China human hair has been popular with cheap price and the most diverse product options, making it possible for anyone that wants to generate revenue in the hair industry. You’ll acquire more detailed information about China human hair and top 5 China human hair vendors for chinese human hair through this article


Everything you need to know about China human hair

Overview of China human hair

China human hair is referred to as human hair that is produced in China human hair factories like human hair in china. About 10 – 15 years ago, China human hair is exactly human hair taken from Chinese donors who belong to ethnic minorities. The source of hair at that time was extremely famous for long, thin hair strands as well as strong structure. However, because of rapid urbanization in China, the number of Chinese women selling hair has decreased significantly. To meet the huge demand for hair extensions, China human hair is no longer original hair from Chinese women, it is now imported from various countries all over the world such as India, Brazil, Cambodia, etc. The hair after being massively collected is processed under complicated chemical steps. As a result, Chinese hair factories officially export products called China human hair or china human hair wigs.


Overview of China human hair

Characteristic of China human hair

As we mentioned above, China human hair is a mixture of multinational hair extensions including Brazilian hair extensions, Cambodian hair extensions, and Indian hair extensions. Therefore, the characteristics of Chinese human hair are quite complicated and diverse. However, the following are some of the most important characteristics of China human hair that hair vendors should be aware of.

China human hair with cheap price

Discovering a reputable human hair factory in china from the present competitive hair market that sells hair at a low cost can benefit you a number of great advantages in terms of economic optimization. China human hair will definitely be a wise choice for those who are looking for a hair wholesaler with cheap of prices. As a result, they can gain a lot of proft from their hair business.

  • Thanks to the modern techniques of manufacturing and industrial-production scale,  the price of China human hair from china human hair factory is relatively low. By producing hair in large quantities at once to sell human hair from china wholesale, they result in helping to cut down on the cost of hair remarkably and save other related fees when purchasing by China human hair. Furthermore, using advanced machines to produce hair in China hair vendors will allow them to save the employment’s fee.

China human hair with low price

  • The interior material source is insufficient, forcing China human hair factories as well as human hair suppliers in china to collect hair from countries with super low price, such as India and Cambodia,…As we know, the importing price of hair from India or Cambodia is extremely cheap. Furthermore, Chinese hair manufacturers often import large quantities. As a result, the price becomes cheaper than ever.

Due to the cheap price, China human hair is widely preferred and purchased by a large number of wholesale hair vendors around the world. However, when it comes to the long-term value, hair businessmen should consider the hair quality superior to anything else.  Because your business can only maintain in a short time if you take too much concentration on cheap price without caring about the quality.

China human hair ensures moderate quality products

Among the things that affect your customers’ purchasing decision, the product quality is the most important element in verifying whether or not your customers will choose you one more time. In spite of cheap price, China human hair quality from china human hair wholesale is evaluated to be at medium level and you should consider before buying human hair in China.

  • China human hair is beautiful at first, but its outlook can degrade after a short time. Nowadays, the economy of China has become the best in the world, Chinese women rarely trade their hair to make ends meet. It forces China’s hair factories to import hair from other countries like India, Malaysia,..  with low hair prices, which means the hair will be of unguaranteed quality. As a result, when purchasing such hair, Chinese hair factories and china human hair suppliers will have to use strong chemicals to eliminate cuticle strand, which improves the hair outlook. This is also why the quality of hair from the Chinese hair market has strongly decreased.

China human hair provides moderate quality products

  • Another reason is that China human hair wigs factory frequently manufacture hair in large quantities and are available in stock to reduce production price. However, hair is a product whose quality degrades over time when compared to its former quality. If maintaining in the atmosphere for a long time, the nutrients left on the hair will gradually fade away. Therefore, this looks good on China human hair, but it will not ensure long term durability.

To sum up, the quality of China human hair seems to be good at the very beginning, but the more you use it, the faster the quality will decrease. If you are about to consider China human hair as a business product, be careful. On the other hand, you should pay attention to high-quality suppliers, and Viet Nam is one of them. With the available material from woman in remote area, Vietnamese hair factory often manufacturer hair as soon as you place an order. As a result, it can retain in long term aspect.

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China human hair dedicates great product diversity

Another advantage of China human hair that impresses many hair wholesalers is the wide variety of hair goods available in the Chinese hair market. This will be beneficial to hair wholesalers who want to buy a large number of hair models. This can draw a large number of customers because the more diverse your products are, the more demand of your customers can be satisfied.

  • Because of advances in hair manufacturing technology, the diversity of human hair wigs from China is enhanced significantly. As a result, Chinese hair factories are able to transfer into any type of haircut or color to meet wholesale hair sellers’ demands. As a result, wholesale hair merchants who buy China human hair will have easier exposure to a wide variety of hair types.

Great diversity of China human hair

  • Because of having over twenty years of experience manufacturing hair in the world’s largest hair market, the qualified employees at China hair factory can confidently develop the perfect hairstyle depending on the customer’s specifications. Furthermore, we design unique hairstyles to fit with each country’s fashion trends. As a result, customers who buy our products will have an easier time selecting products for their businesses.

The variety of China human hair product means a profound benefit for wholesale hair suppliers. Because this can draw a large number of customers because the more diverse your products are, the more demand of your customers can be satisfied.

In conclusion, China human hair are outperformed for its price and diversity. However, the human hair in China quality is a thing you need to consider carefully before deciding to investigate or not. Further more, remember to be aware of scam because there are some hair factories in China announce to sell real China human hair, but actually, they mix human hair and synthetic hair for private profits. Therefore, studying thoroughly to choose a reputable China hair vendors is inevitable in your hair business operation.

Classification of China human hair

Apart from three important factors we have listed above, there is still an element that you need to understand carefully about China human hair, that is classification. If you want to maintain a stable hair business, knowledge about categories is superior to anything else. Therefore, let’s have a look at China human hair’s classification.

Classification of China human hair based on origin

The original material of products from China human hair is structured from three main types: Virgin hair, remy hair and non remy hair.  

  • China human hair from virgin hair is the highest quality type because it is made of human hair that is completely collected from one donor. Therefore, the feature of hair strands is uniform from top to bottom. 

Classification of China human hair based on textures

  • Remy hair is more reasonable because it has been arranged with the cuticles intact and ordered in one direction after being collected from many donors, so remy hair is cheaper. 
  • Non-remy hair is offered to types of hair that are made from non-remy hair fibers collected from various hair sources that do not have the same cuticle alignment. As a result, non-rem hair is the cheapest, however low quality.

Classification China human based on textures

China human hair is well-known for its cutting-edge copying; they even make it with much higher quality, so Chinese hair extensions can be used in the following textures:

  • Wig hair extensions: Because the hair extensions are attached into a fabric hat, customers can apply on their head and easily remove them
  • Weft hair extensions: Thread is stuck to fabric before being attaching directly into black women’s hair.

Classification China human based on textures

  • Tape-in hair extensions: Because the hair is sewn into the tape, you only need to remove it by hand. 
  • Hair extensions for the tips: Customers must visit a salon to have their hair connected because the hair is attached to human hair with keratin. 

Classification China human hair based on grades

The grades of Chinese hair extensions are unique in that they range from 6A, 7A…. 11A, 12A. Each grade has a different thickness

  •  6A-8A is equal to single drawn hair of Vietnamese human hair; 
  • 8A-10A is equal to double drawn hair 
  • 10A-12A is equal to super double drawn hair.

When there are too many grades, customers will find it difficult to distinguish Chinese hair extensions and will be unsure of which grades to select. However, this also applies to low-budget hair vendors who want to start their own business.

Comparison among Indian, Vietnamese and China human hair

China human hair, Indian human hair and Vietnamese human hair have long been widely known as top 3 most popular types of hair all over the world. Therefore, they are highly trusted and chosen by many wholesale hair vendors in the hair industry. The following passage will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of  the differences among China human hair, Indian hair and Vietnamese hair.


Comparison of Indian, Vietnamese and China human hair


Basis China human hair Indian human hair Vietnamese human hair
Origin China human hair now imported from various countries around the world, including India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and others Indian hair is collected mainly from monks at temples and mixed from many hair donor Vietnamese hair is collected from villages where their women grow their hair to sell who have an agreement with a Vietnamese hair factory that the hair will be delivered at predetermined intervals
Quality The hair gets tangled and shedding after a short time using Naturally curly, hard to re-creating the  and can be weakened after processing Vietnamese women’s hair is naturally smooth, healthy, and strong due to their healthy lifestyle, food, and hair washing by herber
Price About $7/bundle Ranging from 3-4$/bundle Start from 8.4 USD/bundle
Diversity of products Products are various however not be guaranteed in terms of quality Indian human hair is limited to some hairstyles because of weak structure a wide variety of hairstyles, colors and lengths from Vietnamese hair suppliers everywhere on social media
Outlook feature China human hair look shinier and bouncy in the pictures but not lasting long coarse, quite tough and tangled silky, glossy and no tangle

After analyzing the distinctions among China human hair, Vietnamese and Indian hair. We came to the conclusion that Indian hair and China human hair would be the best choice for your business if you are looking for short-term economic benefits and don’t care too much about hair quality. On the contrary, to ensure a consistent and high-quality supply. Vietnamese hair will be the best fit for your business in terms of determining the source of goods and increasing the rate of customers returning to buy from you.

Top 5 best China human hair suppliers

To assist you in learning more about China human hair, top 5 best China human hair suppliers were chosen from a large number of hair wholesalers around the world. We evaluate them depending on various basises, including hair quality, seniority, etc.

Ted Hair – Top 1 China human hair vendor

TedHair Hair Factory,one of the top human hair manufacturers in china, was founded in 2009, and its seniority has given the impression that this is a trustworthy service. Distributors, wholesalers, salon owners, and internet store owners from all over the world are frequent collaborators. Hair extensions, closures, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, virgin Brazilian hair, and other items are frequently on offer.


Ted Hair – Top 1 China human hair vendor

  • Main product: Deep Wave, Free Wave, Water Wave
  • Shipment: EMS, FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS

Guangzhou Alice Hair – Top 2 China human hair vendor

Founded in April 2004, Guangzhou Alice Hair Products CO is growing rapidly now. This wholesale human hair in China products are quite popular and well-received by customers in the international market. When you choose China human hair in this factory, you gain access to products at a cheap price. Finally, the fashion hair wigs on Guangzhou Alice Hair’s site are carefully selected to meet each customer’s needs.

  • Selling product: Weft hair, remy hair
  • Shipment: EMS, FedEx, TNT, 

Qingdao Premier Hair – Top 3 China human hair vendor

Qingdao Premier Hair Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 and is a reputable vendor of China human hair such as weft hair, tip hair, tape hair, and so onChina-human-hair-9

  • Selling product: Weft hair, closure/frontal
  • Shipping method: Fedex, DHL, Chinese agent

Changge Elegant Hair – Top 4 China human hair vendor

Changge Elegant Hair Products is a famous human hair from China wholesale located in Xuchang. They have expanded so fast since their debut in 2010 because of their qualified experts.


Changge Elegant Hair – Top 4 China human hair vendor

  • Selling product: remy hair, weft hair
  • Shipping method: Fedex, DHL, Chinese agent

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig – Top 5 China human hair vendor

Since its first establishment in 2017, Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co China human hair factory has become the most out-perform hair provider in China human hair industry. The China human hair supplier is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and is one of the top sellers of hair extensions. Thanks to low prices and large range of hair products, Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co is the first choice when thinking of ordering hair from China.


Guangzhou Fantasy Wig – Top 5 China human hair vendor

  • Main product : Wigs
  • Shipment: UPS, Fedex, Chinese agent

Rebe Hair – Top 6 China human hair factory

Rebe Hair is a reliable China human hair vendor that supplies a wide range of hairstyles. This China human hair will give free hair sample and do not required a minimum quantity per order.


Rebe Hair – Top 6 China human hair factory

  • Main product: weft hair, wig, bundles
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, FedEx

Honest hair factory – Top 7 China human hair

Honest hair China human hair factory was established in 2008. This China human hair is 15000 square meters and has over 800 workers.


Honest hair factory – Top 7 China human hair

  • Main product: weft hair, wig, bundles
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, FedEx

Vivi Hair collection – Top 8 China human hair

Vivi Hair collection is a reliable China human hair that has a diverse product line. The company offers great quality hair and good customer service.


Vivi Hair collection – Top 8 China human hair

  • Main product: weft hair, wig, bundles
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, FedEx

Kabeilu – Top 9 China human hair factory

Kabeilu is a top human hair factory in China company that has been in the business for 13 years. The firm has a wide range of hair types such as Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, etc.


Kabeilu – Top 9 China human hair factory

  • Main product: weft hair, wig, bundles
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, FedEx

Good Hair factory – Top 10 China human hair

Good Hair is a top China human hair factory. This China human hair wholesale has been in the hair business since 2002 and is a hair source of many big brands in the region.


Good Hair factory – Top 10 China human hair

  • Main product: weft hair, wig, bundles
  • Shipping: DHL, UPS, FedEx

Hopefully, you will be able to obtain the most detailed information about China human hair and it can help you to make a wise decision in running hair business. If you want to consult more about hair from other nations, you can take a look at Queen Hair – the biggest Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria and contact us to be guided thoroughly.

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