There are a broad variety of hair products on the market to satisfy the needs of different customers. An early and popular product on the market is a glue in hair extensions. An in-depth overview of this product and how to use it will be provided in this post.

Overview of glue in hair extensions

Do you want to know why it’s referred to as “glue in hair extensions?” In this section, the answer and more information will be revealed.

Definition of glue in hair extensions 

A short portion of hair is glued together at the root in a wholesale hair factory to create glue in hair extensions. Keratin tips, each around a centimeter long, are always used as adhesive. This product is applied strand-by-strand, and a full head of hair typically has 100 to 180 strands.

When it comes to hair extensions, the glue is mostly used to increase the natural hair’s length and thickness. True, you must have a particular length of natural hair to use the glue in hair on. Short hair will make the bonds of hair more noticeable, unlike the lace closure with bleached knots. As a result, Europe, where women have traditionally worn their hair long, is the primary market for this product.

Materials of glue in hair extensions

There are many different types of human or synthetic glues used at the wholesale distributor factory to make the glue for hair extensions. Both types of hair glue come in a wide range of colors and lengths. These two goods, however, differ in a few key ways.

Hair extensions made with synthetic adhesive cost a fraction of what human hair extensions do. Styles cannot be applied to synthetic hair after dye. To put it another way, you can only have one hairstyle at a time. Hair extensions made with human glue are more expensive, but they last longer and are of superior quality since they preserve some of the properties of natural hair. You can also style hair like this.

Outstanding types of glue in hair extensions

There are two common forms of adhesive used in hair extensions:

  • The cold fusion is another name for this method of attaching hair extensions. It is the cylinder-shaped link at the base of each strand of hair that holds it together with glue. Non-heated styling is possible with this hair type. Hairstylists use a plier to place the natural locks through the micro loop, where the bonds of i-tip hair extensions are attached. Compression is necessary to maintain the hair strands in place on your scalp.
  • Hair extensions with a U-shaped tip: U-tip extensions, on the other hand, are referred to as hot fusion. The keratin glue used in hair extensions has a nail-like form wrapped around each strand of hair at the root. Heat is required for this hair type to be installed since the bonds will melt and attach to the genuine hair strands when heated.

You can even twist dreads with these two types of glue-in hair extensions because they are so securely attached to your scalp. The I tip hair is a sort of glue-in hair extensions that is safe for your scalp. If, on the other hand, you desire quick appliances without the need for additional tools, U-tip hair may be a better fit for your needs.

Merits and demerits of glue in hair extensions

For glue in hair extensions, the use of glue has many advantages:

  • Because it is a permanent item, users don’t have to remove and reapply the hair as frequently as they would with glue-in hair extensions. A well-cared-for set of human hair extensions can last as long as six months.
  • For a natural look, the hair can be applied directly to the base of your own hair. Because your hair covers the connections in the upper region of your head, they are virtually undetectable.
  • Customers can purchase as many or as few strands of hair as they like for the glue used in hair extensions. Buying strands in various hues can also be used to create hair highlights.
  • “How long does a closure sew in last?” is a good question to ask. It is widely accepted that keratin-bonded hair extensions are the most durable on the market. An 8-month lifespan is possible while using hair extension glue. For hair extensions, the use of glue has many advantages:

Consumers should be aware of the following drawbacks before opting for glue-in hair extensions:

  • Hair extensions with both types of adhesive cannot be reused, hence the price is more than with other types of extensions. However, the long-term endurance of the product indicates that the price is in line with the product’s quality.
  • During the application procedure, both hot fusion and cold fusion might cause harm. The use of heat-tools to apply hot fusion glue to hair extensions is necessary because the high temperature can damage the scalp. When the plier freezes the micro loop, the cold fusion can stretch out our scalp.
  • For a full head of hair extensions, more than 100 sections of hair must be attached with adhesive, which takes a significant amount of time. As a result, the installation process can take anywhere from four to six hours in total.
  • Because hair extensions glue is applied in small, discrete linkages, it must be strong and virtually undetectable. As a result, this product can only be applied by a professional hairstylist.

Ways to apply glue in hair extensions

Do you want to learn more about how hair extension glue is applied to the scalp now that you have a basic understanding of the material? The detailed instructions are provided below.

Instructions to apply glue in hair extensions

It’s up to you how to use the hot fusion.

  • Use a shampoo with natural ingredients to remove dirt and sludge from your hair, then rinse well. Following this, subsequent steps will be more successful.
  • The next step is to divide the hair into sections. You will have four portions of hair: top, bottom, left, and right. Hair extensions will have hot fusion glue applied to the bottom area first.
  • Here are the steps to installing hair extensions in phase three: Approximately a half-inch below the genuine hair, the extension bonds will be applied to the strands of hair. Keratin glue is melted and blended with natural hair with the help of a heat instrument by a specialist. Before adding the human hair extensions U tips to your scalp, wait for the keratin to cool.

Why use cold fusion, and how?

As in the appliance’s first two steps, proceed in the same manner as the first two steps. After that, instead of using a hair-melting tool to dissolve the hair connections, put a little piece of genuine hair via the micro loop. Finally, compress the ring using a plier. If you freeze too hard, you risk stretching out your scalp.

Tips to maintain glue in hair extensions

Hair extensions with cold or hot fusion glue have hair bonds, so be extra careful when brushing your hair. To avoid getting tangled in the binds, gently comb your hair with a wide-toothed brush. Instead of using a brush, use your hands to detangle and untie the knot.
When using a glue in hair extensions set, you should limit the amount of time you wash your hair because the more you wash your hair, the faster the bonds weaken. Instead of using hot water to rinse the hair, use cold water to prevent melting the keratin adhesive.
Avoid styling with heat: Your hair extensions will suffer greatly if you use heat styling. Furthermore, styling your hair at high temperatures will cause the strands to dry out faster.
Hair extensions adhesive stays on your head for weeks and cannot be removed daily, therefore you should strive to keep it in shape while you sleep. Hair can quickly get frizzy as you sleep. In order to keep your hair healthy and strong, you should wear a silk bonnet before going to sleep.

Queen Hair – The best glue in hair extensions supplier

Queen Hair is a leading glue in hair extensions supplier, and also has a hair manufacturing facility in Vietnam. So long as the company’s headquarters are in the raw material location, shipping is always swift and simple.

  • The goods of Queen Hair are reasonably priced. The fact that Queen Hair is located in the raw material area means that our production costs are minimal.
  • High-quality and long-lasting goods are the hallmarks of Queen Hair products. Herbal shampoo and a well-balanced diet are required for the hair we gather from healthy donors. We also have a long history in hair manufacturing, so we can guarantee the quality of our products.
  • Queen Hair has a wide variety of products to choose from. Customers can choose from a variety of styles and colors to suit their needs.

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