One of the reasons why Cambodian hair body wave have become so popular is because of the excellent quality of their products. However, will that particular brand of hair care products work with it? Should you do business with Cambodian hair body wave? The solution can be found below.


Definition of Cambodian hair body wave

The unprocessed Cambodian hair body wave is used to make hairpieces and various types of hair accessories at this location. The term “raw hair” refers to the unprocessed form in which Cambodian women’s hair is typically found, prior to the application of any heat or chemicals. In a typical Cambodian hair body wave factory, you will find examples of both long and short hairstyles. The Cambodian hair body wave factory makes both straight and wavy as well as curly and wavy styles of hair. It has characteristics of both Vietnamese and Indian hair in terms of its texture.


The Cambodian hair body wave factory creates hair that is not only incredibly lightweight but also extremely durable. Cambodian hair body waves, like your natural hair, may be cleaned with shampoo and conditioner like any other type of hair.

Outstanding features of Cambodian hair body wave

Any owner of a hair salon who is contemplating placing an order with a Cambodian hair body wave factory should, as a matter of course, first engage in comprehensive due diligence into the reputation and quality of the Cambodian hair body wave factory. This goes without saying.

Source to collect Cambodian hair body wave

It is essential, if you are in the business of selling Cambodian hair body wave in Cambodia, to have a good understanding of where the hair comes from. Because of this, we are going to give you with a comprehensive explanation of the origin of the hair that is used in the Cambodian hair body wave factory.


  • Cambodian rural women living in poverty donate their hair to hair factories throughout the country. Due to the fact that many donors are going through challenging financial circumstances, taking care of their hair is a higher priority for them than selling it to manufacturers for a low price.
  • The relatively low number of people living in Cambodia, on the other hand, causes the country to experience occasional shortages of unprocessed Cambodian hair. The position for Cambodian hair body wave manufacturers is made more difficult by the fact that as the economy of the country improves, fewer Cambodians are prepared to donate their hair. This makes the situation more difficult for the companies.

In light of this, prior to making a purchase careful consideration to a number of different aspects and educate yourself by reading reviews on Cambodian hair body wave factories. 

Cambodian hair body wave in terms of quality

When it comes to the provision of high-quality hair goods, the Cambodian hair body wave factory can always be relied upon.


  • Because of this, the hair that is manufactured in the factory is of the greatest possible quality. As a result of this, Cambodian hair body wave has a reputation for having a wonderfully silky quality.
  • Because the great majority of Cambodian women only with natural products, the hair in this country is normally in very good condition. This is because the majority of Cambodian women only wash their hair with natural products.
  • Cambodian hair body wave, like the hair of the vast majority of people in other Asian countries, is rarely perfectly straight. The majority of individuals in Cambodia have hair that is either curly or wavy, and this sort of hair texture works well for those who like to wear their hair in that way.

These particular sellers have been picked out for special attention since reviews of the Cambodian hair body wave business as a whole have praised the higher quality and longer lasting nature of the hair that is sold by these particular merchants. A Cambodian hair body wave factory is an excellent option to take into consideration if you run a hair salon and are interested in stocking up on hair that can be dyed, bleached, and styled. If this is your situation, read on.

Types of Cambodian hair body wave

Virgin hair and remy hair are the two forms of Cambodian hair body wave that are manufactured by factories in Cambodia that specialize in the hair industry. The Cambodian hair factory is not like its counterparts in that it does not offer remy hair for sale. You can be confident that the hair you purchase from a Cambodian hair body wave vendor will be of the highest standard because every Cambodian hair body wave factory strives to provide only the highest quality hair. Because of this, you can trust that the hair you purchase from a Cambodian hair body wave vendor will be of the highest standard.


  • The factories comes from the head of a single donor and has never been processed with any kind of chemical. The highest quality hair available is unprocessed virgin hair. These strands of hair have their cuticles completely intact and in the correct positions where they should be. The Cambodian hair body wave factory creates virgin hair that is full, vibrant, and lustrous in appearance. You have the option of dying or lightening Cambodian virgin raw hair. The cost of this hair, on the other hand, is prohibitively expensive.
  • Although the grade of the remy hair that is produced in Cambodia is not likely to be quite as high as that of virgin Cambodian hair body wave, it is still a very good choice. Despite the fact that remy Cambodian hair body wave is not quite as silky as virgin hair due to the fact that it is collected from two to three different donors, it is still of very high quality and very smooth because the cuticles are still in place and facing the same direction. This is because the cuticles are aligned in the same direction.


The Cambodian hair body wave factory creates virgin and remy hair of an exceptionally high quality. You should be aware that despite the great quality of the hair, there is a shortage of it at the time. This is something that you should keep in mind. You should also be aware that the political atmosphere in Cambodia is unstable, which may cause a delay in the delivery of your shipment. It is possible that the unpredictability of the supply of Cambodian hair body wave will have an effect on the bottom line of your organization.

Because both Cambodian and Vietnamese hair factories create high-quality hair at reasonable prices, a Vietnamese hair factory is an excellent option to a Cambodian one. The country of Vietnam, which is Cambodia’s neighbor, has a thriving economy and beautiful women. Queen Hair is a supplier of Vietnamese hair of the highest possible quality. Because Queen Hair has its own factory in Vietnam, the company offers an unparalleled variety of hairstyles at unbeatable pricing.

Natural Straight Hair  is extremely smooth and silky, this hair will help every girl to look more stylish and cover any blemishes on the face.

Top 4 best suppliers of Cambodian hair body wave

The following is a list of the five most important Cambodian hair body wave factories for you to think about while making your choice. The five Cambodian hair body wave companies that are described here carry an extensive selection of cuts, colors, and styles, all of which are of the very best possible quality.

Cambodian Hair Freak – Top 1 best supplier of Cambodian hair body wave

Cambodian Hair Freak is a leading manufacturer in the Cambodian hair body wave industry, expertise in the business. The fact that Cambodian Hair Freak creates all of their items from actual human hair means that not only are they of the best possible quality.


The foundation of the industry is wefts of hair, particularly unprocessed Cambodian hair body wave in particular.

Virgin Hair Cambodia – Top 2 best supplier of Cambodian hair body wave

Although it has been in business for only a few short years, Virgin Hair Cambodia has swiftly become one of the most successful Cambodian hair body wave factories in Cambodia. Customers can choose from a wide variety of Cambodian hair bundles of the finest possible quality to purchase from the business at prices that are affordable.


  • Cambodian hair body wave, raw straight raw hair, and raw bundles are considered to be the three most valuable types of product.
  • Bank transfers and money orders will be accepted as methods of payment. 

Apsara Hair Cambodia – Top 3 best supplier of Cambodian hair body wave

Apsara Cambodian Hair is in a league of its own when compared to other facilities producing Cambodian hair. 


This particular firm provides a wide variety of hair extension options, including but not limited to clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, virgin hair extensions, and remy hair extensions. You owe it to yourself to go to this Cambodian hair body wave.

Queen Hair Factory – Top 3 best supplier of Cambodian hair body wave

An excellent choice to a Cambodian hair body wave factory is a Vietnamese hair merchant. Get in contact with Queen Hair if you’re looking to buy hair extensions of all kinds. Having been in business for over 20 years, Queen Hair is a trusted provider of hair extensions. When in need of low-priced, high-quality hair extensions, locals know to visit the headquarters of Queen Hair.


  • This ensures that all of Queen Hair’s commercial needs may be met. Since all of the hair is manufactured at Queen Hair’s own factory in Vietnam, the company has complete control over quality. Since Nigeria is where most of the company’s customers are located, it tailors its offerings specifically to them.
  • The bulk of our hair products, especially weft hair, are shipped using shipping companies like UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

Bone straight color hair is perfect for any occasions especially formal one since the color wine is such an elegant and femininity hue.

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