Finding the best hair for your wholesale hair company is made easier with this comparison of cambodian hair vs peruvian hair! Instead of just surviving for a few months at a time, making wise decisions might help you sustain your company over the long run.

Cambodian hair vs peruvian hair: Differences and similarities

One of the most common choices made by wholesale hair suppliers in the market is between cambodian hair vs peruvian hair. Both cambodian hair vs peruvian hair are home to a sizable number of hair wholesalers who offer cambodian hair vs peruvian hair, respectively. Which type of hair, cambodian hair vs peruvian hair, has a higher quality overall: the hair from Cambodia or the hair from Peru?

Cambodian hair vs peruvian hair: The similarities

Cambodian hair vs peruvian hair hairstyles are two of the most popular options available to ladies who are looking for a new hairdo. It would appear that everything is constructed from high-quality virgin hair. Do the hairs from Cambodia and Peru share a lot of characteristics in common with one another? 

  • The origin of cambodian hair vs peruvian hair is the same, despite the fact that the two types of hair are known by different names. Due to the fact that the climate in Peru and Cambodia are very similar to one another, the people of these two nations have hair that is very similar when it is in its natural condition.
  • The Peruvian hair stood out from the others. Because of its characteristically long waves, the hair in Cambodia is widely regarded as the finest in the world. When it comes to choosing which hair is more expensive, the primary factor to consider is its quality. The difference in price between authentic cambodian hair vs peruvian hair is approximately $20 per bundle. Despite this, a number of Chinese manufacturers are selling it at a price that is lower than the competitors in the United States. You should exercise extreme caution when ordering Peruvian hair from these sellers since they can give you hair of a lower quality disguised as cambodian hair vs peruvian hair.

Cambodian hair vs peruvian hair: The differences

In spite of the fact that both cambodian hair vs peruvian hair come from the same nation, the two types of hair have very distinct appearances and textures. Which one is it, cambodian hair vs peruvian hair? Let’s find out the truth about this situation right away, shall we? “How much better is hair that comes from Cambodia? Is there a difference in the types of hair that people in Peru and Cambodia have?”

  • Original: The present market demonstrates that Peruvian hair is silky and lightweight, despite the fact that it is typically thicker than Cambodian hair. African-American women’s hair, like with the hair of women of other ethnicities, looks best when it is either completely straight or only very little wavy. A stunning variety of cuts, colors, and textures can be found in cambodian hair vs peruvian hair, and all of them are available. Unprocessed Cambodian hair retains its original wave pattern and is known for its ringlets. There are options for those with straight hair as well as those with wavy hair. In comparison to Peruvian hair, Cambodian hair has a higher sheen and a more vivid color.

  • There is no other type of hair that can compare to cambodian hair vs peruvian hair in terms of its ability to retain volume and body. The volume of Peruvian hair is more than that of Cambodian hair. In spite of the fact that it is very little, it packs a significant punch. It is much simpler to blend in with the rest of your hair when you have relaxed your hair.


Cambodia Hair Peruvian Hair
Original Thinner than Peruvian hair

Normally straight

Natural wavy

Thicker than Cambodian hair



Volume and Body Naturally appear Greater body than Cambodian hair

Last but not least, both types of hair extensions are great, and knowing you made the right choice if you choose one of them is comforting. If you want easy-to-bleach or-to-color add-on hair, go no further than Cambodian hair. Cambodian hair is the finest choice for hairstyles that can be changed up and yet look great. In humid and hot weather, Cambodian hair saves the day for women who want to keep their hair looking good. It is highly resistant to the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Peruvian hair is ideal for women who want to look youthful, healthy, and radiant. Choosing between the two hair bundles is entirely up to you.

Cambodian hair vs peruvian hair: Top 5 reliable suppliers of Peruvian hair

As a resource, we’ve put up a list of five of the greatest wholesale Peruvian hair sellers based on our criteria for trustworthiness and product quality. We hope this list will help you find the greatest Peruvian hair on the market.

Top 1 supplier of Peruvian hair – Guangzhou Chongchi

Guangzhou Shengye Import was established in 2013, and from its inception, the company has placed a strong emphasis on both integrity management and innovation cooperation.

  • Since 2010, the most influential businesspeople in the world have been placing an emphasis on the production of high-quality goods and open cooperation.
  • They have a sophisticated and scientific quality control system in place, which allows them to maintain their position as the industry’s preeminent provider of real human hair goods of the highest possible quality (for example, full head wigs and wig closures).
  • Only $7 is required to purchase your first bundle at Guangzhou Chongchi.

Top 2 supplier of Peruvian hair – Guangzhou Magic Hair

Guangzhou Magic Hair is a well-established human hair factory, despite the fact that it is located in Guangzhou, China. ZhouKou, which is located in Henan Province in China, is where they manufacture their goods. In addition, they have a total of three stores and a trading company in the city of Guangzhou, which is located in the province of Guangdong in China. This hair salon has been around for a very long time and has built up a strong name in the business.

  • The majority of the plant’s exports consist of hair from Brazil, Peru, India, and Malaysia. Other types of hair are also available.
  • It is a pleasure to do business with them because they offer a comprehensive assortment of items of a high quality and at prices that are affordable.

Top 3 supplier of Peruvian hair – Guangzhou Kaki Hair

Ganzhou Kaki, one of the most well-known manufacturers of hair care products in China, has its headquarters in Ganzhou. Their hairdressing factory has been in operation for more than a decade, and it has earned a strong reputation among professionals in the industry. Many consumers from different parts of the world have developed a fondness for Peruvian hair.

  • The company produces synthetic wigs and hair accessories in addition to human hair wigs, extensions, and closures. Human hair is also used in some of the company’s extensions.
  • Ganzhou kaki Peruvian hair is a popular choice among many hairstylists all over the world because it can be purchased in bundles for a starting price of approximately ten dollars.

Top 4 supplier of Peruvian hair – Xuchang Kyra Hair

The hair care products and services offered by the Xuchang Kyra Products company have earned a reputation for being of superior quality. An vital business strategy is making it a priority to guarantee complete contentment on the part of one’s clientele. Kyra Products makes it a priority to be abreast of the most cutting-edge tendencies emerging in the industry of hairstyles all around the world.

  • This company is in the business of producing wigs, hair weaves, hair extensions, and other hair accessories manufactured from Peruvian hair. Their products are known for their high quality and attention to detail.
  • The fundamental mission of the organization is to offer the highest quality Peruvian hair at prices that are affordable to the customer.

Top 5 supplier of Peruvian hair – Denghao Hair

One such business is located in the Shandong region of China and goes by the name Qingdao Denghao. They are a well-known manufacturer and distributor of professional hair care products. The year 2000 saw the beginning of construction on this building that spans 55,000 square feet. In the course of one month, the company’s workforce of four hundred individuals is capable of producing over two hundred thousand hair extensions.

  • The most important things that Qingdao Denghao sells are extensions of hair from Peru, including clip-in, sew-in, and ponytail hair extensions.
  • Their product has a shorter lifespan than most others on the market and a lower price point due to the permanent use of Peruvian hair extensions.

Cambodian hair vs peruvian hair: Top 5 reliable suppliers of Cambodian hair

Our list of the best wholesale Cambodian hair dealers includes vendors that fulfill our standards for product quality and integrity. We hope this list of the top Cambodian hair extensions helps you in your quest.

Guangzhou Labor Hair – Top 1 supplier of Cambodian hair

With more than a decade of hair industry experience. At the Guangzhou Labor Hair Factory, both human and synthetic hair is produced. Located in the province of Guangdong, the capital of China’s People’s Republic of China, which is well-known for its hair care products, It’s about 1600 square feet in all.

  • The company’s most popular products include toupees and training heads.
  • Brazilian hair in a range of styles and lengths can be found for as little as $10.6.

Xuchang LiShi Hair – Top 2 supplier of Cambodian hair

It has been a decade since Xuchang LiShi Hair Products was founded. An established manufacturer and exporter, they specialize in a wide range of human hair goods.

  • Wigs, Hair Bundles, Lace Front Wigs, and many other types of hair accessories are available, as are braids and crochet braided braids.
  • Brazilian hair extensions from XuChang Lishi Hair can be purchased at factory-direct pricing.

Guangzhou Huasi Hair – Top 3 supplier of Cambodian hair

Guangzhou Huasi Trading, one of the world’s leading hair beauty product manufacturers and suppliers, is based in Guangzhou. Hairdressing has been their business for about a decade, and they are well-known.

  • There are a wide variety of hair extensions and lace fronts to choose from at the company. Their lace hair extensions are attached to the customer’s own hair.
  • The 30 dollars per 10-inch bundle of Brazilian natural straight hair is a fair deal when compared to other wholesale hair providers.

Guangzhou Fabulous Hair – Top 4 supplier of Cambodian hair

Hair extensions made from human hair have been available from Guangzhou Fabulous Hair for the previous decade. With three huge salons and a sizable plant in the key market for hair in the country.

  • Brazilian human hair wigs and hair bundles are the company’s primary product and are offered in major cities worldwide.
  • For just $24 per bundle, Guangzhou Fabulous Hair allows customers to design their own wigs from the company’s hair.

Guangzhou Xibolai – Top 5 supplier of Cambodian hair

Zero defects and zero complaints are the company’s quality goals, and the management attitude is “performance first, services first, ongoing quality improvement to please consumers.” High-quality products at low prices are part of their strategy to better serve customers.

  • Item No. 1: Guangzhou Xibolai has been a prominent supplier of Brazilian wigs, hair products, and hair extensions since its foundation in 2000.
  • Since the hair from Guangzhou Xibolai is so cheap, hair distributors have a lot to gain from it in terms of cost efficiency.
  • Brazilian and Peruvian hair wholesalers have been widely addressed on this site in the past. Hopefully, you and your company will benefit from it. To make an order for wholesale hair extensions or to ask any other inquiries, please contact the hair professionals at Queen Hair as soon as possible.

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