The Russian hair bundles has made quite a name for itself in the global hair industry. Have you ever pondered the high cost of Russian hair bundles? Keep reading to learn the truth with us!


The profit of Russian hair bundles can make

The Russian hair bundles since the hair industry is the most profitable for the economy of a great number of nations, hair is the most expensive commodity that can be purchased anywhere in the world. We should try to sell the Russian hair in its natural state and see how much money we can make.


  • Few people outside of those regions are aware of how rapidly the hair industry is booming, despite the fact that it is already the most valuable industry in several countries. In spite of the fact that economic expansion throughout the world has slowed down, Russian hair bundles must be among the most sought-after suppliers in the market for hair products. According to findings from recently conducted research, the global market for human hair is projected to expand.
  • The growing demand for luxurious tresses in countries all over the world is one aspect that contributes to the significance of Russian hair bundles. It is not a secret that a plant in Russia was a contributing element in the boom of the hair industry; yet, with prices averaging around $500 per unit, the items are priced beyond the reach of the vast majority of consumers.

The definition and root of Russian hair bundles

Those in the hair industry know about the Russian hair bundles, but not everyone may know what it is or where it comes from. So, let’s all read the next article and find out, shall we?

  • Russian hair bundles is used to describe a specific type of natural hair worn by Russian women who hail from a variety of regions in Russia. As a result of its superior health, the hair of mountain women is used instead of raw hair from. Beautifully golden hair, like that of these women, is a trait shared by many European ancestries and is caused by a genetic factor. Due to the cold weather in Russia, hair from a Russian hair bundles is not oily; instead, it is relatively thin. All of these conditions are necessary if raw Russian hair is to surpass all others as the most valuable commodity in the world.


  • When comparing Russian hair bundles to other hair sources, such, for example, the question of where exactly the, as there is a chance of detecting a difference in origin. Russian hair is acquired from a wide variety of areas around Russia, where the optimal herbs for hair reside. As opposed to the centralized collection of hair from women in Vietnam and China’s high mountains, this method ensures that each woman’s hair is collected independently. Despite Mosalsk’s extreme, the sale of human hair is a “profitable” industry. Experts in the industry import Russian hair bundles that harvests hair from the heads of low-income women. For these ladies, the knowledge that they may trade in their Russian hair bundles for cash is a lifeline when circumstances are rough. After collection, the Russian hair bundles will be made available for purchase by haier dealers, who will then process the hair and make it available for sale. Do not discount the idea that this is a supply network for a Russian hair bundles industry.


  • Some of the bundles is not purchased directly from the seller, but rather is collected from women’s haircuts and kept after they give birth, or is acquired bundles is cut from long hair and then sold to hair collectors for further processing and sale to customers.

Some characteristics of Russian hair bundles

The Russian hair bundles is frequently ranked among the best in the world. Come with me while I investigate these features.

Texture of Russian hair bundles

The dependability of the Russian hair bundles is one of the most important and key considerations to give some attention to. The hair that is grown in Russia is extremely desirable not only because to the uncommon honey golden color it possesses but also due to its silkiness, glossiness, and pliability. There are characteristics, such as blue eyes, white skin, and sparkling blonde hair. However, there are also environmental factors, such as the climate control system in the factory, that contribute to the thinness, softness, and insulating qualities of Russian hair bundles.


In addition, the natural texture of Russian hair bundles is affected not only by the foods that Russian women eat but also by the ways in which they take care of their hair. The texture of Russian hair bundles is recognized for being ideal, in the opinion of many people, for the creation of a stunningly gorgeous appearance.

The quality of Russian hair bundles

Anyone who has dealt with Russian hair in any capacity or acquired hair from a Russian hair manufacturer can speak to the exceptional quality of Russian hair. Given that Russian hair has the smoothest texture of any other type of hair. Because it is predominantly made up of unprocessed human hair, raw Russian hair is considered to be of the greatest quality among the various varieties of hair that are available.


On the other hand, there are characteristics that set some varieties of Indian and Chinese hair apart from remy hair and render them inappropriate for use in specific applications. When compared to other kinds of hair, Russian hair bundles has a chemical content that is noticeably lower than that of other hair. Due to the great structure of the Russian hair factory, the need for extensive chemical processing that can create tangles and damage to the hair is eliminated. This is one of the primary reasons why Russian hair bundles is in such high demand. The hair that comes from the Russian hair bundles can be styled, bleached, and colored in any way that the consumer desires. The hair poses absolutely no risk in any way.

The price of Russian hair bundles

The price of hair purchased from a hair factory in Russia is significantly more than the price of any other type of hair produced anywhere else in the globe. When you consider the luscious and high-quality characteristics of Russian hair. It’s possible that the prices linked with Russian hair bundles are much more expensive than the prices associated with raw hair sourced from Vietnam or Cambodia.

Classifications of Russian hair bundles

Due to the highly specialized nature of the Russian hair factory business, a diverse range of products and services are on offer to meet the requirements of a comprehensive customer base. Let’s dig a little more into the things that come to mind when I read this description.


The Afro-Russian hair type 6A and the Russian hair type 7A can be distinguished from one another by the following differentiating characteristics: The shortest raw Russian hair strands are typically, while the longest raw Russian hair strands can be as long as 45 centimeters.

The length of the shorter residual hairs hair ranges from 0.5 to 0.8 millimeters, while the length of the larger average strands ranges from 1.5 to 2.2 millimeters.

The cuticles are the same size throughout the hair and make up 80% to 85% of the hair. However, the ends of these hair types are not consistent in shape, which differentiates them from other Russian hair types.


The length of each strand of Russian 12A hair is guaranteed to be a consistent length anywhere from 95% to 100% of the time, with the remaining 5% comprising of shorter and longer hairs.

Queen Hair – The best Russian hair bundles in Vietnam

The clip-in, tip-and-tape, virgin, and extension hair that is sold by Queen Hair, the very first hair factory in the country, is of the finest conceivable quality. Countries like Brazil, which participate in wholesale commerce of hair with nations like Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, are Queen Hair’s principal consumers. 


This is because Russian buys the majority of its hair extension items from Europe, which is where Queen Hair is headquartered. It is impossible to ignore Queen Hair since they have so many certificates of quality and service that are well known, and they are the only company in Vietnam that sells Russian hair. Queen Hair is the only company that sells Russian 

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