Everything you need to know when choosing a hair extension company will be outlined in this article. In addition, we also list 5 most reputable hair extension companies recommended by Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market so that you can choose for yourself the most suitable hair extension company.

Overview of hair extension companies

In recent years, the hair extension market has brought a huge profit to the hair extensions suppliers. That is also the reason that many hair extension companies were established to meet the great demand of the market.

  • Many hair extension companies were founded in the market to offer different hair products with different qualities ranging from low to high. Therefore, hair extensions business owners need to choose for themselves hair extension manufacturers that are suitable for their business goals to bring about the best economic benefits.

    Overview of hair extension companies

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  • Before choosing an hair extension companies to supply hair products, wholesale hair business owners should know deeply about hair extensions products that are existing in the hair market. It will help you draw the portrait of customers. 

To give you the most overview of hair extension companies, we will classify the hair extensions products offered mainly by hair extension manufacturers right below. These are the things you need to know when choosing a hair extension to suit your purposes. 

Classification products of hair extension companies

There are many kinds of products that are provided by hair extension companies.But we will only list out the 3 main hair types and the most general overview of hair extensions on the market so that you have a better overview of the types of hair on the market.

Classification products of hair extension companies based on material

Product material is the first thing you need to know about hair extension products. Hair extension companies will provide 2 main kinds of hair extensions based on origin: human hair extension and synthetic hair extension.

  • Human hair is considered to be the best type of hair extension. The greatest hair extension companies that their products have cuticles that all run in the same way, making them silky and simple to style, which is difficult to do with synthetic hair extensions, and tangles are much decreased. Human hair extension may be styled and trimmed to fit your preferences. The best human hair extensions provided by hair extension manufacturers might have their duration up to 3 years. 

    Human hair vs synthetic hair

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  • It is also more difficult to straighten the hair when touching synthetic hair extensions that lack flexibility in movement. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled in the same way that human hair can. Synthetic hair extensions also have a shorter lifespan than human hair extensions. While genuine hair extensions may last up to 2 years, synthetic hair extensions only last approximately several months.

Through the above information, we can see that human hair extensions are the most commonly used hair extension companies in the hair extensions market. Therefore, hair extensions dealers should choose human hair extensions to optimize economic efficiency and increase their customer base.

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Classification products of hair extension companies based on origin.

Based on the texture of the hair, there will be 3 main types of hair used by hair extensions companies in the hair market. Hair extensions vendors choose for themselves a hairstyle that is suitable for their purposes for business

  • Virgin hair extensions supplied by hair extension companies is the highest quality of human hair extensions. This hair type will only survive hair from one donor in a hair bundle. The requirement for hair extensions factories to import this hair type is that virgin hair must not have been donor treated by chemicals such as dyeing, perming and bleaching. Since the hair comes from a donor, the hairs will have cuticle alignment in the same direction, tangle-free. 
  • Remy hair extension is the most used hair extension by hair extension companies. Remy hair extensions is hair that was cut from numerous donors and bundled together, but the cuticles are left intact and orientated in one direction. Remy hair seems to be smoothy, silky, and healthy. However, because it contains hair from several donors in one bundle, remy may result in a variety of hues when bleached and dyed.
  • Non-remy hair extensions is well known as the lowest quality in three types of hair extensions provided by hair extension manufacturers. Non-remy hair is also known as unaligned hair since its roots are not aligned. Due to the fact that the cuticle runs in both directions, a higher acid concentration is necessary. The initial investment is small, but after the first wash, you’ll be fighting with this hair. 

    Virgin hair vs Remy hair vs Non-Remy hair

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Hair extension companies can choose the above hair types based on their business purpose. If you want to buy your own hair to style as you like, virgin hair extensions are the greatest choice for you. However, virgin hair extension is the most expensive and  rare among the following 3 hair types because of its quality. Maybe you will wanna now how to maintain pixie curls wig. If you want to buy hair to create styles that are not too sophisticated, remy hair extensions will be suitable and save a lot of money. 


Classification products of hair extension companies based on grade.

Depending on the hair extension companies from each different country, there will be standards to categorize hair extensions based on grade. We will use the most common standard used by hair extension companies in many countries.

  • Single drawn hair extensions: This type of hair is the cheapest because it is blended with short items to cut expenses. It is 60 to 70  percent of the length of the hair is adequate cm, and the rest is short hair.
  • Double drawn hair extensions: This is the most common form, with a good price-to-quality ratio. Its quantification is 75 percent adequate cm, with the rest being short.
  • Super double drawn: This is the greatest form for consumers who need high quality. It ensures the highest fullness. It’s 85-95 percent enough centimeters, but it’s still short.

    Single drawn vs Double drawn vs Super double drawn

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    Single drawn vs Double drawn vs Super double drawn

Therefore, hair extension companies should choose super double drawn or double drawn hair for your business to make your products achieve the highest quality and maximum economic efficiency.

Comparison characteristics of hair extensions companies in different countries

Many hair extension companies from various nations supply various types of hair extensions in the hair industry. We’ll go through the characteristics of four major countries with a lot of hair extension distributor: Nigeria, Vietnam, China, and India. However, because many nations, such as Nigeria, do not have access to raw materials, hair extension manufacturers from Nigeria must be imported from other countries, such as Vietnam, India, and China.

Characteristics hair extension companies in Nigeria

Nigeria is growing more and more developed in terms of hair extensions market. Below, we’ll explain all you need to know about hair extensions in Nigeria.

  • There are no hair extension companies in Nigeria that have their own hair factories. The reason is Nigerian native hair is often of low quality, being exceedingly dry, coarse, and short. Nigerian hair is predominantly imported as hair extension vendors from other countries such as Vietnam, China, and India,…

    Characteristics hair extension companies in Nigeria

  • The hair extensions business in Nigeria is booming, and hair extension vendors are creating a huge profit thanks to its high demand in both Nigeria and Africa. According to a recent research, women in Nigeria pay between 95 and 180 dollars to modify their hairdo at a hair salon. As a result, hair extensions retailers may have a huge potential if they find a good hair extensions supplier for their hair business.
  • Furthermore, Nigerian hair extensions vendors not only sell hair extensions to their own country, but also to the rest of Africa. Hair extensions exports from Nigeria hair extension companies to the African market account for the greatest share and have been expanding in recent years, so it would bring numerous economic benefits to Nigerian hair extension companies.


If hair extension manufacturers in Nigeria want to import hair extensions from hair extension companies in other countries, you should find reputable hair extension companies to build long-term relationship.

Characteristics hair extension companies in Vietnam

For a variety of reasons, Vietnam hair extension companies is one of the top choices for the hair extensions industry, particularly in Nigeria.

  • In Vietnam, hair extensions from their good hair extension companiess are reasonable. Good hair extension companies have their own raw material plant, which allows them to save a lot of money by not having to import hair from other nations. Furthermore, due to lower labor expenses in Vietnam than in other nations, production costs are quite low.
  • Because their natural hair is already good, 100% human hair, hair extensions from hair extension companies in Vietnam are of high quality. In addition, hair donors in Vietnam live a healthy lifestyle and wash their hair with herbal shampoo, which strengthens their hair. As a result, hair extensions from Vietnam are extremely attractive, smooth, silky, and shiny.

    Characteristics hair extension companies in Vietnam

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  • Due to the cooperation of the Vietnamese government, shipping procedures between Vietnam and other nations are becoming significantly easier. Furthermore, the Vietnamese government has a number of measures that encourages the export of commodities, particularly hair, making international transportation relatively simple. The business method in hair sources will get more stable from there.


If you’re seeking for good hair extension companies in Vietnam to supply hair sources for you, Vietnamese hair extensions companies are a perfect option. Because the political situation between Vietnam and other countries is relatively stable, with a lot of support in the two countries’ import and export, purchasing wholesale hair extensions from Vietnam is very simple. Wholesale hair extensions in Vietnam are also inexpensive, high-quality, and diverse. Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market is a factory in Vietnam with a store in Nigeria that will provide you with the most convenient way to purchase hair extensions from Vietnam at retail prices.

Characteristics hair extension companies in China

China is the place that concentrates many of the largest hair factories. In addition, the quantity of their goods is mass-produced.

Despite the fact that China is home to several of the world’s largest hair extension companies, hair extensions are mostly imported from other countries such as India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and so on. Because each individual in various nations will have distinct hair features, it will be able to develop diverse styles in the same hair model throughout the hair creation process. As a result, Chinese hair extension manufacturers’s hair products will frequently be out of agreement.


Characteristics hair extension companies in China

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Hair is chemically treated and may be made in a range of curly styles in China, which is recognized for sophisticated hair extension companies run by competent workers with cutting-edge technology. As a consequence, the quality will no longer be as excellent as the original, thus hair extensions in China are perfect for hair suppliers who require low and high costs with varying quality, but the hair duration will be short.

Characteristics hair extension companies in India

Following China’s hair extension companies, India’s hair extension companies are Asia’s second largest.

  • Indian hair extension companies gathered hair extensions from Hindu temples in India. An Indian’s natural hair isn’t very nice; it has a naturally curly, dry and coarse. Furthermore, because the hair method is not advanced, items from Indian hair extension companies for hair extensions are typically purchased for disposal by Chinese wholesale hair extensions.
  • However, you should be careful because scammers in India abound. They will impersonate hair extension companies in India, using their reputation to steal money from hair extensions dealers in other countries. Therefore, you should understand the signs to recognize and avoid scammers when buying hair extensions.
    Vietnamese Hair Chinese Hair Indian Hair
    Price From 8.6 USD/bundle From 7.9 USD/bundle From 3-4 USD/bundle
    Available Stock Start production when have an order Available Available
    Quality Highest quality Affordable quality Low quality
    Hair Duration From 12-16 months duration From 4-6 months duration From 2-3 months duration


As a consequence, while looking for a nation having hair extension companies, such as Nigeria, Vietnam, India, or China, you have a lot of options. However, if you want to get the cheapest hair extension with normal quality and a short usage period, you might go with hair extension manufacturers in India or China. Hair extension companies in Vietnam and Nigeria are good options if you want top quality at a reasonable price and for a long time usage. Queen Hair is a Vietnamese hair extension company that provides 100 percent Vietnamese human hair. We also have a hair showroom in Nigeria for African customers who can visit to watch our hair samples.

Ways to find reliable hair extension companies

We discussed the characteristics of numerous hair extension companies above in order to assist you in determining the ideal market for investment. Now we’ll look for a hair extension distributor that you may use to show the world and Nigeria that you believe in them.

  •  Find reliable hair extensions companies on google

Search for the type of hair extensions you intend to sell on Google. Pay special attention to the top search engine results for hair extension companies. Because Google will place them at the top of the search engine if they have a trustworthy website.


Find reliable hair extensions companies on google

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After that, save your preferred hair extension companies and look at the comments and feedback from their customers to confirm that they give high-quality hair extensions and dependable hair extension companies.

  • Find reliable hair extensions companies on e-commerce 

To begin, pick a reputable e-commerce site like Alibaba, Etsy, or others that are widely utilized in your nation; hair extensions companies will almost certainly have fewer fraudsters than other e-commerce sites. Furthermore, reputable e-commerce has a strong consumer protection strategy.

Furthermore, in order to avoid e-commerce frauds, certain e-commerce platforms have selected reliable hair extension companies in order to provide customers with peace of mind while purchasing. As a result, hair vendors should only acquire a hair extension distributor that have been confirmed.

  • Find reliable hair extension companies on social media  

Finding reputable hair extension companies on social media would be much easier. If hair extension companies are reliable, their social media will reflect this. The photograph of their hair extension products will be clear and may include a logo. Request a video conference with them to visit their office and the products they provide.


Find reliable hair extension companies on social media

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  • Find reliable hair extension companies through networking

The best approach to identify dependable hair extension companies is to network, because people who have already dealt with a hair extension distributor will be able to aid you in locating them. It would be really useful if you could question someone who is familiar with hair extension companies.

If you know someone who has worked in a number of hair extension companies, they may be aware of several hair extension distributor. As a result, you should inquire as to whether the hair extensions provided by these hair extension manufacturers are of good quality, and which hair extension companies you should select for maximum economic efficiency.

Signs of scammed hair extension companies

Hair extension companies provide hair vendors with a number of cost-cutting benefits. As a result, many people exploit it to defraud novice Hair extension companies sellers. We’ll provide you some pointers on how to spot hair extensions wholesale con artists.


Signs of scammed hair extension companies

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  • The lack of a website or a website that appears amateurish is the first clue. There is no information about this product on their website, and their photographs are of poor quality, suggesting that they were copied from other websites. Furthermore, in order to avoid being detected, they do not post corporate addresses on websites.
  • Images that they provide look unreal or seem too good to be true, or images that have been taken from legitimate websites. Furthermore, the discounts from hair extension companies are unrealistic or prices that are too good to be true.
  • Following that, the photographs they supply are grainy, there aren’t enough reviews/comments, or there are spam comments with numerous inaccuracies. Last but not least, there is no contact information for hair extension companies and no social media profiles.

Based on the signs we mentioned above, we hope you will have the knowledge to avoid being scammed. If you want to find a reputable hair extension distributor, Queen Hair is an extremely reasonable choice for you. Queen Hair offers Vietnamese human hair products of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Top 5 reliable hair extension companies 

To make it easy for you to find reputable top hair extension companies that offer products for your business. We will summarize 5 reputable hair extension companies that many hair extensions dealers have cooperated with.

Queen Hair – Top 1 reliable hair extension companies

Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market is one of the greatest Vietnam hair extension companies in ten years, manufacturing and supplying high-quality Vietnamese human hair. Queen Hair also has many styles of Vietnamese hair to help you pick the suitable hair products for your customer.


Queen Hair – Top 1 reliable hair extension companies

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We sell hair extensions to many top hair extension companies around the world; our products have been chosen by many famous hair brands, and we’ve had a lot of 5 star rates. We have thousands customers all over the world, which is one of Vietnamese hair factories in Lagos to help clients in rapidly addressing any difficulties they may have with our firm. We aspire to provide the best hair extensions and customer services to all around the hair market to make sure every customer is satisfied with their purchases.

  • Main product: Hair extension in variety of style
  • Shipment: Nigeria Agent,UPS, Fedex, DHL
  • Payment: Naira Agent, Remitly, Bank Transfer, Western Union


K-Hair – Top 2 reliable hair extension companies

With most customers coming from Nigeria, K- Hair is one of the reputable hair extension companies where you can buy Vietnamese virgin hair extensions. The hair is all virgin human hair, cut only from female donors and guaranteed to be clean, nit-free, and unprocessed. Stretched-length hairstyles, wavy, bone straight, kinky hair…


K-Hair – Top 2 reliable hair extension companies

1 Hair Stop – Top 3 reliable hair extension companies

With various top hair extension companies in India, 1 Hair Stop has more than ten years of expertise in the hair extensions market. Clip-in hair extensions are their major offering, with several styles created entirely of human remy hair extensions. The Indian market for these hair extension companies is mostly focused on India and Europe. This style of hair is entirely clip-in, making it highly handy for individuals who wish to change their appearance in a short amount of time.


1 Hair Stop – Top 3 reliable hair extension companies

  • Main product:Weft remy hair extensions
  • Shipment: Delhivery, Fedex, DHL
  • Payment: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Remitly

SGI Hair – Top 4 reliable hair extension companies

SGI Hair, one of the earliest hair extension companies in India, opened its doors in 2008, giving them a wealth of expertise in the production of hair extensions. SGI Hair is a wholesale distributor that sells a variety of hair extensions. Furthermore, SGI offers a variety of discounts monthly, weekly,… When they have huge sales, their prices are likely to be cheaper than those of other hair extension companies. It will be highly beneficial and save a lot of money if hair extension dealers select the proper moment to check those significant discounts.

  • Main product: Virgin Indian human hair
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL
  • Payment: Bank Transfer

5S Hair – Top 5 reliable hair extension companies

5S Hair extension companies is Vietnam’s first Vietnamese hair factory, offering 100% high-quality Vietnamese human hair extensions, virgin hair extensions, Remy hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tip/tape hair extensions, and more. They mostly offer hair extensions in Europe and ship to wholesale hair merchants across the world, such as the United Kingdom,United States, Brazil and Russia.


5S Hair – Top 5 reliabel hair extension companies

  • Main product: Weft hair, Tape-in hair,…
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex
  • Payment: Bank Transfer, Remitly, Western Union

Steps to work effectively with hair extension companies

We just wanted to assist you in locating 5 reputable hair extension companies. Then we’ll discuss how to negotiate with them to get the greatest quality and rates.We’ll show you how to operate effectively with hair extension companies. Make sure you don’t miss any of the steps we’ve laid out for you.

Research product you intend to buy from hair extension companies

Understanding the product is the most important step to make it easier for you to choose suitable hair extension companies. Therefore, this should be the number one priority when you want to work effectively with hair extension companies.

  • Product expertise will assist you in selling more items. It’s difficult to sell if you can’t assist clients in finding the proper goods. And having a good understanding of the product can help you sell more successfully. If you know your product well, you can advise them in a more fluid and informative manner, demonstrating your professionalism and encouraging them to buy from you.
  • Hair extension companies have numerous technicalities, such as how to distinguish one hair kind from another. Learn everything there is to know about the human hair industry in a straightforward and concise manner. For example, you should be familiar with several types of hair based on their grade, such as super drawn, double drawn, and single drawn hair. How to take care of your belongings so that they last as long as possible.

Contact their sales manager to understand how to import hair from hair extension companies step by step

Prestigious hair manufacturers will provide their sales managers’ contact information, such as whatsapp, instagram, and so on, so that clients may get the most up-to-date product advice. They may provide you with advice as well as real photographs or videos of the things you want to buy. When you’re happy with the consultation, write down the style, color, amount, and length of the hair product you wish to buy.


Contact their sales manager

Another thing to bear in mind is that your product will not be in stock; in order to maintain the highest quality, the Vietnam hair manufacturer will begin creating your product as soon as your purchase is received. Because hair products that are kept on for an extended period of time lose their quality and effectiveness.

Choose a suitable shipping method and check invoice from hair extension companies

Our experts will advise you on the best methods for importing hair from Vietnam, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others. For example, there is a distinct shipping facility in Vietnam that specializes in exporting items from Nigeria, therefore it will be highly cost effective. Hair dealers in Nigeria who wish to order from a Vietnamese hair manufacturer can save time and money. After you’ve decided on a shipping method.


Choose a suitable shipping method

When our staff receives your order, they will prepare an invoice, which will include the shipping price, and email it to you so that you can double-check that it is precisely what you requested. Please double-check the invoice and confirm with us that it contains exactly what you bought.

Paying for hair extension companies in different method

If you’ve double-checked that the invoice contains everything you paid for. The following step is to make a payment. When paying for hair extension companies, the most typical payment options are Western Union, Bank Transfer, Visa/Mastercard, and Remitly. Please select a payment option that is most convenient for you, since hair extensions firms offer a variety of payment ways from throughout the country.


Paying for Vietnamese hair factory in different method

Wholesale hair dealers in each country can also take advantage of a specific payment option offered by hair extension companies.For example, if you live in Nigeria and buy hair from Vietnamese hair extension companies, you will have access to Naira Agent, a fast and easy private payment alternative. Your payment will be confirmed within one day, and your purchase will be manufactured right away.

Receive your product and give feedback to hair extension companies

The length of time it takes for you to receive your hairstyle will be determined on the hairstyle you purchased and the distance between you and the hair extension company you ordered. In most cases, the hair will arrive in 7 to 20 days. They will carefully package the items to guarantee that your hair arrives in good condition.


Queen Hair feeback

If there are any product faults or you do not know how to take care of your hair to extend its shelf life after getting the items, please contact that hair extension companies promptly for help so that they can efficiently solve the matter. Give them feedback if you’re happy with the quality of their products and services, and you’ll get a discount on your next purchase.

If you’re still looking for the best hair extension companies to deal with, Queen Hair is the greatest option for expanding your business with a team of hair professionals and high-quality products. Contact our hair specialists right now to obtain the finest advice for your business and the best wholesale pricing.

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