Raw Indian hair is an item that you might not pass up if you are seeking hair products for your business.However, this type of hair has their certain pros and cons. In this post, we’ll look into Queen Hair to understand more about this type of hair.

Overview about raw Indian hair 

If you work in the hair extensions industry or operate a business, you’ve probably heard the term “raw Indian hair”. Do you, however, have a thorough knowledge of this product’s function in the hair market. Queen Hair will go over a few aspects to assist you better understand raw Indian hair.


Overview about raw Indian hair

Definition of raw Indian hair 

Raw Indian hair is the purest and most natural human hair extensions made from a single bundle of hair from a single Indian hair donor, thus the name. No chemical or dye has ever been used to contaminate Indian hair. Many hair providers like this kind of hair since it is so popular. Furthermore, raw Indian hair that has been processed or colored cannot be returned to its natural form. That’s right, after you’ve colored your hair even once, your raw strands are long gone.


Definition of raw Indian hair

Raw hair, on the other hand, is difficult to come by in certain nations because, as a result of economic progress and rising, women in the rural areas no longer sell their hair. As a result, raw hair is only seen in a few nations. The majority of raw hair was sourced from India.

Characteristic of raw indian hair

Raw Indian hair alignments are equivalent but do not harm the hair cuticles since raw Indian hair is a bundle cut from one Indian hair donor. Raw Indian hair is much more durable than any sort of hair extension. When obtaining raw Indian hair, hair extensions sellers may simply restyle it into a variety of styles while maintaining its high quality.


Characteristic of raw indian hair

Raw hair, on the other hand, is dependent on the donor’s natural hair from their respective nations. Raw Vietnamese hair, for example, is of great quality owing to their environment and healthier diet, but raw Indian hair is of normal quality; it has curly hair and may be rather wavy at times. As a result, hair sellers should choose raw hair from nations with high-quality raw hair.

Classification of raw Indian hair 

Raw Indian hair comes in a variety of styles depending on your needs. Queen Hair will aid you in identifying various types of raw Indian hair so that you may expand your product line.

Raw Indian hair in weft function

A raw Indian hair weft is a combination of hair strands sewn onto a super-thin fabric piece that is ready to be put into your hair in the hair salon in its most basic form. The manner by which the hair is attached to the strip, however, is different. Some will be sewed by machine, while others will be done by hand. Both provide benefits, albeit one may be more beneficial to you than the other depending on your hair type.


Raw Indian hair in weft

Most clientele who wish to use weft raw Indian hair for a long period select very realistic or human hair. Raw Indian hair is a term used to describe high-quality hair wefts made from real human hair. The cuticle layer of raw Indian hair is preserved, providing it a more natural look than synthetic or frizzy hair. On the basis of hair wefts, a coating such as polyester is placed.

Raw Indian hair in clip-in function

The most prevalent kind of permanent hair extensions on the market is clip-in raw Indian hair. They’re the simplest kind of hair extensions to apply, even if you’re a complete beginner. Raw Indian hair clip-ins are quite flexible and may be used in a variety of scenarios.


Raw Indian hair in clip-in function

If you don’t intend on using hair extensions daily, clip-in raw Indian hair is a great alternative. They are often more costly than other types of extensions, thus they should be considered by those on a tight budget. Clip-ins raw Indian hair, on the other hand, are not recommended for thin-haired people since the hair might not have been thick enough to disguise them.

Raw Indian hair in tape-in function 

Raw Indian hair tape-ins are great for persons who have fine or thin hair. The tapes are nearly undetectable due to their small size. This means you would not need a lot of hair to cover them up. For the best results, we suggest having your tape-ins raw Indian hair installed at your favorite salon. They should be pushed up every 6-8 weeks, depending on the quality of raw Indian hair and how rapidly your natural hair grows.


Raw Indian hair in tape-in function

Tape-ins raw Indian hair, on the other hand, have a greater number of disadvantages than other forms of hair extensions. For starters, they may be more difficult to manage while attempting to accomplish a certain hairstyle. Tape-in raw Indian hair, for instance, might make wearing a high ponytail more difficult since the tape-ins will get in the line. Furthermore, as your hair grows, tape-ins become harder to hide. After all, as your hair grows, the tape might begin to migrate down your strands. This demands its removal and reapplication, which may be harmful to the hair and the pace at which it grows.

Ponytail raw Indian hair 

For people who wish to wear their hair in a ponytail, raw Indian hair ponytails are an excellent alternative. These tresses are made to tie or attach around your ponytail to give it more length and volume.


Ponytail raw Indian hair

Furthermore, since ponytail raw Indian hair does not bind to your hair’s real strands, there is no chance of them hurting it. They don’t take as long to put on as clip-ins.

As a consequence, since wholesale hair merchants in Africa generally utilize weft hair to produce wigs, weft raw Indian hair is more appropriate for Africans. Because the natural quality of Nigerian hair differs from that of other hair extensions on the market, tip hair and tape hair will not work with their hair. As a result, they place a premium on wigs which can cover the entire head. In addition, Europeans would utilize tip hair, tape hair, and a ponytail to make their hair seem fuller.

Gain and lost when sell raw Indian hair in your hair business

By the way, raw Indian hair was collected and characteristics of raw Indian hair. This type of hair will brings both advantages and disadvantages to wholesale hair vendors:

Advantages when sell raw Indian hair in your business

Raw Indian hair will have some characteristics that help hair vendors when buy this type of hair gain a lot advantages. Hair vendors should pay attention on these advantages:


Advantages when sell raw Indian hair in your business

  • Buying raw Indian hair with low price: The most significant advantage of raw Indian hair is that it is often less expensive than raw hair from other nations. Raw Indian hair is often sacrificed to temples in this nation for free by Indian residents, and temple officials collect it and sell it to hair companies in India and China. In addition, India’s labor costs are lower than in other nations. Therefore, the low price that hair vendors sell when importing raw Indian hair can save a lot of money, it will let any hair vendor have high economic efficiency.
  • Unique hairstyle: The flexible hair type is quickly gaining popularity among ladies all over the world who want dark, luscious locks. Raw Indian hair comes in a range of dark black and brown colors. You may also choose the hair texture you desire, whether it’s soft and silky or careless and curly.

In conclusion, raw Indian hair is suitable for those hair vendors who want to get the raw hair with affordable quality with low price. In addition, their unique characteristic of raw Indian hair is a bright spot for all ladies that want hair with a natural curly appearance.

Disadvantages when sell raw Indian hair in your business

Despite the many benefits described above, there are certain drawbacks that wholesale hair merchants from other nations must be aware of while selling raw Indian hair:


Disadvantages when sell raw Indian hair in your business

  • Raw Indian hair from wholesale hair dealers in India isn’t of very high grade. Because straight hair is required to restyle one’s hair, this sort of hair must be used. Raw Indian hair, on the other hand, is exceedingly thin, rough, and naturally curled. It’s tough to imitate other hairstyles since it’s naturally curly. This trait makes coloring and bleaching difficult since the hair is easily damaged. As a result, wholesale hair dealers restyle their products to make already frail hair more frailer.
  • Furthermore, India’s political atmosphere is growing increasingly volatile. The shipping of raw Indian hair between wholesale hair distributors in India and wholesale hair sellers in other nations became more difficult as a result of this issue. Its goods may pass via an intermediate nation before reaching wholesale hair sellers who order raw Indian hair. As a result, receiving these goods takes an excessive amount of time and costs more than shipping between two nations.

Through many advantages I have mentioned in the above stage, hair business owners should focus on the quality of hair extensions. The quality of hair will determine whether your customers that used to buy hair from you will return or not.

Finally, you should pick raw Indian hair for your company if you desire low-cost items with innovative design. However, if you’re looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price, raw Vietnamese hair from Queen Hair is the finest wholesale hair seller in Vietnam to go with. To suit the needs of the most discerning consumers, Queen Hair provides 100% Vietnamese raw hair.

Top 5 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

There are five excellent hair suppliers in India from whom you may get raw Indian hair. We grade them based on how dependable and high-quality raw Indian hair they give.

A.K.Enterprises – Top 1 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

A.K. Enterprises based in Yamuna Nagar (Haryana, India), was founded in 2009 and is a leading producer, distributor, and supplier of a comprehensive range of raw Indian hair. These items, which are made using cutting-edge technology, are in great demand because of their low weight, high strength, durability, and ease of use.


Top 1 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

  • Main product: A.K.Enterprises with ISO 9001 certification specializing in raw Indian hair. They also provide bleached hair extensions, extensions virgin hair, and more varieties.
  • Service: They employ a large number of customer service representatives to help customers in promptly addressing any difficulties they might have had with their organization. They strive to provide the best raw Indian hair and customer service to consumers from all over the world, guaranteeing that they are satisfied with their purchases.

To summarize, A.K.Enterprises is one of the options you cannot neglect if you are looking for raw Indian hair at a good price with competent customer service for the hair industry. They also offer a staff of hair professionals that can provide you advice on how to manage your hair company efficiently.

1 Hair Stop – Top 2 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

Founded in 2019, 1 Hair Stop is the newest hair vendor in India supplying raw Indian hair. 1 Hair Stop aims to help women feel confident and beautiful as well as make raw Indian hair affordable.


Top 2 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

  • Main product: They are supplying many types of hair including raw Indian hair. Beside, 1 Hair Stop also supplies remy human hair with many hairstyles such as: clip-in hair, tape-in,…
  • Service: 1 Hair Service provides professional service to any hair vendor who buys their hair. Many policy have been pointed out to make sure that their customer will satisfied with their experience when buy hair from 1 Hair Stop

1 Hair Stop offers the finest quality Indian raw hair, including clip-in and tape-in hair. Their product will work with wholesale raw hair dealers in Europe.

Indian Mermaid hair extensions – Top 3 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

With their hair business in Chennai, India, Indian Mermaid Hair is an established raw Indian hair vendor from India. They get hair from Indian temples directly and weave it into superior grade wefts at their manufacturing.


Top 3 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

  • Main product: Indian Mermaid Hair Xtension is dedicated to providing only the highest quality 100 percent genuine raw Indian hair. They supply hair and services all around the globe and are well-known for their high-quality hair.
  • Service: They will assist you in developing your own brand, providing flexible payment methods, and customizing packaging or labels. They have supply of raw materials and oversee the quality process since they own the plant, so you can always count on a profit and great comments from your customers.

SGI Hair – Top 4 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair 

SGI Hair, one of India’s first wholesale hair sellers, made its debut in 2008, bringing with it a plethora of experience in the manufacture of raw Indian hair. SGI also provides a number of discounts on an annual, weekly, and… Their prices are likely to be lower than other Indian hair manufacturers when they have large scales.


Top 4 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

  • Main product: SGI HAIR was founded with the noble purpose of passionately innovating raw Indian hair. Their major goal is to make and distribute excellent raw Indian hair, wigs, and hair care items under their own brand names to clients.
  • Service: If you have a business and do not like being trapped with a lot of inventory, they have a great option for you. When you order from SGI HAIR, you will get your own customized label at no additional cost. If you’re thinking of starting a company but don’t know where to start, they’ve established a free platform to help you get started quickly and easily.

If you want to buy raw Indian hair with a high quality product and own your customized brand label, SGI Hair will be the finest choice for your hair business. They also supply your hair business by giving you the way to run your brand smoothly.

Chennai Hair Factory – Top 5 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair 

Chennai Hair Factory, a Sole Proprietorship based company, was founded in 2012 to provide our clients with the best-in-class hair wigs and extensions. Their hair is made on their premises using high-quality hair purchased from well-known market vendors.


Top 5 hair vendors supplying raw Indian hair

  • Main product: They produce synthetic wigs, raw Indian hair, human hair, and a variety of other products.
  • Service: The Chennai Hair Factory was the first to provide raw Indian hair services. The organization has been in operation for more than three years, servicing customers from all over the world. They are the largest wholesaler of human hair extensions in the world. Their hair extensions might improve your appearance. Salons, shops, and private people may get wholesale human hair extensions from them. Their goods are praised for their flawlessness, brilliant colors, variety, texture, and style.

After all, we’ve already given you a lot of information on suppliers of raw Indian hair. I hope it will be useful to you and your company. Contact Queen Hair’s hair experts right now for the best guidance and wholesale prices for your business if you have any additional questions about related hair goods or want to buy raw Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale.

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