Christmas is a special occasion of the year in many countries around the world, from Europe, Asia to Africa. This is the occasion that people look forward to, excitedly preparing everything perfectly to enter the holiday and enjoy things like decorating the house, shopping for clothes, and of course, hair for Christmas is also something not to be missed through each approaching Christmas season. Learn interesting things about hair for Christmas with today’s article


Hair for Christmas – Ready for upcoming holiday

Higher demand of hair for Christmas every year 

To find out the interesting things about hair for Christmas, first, let’s learn a little bit about the needs of women for hair for Christmas during each festive season.


Higher demand of hair for Christmas

Beauty is an essential, burning and permanent need of women, that’s why they have a famous saying that: wherever you go, whatever you do, you need to be beautiful. Perhaps with the development of life, the quality and needs of life are improved, women do not need to wait for important occasions to have beauty needs, but on weekdays, women also pay great attention to taking care of their health and beauty, especially their hair. However, still undeniably, major holidays such as Christmas, New Year, … the demand for hair for Christmas skyrocketed significantly. These days, hair salons everywhere are always crowded with customers. Everyone takes advantage of refurbishing their hair for Christmas before Christmas knocks on the door. A hair salon owner shared: “The big holidays at the end of the year like Christmas and New Year, the number of customers at the salon increased 3-5 times compared to weekdays. All women were busy preparing hair for Christmas, many the day the customers were too crowded, they even had to wait for many hours.” On these occasions, hair salons also take advantage of the high demand for hair for Christmas to increase the price of hairdressing services, hair for Christmas will range in price from 1.5 million VND to more than 3 million VND, depending on the hairstyle and customer service choice


Higher demand of hair for Christmas

Why is hair for Christmas important for women on holidays? 

Everyone of us knows that, when the Christmas festive seasons are approaching, every girl is busy choosing for herself the most beautiful and shimmering hair for Christmas. So have we ever wondered why hair for Christmas is so important to them during the biggest festive season of this year? Let’s find out why in the section below

Christmas is one of the biggest and busiest festive seasons of the year, no matter where you are, in countries that consider Christmas an official festival or countries that just celebrate Christmas, everyone is extremely excited and eager to prepare the best for these days because this is an opportunity for them to rest, relax with family and friends, and spend time enjoying themselves after a period of hard work around the year. 


Hair for Christmas is important for women

Besides preparing for Christmas such as home decoration, delicious food, interesting gifts,… taking care of appearance is also extremely important, especially hair for Christmas, many women even spent a month choosing their favorite hairstyle for this holiday season. Christmas is an occasion for women to meet friends, relatives, or an opportunity for them to travel or relax, so they always want to renew themselves to become more attractive and hair for Christmas is the first choice that comes to their mind. This is also very understandable because imagine, if you wear extremely gorgeous clothes for Christmas, but your hair is messy and damaged, how can you confidently shine? This is why hair for Christmas is an effective secret to your sparkling beauty throughout the Christmas season


Hair for Christmas is important for women

Some outstanding hair for Christmas 

Hair for Christmas is very important and an effective secret to help girls shine on Christmas Eve, let’s take a look at some hair for Christmas that girls love very much.

Retro curled hair – Top 1 hair for Christmas 

Retro curled hair is the most loved hair for Christmas by girls of all ages. Whether it’s teenage girls or mature women, retro curled hair for Christmas helps them become much younger and more fashionable. Retro curled hair for Christmas brings classic style and charm with a bit of modernity. In particular, this is a very suitable hairstyle in the warm Christmas atmosphere, you just need to wear warm Christmas clothes such as sweaters, skirts, … along with this retro curled hair for Christmas attached accessories such as hairpins, beanies, … you are already beautiful enough for the Christmas season


Some outstanding hair for Christmas 

Side braided hair – Top 2 hair for Christmas 

Side braided hair is a hairstyle that cannot be ignored when it comes to hair for Christmas. This can be considered as the most youthful hairstyle for girls, it can turn girls from 25-30 years old into active, mischievous and lovely teenage girls. Side braided hair is a hair for Christmas that is extremely easy to make, anyone can create their own favorite braids and then combine them with hair accessories such as Christmas red bows, turbans, scarves, hat….you are already outstanding enough in this festive season


Some outstanding hair for Christmas 

Half up half down – Top 3 hair for Christmas 

Half up half down is the hairstyle that cannot be more suitable for hair for Christmas. This is a very gentle, feminine and youthful hair for Christmas for all girls of all different ages. Half up half down is also a hairstyle that is not difficult to do, but the application is extremely high, you can use this hairstyle to just go for a walk, have fun on Christmas Day, but also join Christmas parties. Luxurious birth, half up half down is also the right hair for Christmas for all those events. If you are afraid that half up half down hairstyles are too boring, try combining them with Christmas accessories such as bows, flowers, turbans, … will upgrade your hair significantly.


Some outstanding hair for Christmas 

Bad habits ruin hair for Christmas

Everyone wants to have strong and smooth hair for Christmas so that they can be confident in their beautiful appearance, however, the following bad habits can destroy hair for Christmas, please refer to it right away.

Bad habit of hair for Christmas – Comb or style hair while it’s wet

When the hair for Christmas is still wet, combing and styling will be more difficult, and the possibility of hair breakage is also higher. If you don’t believe it, just try combing your hair right after you wash it and pull a strand out. You will immediately notice that your hair is much easier to break than when it is dry. And when combing hair, not only one but many, possibly up to hundreds of hairs, are broken. The heat from styling machines such as curling irons or straighteners causes the water to evaporate very quickly. And the fact that both moisture and moisture evaporates, accompanied by high-heat tools, will make hair fall, dry and severely damaged hair, extremely difficult to take care of.

Treatment: Let the hair for Christmas dry naturally before you comb or style it. If you want to use heat tools, make sure they have a temperature that is safe for your hair.


Bad habit of hair for Christmas

Bad habit of hair for Christmas – Wash hair too many times and by hot water

Because you want to take better care of your hair for Christmas, think that washing your hair a lot and with hot water can kill bacteria and keep your hair clean? In fact, the glands on the scalp produce a natural amount of oil that is essential for healthy hair for Christmas. Washing your hair with hot water will wash away this oil, making your hair dry and brittle. Besides, washing your hair too much will also have the same effect. Hairstylists often recommend washing your hair twice a week or three times if you have an oily scalp.

Treatment: Do not wash your hair every day, preferably 2-3 times a week and only use warm water to wash it.


Bad habit of hair for Christmas

Bad habit of hair for Christmas – Exposing hair to the sun too much

Normally, if you plan to be outdoors, you will often remember to apply sunscreen to your face and hands and feet, but forget to protect and take care of your hair. Too much sun exposure not only damages the skin but also the hair for Christmas. If your hair is severely yellow (discoloration), becomes dry and split ends more then that is the damage of UV rays.

Treatment: Use a towel or hat to shield your hair for Christmas from the sun.


Bad habit of hair for Christmas

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