If you plan to open a wholesale hair extension business, but you have no prior experience in the field. There are a lot of different types of hair extensions wholesale suppliers , and we’ll go over some of them in this article with Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market.

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Overview of hair extensions wholesale suppliers

It’s a win-win situation for both the hair extensions wholesale suppliers and the buyer when you sell wholesale hair extensions. Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative technique of changing one’s appearance quickly, which is why hair extensions wholesale suppliers is a lucrative business for many companies.

Instead of selling to customers, wholesale hair extensions sells big quantities of hair extensions to hair vendors at inexpensive prices. We separated wholesale hair extensions into two categories: wholesale hair extensions sourced from raw materials and wholesale hair extensions sourced from other sources:


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  • This vendor’s goods acquire hair from women in these countries to make wholesale hair extensions from raw material areas. It would be fantastic if they were located in a country with high-quality, authentic hair.
  • They don’t have hair sources in these countries because they don’t get wholesale hair extensions from raw material places. As a result, they must import goods from other nations in order to manufacture or resale them.


Wholesale hair extensions made from raw materials will offer additional benefits in terms of both quality and cost. You should choose a wholesaler in the raw material industry if you are seeking for a source of hair to start a business. Because we have a hair factory in Vietnam, Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market is a wholesale hair extensions in the raw material industry. We are confident in our ability to supply you with high-quality, low-cost items.

Products of hair extensions wholesale vendors

If you’re still curious about the types of wholesale hair extensions you’re selling, keep reading. We’re here to assist you in learning more about wholesale hair extensions. Based on the hair product they create, we separated this into two sorts of hair extensions.

  • Virgin hair extensions are a primary product of wholesale hair extensions, which are largely rally in raw material locations such as Vietnam and India. Virgin hair extensions were manufactured from human hair in one bundle belonging to one donor, hence the name “virgin hair.” This is why the hair alignment is comparable and the hair cuticles are still intact. As a result, many hair extensions wholesalers prefer virgin hair extensions since they can be readily restyled with curling, bleaching, and colouring,… Furthermore, the hair has never been chemically processed or dyed, ensuring that the hair retains its natural quality, is long-lasting, and blends well with the owner.


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  • Wholesale hair extensions give a key product as remy hair extensions rally in nations that do not have access to raw materials. Remy hair is less expensive than virgin hair. Furthermore, while remy hair is human hair, it is not of the same quality as virgin hair due to the manner it is collected and processed. Remy hair was created by combining the hair of two or more persons. The quality isn’t quite as high as virgin hair, but it’s still in terrific shape.
  • Wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria are often made from virgin hair to ensure that the hair retains its quality. A hair salon would have an easier time styling a customer’s wants. The sale of virgin hair will generate a lot of money. Queen Hair is a Nigerian virgin hair distributor with a hair factory in Vietnam; please contact us for more information.

Steps to find reliable hair extensions wholesale suppliers

To assist you pick which hair extensions wholesale hair suppliers in hair market to invest in, we’ve discussed the characteristics of a number of them above. Now, we’re going to locate a Nigerian wholesale hair extension on which you can stake your faith.

Search on Google to find hair extensions wholesale suppliers

Finding reputable hair extensions wholesale suppliers is easy with Google’s aid:

  • To find out what kind of hair extensions to sell, do a quick internet search. Pay attention to the hair extensions that appear at the top of search engine results pages. It’s because Google prefers a reputable site to be at the top of the search results page.
  • The next step is to save your preferred wholesale hair extensions and study the comments and feedback from their customers about their product to confirm that they provide high-quality wholesale hair extensions and reputable hair extensions wholesale suppliers.


  • On social networking, it would be easier to identify trustworthy hair extensions wholesale suppliers. If a hair extension wholesale suppliers is reputable, their social media accounts will appear to be well-maintained. There will be a picture of their goods that is clear and may include their logo. Ask for a video call to observe their wholesale hair extensions workplace and the products they provide.


  • On social media, you may also ask for evaluations of a certain hair extension brand that you’re interested in. Many people who have done business with this hair extensions wholesale suppliers before may have actual feedback about their products and services.

Using E-commerce to choose hair extensions wholesale suppliers

In addition to Google, e-commerce provides a wealth of information regarding hair extensions wholesale suppliers:

  • To begin, look for a reputable e-commerce site like Alibaba, Etsy, or Amazon… Because it is so widely utilized in your country, hair extensions wholesale suppliers have fewer scammers than other e-commerce sites. Consumers are well protected by the policies of reputable e-commerce.
  • Some e-commerce platforms have even recognized reliable hair extensions wholesale suppliers to give customers’ peace of mind when purchasing in order to avoid frauds on the internet. Because of this, wholesale hair providers should only deal with recognized wholesale hair extensions.

Hair extensions wholesale suppliers by networking

To find a reliable hair extension wholesale supplier, ask your relatives who have worked in the industry in the past. Having dealt with numerous wholesale hair extensions in the past, they know how to get high-quality hair extensions from reputable wholesale hair extensions.


It’s possible that they can assist you in your search for wholesale hair extensions that meet your specific requirements.

Tips to avoid hair extensions wholesale suppliers scammers

Hair extensions wholesale suppliers provide distributors a wide range of economic advantages. As a result, many people take advantage of it to defraud unsuspecting wholesale hair extension buyers. We’ll show you how to spot hair extension wholesale con artists.

  • In the beginning, you’ll notice that their websites look amateurish. These photographs appear to have been lifted from other websites because there is no information about the product on their website or the photos are of poor quality. To further evade detection, they do not list their corporate addresses on their websites.


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  • False or copied images that look too good to be true or have been lifted from a legitimate source. As a result, wholesale hair extensions’ discounts are either ridiculous or pricey.
  • There are also blurry images and a lack of reviews/comments, as well as spammy remarks with several inaccuracies. Finally, there are no social media accounts or contact information for wholesale hair extensions.


Ways to optimally work with hair extensions wholesale suppliers

The only thing left for us to do was assist you in your search for trustworthy distributors of wholesale hair extensions. Next, we’ll discuss how to work with them in order to get the best possible value and quality for our money.

  • Customers’ preferences, usage, materials, and more are all factors to consider when determining what kinds of  wholesale hair extensions should carry. For example, hair extension wefts are considered as one of the most trendy kind of hair extensions for ladies. When it comes to hairstyling, your consumers prefer to make their own decisions. Once they’ve visited the hair salon, they’d like to spend a certain amount and keep their hair extensions for a certain amount of time.
  • Next, you need to know everything there is to know about the things you plan to offer. For example, you should be familiar with the many varieties of wholesale hair extensions, such as super drawn, double drawn, and single drawn hair. To maximize the lifespan of your product, here are some tips on how to properly care for it.

  • Next, look for trustworthy wholesale hair extensions and examine their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. To see what they have to offer by looking at the photos and videos they have taken. In addition, check out their previous client reviews to see if they’re reputable. Visiting their hair extensions shop is a good idea if they are located in your nation.
  • Make a payment and place an order for the number of hair extensions you need, keeping in mind that the amount you order must be in line with your company’s needs. Also, be sure to sign a contract guaranteeing that the product you receive meets the same high standards as the one you saw previously.
  • It’s important to thoroughly inspect and give feedback to the wholesale hair extensions supplier after getting your order to help spread the word about the high-quality goods.

Top 5 best hair extensions wholesale suppliers you can trust

In the event that you’re still looking for hair extension merchants that you can put your faith in, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five based on reliability, product quality and reasonable price.

Queen Hair – The best hair extensions wholesale suppliers

Located in Nigeria, Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market is a hair extension wholesale suppliers and distributor with over a decade of experience in both fields.


hair extensions wholesale suppliers

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  • Our hair factory in Vietnam has been in operation for over ten years, therefore we are confident in our ability to provide wholesale hair extensions at competitive costs. It’s also worth noting that we use only Vietnamese human hair in our products, therefore the quality is excellent.
  • Many consumers all over the world have attested to the high quality of Queen Hair’s products. Customers throughout Europe and Africa have given us very positive comments.

Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market is a wonderful source for hair extensions wholesale suppliers if you’re starting a hair business. Queen Hair will help you save a lot of money because of its low cost and good quality.

Ted Hair – Top 2 hair extensions wholesale suppliers

High-quality hair extensions wholesale suppliers from China Ted Hair is a manufacturer of 100% human hair extensions. Ted Hair, a well-known hair producer in China, produces high-quality hair products.

In addition, Ted Hair is a well-known wholesaler of hair in China. Low-cost products can be provided to clients by taking advantage of China’s superior production and shipping skills, which Ted hair does.


Guangzhou Alice Hair – Top 3 hair extensions wholesale suppliers

Alice Hair Products CO, a Guangzhou, China-based virgin hair company, was founded in April 2004 and is currently experiencing tremendous growth. Their items are extremely popular and well-received in the international market.

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This factory’s high-quality goods are yours for the taking at a modest cost. Guangzhou Alice Hair’s wigs are carefully selected to match the specific demands and tastes of each individual customer, as a last item to note.

Venus Hair – Top 4 hair extensions wholesale suppliers

This is a new hair extension wholesale supplier with two years of expertise in the market. They typically provide Vietnamese remy hair extensions in a variety of types, including curly, wavy, and ponytail. They also provide straight hair. The quality of these hair extensions appears to be equivalent to that of other hair extensions that are sold at wholesale prices. Many hair extension merchants around the world, particularly in South Africa, have confirmed the quality of Venus hair.

Unice Hair – Top 5 hair extensions wholesale suppliers

To better service its consumers, Unice, a Chinese hair extensions company, maintains warehouses around the world. When deciding on a brand theme, keep in mind both your intrinsic attractiveness and current trends directed at your target market.

  • Human hair supplier Unice is well-known in China for its high quality.
  • Many hairdressers prefer this hair brand because of the affordable costs and large array of items it offers.

These days, the wholesale hair extension market is more active than ever. There has been an explosion in the number of hair salons. Hair care products have always held a particular place in the hearts of consumers because of their noble mission to provide them with the most appealing and affordable options. There are numerous reasons why Queen Hair is the greatest wholesale hair extensions company to work with if you’re still looking for the best.



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