If you own a hair business and are intending to import Brazilian hair, this is the article you must definitely read. So below we will give you the most comprehensive information about Brazilian hair.

Brazilian Hair overview

The Brazilian hair market in recent years has grown tremendously due to the increasing demand for this type of hair. Brazilian hair vendors not only sell this hair in Brazil, but also distribute it throughout South America, Africa and Europe.


Brazilian Hair overview

Brazilian hair is in high demand and is one of the most potential sectors in the hair business. Brazilian hair is now in the top 5 most favorable hair types in the world.

Some people might want to know Brazilian hair meaning, and is Brazilian hair actually taken from the locals or brazilian hair treatment? Brazilian hair extensions are not collected from the Brazilian people. Brazilian hair vendors import hair from Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and India.We can simply understand that Brazil and brazilian hair blowout is not in the area of ​​​​hair materials and there is almost no Brazilian hair factory. Brazilian hair vendors all import hair from Asian countries and then process it and sell it under the brand name Brazilian hair.

Characteristics of Brazilian hair

Sometimes the characteristics of Brazilian hair are often easily confused by users. So in the following paragraph, we will analyze in detail the characteristics of Brazilian hair.

The quality of Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair texture quality is not consistent. This is due to the fact Brazil is not a material country since they do not collect hair from Brazilian women. Most of the hair is imported from Asian countries and then named as Brazilian. So Brazilian hair texture quality is mostly based on the hair source that they imported from. Different sources of imported hair will bring different quality of hair combs, of course the hair will have good quality if imported from a reputable factory. If you are wondering is Brazilian hair human hair and brazilian hair salon near me, then the answer is YES! Here are three specific examples of the main hair sources that Brazilian hair vendors often import.


The quality of Brazilian hair

  • If Brazilian hair vendors import hair from Chinese hair factories, the hair quality will not be outstanding. In fact, Chinese hair will have a shiny, lustrous look at first but then will easily be tangled and sheds after a few usage which leads to a short lifespan. Because China itself is not in the raw material area and has to import hair from other countries such as India and Vietnam. After importing hair from other nations, the Chinese factory also reprocessed the hair, removing the outer cuticle and adding a layer of silicone to create a shiny effect. Chinese factories produce hair on a massive scale so their hair is always in stock and available. However, this also results in the hair being too long in the warehouse causing the hair to dry out due to lack of necessary nutrients.
  • If Brazilian hair vendor and brazilian hair botoxs import hair from Vietnamese hair factories, the hair will be of high-quality. This is because Vietnamese factories are in the raw material area jgtand collect hair from a single donor. Vietnamese hair are collected from mountainous women who have a healthy diet and wash their hair regularly with herbs. Factories in Vietnam also have a lot of experience in the hair production, so the import and export process is also carefully checked.
  • If Brazilian hair vendors import hair from hair factories in India, the quality will be inconsistent. Because even though India is located in the raw material area, Indian factories collect hair from temples which originate from thousands of different people. So the hair will often not be aligned and uneven in quality. The original Indian hair is quite coarse and fibrous, so it will be difficult to style.

Brazilian hair quality

Although Brazilian hair types are imported from many different sources, Brazilian hair vendors frequently choose a reputable factory with care, so their products are usually of good quality, thick and shiny. Brazilian hair vendors have extensive experience and technical expertise in hair treatment, which helps to ensure their hair is in good condition and up to standard. So in conclusion, Brazilian hair and brazilian hair treatment near me has good quality. However, if you own a hair business and are learning about Brazilian hair, you must have a thorough understanding of your vendors, as the quality of Brazilian hair type might differ depending on which countries it is imported from.

Queen Hair is a reputable Vietnamese factory and has been a hair supplier for Brazilian hair vendors for many years. Queen Hair products are always of high quality and are 100% human hair collected from a single donor. Please contact Queen Hair to get the best quality hair.

The diversity of Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is usually quite versatile and can create many different hairstyles, because of this, Brazilian hair extensions are extremely popular among women.


The diversity of Brazilian hair

  • Vendors import Brazilian hair from many different sources, so they often choose a variety of hair styles and colors for sale. This is one of the main reasons why Brazilian hair has extremely diverse products like brazilian hair extensions clip in
  • Brazilian hair is usually of good quality, allowing it to be styled in a variety of ways, as well as bleached, permed, and colored into many colors.

The vendors in Brazil have a lot of experience in selling and manufacturing Brazilian hair, so they can choose the best hair source and know exactly what type of hair their consumers need.

The high price of Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair prices are usually quite expensive. This is completely understandable given the good quality of Brazilian hair type as well as the variety of Brazilian hair products.

Brazilian hair is mostly resell, the majority of Brazilian hair and brazilian hair keratin is imported from Vietnam, China, and India, and then sold and labeled as Brazilian hair by South American merchants. As a result, Brazilian hair prices have always included additional fees such as shipping, taxes, and operation fees.


The high price of Brazilian hair

In general, if you own a hair brand and want to import Brazilian hair, you should consider the characteristics listed above. Brazilian hair will be a good choice for you if you want to purchase high-quality, versatile hair with a high price.

Queen Hair is a long-established Vietnamese factory with extensive expertise supplying hair to Brazilian hair dealers. Queen Hair Factory offers high-quality, low-cost in a wide range of styles. If you’re interested, please contact Queen Hair.

Top 5 hair wholesaler for Brazilian hair retailer

Because there are so many vendors selling Brazilian hair, finding a reputable hair source to import this hair type is becoming more challenging. So, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the five most reliable Brazilian hair extensions providers below.

Queen Hair factory Top 1 supplier for Brazilian Hair vendors

Queen Hair is a leading factory which supplies for Brazilian hair sellers, and has been manufacturing and supplying hair extensions for years. Queen hair is based in the raw material area in Vietnam with a stable political country background, which enables the delivery process to be fast and convenient.


Queen Hair factory Top 1 supplier for Brazilian Hair vendors

Queen Hair has its own manufacturing factory in Vietnam, ensuring consistent product quality and brazilian hair care products

  • Queen Hair is reasonably priced. Because we are in the raw material source and employ low-wage workers, our production costs are kept low.
  • High-quality hair extensions from Queen Hair may last up to five years. We get Brazilian hair from trustworthy sources with healthy donors, and since we have vast experience in this industry, we can always guarantee quality.
  • Queen Hair offers a broad selection of products that can be used to create a variety of hairstyles by bleaching, perming, or coloring. Our hair is extremely diverse and will not be affected after styling.

Queen Hair supplier for Brazilian Hair vendors


  • Website: Queen Hair
  • Whatsapp: (84)8444444835
  • Email: queenhairng@gmail.com

UNice Top 2 Brazilian Hair vendors

UNice has been a Brazilian Hair vendor for years now and has many experience in the hair business. UNice also provides a wide range of Brazilian hair styles.


UNice Top 2 Brazilian Hair vendors

  • UNice hair price has a slightly high price for Brazilian Hair, ranging from $70 to about $300 for a wig. UNice’s Brazilian Hair best sellers are usually around $130/wig.
  • UNice Brazilian Hair quality has quite good quality and is highly appreciated by many customers.
  • UNice only focuses on selling wigs, closures and hair weaves, not Brazilian Hair bundles. So if you are running a hair business then think carefully because importing wigs will always not be as profitable as importing hair bundles and then making wigs yourself.

Her hair company Top 3  Brazilian Hair vendors

Her hair company has been a Brazilian Hair supplying brazilian hair 24 inch vendor for many retailers in South America and has extensive experience in this industry.


Her hair company Top 3  Brazilian Hair vendors

  • The price of Her hair company for Brazilian Hair is quite high because it is based in the US
  • The quality of Her hair company for Brazilian Hair is quite high due to the high techniques for hair treatment.
  • Her hair company sells focus on Brazilian Hair body wave, curly, kinky, straight and wavy hair

Ted hair Top 4 Brazilian Hair vendors

Ted Hair is one of the top Brazilian Hair supplier. The company was established in 2009 and has since working with many big brands. The headquarter of the firm is in China but the majority of their stores are in the US.


Ted hair: Top 4 Brazilian Hair vendors

  • Main product: Brazilian Hair, hair weave, hair bundles
  • Ted Hair has many stores in the US

Hair city Top 5 Brazilian Hair vendors

Hair City is a Brazilian Hair vendor based in South America that provides all of our clients with a large selection of high-quality Lace Wigs, Brazilian Hair, Weaves, Clip-Ins, Hair Accessories, and Hair Care items.


Hair city Top 5 Brazilian Hair vendors

  • Main product: Brazilian hair
  • Shipment: Fedex
  • Payment: Bank Transfer

In conclusion, we can conclude that the Brazilian hair market is incredibly huge, and that wholesale distributors for hair products is growing more competitive. If you choose to import Brazilian hair, do your research carefully and remember to make your decision based on three factors: quality, price, and versatility.

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