Hair factories in China are well-known for supplying many different types of hair extensions for wholesale hair extensions all over the world. Queen Hair can help you locate the top ten hair manufacturers in China where you may purchase hair.


Overview about hair factories in China

Overview of hair factories in China 

China is renowned for having the world’s largest hair factories in China and a long-standing hair industry. Furthermore, the availability of hair stock arriving from hair factories in China has provided wholesale hair suppliers all over the world with a lot of advantages when purchasing hair from China.

Hair factories in China provide cheap price products

Find hair factories in China that supply hair at a low cost, which may help wholesale dealers save a lot of money. Hair factories in China are one of the hair factories that will provide hair wholesalers a range of prices ranging from cheap to high in order to assist their clients in finding the right sort of hair for their company.

  • The cost of hair from human hair manufacturers in China is typically modest when compared to other Asian hair factories. They create hair in large numbers, lowering the cost of hair greatly when purchased by hair factories in China. Furthermore, using high-tech machinery to produce hair at hair factories in China will allow them to minimize the number of people in the factories.
  • Despite the fact that China is a hair raw material region, the supply of hair from hair factories in China is insufficient, forcing these companies to import hair from countries where hair is exceedingly inexpensive, such as India and Cambodia. Furthermore, hair factories in China use people living in those countries to gather hair from donors. As a result, hair prices from hair factories in China will reduce as a result of this.



Hair factories in China provide cheap price products

If you want to buy hair at a cheap price, find hair factories in China to be your hair supplier. They have a variety of prices to suit your hair business.

Hair factories in China provide great product diversity

Another advantage that appeals to many hair wholesalers is the large selection of hair products available in hair factories in China. Hair wholesalers with a high number of hair models in their store will benefit from this. Because the more goods you have, the more alternatives your consumers have, this can attract a big number of customers.

  • Because of the high-tech in hair manufacturing at human hair distributors in China, hairstyles in China’s hair market are highly diverse. As a result, hair factories in China have complete freedom to adjust any haircut or color to meet the needs of wholesale hair sellers. As a consequence, wholesale hair merchants who buy hair from hair factories in China will be able to choose from a wide variety of hair types.

    Hair factories in China provide great product diversity

  • Because they have over twenty years of experience producing hair in the world’s largest hair market, the specialists at hair factories in China can confidently produce the right hairstyle and Chinese human hair according to the customer’s needs. In addition, hair factories in China design unique hairstyles to match each country’s current trends. As a consequence, customers who buy our products will have an easier time choosing products for their enterprises.

The wide range of products in human hair distributors in China will assist you to increase your number of customers buying hair. Hair factories in China also custom your hair extensions in order to make your hair business become more unique.

Hair factories in China provide affordable quality products

Customers are influenced by the variety and price of your items when making their initial purchase, but the quality of the product is the most important aspect in determining whether or not they will return to purchase from you again. As a result, hair wholesalers should put a priority on product quality.

  • Hair from hair factories in China is a weak spot in terms of product quality. Because China’s economy is among the best in the world, Chinese women are no longer forced to sell their hair for a living. It forces hair factories in China to import hair from low-cost nations, implying that the hair from such countries would be of inferior quality. As a result, when purchasing such hair, hair factories in China will be forced to apply chemicals to improve the appearance of the hair, resulting in a major reduction in the quality of hair available on the Chinese market.

    Hair factories in China provide affordable quality products

  • Another reason is that hair factories in China frequently make hair in bulk and stock to save money on production. Therefore, hair products whose quality degrades with time compared to its original state. This makes hair from hair factories in China appear nice at first, but it won’t stay long.

In conclusion, the hair products offered by hair factories in China will be excellent for wholesalers looking for a wide variety of hair goods at a low price without having to worry about hair quality or longevity. Vietnamese hair, on the other hand, is a preferable option for hair from hair factories in China. Vietnamese hair has been a burgeoning hair market in recent years, and it is noted for its high-quality hair products, product diversity, and affordable prices. Vietnamese hair will be ideal for anybody looking to start a long-term hair company, since superior hair products will decide your clients’ return on investment.

Top 10 hair factories in China

If you’re still seeking for reliable hair factories in China, we’ll suggest roughly ten of the best human hair factory in China based on our criteria of dependability, product quality, and reasonable pricing.

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig – Top 1 hair factories in China 

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig was established in 2017, and has become one of hair factories in China top providers of Hair Wigs. The manufacturer of Chinese wigs is situated in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and is one of the most popular hair factories in China of the products described. Because of its inexpensive costs and extensive choice of items, Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co is the first Chinese hair seller that springs to mind when we think about getting hair from China.


Guangzhou Fantasy Wig

  • Quality: With thousands of staff, Guangzhou Fantasy Wig is hair factories in China. Guangzhou Fantasy Wig has its own expert design and manufacturing team, giving it total control over the hair quality from beginning to end.
  • Main products: Guangzhou Fantasy Wig’s wholesale hair items include wigs with various hair kinds sourced from Chinese hair factories.
  • Service:  Guangzhou Fantasy Wig with a professional sales team will assist customers in pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales.

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Qingdao Premier Hair – Top 2 hair factories in China

Qingdao Premier Hair is a well-known producer of Chinese hair extensions such as wigs, lace frontals, weft hair, top closures, and pre-tipped hair, established in 1995. This Chinese hair extensions company integrates design, research, production, and sales with the help of 20 top-notch designers and 2000 brilliant employees.


Qingdao Premier Hair

  • Main products: Qingdao Premier Hair provide a wide range of hair extensions: wigs, lace frontals, weft hair, closures,… Their expert can assist you in customizing or purchasing wholesale hair extensions.
  • Price: The prices provided by Qingdao Premier Hair are lower than other hair factories in China.
  • Feedback: The quality of Qingdao Premier Hair hair has received a lot of excellent comments from customers.

Changge Elegant Hair Products – Top 3 hair factories in China

Changge Elegant Hair Products is the China human hair factory, situated in Xuchang, hair factories in China collecting and distribution hub, is a recognized human hair product manufacturer and exporter. Thanks to their great management team and professionals, they have developed fast since their debut in 2010.


Changge Elegant Hair Products

  • Main products: Their main products are braided hair, remy hair, weft hair.
  • Target market: This hair factories in China are mostly focused on the European hair market.
  • Feedback: The quality of Changge Elegant Hair Products hair has received a lot of excellent comments from customers.

Guangzhou Alice Hair – Top 4 Chinese hair vendors

HONGKONG K. S WIGS INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Alice Hair Products Co., Ltd., a faultless hair products company that has expanded substantially since its founding in April 2004. And, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge management system, we’ve become one of China’s most reputable and trustworthy companies in the hair products business.


GuangZhou Alice Hair

  • Main products: HONGKONG K. S WIGS INTERNATIONAL mostly supply weft hair extensions, remy hair extensions.
  • Price: HONGKONG K. S WIGS INTERNATIONAL offers some of the greatest wholesale hair extensions in China at a reasonable price when compared to international prices.

Juancheng Shangkai Hair – Top 5 hair factories in China

Juancheng Shangkai Hair Products Factory is a leading human hair manufacturing companies in China and exporter in Shandong Province. The complex, which is 55, 000 square meters in size, was built in 2000. They employ over 400 people and can produce over 200, 000 hair strands every month. Their products are produced completely of human hair and are of the greatest quality.


Juancheng Shangkai Hair

  • Main products: Juancheng Shangkai Hair Products Factory is a hair extension wholesaler that offers a variety of hair extensions, including straight weaving, deep waves, free waves, and water waves.
  • Juancheng Shangkai Hair also provides a variety of monthly, weekly, and seasonal discounts. When they have a huge sale, their prices are likely to be cheaper than those of other hair factories in China. Hair extension retailers that select the appropriate moment to investigate such significant discounts will benefit considerably and save a significant amount of money.

Xuchang Fading Crafts – Top 6 hair factories in China

Established in 2017, Xuchang Fading Crafts is one of the newest hair factories in China. Xuchang Fading Crafts located in Henan, China, with 200 hair employees manufacturing and supplying hair extensions made by hair from many countries such as Brazilian hair, Indian Hair,…


Xuchang Fading Crafts

  • Main product: Although Xuchang Fading Crafts is the new hair factory in China, they still can supply a wide range of hair extensions: Wigs, Water Wave, Deep Wave,…
  • Target market: with many types of hair extensions, this hair factory in China supplies hair for many hair markets with 40 percent customers from Africa, 20% from North American,…

Guangzhou Magic Hair – Top 7 hair factories in China

The Guangzhou Magic is a reputable human hair factory in China. Their factory is located in the Chinese province of Henan, in the city of ZhouKou. In Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China, they also have three shops and one trade firm. They have over ten years of expertise in the hair industry.


Guangzhou Magic Hair

  • Main product: Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Indian Hair, Malaysian Hair
  • Quality control: They have a stringent and comprehensive quality control system in place to ensure that each product satisfies the needs of their clients.

Guangzhou Loks Hair Limited – Top 8 hair factories in China

Guangzhou Loks Industrial Limited is a top human hair manufacturing companies in China, based in Guangzhou, China, is a professional producer and exporter of hair extension goods with over 10 years of international trading experience.


Guangzhou Loks Hair Limited

  • Main products: Indian hair extensions, Brazilian hair extensions, Peruvian hair extensions, Cambodian hair extensions, Malaysian hair extensions, Mongolian hair extensions, and Chinese hair extensions are among the products offered by their company.
  • Price: With hair types from many countries, Guangzhou Loks Industrial Limited supply hair prices stretching from high to low.

Topbon Hair – Top 9 hair factories in China

Topbon Hair is a professional human hair companies in China with over ten years of experience in producing hair products. Their primary goals are to give the greatest quality, best pricing, fastest delivery, and best service to our consumers all over the world. Their primary focus is customer happiness.


Topbon Hair

  • Main product: lace wigs, hair weaves, keratin hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions, hand-tied weft, hair bulks, hair pieces,
  • Products control: Their skilled workers and top-notch management team have put in place a comprehensive quality control and inspection system to make sure that their products exceed global standards and that your orders arrive on time.

Qingdao Denghao Import & Export – Top 10 hair factories in China

Qingdao Denghao Import & Export is a leading human hair factories in China and supplier of professional hair products in China’s Shandong region. The facility, which covers 55,000 square meters, was founded in the year 2000. There are around 400 employees that can make over 200, 000 hair accessories every month.


Qingdao Denghao Import & Export

  • Main product: Tape in hair, Weft Hair, Sew in hair.

How to find reputable hair factories in China 

Finding a decent hair supplier is challenging if you are inexperienced and new to the hair business, particularly because China is such a large market. As a result, we’ve put together a list of 5 steps to help you identify reputable hair factories in China. 


How to find reputable hair factories in China

  • Step 1: Search for “hair factories in China” on Google, social media, or an e-commerce site, and then click on the first result. The most dependable hair factories in China will appear at the top of the search results, according to Google’s algorithm. Ask your network if they have any contacts with high-quality hair factories in China. 
  • Step 2: Do your research on the hair factories in China that come up. You should examine client evaluations and comments to determine whether or not they are trustworthy. 
  • Step 3: Contact hair factories in China. Send a message to their salesman or hotline using an international messaging tool like WhatsApp and ask for a detailed product description to see if they grasp the product completely. 
  • Step 4: Set up a video conference call. If you observe that they have a strong grasp of the product, set up a video chat with the hair factories in China in the facility if you are unable to see them in person. 
  • Step 5: Ask for legal documents or other company records, including the sales contract. You should not work with them if they refuse to provide you. 

The following are the five steps to finding the best hair factories in Chinaa. I hope you find these suggestions useful. 

Sign that you’ve been scam by hair factories in China

Because the methods are so sophisticated today, it’s difficult to tell whether the hair factories in China are a fraud or not. Here are the top five things to keep in mind when buying hair factories in China. 


Sign that you’ve been scam by hair factories in China

  • There is no website or social media network for hair factories in China. Every reputable hair factories in China has at least one platform via which to communicate with its clients. 
  • The website of hair factories in China on the social networking platform lacks fundamental information such as an address or a contact person. 
  • hair factories in China don’t have a valid company registration document. 
  • hair factories in China refuse to conduct video calls and instead prefer to connect through text messaging. 
  • The workforce of hair factories in China lacks fundamental product understanding and provides incorrect information. 

Be aware of these five warning signals from hair factories in China, so not work with them if you observe these indicators.


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