Currently, Cambodian hair is being favored by a few countries around the world. However, there is very little information about this hair type on the internet. Therefore, we will bring you the most useful information about hair products that Cambodian hair vendors offer to help you better understand this hair market.

Overview of Cambodian hair vendors

Many wholesale hair dealers throughout the world have selected hair from Cambodian hair vendors as their major hair items in recent years. Many wholesale hair dealers are interested in Cambodian hair vendor’s products for a variety of reasons.


Overview of Cambodian hair vendors

However, hair resources in Cambodia are very rare because of the economic development in this country. Therefore, fewer and fewer women are selling their hair to make ends meet. As a result, wholesale hair dealers when buying Cambodian hair will have an unstable source of goods, affecting the stability of your business.

Characteristics of product supplied by hair vendors in Cambodian

Cambodian hair vendors offer certain advantages to all wholesale hair suppliers. Therefore, Cambodian wholesale hair vendors are a worthy choice for wholesale hair suppliers who want to achieve good economic performance.

Cambodian hair vendors supply good quality hair

Wholesale hair dealers must pay attention to the quality of their products in order to stay in business. As a result, wholesale hair dealers should use Cambodian hair vendors for their products.

  • Cambodian hair vendors supply hair with good quality, because Cambodian hair vendors just need to acquire hair from Cambodian women who want to sell their hair to make a living , it is said that the natural hair of women in Cambodia have a nice quality. Furthermore, Cambodian women’s hair is naturally silky, healthy due to their healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and hair washing. As a result, Cambodian hair may be readily restyled to many other types of hair, such as wavy hair, curly hair, and so on, while still maintaining a high level of quality.

    Cambodian hair vendors supply good quality hair

  •  Furthermore, Cambodian raw hair purchased from Cambodian hair sellers is 100 percent human hair, obtained from healthy donors, unprocessed prior to sale, and free of egg and lice. It’s all virgin hair from a single donor, so there’s no mixing.

Cambodian hair vendors supply hair with affordable price

Cambodian hair wholesale in Cambodia provide hair products at a very reasonable price. This is crucial for wholesale hair dealers who want to be as cost-effective as possible and to know how to differentiate human hair from synthetic.

  • Because the cost of production in Cambodia is low. Furthermore, Cambodian wholesale hair vendors gather their wares from women who live in rural areas. Therefore, the price of Cambodian hair is quite affordable . As a result, many hair dealers throughout the world choose hair from Cambodian hair vendors as their main type of hair.
  • In addition, Cambodia is a raw material area, so it is very convenient for Cambodian hair vendors to collect Cambodian hair without importing hair from other countries. In conclusion, Cambodian wholesale hair vendors will save a lot of product expense by collecting hair from women in their country. It will lead to the price of Cambodian hair being affordable.

Cambodian hair vendors supply hair with minimum product diversity

The range of items available is a significant benefit that may help you improve the number of people who purchase your goods. However, Cambodian hair extension wholesale vendors only bring a limited number of hair items to wholesale hair dealers for many reasons.

  • Hair factories in Cambodia are mainly small-scale hair factories, usually set up with employees who are members of their family and employ a few more employees. That leads to the hair production techniques at hair factories in Cambodia are not very high. Therefore, hair products from hair vendors in Cambodia will not be diverse.

    Cambodian hair vendors supply hair with minimum product diversity

  • In addition, Cambodian natural hair is characterized by light curls, thin and fibrous, so when forming curly hairstyles, it is easy to style. However, to form other hairstyles such as wave hair, straight hair will have to undergo chemical treatment, which causes the quality of Cambodian hair to be reduced, along with the use time of the hair will be reduced.

Cambodian hair vendors supply hair with the limit in hair sources

Although the hair that Cambodian hair vendors supply is a good quality product and affordable price. However, the source of hair in Cambodia is not much due to the developing Cambodia economy, many women find a job that give them a higher income than selling their hair .The supply of goods to wholesale hair dealers will not be stable, which will greatly determine the development of your business.


Vietnamese hair the better alternative choice for Cambodian hair

In conclusion, if wholesale hair dealers want to choose low-priced hair with moderate quality, Cambodian hair will be the most suitable hair type for your business. Therefore, Vietnamese hair will be a good choice to replace Cambodian hair. With a stable source of hair, high quality hair and reasonable prices, the Vietnamese government also supports exports to other countries, especially hair products. Buying Vietnamese Hair will be a better choice for wholesale hair dealers. Contact Queen Hair Factory now to buy Vietnamese hair with high quality and factory price.

How to find a reliable Cambodian hair vendors

If you search for “Cambodian hair vendors” on any search engine, you will get a plethora of results, but you have no way of knowing whether or not they are trustworthy. As a result, we’ve outlined four methods for locating reputable Cambodian hair vendors.

  • Find a reliable Cambodian hair vendors on Google

When looking for information on this topic, Google always puts the most reliable website first. In this example, it’s “Cambodian hair merchants,” and the most trustworthy Cambodian hair wholesale in Cambodia will show at the top of the search results.


Find a reliable Cambodian hair vendors on Google

Then, double-check those websites to confirm that the information about the product provided by Cambodian hair dealers corresponds to what you want. Next, look up these Cambodian hair vendors reviews on Google to see if they provide high-quality hair extensions.

  • Find a reliable Cambodian hair vendors on e-commerce

Customers should be cautious while looking for Cambodian hair vendors on e-commerce because there are many Cambodian hair wholesale in Cambodia, you will don’t know who is trustworthy. Recently, manufacturers from other nations have been imitating Cambodian hair sellers.

As a result, wholesale hair dealers may request video from Cambodian hair Cambodian hair vendors to check that the product they offer matches the photographs on e-commerce. Furthermore, wholesale hair dealers must select Cambodian hair vendors that have been supported by this e-commerce. If the hair extensions you receive are not the same as the product Cambodian hair vendors promised, you may complain to e-commerce and request a refund for the same amount you paid for the goods.

  • Find a reliable Cambodian hair vendors through networking

The best approach to identify dependable Cambodian hair vendors is to network, because those who have already dealt with Cambodian hair vendors will be able to aid you in locating them. It would be so much easier if you could simply ask someone you know about Cambodian hair vendors.


Find a reliable Cambodian hair vendors through networking

If you know someone who has dealt with a lot of Cambodian hair vendors, they may be familiar with certain hair vendors in Cambodia. As a result, you should inquire as to whether the hair extensions provided by this manufacturer are of good quality and, if so, which Cambodian hair vendors you should select for maximum economic efficiency.

  • Find a reliable Cambodian hair vendors on social media

The most convenient approach to locate trustworthy Cambodian hair vendors is to use social media. Simply search for “Cambodian hair vendors” on any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, or YouTube. They will provide you with a large number of results for Cambodian hair vendors. But where can we go for reputable Cambodian hair vendors with thousands of options?

Every Cambodian hair vendors has their own account on social media, which serves as the public face of the industry. If Cambodian hair vendors are trustworthy, they will present themselves in a professional manner on social media. First, Cambodian hair sellers will have their own logo, and the information they offer, such as the factory’s address, phone number, website, and so on, will be plainly visible. Furthermore, they have a lot of postings about such goods on their wall, as well as videos of client comments. In addition, contact Cambodian hair vendors through WhatsApp and request a video chat to confirm that they have a real hair vendor and that their hair extensions are as advertised.

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Ways to avoid scammer of Cambodian hair vendors

The issue is that many individuals make money mimicking Cambodian hair vendors. As a result, we’ll provide you some advice on how to prevent being conned by Chair vendors in Cambodia. Here are some tips on how to tell whether a Cambodian hair supplier is a scammer or not:


Ways to avoid scammer of Cambodian hair vendors

  • Cambodian hair vendors do not have a website to display their products, or if they do, it is poor and lacks information. Its website, for example, does not provide the address, certificate, or photo of their Cambodian hair vendors.
  • Those provided by Cambodian hair supplier are unrealistic, as are images received from trustworthy sources. Furthermore, the savings offered by Cambodian hair vendors are unrealistic or too good to be true. Furthermore, there are a lot of negative comments about them on several social media sites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Those are the simplest things you can do to identify rogue Cambodian hair vendors. If you still haven’t found yourself a reputable Cambodian hair supplier to import your hair from, we will provide the top 5 reputable Cambodian hair vendors right below.

Top 5 best cambodian hair vendors

If you’re still seeking for reliable best Cambodian hair vendors, we’ll suggest five of the best Cambodian hair vendors based on our criteria of dependability, product quality, and fair pricing.

Cambodian Hair Freak – Top 1 best Cambodian hair vendors

With a 5-year existence in the industry, Cambodian Hair Freak is the first best Cambodian hair vendors that comes to me when I buy hair from Cambodia. Cambodian Hair Freak also offers wholesale hair dealers from any nation a significant discount when purchasing a significant number of Cambodian hair.


Cambodian Hair Freak – Top 1 best Cambodian hair vendors

The hair is exceptionally strong and comes from women aged 18 to 25 in an Angkor hill tribal village. Cambodian Hair Freak is committed to sourcing ethical human hair and helping Cambodian women. You’ll always know where your hair comes from when you buy it from Cambodian Hair Freak. For a long time, they’ve had strong bonds with friends and business associates. They recognize that through supporting others, we get more than just money.

  • Main product: Cambodian virgin hair
  • Instagram: cambodianhairfreak

Virgin Cambodian Hair –  Top 2 best Cambodian hair vendors

Virgin Hair Cambodia (VHC) was established in response to supply high-quality, ethically sourced Cambodian hair. VHC aims to make the hair business more equal for all parties involved by offering 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair, which can be validated thanks to our transparent sourcing system and ethical treatment of donors.

The bulk of VHC’s hair donors live in rural Cambodia, where women have little or no opportunities to earn money. To sustain themselves and their families, they sell their hair. VHC recognizes the significance of hair to every woman. Donors can sell any length of hair in exchange for a professional haircut.

  • Main product: Cambodian remy hair
  • Instagram: virgincambodianhair

Apsara Cambodian Hair – Top 3 best Cambodian hair vendors

Apsara Cambodian Hair is one of the leading Cambodian hair vendors, specialized in high-quality virgin Cambodian hair sourced entirely from Cambodian donors. You may restyle your hair in a variety of hairstyles with their high-quality product. This will assist you in increasing the number of clients in your firm.


Apsara Cambodian Hair – Top 3 best Cambodian hair vendors

Apsara Hair has developed personal relationships with some of the greatest hair suppliers in the world. They can give superb, virgin hair extensions at a very affordable price to those who want to start their own business because of their contacts. They’ve spent years studying the hair business and are eager to share what they’ve learned with our wholesale customers. They’ll provide you all the tools you need to start your own prosperous virgin hair extension business right immediately. They assist you in avoiding having your funds locked up in foreign currencies and not knowing what you will receive when your delivery arrives. You must purchase a minimum of 20 bundles to qualify for wholesale pricing.

  • Main product: Cambodian remy hair
  • Instagram: apsaracambodianhair

Cambodian Hair Extensions – Top 4 best Cambodian hair vendors

Cambodian Hair Extensions has a 5-year existence as Cambodian hair vendors. They are proud to be one of the leading Cambodian hair suppliers, offering human hair as well as a variety of other hair products including bulk hair, natural straight hair, weave hair, and so on. The product of Cambodian Hair Extensions is intended for the Asian market. As a consequence, their haircuts are more appropriate for Asians, and the warmer climate in Asia lets them retain them for longer.

  • Main product: Cambodian hair in many types
  • Instagram: cambhairextension

Angkor Cambodian Hair – Top 5 best Cambodian hair vendors

Angkor Cambodian Hair is reputable Cambodian hair vendors in many hair markets. They provide virgin Cambodian hair of good quality to salons and distributors at affordable prices. The company is situated in Phnom Penh and provides five designs available are bone straight, deep wave, curly tips,… Colored hair is also available, as well as blonde, tape-in, frontal and wigs.


Angkor Cambodian Hair – Top 5 best Cambodian hair vendors

  • Main product: Cambodian virgin hair
  • Instagram: angkorcambhair

Step to work effectively with Cambodian hair vendors

All we had to do was help you rank credible Cambodian hair vendors. Then we’ll talk about how to bargain with them for the greatest quality and prices.


Step to work effectively with Cambodian hair vendors

  • First and foremost, you must be well-informed about hair extensions before purchasing them from Cambodian hair vendors. To do so, conduct a Google search on the number of different types of hair, the type of product your local clients like to use while hairstyling at a hair salon, and how much they are willing to pay for a single visit to a hair salon to restyle their hair.
  • Then you must have a full grasp of the items you plan to purchase from Cambodian hair vendors. You should, for example, be conversant with a variety of wholesale hair extensions, including super drawn, double drawn, and single drawn hair. How to look after your items so that they endure as long as possible.
  • Then, utilizing photographs and videos collected on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, hunt for credible Cambodian hair vendors and assess any items they provide. Look through past customer evaluations of Cambodian hair dealers and commodities to determine their credibility. You should go to their hair extensions shop to see the actual item if they are kept in your nation.
  • Finally, after you’re happy with a product from one of your Cambodian hair vendors, pay for it and place an order for a number of hair extensions that fits your company’s needs. Remember to sign a contract with any Cambodian hair vendors to verify that the product you receive is of the same high quality as the one you saw previously. After receiving items from the Cambodian hair supplier of your choice, properly check them and offer feedback so that the high-quality product may be shared with other suppliers.

    Provide feedback to Cambodian hair vendors

Based on the facts presented in the article. We hope you are able to identify the top Cambodian hair vendors to assist you in growing your hair company. If you’re still undecided, get in touch with Queen Hair as soon as possible for assistance.

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