Cambodian hair has been a popular wholesale hair product in recent years. Follow along with us in this post to get more understanding about Cambodian hair and find out the best Cambodian hair supplier.

What is Cambodian hair?

Cambodian hair is hair taken from Cambodian donors by hair vendors in Cambodia, this type of hair stretching from long Cambodian hair to short Cambodian hair. Straight, wavy, and curly are the three primary textures of this hair type. Which is obtained ethically from human donors. Its texture is usually determined by the donor’s hair texture, which can range from short to long with a natural wavy flow.


what is cambodian hair

It’s stunning in a natural and sensual way. At the same time, it’s exceedingly light, allowing you to incorporate your natural hair if desired. Cambodian hair, in particular, is more robust and long-lasting than most other hair varieties. This form of hair extension may also be treated like real hair, making it simpler to fit into your style. You are free to wash, shampoo, trim, and color them whatever you wish.

Characteristic of Cambodian hair 

Because of its exceptionally excellent quality and inexpensive pricing, Cambodian hair is being chosen as the main product of many hair dealers throughout the world. The features of Cambodia hair will be shown in the following sections to enable hair merchants who are wanting to conduct business with hair from Cambodia better understand this type of hair to answer the question “is Cambodian hair good ?”

Origin of Cambodian hair

Many hair dealers interested in importing hair from Cambodia are concerned about the origins of the hair. Because the quality of Cambodia hair is determined by this.


Origin of Cambodian

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  • Cambodian hair is mainly collected by hair factories in Cambodia in rural areas, where women make a living selling hair to hair merchants to make ends meet. Therefore, they will nourish their hair to achieve the best quality. However, most Cambodians’ natural hair is light curly, coarse, so the quality of Cambodian hair is not appreciated by some hair markets.
  • However, because Cambodia’s population is small and their economy is growing, fewer and fewer Cambodian women grow their hair to sell. Therefore, the source of hair in Cambodia is becoming difficult to find.
  • Hair in Cambodia is difficult to collect, so if you choose Cambodia hair for your business, it will be very risky, unstable hair source can affect the shape and economic efficiency is not high. Therefore, Vietnamese hair is a better alternative choice for Cambodian hair. Vietnamese hair is one of the best hair types in the hair market, this has been verified by many hair dealers around the world. In addition, Vietnamese hair has an abundance of hair sources in many different styles, it will make wholesale hair dealers more stable in the source of hair.

Feature of Cambodian hair

Hair dealers need to grasp the features of hair in order to better comprehend the items they sell. It will be easy to counsel them about your items from there. As a result, we’ll highlight the unique hair features that Cambodian hair has to offer in order to assist you better understand hair from Cambodia

  • Texture of Cambodian hair

The three textures and smoothness of Cambodian hair are well-known such as bone straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair. Because its texture fits nicely with practically all hair types, it is a favorite choice for many ladies. It also doesn’t tangle, so you don’t have to spend as much time brushing or combing it.


Three main texture of Cambodian hair

Furthermore, Cambodia hair is slightly coarse in texture, making it the ideal hair for curl retention. Its texture allows it to keep a curl for up to two weeks, something that other hair types cannot do. It also withstands heat better than other hair kinds. In conclusion, it will help hair dealers who buy this type of hair will increasing the diverse of curly hair and keep this type of hair retain good quality after restyled

  • Quality of Cambodian hair

Hair from Cambodia is cut from a healthy hair donor, the hair of Cambodia hair donors is only accepted when their hair has not been treated with any chemicals. Its cuticles are often intact and oriented in the same direction, reducing the likelihood of matting and tangling.


Quality of Cambodian hair

The majority of Cambodian women pamper their hair with various treatments to keep it strong and healthy. There are no chemical items used in these treatments. They also eat a healthy diet that benefits their hair. Cambodian ladies, for example, use herbal shampoos and conditioners like coconut and palm oil to style their hair. 

When it comes to coloring and bleaching, this hair type is the greatest. Cambodian hair responds well to bleaching and/or coloring, however we strongly urge that it be done by a professional who uses high-quality coloring solutions.

Classification of Cambodian hair

There are three varieties of hair on the market: virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair. Cambodia hair factories, on the other hand, only create two types of hair: virgin hair and remy hair, in order to assure the best quality for Cambodian hair reviews goods.

  • Cambodian virgin hair: Cambodian virgin hair is the highest quality human hair available in Cambodia. This hair type will only come from one Cambodian donor in a hair bundle. In order for Cambodia hair firms to import this Cambodian hair type, virgin hair must not have been treated with chemicals such as dyeing, perming, or bleaching. Because the hair originates from a donor, the cuticles will be aligned in the same direction, resulting in tangle-free hair. However, This type of hair is increasingly difficult to find in the hair market, so hair suppliers in Cambodia will have an alternative, Cambodian remy hair.
  • Cambodian remy hair: In comparison to Cambodian virgin hair, Cambodian remy hair is a superior option. Cambodian remy hair is a kind of hair that has been bundled up with the cuticles intact and orientated in one direction from several Cambodian donors. However, because Cambodian remy hair is made up of hair from several donors in one bundle, it can take on a variety of hues when bleached and colored.

    Classification of Cambodian hair

Hair suppliers can choose among 2 Cambodian hair types as we mentioned above based on your business needs. If you want to get your own hair and style it anyway you like, Cambodian virgin hair is the finest solution. Cambodian virgin hair is the most expensive and difficult to find of the two hair types described above due to its exceptional grade. Cambodian remy hair will be great if you want to buy hair to make simple styles and will save you a lot of money.

Comparison between Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair 

Because Cambodia and Vietnam are both Southeast Asian countries, their hair will have some similarities. However, because the diet and climate in the two countries are different, Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair will have their own characteristics. You can refer them as below to choose suitable hair extension wholesale suppliers.


Comparison between Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair

  • Similarity between Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair

Both Vietnamese and Cambodian hair have one thing in common that is very easy to restyle, the hair cuticles are all in the same direction and are not tangled. Therefore, hair dealers can easily style when buying these 2 types of hair and still keep good quality.

  • Different between Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair

Cambodian natural hair is characterized by thin, dry and curly hair. Therefore, after styling, Cambodian hair will be difficult to keep this hairstyle for a long time. On average, a Cambodian hair restyle will last up to 1 year if the user knows how to take care of it properly. Although the price of hair is the same as that of Vietnamese hair, the quality of Cambodian hair will be slightly worse than Vietnamese hair.


Natural Hair Price Duration  Stock Available
Cambodian Hair Light Curly, Thin, Dry Start from 7.9 USD/ Bundle 10-12 month usage Available stock
Vietnamese Hair Straight, Thick, Smooth Start from 8.5 USD/ Bundle 20-24 month usage Start production when have order


Vietnamese hair is well-known for being of excellent quality at a reasonable price. Furthermore, Vietnamese hair donors’ healthy lifestyles enable Vietnamese hair to endure for a long time, up to two years if consumers know how to properly care for it. Vietnamese hair still keeps a good quality after restyle due to the highest quality of Vietnamese hair and the high technology from Vietnamese hair factories in the Vietnam hair industry.

Furthermore, Vietnam has a lot of regions where women have agreements to supply hair to hair factories in Vietnam on a monthly or yearly basis. Therefore, if hair traders choose Vietnamese hair as the main source of supply, they will have a stable source of goods, which will help to ensure the stability of hair quality at your business.

Top 5 Cambodian hair supplier 

Here are the top 5 best Cambodian hair suppliers, so you may get Cambodian hair at factory prices. They could also provide you advice on how to manage a profitable business so that you can optimize your earnings.

Cambodian Hair Freak – Top 1 Cambodian hair supplier 

Cambodian Hair Freak is the first Cambodian hair supplier to come to my mind when I buy hair from Cambodia, with a 5-year experience in the market. Cambodian Hair Freak also has a big discount price for wholesale hair dealers from any country when buy a considering amount of Cambodia hair.


Cambodian Hair Freak – Top 1 Cambodian hair supplier

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The hair is collected from ladies aged 18 to 25 in an Angkor hill tribal hamlet, and it is incredibly strong. Cambodian Hair Freak is devoted to ethical human hair procurement and to empowering Cambodian women. When you buy hair from Cambodian Hair Freak, you’ll always know where it came from. They’ve had solid relationships with friends and business colleagues for a long time. They understand that through assisting others, we get more than simply money.

  • Main product: Cambodian virgin hair
  • Instagram: cambodianhairfreak

Virgin Cambodian Hair –  Top 2 Cambodian hair supplier 

Virgin Hair Cambodia (VHC) was founded in response to a market need for ethically sourced, high-quality hair. VHC strives to make the hair industry more equitable for all parties involved by providing 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair reviews that can be verified through our transparent sourcing method and ethical treatment of donors.

The majority of VHC’s hair donors live in Cambodia’s rural districts, where women have little or no opportunity to earn money. They sell their hair in order to support themselves and their families. VHC understands the importance of hair to every woman. Donors can sell any length of hair and receive a nice haircut.

  • Main product: Cambodian virgin hair
  • Instagram: virgincambodianhair

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Apsara Cambodian Hair – Top 3 Cambodian hair supplier

Apsara Cambodian Hair is one of the best Cambodian hair vendors specializing in excellent virgin Cambodian hair that is 100% cut from Cambodian donors. With their high quality product, you can restyle your hair in many hairstyles. That helps you increase your amount of customers in your business.


Apsara Cambodian Hair – Top 3 Cambodian hair supplier

Apsara Hair has built personal partnerships with some of the world’s best hair suppliers. Because of their connections, they can provide superior, virgin hair extensions at a very low price to individuals wishing to start their own company. They’ve spent years learning all there is to know about the hair industry, and they’re happy to share it with our wholesale clients. They will provide you with all of the resources you want to begin your own profitable virgin hair extension company right away. They help you avoid having your money locked up in foreign currencies and not knowing what you’ll get when your package comes. To obtain wholesale rates, you must buy a minimum of 20 bundles.

  • Main product: Cambodian remy hair
  • Instagram: apsaracambodianhair

Angkor Cambodian Hair – Top 4 Cambodian hair supplier 

Angkor Cambodian Hair is one of the top five suppliers of Cambodian hair. They provide salons and wholesalers with high-quality, virgin Cambodian hair reviews at competitive pricing. The firm is owned by an American and a Cambodian and is based in Phnom Penh. Straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, and unusual curly are the five designs available. Gray and white hair, blonde, clip-ins, and closures are also available. On-demand frontal and wigs are offered.

  • Main product: Cambodian virgin hair
  • Instagram: angkorcambhair

Cambodian Hair Extensions – Top 5 Cambodian hair supplier

Cambodian Hair Extensions is a Cambodian hair supplier with a 5-year track record. They are pleased to be one of the top Cambodian hair suppliers, providing human hair Cambodian hair as well as a range of other hair goods such as bulk hair, natural straight hair, weave hair, and so on. Cambodian Hair Extensions’ product is aimed towards the Asian market. As a result, their haircuts are more suited to Asians, and the warmer environment in Asia allows them to keep them for longer periods of time.


Cambodian hair extensions

  • Main product: Cambodian ponytail hair
  • Instagram: cambodianhairextension

Based on the data presented in the article. We hope you learned more about Cambodian hair and were able to choose the best Cambodian hair supplier for your business. If you’re thinking about it, get in touch with Queen Hair straight immediately for advice.

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