.

Overview of remy hair when it comes to remy hair vs non remy hair

That remy hair vs non remy hair can be sometimes mistaken should be maximally avoided by hair businessmen. In the following, we will successively provide you information about remy hair first. We will list out in terms of definition and characteristics..

Remy hair vs non remy hair: Definition of remy hair

  • Remy hair is referred to as a type of hair that is directly sorted from humans and combined from a range of donors. In remy hair vs non remy hair, only remy hair is arranged in the same direction. As a result, remy hair is guaranteed not to be tangled or matte.
  • From the very beginning, collectors have carefully aligned the hair strand following its origin direction, uniform from top to bottom of hair. Basically, remy hair is a term used for marketing and selling purposes and just describes the method of hair collection. 

Overview of remy hair

Remy hair vs non remy hair: Characteristics of remy hair 

  • The majority of remy hair originates from reputable sources, which can ensure long term hair quality. Most of remy hair is supplied by Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, China, etc. The donors in these countries have healthy lifestyles with natural maintenance like organic shampoo and freshwater. As a result, the features of hair are so strong, silky, smooth and tangle-free. 
  • Normally, remy hair can last up to 1 year depending on caring methods. This is thanks to the fact that the hair grows in the same direction as natural, which results in a high quality product for long lasting durability.
  • Especially, remy hair can be bleached to #613 and dyed so easily and satisfactorily. However, be cautious when choosing remy hair because only high quality remy hair can guarantee  the chemical hair treatment method that produces the desired results.

Overview of non remy hair when it comes to remy hair vs non remy hair

After having grasped all needed information of remy hair, you also should take time to investigate non remy hair. You will have more foundation to consider which products should your company sell for customers. If applied wisely, the revenue can be enhanced significantly.

Remy hair vs non remy hair: Definition of non remy hair 

  • In opposition with remy hair, non remy hair is offered to types of hair that are made from non-remy hair fibers collected from various hair sources that do not have the same cuticle alignment. Non-remy hair is typically obtained from salons and temples where people congregate and have abundant pieces of hair strand.

    Overview of non remy hair

  • Before transferring into official products, non remy hair also have to undergo a heavy chemical process to eliminate a portion of the cuticle, the hair’s outermost layer to keep it from tangling and inverting with surrounding hair.

Remy hair vs non remy hair: Characteristics of non remy hair

  • Because non remy hair is derived from various different sources such as multiple hair donors, hair brushes and even salon floors, easy shedding, matting and tangling is unavoidable. This will not give the customer a good experience and leave a bad impression on your business.
  • As we have mentioned above, before hitting the markets, non remy hair goes through a process called acid bath to wash away most of the cuticles. Because of high acid absorption, non remy hair no longer retains its natural moisture, which leads to straw-like hair strands. To overcome this issue, the hair is covered with silicon to make it become more shiny and conceal any hair flaws or acid bath cuticle residues.

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Comparison between remy hair vs non remy hair

Through definition and features of remy hair vs non remy hair that have been analyzed above, you can bear in mind the basic difference between remy hair and non remy hair. However, we will help you to clarify more meticulously to provide you deeper information in terms of the following aspects.

The similarity of remy hair vs non remy hair

In spite of carrying distinguished textures, remy hair vs non remy hair still have one thing in common is that they are all taken from human hair. With the tendency of present beautification, women are usually  more oriented to choose natural and organic beauty And both remy hair vs non remy hair can be able to satisfy this demand because they are selectively gathered from healthy lifestyle donors. 


Similarities of remy hair vs non remy hair

In order to  make sure that all outputs of remy hair vs non remy hair are guaranteed in terms of quality, collectors personally have to get to the gathering place and choose each strand of hair then arrange it carefully. Unlike other synthetic hair, which you can order on a massive scale, remy hair vs non remy hair undergo a complicated and strict collection process. Therefore, you can completely rely on the quality of remy hair and non remy hair when buying from reputable suppliers.

The difference of remy hair vs non remy hair

Because remy hair vs non remy hair are now the most popular tools available to assist women in becoming more luxurious than ever before. However, there are many comparisons between non remy hair vs remy hair in terms of many aspects  available on the market today at a variety of prices. Now, I’d like to focus on analyzing remy hair vs non remy hair difference in order to provide you with a better understanding of them.

Remy hair vs non remy hair: Difference in material

Remy hair is collected carefully from healthy donors with a thorough process. All hair strands are aligned in the original direction, which helps remy hair look more natural. As a result, the appearance of the user can be significantly enhanced.


Difference of remy hair vs non remy hair

Remy hair is also taken from humans, however, it is mediately collected from temple floors, abundant hair from salons and then combined together with different cuticle alignment. Therefore, non remy hair can be easily tangled and shedding.

Remy vs non remy hair: Difference in durability

Because remy hair is collected from healthy hair donors who have limitedly treated their hair with chemicals, it can last up to one years. Furthermore, these hair donors maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to extend the longevity of their remy hair, such as washing their hair with organic shampoo, eating a balanced diet, etc.

When compared to remy hair, non remy hair can be used within 3-5 months because it is collected from hair donors who have treated their hair with chemicals but not excessively. As a result, non remy hair collected by hair factories is already weak, so it is hard to bleach and dye it to light colors.

Remy vs non remy hair: Difference in price

Remy hair is organized by strong texture, longer durability and ability to bleach up to diverse colors as you want. As a result, price of remy hair on market is undoubtedly higher than non remy hair, worth it with its advantages.

You only need to pay a small amount of money to own non remy hair. However, non remy hair is not guaranteed in terms of quality as well as longevity. You may not get the best experience with this type of hair despite the low price

Now let’s take a look on this board dedicating brief us what is the difference between remy hair and non remy hair

Factors Remy hair  Non-remy hair 
Quality 100% human hair with the same cuticle aligned directions Almost human hair with different cuticle-aligned directions.
Source Hair collection by cutting hair put in a ponytail directly from multiple donors Hair collection in many random places like salons, temples, and crowded places…
Price High Low
Dyed and bleached ability any textures and any colors only for simple textures and colors
Appearances Smooth, shiny, and silky

no tangle and shedding hair

very dry hair

tangle and shedding hair

The long maintenance Approximate 1 year About 3-5 months
Cuticle remy-hair-vs-non-remy-hair remy-hair-vs-non-remy-hair-7

Why choose remy hair vs non remy hair for hair business

After having known some of the most important information about remy hair vs non remy hair, it is time to put in on a scale to consider among remy hair and non remy hair, which fits you better. Accordingly, we can help you make a decision that optimizes your economic effectiveness.

  • If your budget is slightly limited or even if you have much money, but want to change your hairstyle on a regular basis without having to worry about spending money on expensive items, among remy hair vs non remy hair, the latter is a highly recommended option. Non-remy hair, on the other hand, can somewhat meet the needs of women during the first period of use due to the silicone coating on the outside.
  • If you have a lot of money and always want to choose quality, natural smooth hair extensions for yourself, you can go with remy hair when considering remy hair vs non remy hair. With this type of extension, you can have colorful, curly hair that is suitable for all of your existing hairstyles.

Why should choose remy hair vs non remy hair

In conclusion, when deciding to buy remy hair vs non remy hair for personal or commercial use, you should choose reputable hair vendor or companies as well as verify hair market demand to make the best decision.. If you are still confused about you should be remy or non remy hair for your business, contact Queen Hair immediately to receive the most dedicated and effective advice. We also offer premium quality Vietnamese remy hair at an affordable price to assist you in maintaining your business.


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