If you want to learn more about hair extensions – their materials, origins and an overview of the hair extensions trade, this is the place for you. Scroll down to check out valuable insights about the hair extensions industry and special tips for hair extensions businesses

Overview about hair extensions

Hair extensions are a heavily-demanded beauty product around the world, especially in Africa. In every culture throughout history, humans have always associated people’s hair with their beauty, and even more so for women. While in the past, hair was something you’re born with and can hardly be changed, now anyone can improve their physical appeal by enhancing their hair. One of the best ways to elevate your hair is hair extensions. To have best have extensions, you should choose top wholesale hair vendors.


One of the best ways to elevate your hair is hair extensions.

If you are a hair business owner looking for hair extensions to buy, it is crucial to be well-informed on your products. If not, you might end up purchasing hair extensions that don’t match your customers’ demands. Don’t worry about it, you can consider any of your questions answered in this article.

Definition of hair extensions

Hair extensions are pieces of human or artificial hair that is woven into one’s natural hair. Hair extensions are hair strands, either collected from donors or manufactured from fibres, then attached to fabrics, silicons or glued together, depending on the attachment method.
Hair extensions can change one’s look temporarily by adding more hair to one’s original hair or by completely covering the existing hair, which makes them a wonderful solution for people suffering from hair loss. Weaving human or synthetic hair extensions into one’s hair can boost volume and length while also adding color without the use of chemicals.


Hair extensions are pieces of human or artificial hair that is woven into one’s natural hair.

Because of this broad definition, there are countless hair extensions types in the product. Sometimes, hair extensions classifications can be straight up confusing. That’s why we will be explaining them to you in the next part.

Classifications of hair extensions

Hair extensions come in a variety of product categories to cater for different customer demands. There are quite a few ways to classify hair extensions, but here we will go into two important aspects of hair quality: origins and grade.

Classifications of hair extensions based on origin

Virgin, remy and non-remy are words you might encounter a lot from hair extensions dealers. These words refer to the hair origins and cuticles state of the hair strands.

  • Virgin hair extensions

Virgin hair extensions are made of hair collected from only one person’s head. They are genuine human hair extensions made from a single bundle of hair from a healthy single donor. Once processed or colored, virgin hair extensions cannot be returned to their original condition. This form of hair extension is quite popular among hair providers, as they are ideal for bleaching, coloring and styling. This is the most valuable type of hair extensions in the market.

  • Remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are made of hair of several donors, with its hair strands arranged so that their cuticles align. Cuticle-aligned means remy hair is tangle-free. Remy hair can be left unprocessed or treated by heat or chemicals to make hair extensions or wigs.


Different between remy and non-remy hair extensions

  • Non-remy hair extensions

Non-remy hair extensions are hair of many donors, and are not arranged into cuticle-aligned bundles. This hair, with low production costs, is still common in the market for cheaper products.

Whether or not you should choose virgin, remy or non-remy hair extensions is entirely up to your hair business’s purposes and customer base. The highest quality is virgin hair, then remy hair and lowest is non-remy hair, same thing goes for price. You should take into consideration what quality and price you are providing for your customers when buying hair extensions.
If you want the best quality with reasonable prices, Queen Hair would love to offer you affordable 100% Vietnamese virgin hair in your hair business.

Classifications of hair extensions based on grade

Another way to classify hair extensions is by grade. This is a good measurement for hair extension products to judge hair thickness based on length. If you are familiar with Chinese hair extensions vendors, you might find the same measurement under the name of 1A, 2A, 3A,… 9A, 10A. Here we will divide hair grades into 3 grades: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn:


There are many grades for hair extensions

  • Single drawn (1A → 6A): Single drawn hair extensions have different lengths of hair mixed in, creating the most thickness at the top, tapers in the center, and thin at the ends. In Queen Hair standards, this means 50% of the hair is the listed length.
  • Double drawn (7A → 9A): This is the second best grade of hair extensions, with 75% of the hair being the listed length. Double drawn hair extensions are moderately thick and only get thinner at the end.
  • Super double drawn (10A → 12A): Super double drawn hair is the best grade of hair extensions, having 80-85% of the hair strands with the listed length. This hair grade makes it thick and full from top to bottom, creating a luxurious look.

Hair extension business owners should consider their customer base and price range to choose the right hair grade. If you are aiming for a more high-end niche, you should import double drawn or super double drawn hair extensions. If your customer base has a smaller budget on average, you can choose single drawn hair to cut costs.

Economic potential of starting business with hair extensions

According to The Reuters, the global growing demands for hair extensions and wigs are the reason haircare becomes a “multi-million dollar industry”, especially in Africa. If you do it right, a six-figure profit from a hair extension business is not far-fetched at all.

Great demand of hair extensions

Hair extensions are in high demand. This is shown in the fact that hair extensions create a huge development potential in many countries, especially in Nigeria, thanks to economic growth, improved living standards, and a young population.
According to recent research, Africa’s hair extensions sector is currently worth over $6 billion per year, with Nigeria accounting for half of that total. On average, women in Nigeria pay between $90 and $150 every visit to a hair salon to adopt new hairstyles.
Furthermore, hair suppliers in Nigeria not only offer hair extension products for their local market, but they also provide hair extensions for all around Africa. As a result, this market is a gold mine for any entrepreneur in Nigeria.


Hair extensions and wigs are in high demand around the world, especially in Africa

Starting business with hair extensions with small capital

It may be intimidating when you want to open a hair business with little money. But don’t worry, starting a hair extensions or wig store isn’t as costly as you think. Here are some tips from Queen Hair:

  • Start business with hair extensions online

Starting online is an excellent way to open a professional hair extensions business with the most reasonable cost. You don’t have to pay for rent, as well as deal with many problems of having a physical store. Moreover, having a physical store means you will have to hire more employees as well.


You can start a business from hair extensions with a small budget

  • Drop-shipping for hair extensions business

You don’t have to make an inventory for your hair extensions. Inventories may mean more flexibility on delivery time and packaging, but they only work for established businesses. Moreover, if you stock too many hair extensions, they may not sell quickly and the hair quality can be worse. The best way for small entrepreneurs is to order a small amount and make several products. When your hair business grows over time, you can expand your orders and then consider having an inventory later.

  • Try hair extensions on your hair first

You might think, “Where can I find someone who wants to buy my hair products?”. Trust us that your image is one of your biggest assets. Buy some hair extensions, make a wig for yourself or sew them into your hair. If your hair is nice, people may ask you where you get it from, and you can market your business from there.

  • Market your hair extensions business

For people who don’t have a lot of money, it can be expensive to make a website. So the first place you should start to market your hair extensions or wigs is social media. Instagram, Facebook or e-commerce sites are free for you to use. Make sure to present your products from hair extension products in appealing images and videos.


Marketing your hair business on social media

Ways to find the best hair extensions supplier

Finding a good hair extensions supplier is vital for your hair business, especially when you are starting out. Therefore, make sure to find reliable, quality vendors with reasonable prices. There are some people offering a vendor list with costs, but we believe you can find them yourself for free.

  • Find hair extensions supplier on Google

Look it up on Google if you’re not sure where to begin. Look up terms like “hair extensions suppliers”, “hair extension dealers”, “hair factory” or anything related. Look through the results, compare the pricing, and see what others are saying about them. Top non-sponsored results are typically worth investigating since they have a large customer base and a lot of traffic on their websites.

  • Find hair extensions supplier on social media

Many hair dealers may be found on Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest, as these are the most popular social media sites for hair extensions trade. More photographs and videos of their items may be seen on their social media outlets.

  • Find hair extensions supplier on e-commerce sites

E-commerce platform reviews give useful information about how pleased buyers are with hair extensions dealers. Your market research may be conducted on websites such as Amazon, Shopify or Alibaba.

  • Find hair extensions supplier by networking

In person or in online groups such as Facebook Groups or forums, ask your acquaintances and fellow hair business owners for ideas and tips. You could also get personal guidance for establishing a hair business from experienced business women, in addition to recommendations on professional hair extensions source.


You can find hair extensions supplier by networking

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Comparison among 3 biggest hair extensions in the world

Hair extensions, especially human hair, are a widely traded product. Most hair extensions in the world are manufactured by Asian countries, namely India, China or Vietnam.

Buying hair extensions from Vietnam

The hair extensions trade in Vietnam is rapidly expanding as a result of the increased popularity of Vietnamese hair in recent years.

  • Hair extensions in Vietnam benefit from a plentiful supply of raw materials. The hair is taken from healthy rural Vietnamese ladies. These Vietnamese ladies eat a high-fiber diet and live in the fresh air of the countryside, which keeps their scalp healthy and their hair shinier and more luscious.
  • Vietnam hair extensions are made of 100 percent human hair, which is silky, lustrous, and long-lasting, making it the perfect hair for black or Caucasian ladies. They’re also lightweight and simple to wear.
  • Vietnamese hair extensions manufacturers have a strict control on their collection stage, carefully selecting the best hair for manufacturing.

Even with all of the benefits outlined, the costs of Vietnamese hair extensions sellers are still quite affordable, while having the best hair quality in the market.


Vietnamese hair extensions is of higher quality but not too costly

Buying hair extensions from China

China has large-scale production and an excellent logistics infrastructure, giving them a significant economic advantage.

  • The best price, quickest shipping time, and most availability are all offered by Chinese hair merchants. Chinese hair factories are large focused manufacturing plants, and they mass produce and stock their hair extensions, hence reducing the labour and production costs.
  • Chinese hair extensions, on the other hand, are frequently created from a combination of supplies from surrounding nations, including India. Because Chinese hair is largely mixed, it contains some synthetic hair, resulting in a shorter expiration date and inferior quality.

Moreover, there are many con artists that claim to be Chinese hair extensions dealers. So, if you’re looking for Chinese hair extensions, keep an eye out!

Buying hair extensions from India

Indian hair extensions is the most common in the market since it is the raw material source for many hair companies throughout the world.

  • Indian hair is inexpensive and nearly always available. A lot of Indian temples and rural areas have a tradition of growing hair and cutting them off as an offering to god.
  • However, the manufacture of Indian hair extensions has a negative reputation due to unhygienic collection techniques. There have been reports of Indian hair collected being mixed with animal fur, and being cut in unsanitary places.

Furthermore, India’s volatile political situation might occasionally cause interruption. An Indian hair supplier may not have a consistent product flow in times of political instability, affecting their customers.
As a result, before opting to deal with the top wholesale hair vendor in India, you should conduct extensive research.
In conclusion, if quality is your utmost priority, you should choose Vietnamese hair extensions because this is the best human hair in the market. But if you want really low prices, you may go to Chinese or Indian hair extensions, but if you want superior quality but not too expensive hair, Vietnamese hair extensions is a great alternative.

Top 5 reliable hair extensions suppliers

In case you’re still seeking reliable hair extensions suppliers, we have composed a list of 3 of the best wholesale hair extensions dealers based on their product range, quality, and reasonable prices.

Queen Hair – Top 1 hair extensions supplier

Queen Hair Factory has been one of the best professional wholesale hair extensions and raw hair manufacturers for the past ten years, creating and selling high-quality hair for our customers. Queen Hair recently decided to enter the Nigerian market as a wholesale hair supplier, providing 100% natural Vietnamese hair to Nigeria and other African countries.


Queen Hair is top 1 Vietnamese hair extensions supplier

  • Queen Hair has a large selection of Vietnamese hair extensions to help you choose the best hair extensions for your consumers, especially in Nigeria and Africa.
  • Queen Hair obtains hair from healthy Vietnamese ladies with lustrous, silky black hair. Queen Hair transforms these exquisite locks into a diverse range of hair extensions in Nigeria, including lengths, textures, colors, and attaching methods that complement the characteristics of African women.
  • Queen Hair’s in-house hair manufacturing is one of the primary reasons we can deliver hair extensions at low prices. The greatest level of product distribution is factory distribution. As a result, Queen Hair’s hair extension products provided directly from our factory have no added value from reseller profits.

Queen Hair provides best quality for your business

Queen Hair is the ideal choice for you if you want outstanding quality, diversity, and consistency at a fair price. Queen Hair is here to help you with your Nigerian hair company. Contact us now for an exclusive deal!

K-Hair Factory – Top 2 hair extensions supplier

K-Hair is a hair extensions supplier that many businesspeople in the hair industry, particularly clients in Nigeria, trust. K-Hair began in 1990 with a modest plant and has since extended manufacturing lines and updated innovative technology to better serve clients.


K-Hair Factory is top 2 hair extensions supplier

Their hair products are of exceptional quality and available in a variety of distinctive hairstyles, as the tagline “Quality is king” suggests.

5S Hair – Top 3 hair extensions supplier

5S Hair is a well-known Vietnamese hair extensions supplier that was founded in 1989. With over 20 years of experience, 5S Hair serves thousands of customers worldwide, including Nigeria. They’ve expanded to become one of Vietnam’s leading hair extensions manufacturers.


5S Hair is top 3 hair extensions supplier

They provide a variety of textures and colors, including straight, curly, and wavy hair extensions. With the tagline “Shine in your own way”, 5s always delivers high-quality hair extension products.

  • Products: Raw hair, hair weaves, frontal & closure
  • Seniority: 32 years
  • Shipment: Worldwide

Luna Hair – Top 4 hair extensions suppliers

Luna Hair is one of the most well-known Vietnamese hair sellers. Luna is always aiming to provide the best Vietnamese hair items with the highest quality, owing to their manufacturing expertise.

  • Products: Hair extensions in almost every textures in the market: straight, curly, wavy, kinky, etc
  • Shipment: Worldwide shipping with agents and big delivery companies

Ruby Hair – Top 5 hair extensions supplier

Ruby Hair Factory is one of Vietnam’s leading Vietnamese hair sellers. In addition to pre-made items, their hair processing frameworks may create hair pieces based on user preferences. The name implies that every hair product produced by this brand possesses the qualities of a gem: it is high-quality, high-profile, and high-fashion.

  • Products: Human hair extensions of a wide range of colors and color combinations, in various textures
  • Seniority: 5 years

Using the article’s material as a guideline, we hope you are able to choose the best hair extensions for your hair business. If you still have any questions, contact Queen Hair right away for the best guidance from our hair experts!

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