Southeast Asian hair vendors are among the largest hair vendors in the world. However, to find out precious and beneficial information is not easy. So, the most relevant information about Southeast Asian hair vendors will be provided by Queen Hair below.


Crucial information about Southeast Asian hair vendors

Overview of Southeast Asian hair vendors

If you’re looking for hair extensions with high quality and able to give you the highest profit, go no further than the Southeast Asian hair vendors. Southeast Asian hair vendors take their hair cut from a Southeast Asian donor and quickly packaged it to ensure that each cuticle points in the same way. Southeast Asian hair vendors are the best when it comes to hair extensions because it’s all-natural.


Overview of Southeast Asia hair vendors

European, African, and American hair resellers almost choose Southeast Asian hair vendors as long-term co-operators because of their high quality. It’s also possible to make a significant profit by importing Southeast Asian hair vendors’ goods because of the pricing, product type, and quality of these goods.

Some typical Southeast Asian hair vendors you should know

It’s a smart business move to work with Southeast Asian hair vendors. Southeast Asian hair vendor’s hair is among the top in the industry in terms of quality, pricing, and diversity. We will go with three main Southeast Asian hair vendors: Viet Nam, Cambodia and India.

Southeast Asian hair vendors with Vietnamese hair vendors

Wholesale hair retailers have increasingly turned to Southeast Asian hair vendors, especially raw Vietnamese hair vendors. Several wholesale hair dealers are interested in Vietnamese hair products for a variety of reasons, including their affordability, high quality and the diversity in product line.

  • The cost of hair extensions from a Vietnamese hair factory is very reasonable: The Vietnamese hair vendors have available hair source because it is located in a raw material. Because Vietnam’s hair supply is vast, the price of supplies to Vietnamese hair firms is extremely stable. Another reason is that labor costs in Vietnam are lower than other countries.So the price of Vietnamese hair vendors are also cheaper.
  • Vietnamese hair vendors have several professionals with years of experience. They will assist Vietnamese hair factories in selecting the best hair sources and controlling hair quality input and output to ensure that hair supplied to hair wholesalers meet the customer’s standards.

Southeast Asian hair vendors: Vietnamese hair vendors

  • The diversity of Vietnamese hair factories is also a plus for distributors. The reason is that the Vietnamese hair factory collects virgin hair from healthy donors, unprocessed. Hair can be readily styled and colored by bleaching or dying it. The Vietnamese hair vendors have been manufacturing hair for many years. Thus, Vietnamese hair vendors can supply hair types and colors required by wholesale hair dealers. 

Southeast Asian hair vendors with Cambodian hair vendors

With Southeast Asian hair vendors, buying hair in bulk from Cambodian wholesalers might save you a lot of money. Those wholesale hair merchants who want to keep their costs down will find this essential. However, the quality is not guaranteed.

  • The price of Cambodian hair vendors is cheap among the Southeast Asian hair vendors. Because Cambodian labor costs are low. Also, Cambodian wholesale hair dealers source their products from rural women. So Cambodian hair is cheap. As a result, many hair dealers pick Cambodian hair as their main source of hair. It is also convenient for Cambodian hair dealers to harvest hair locally rather than importing it from other nations.
  • In Cambodia, most hair companies are small-scale, run by family members and employing a few others. As a result, hair companies in Cambodia use low-tech hair producing methods. Also, Cambodian natural hair is light curls, thin and fibrous, making curly hairstyles easier to style. However, to create other hairstyles such as waves, straight hair must be chemically treated, reducing the quality and lifespan of Cambodian hair.

Southeast Asian hair vendors: Cambodian hair vendors

  • Even though Cambodian hair dealers supply high quality hair at low prices. Due to the Cambodian economy’s growth, many women find jobs that pay more than selling their hair, making hair a rare commodity. The supply of goods to wholesale hair dealers will be unstable, affecting your business’s growth.

Southeast Asian hair vendors with Indian hair vendors

Many hair extension vendors are particularly concerned with the quality of Southeast Asian hair vendors. Especially Indian hair vendors, so the overview is listed below.

  • It is easy to bleach, color, and curl virgin hair purchased from Indian hair vendors. As a result, raw Indian hair are available in a wide variety of models, making them popular among many hair extension retailers around the world, particularly in China.

Southeast Asian hair vendors: Indian hair vendors

  • However, re-creating the style is tough due to the curly nature of naturally Indian hair from Indian hair factories. Stylists can make whatever curly or wavy style they desire with straight hair, but it’s harder to restyle Indian natural wavy, which must first be stretched before styling. As a result of this style, the already fragile Indian hairs are further damaged. Because hair factories in India employ low-tech methods, many types of human hair cannot be restyled.

Top 5 best Southeast Asian hair vendors in 2022

For those of you who are still looking for reputable Southeast Asian hair vendors that you can rely on, we’ve narrowed the field down to roughly five of the best.

Queen Hair – The best Southeast Asian hair vendors in 2022

The top Southeast Asian hair vendors, Queen Hair, has been chosen by many wholesale hair vendors, particularly in Nigeria, as their primary product. There are a variety of factors contributing to our success with customers, including the following:

  • For many years, Queen Hair has been manufacturing and delivering top-notch Southeast Asian hair vendors. As a result, we have a team of experts who do thorough checks on hair sources and advise hair donors on nutrition so that their hair grows stronger and attains the best quality possible.
  • In Addition to this, Queen Hair works with Vietnamese women who grow their hair to give us a steady supply of raw material. For large purchases of hair, this will help us get the best deal. As a result, we provide wholesale hair dealers competitive pricing in order to help them become more profitable in their hair business.

Southeast Asian hair vendors: Queen Hair Factory

  • A broad variety of hairstyles can be created using Queen Hair hair products, which have the best quality goods in the hair industry. Customers can also request personalized hairstyles, so they can acquire their own brand’s unique hair items from us. Since Queen Hair has lately decided to enter the hair industry as a wholesale hair brand, many wholesale hair sellers have chosen it. 

As the only Southeast Asian hair vendors in Nigeria, Queen Hair sells all-natural Asian human hair to customers worldwide. In addition, Queen Hair factory in Nigeria offers a wide variety of Vietnamese hair extensions so that you may find the right hair extensions type for your customer.

Venus Hair – Top 2 Southeast Asian hair vendors in 2022

Venus Hair is a new Southeast Asian hair vendors that has been in business for two years. Among the many types of Vietnamese hair extensions that they provide are wavy hair extensions, ponytail hair extensions, and straight hair extensions. Other Vietnamese hair factories’ quality appears to be equivalent to this one’s. Even in South Africa, many hair extension companies have confirmed the quality of Venus hair.


Southeast Asian hair vendors: Venus hair

  • Remy hair extensions are the primary product.
  • Transportation: Fedex.
  • Payment Options: Visa, PayPal, and Remitly.

Virgin Cambodian hair – Top 3 Southeast Asian hair vendors in 2022

An organization called Virgin Hair Cambodia (VHC) – Southeast Asian hair vendors, was created to meet the demand for ethically obtained Cambodian hair. With our transparent sourcing system and ethical treatment of donors, VHC hopes to level the playing field in the hair industry by providing high quality Southeast Asian hair vendors..

In rural areas of Cambodia, where women have few if any options for earning a living, the majority of VHC’s hair donors are women. For the sake of their family, they sell their hair. Every woman’s hair is important to VHC and Southeast Asian hair vendors. In exchange for a professional haircut, donors can sell any length of hair.

SGI Hair – Top 4 Southeast Asian hair vendors

A hair factory founded in 2008 by SGI Hair, one of the first Southeast Asian hair vendors, has a wealth of experience in hair extension production. As a wholesale distributor, SGI Hair sells a wide variety of hair extensions such as wavy and curly Indian human hair; lace closures; long hair; and more.


Southeast Asian hair vendors: SGI Hair

In addition, SGI frequently offers numerous discounts on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. The pricing is likely to be cheaper than that of other Indian hair factories when they offer large reductions. Wholesalers of hair extensions can save a lot of money by checking for huge discounts at just the right time.

Apsara Cambodian Hair – Top 5 Southeast Asian hair vendors

Being a the major Southeast Asian hair vendors, offering high-quality virgin Cambodian hair that is totally acquired from donors in Cambodia. Using their high-quality product, you may create a wide range of hairstyles. You’ll be able to attract more customers to your business as a result of this.


Southeast Asian hair vendors: Apsara Cambodian Hair

There are personal contacts with the best hair suppliers in the world that ApSara Hair has built. Because of their contacts, they are able to offer high-quality, virgin hair extensions at a low price to those who wish to start their own business. With their years of experience, they’re happy to share their knowledge with our wholesale customers. Virgin hair extensions can be a lucrative business, and they’ll give you everything you need to get started right away.

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