You can make use of this article’s comparison of Brazilian hair vs Indian hair to find the best hair for your wholesale hair business. As long as your company is financially viable in the long run, you should make your choice carefully.


Honest comparison between brazilian hair vs indian hair

Definition of brazilian hair vs indian hair

With the huge demand for hair extensions, brazilian hair vs indian hair are becoming more and more popular with wholesale hair resellers around the world. Hair extensions are made very differently in these two countries. In the beginning, we will clarify for you by the definition of Brazilian hair vs indian hair. 

Definition of brazilian hair when it comes to brazilian hair vs indian hair

Between Brazilian hair vs Indian hair, Brazilian hair is the type of hair that is taken from local area. Because of lying in material areas, Brazilian hair is frequently sourced from South American donors in order to meet demand. 


Definition of brazilian hair when it comes to brazilian hair vs indian hair

  • The majority of donors come from small, rural communities in Brazil, where they are compensated for their efforts in growing and donating thick, healthy hair. In South Africa, Brazilian hair is the most popular type of hair. In most cases, the hair is soft, thick, and extremely resistant to damage. As a result, the hair can be styled in any way you want, whether you prefer it straight, wavy, or curly.
  • In addition to being extremely color-tolerant, Brazilian hair type can be dyed to any shade you desire. There are many advantages to using this type of hair because of its natural density: it is less likely to frizz and you can use fewer bundles to maintain a full look.

Definition of indian hair when it comes to brazilian hair vs indian hair

Indian hair is considered to give a major advantage thanks to locating right in the raw material source of hair. Therefore, indian hair wholesale vendors is so plentiful. Indian hair is usually collected in two ways.

  • Indian hair can be collected from people who give up their virgin hair as an act of devotion to Hindu temples, in the hopes that their prayers will be answered. Administrators of Hindu temples would then take their hair. It will also be sold to hair factories in India, where they will use it to make a variety of styles of hair extensions for wholesale hair vendors in India and other countries.

Definition of indian hair when it comes to brazilian hair vs indian hair

  • Another way to collect raw Indian hair is quite strange. There will be some hair on the floor when Indian women use the public restroom and take a shower. The cleaning staff in this public restroom takes the hair they’ve collected to clean and dry it, . The hair is sold to Indian factories that use some sort of advanced technology to turn it into remy hair, which is then purchased by numerous wholesale hair vendors in India..

Comparison between brazilian hair vs indian hair

Being top widely-purchased types of hair in the global hair market, brazilian hair vs indian hair carry individual values and similarities that is worth for your hair business. Therefore, after having some knowledge about Brazilian hair vs Indian hair, let’s analyze in more detail in terms of similarities and differences between them.

Similarities of brazilian hair vs indian hair

When it comes to origin, both brazilian and indian hair are sourced from their respective regions, owing to the abundance of hair accessible in those areas.

Particularly notable are the hair donors who maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a rigorous hair care regimen based on organic products. This results in Brazilian hair vs Indian hair having a stronger structure and more healthy hair strands on the whole.

Difference of brazilian hair vs indian hair

Both Brazilian hair vs Indian hair come from healthy donors, but the methods used to collect the hair and the characteristics of the hair are vastly different. Before making a purchase, hair wholesalers should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the differences between the two types of hair in order to get the most bang for their buck.

Difference of price between brazilian hair vs indian hair

The cost of the hair is the most important consideration when comparing Brazilian and Indian hair. Despite the fact that Brazilian hair costs a lot, Indian hair is widely considered to be the most affordable in the world. This is because of the following reasons.

  • Despite the fact that hair wholesalers in Brazil are located close to the raw material area, the cost of Brazilian hair from South America remains high. As a result, Brazilian wholesale hair seller prices are quite high. As a result, many hair dealers should bear this in mind when purchasing hair from Brazilian wholesalers. Furthermore, Brazilian hair companies’ advanced manufacturing technologies are another reason for their higher wholesale hair prices in Brazil. They will have higher manufacturing costs than other countries. In order to stay in business, wholesale hair vendors selling Brazilian hair have to raise their prices.

Difference of price between brazilian hair vs indian hair

  • Due to the way Indian hair is collected and its available free source, Indian hair is much cheaper than Brazilian hair when it comes to Brazilian hair vs Indian hair. Hair from Indian temples, where devotees give their hair to the gods in exchange for good fortune, will be purchased and sold to hair factories in India by the temple administrator. Because of this, hair factories in India are able to purchase hair from temple administrators at low prices because of their abundance of hair.

Difference of quality between brazilian hair vs indian hair

When comparing Brazilian hair vs Indian hair, the price of Indian hair will be less expensive, as previously stated. When it comes to hair products, don’t let the price be your sole determining factor. Regardless of whether or not their hair quality is different. Because the price is worth the quality, therefore, the quality of brazilian hair is considered to be superior to Indian hair.

  • As a result of the fact that the majority of Brazilian hair is purchased from healthy Brazilian donors. In order for their hair to meet the quality standards of Brazilian hair manufacturers, Brazilian women who sell hair have contracts with a wholesale hair vendor who require that they maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes daily hair washing with herbal ingredients and avoiding greasy foods, for example. In addition, a large number of hair experts in Brazil will conduct an inspection of the production process of Brazilian hair before it is put into production. As a result, Brazilian hair is superior to hair from India hair in terms of its quality.
  • In contrast, Indian hair does not have strengths in terms of quality. Considering that Indian hair is mostly collected from monks in temple settings, the angle and quality of the hair sold here cannot be guaranteed. As a result, the vast majority of Indian hair is remy hair, as it was derived from a variety of hair donors. Furthermore, Indian hair is thin, rough, and naturally curly, which results in difficulty of making many hairstyles. Therefore, Indian hair needs straightening before restyle.

Difference of quality between brazilian hair vs indian hair

With a hair entrepreneur, the price is not the only factor that should be taken into consideration, but the quality can also significantly affect the whole business process. If you want to take the trust from customers, your products must satisfy the quality standard as Brazilian hair because of its high quality and impressive features. However, Indian hair is also be able to be a wise choice if you investigate carefully and choose the right Indian hair supplier

Difference of diversity product between brazilian hair vs indian hair

Having a wide range of products to choose from gives you a leg up on the competition by attracting more customers to your store. So, let’s analyze the differences between brazilian vs indian hair

  • Brazilian hair is strong enough to be produced in to a variety of hair extensions. Because of being taken from healthy lifestyle, Brazilian hair originally has certain structure and the ability to endure chemical process without negative affection. Furthermore, Brazilian hair wholesalers have cultivated many years of experience in producing hair extensions. As a result, Brazilian hair are restyled in to many different styles, so that it will be diverse enough to supply hair dealers with the exact hair types and colors they desire. What matters is that the hair remained in excellent condition.
  • Indian hair, on the other hand, is unique in that it can only be styled in a limited number of ways. Indian hair is naturally curly, so if you want to create a hairstyle, your hair must first be straight. There will be a pre-treatment step before styling the hair, so that it can be straightened. This causes the hair of Indians, which is already weak, to become even weaker as a result of styling. Consequently, it is difficult to come up with a new hairdo.

Difference of diversity product between brazilian hair vs indian hair

When running a hair business, the more diverse your products are, customers can have more ability to expose and buy hair from your hair company. If you are comparing Brazilian hair vs Indian hair, then Brazilian hair may outperform the others. 

A comparison of the differences between Brazilian and Indian hair was conducted after that. Based on our findings, we believe that Indian hair is the best option for your business if you are looking for quick financial gains and don’t care about the quality of your product. The opposite is true: if you provide a dependable and high-quality flow of goods, customers will be more likely to return to your establishment. That is why Brazilian hair will be an excellent choice in this situation.

Top 5 best Brazilian hair suppliers

Here are three of the best places in Brazil to find a reputable Brazilian hair supplier. They can also assist you in determining the best course of action to maximize your financial gain.

Virgin Cabelo – Top 1 Brazilian hair supplier

Virgin Cabelo is a top wholesale hair supplier in Brazil, originating from a reputable hair manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Virgin Cabelo strives to make natural and enjoyable hair products.

  • Main item: In addition to Brazilian hair, Virgin Cabelo offers Peruvian hair, the purest form of 100% human hair. The actual hair is long, luscious, and full of waves and curls.
  • For a low cost (starting at $35 per hair bundle), Virgin Cabelo also sells hair bundles for customers to make their own wigs.

Buy Indian and Brazilian hair from one of Brazil’s most trusted wholesale hair vendors at a reasonable price with Virgin Cabelo.

Wig Fair – Top 2 best Brazilian hair supplier

Wig Fair offers a variety of hair products made from Brazilian hair, including bundles and wigs, that are available in a variety of colors. Because of the limited availability of Brazilian hair, as previously stated, this term is only used by hair providers to attract customers by offering a higher price for a product that is otherwise comparable.

Nadula Hair – Top 3 best Brazilian hair supplier

Since its inception, Nadula Hair has remained true to its mission statement of empowering women to be brave, bold, and true to themselves. With its genuine nature and unique brand image, it stays true to the brand while also constantly innovating and breaking the outmoded to provide limitless options.


Nadula Hair – Top 3 best Brazilian hair supplier

Nadula Hair’s primary product is hair extensions from a variety of countries, including Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair extensions. Nadula Hair is able to offer factory prices to hair salons because they own a hair factory.

Rio Human hair – Top 4 best Brazilian hair supplier

Advertising and exporting Brazilian virgin hair is the sole focus of Rio Human Hair Brazil. As a result, they pay close attention to their customers, scrutinize the quality of their products, and expedite their delivery times in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Brazilian virgin hair is Rio Human Hair Brazil’s primary product, with a wide range of hairstyles including straight, wavy, and curly.

This company has the best pricing out of all the Brazilian wholesale hair suppliers mentioned in this article. Buying now will also net you a discount, making it a very cost-effective option.

Mega Beauty – Top 5 best Brazilian hair supplier

Mega Beauty joined in April 2013. The company specializes in human hair for the beauty and personal care industries.

  • The natural color and purity of Brazilian virgin and remy hair are unparalleled.
  • Prices start at $200 per wig and include shipping from Brazil.

Mega Beauty – Top 5 best Brazilian hair supplier

To summarize, Mega Beauty is a top Brazilian wholesale hair supplier with excellent customer service and high-quality Brazilian hair supplies at factory prices. Mega-Sexy They have a team of hairstylists to help you run your salon better.

Top 5 best Indian hair supplier

Choosing hair distributors in India to expand their business is not easy. We will help you enlist the top 5 best Indian hair suppliers based on their reliability and product quality.

1 Hair stop – Top 1 best Indian hair supplier

1 Hair Stop has been in the hair extension business for over a decade and works with numerous Indian hair factories. Clip-in hair extensions in a variety of styles, such as wave hair, straight hair, curly hair, etc., are the company’s primary product.

India and Europe are the primary markets for these hair factories in India. For those who want to change their appearance in a short period of time, this type of hair they offer is entirely clip-in hair extensions.

SGI Hair – Top 2 best Indian hair supplier

A hair factory founded in 2008, SGI Hair – one of the first hair factories in India, has a wealth of experience in hair extension manufacturing. Many hair extension types are available through SGI Hair’s Wholesale distributor, including: virgin Indian human hair, wavy and curly strands of hair, long hair, lace closures


SGI Hair – Top 2 best Indian hair supplier

Besides that, SGI frequently offers a wide variety of discounts on a regular basis. The price is likely to be lower than that of other Indian hair factories when they have large discounts. Choosing the right time to take advantage of wholesale hair extensions’ big discounts can be extremely profitable and save a lot of money.

A.K.Enterprise – Top 3 best Indian hair supplier

An ISO 9001-certified wholesaler of hair extensions, A.K Enterprises is one of India’s leading hair suppliers. Bleached, double-drawn, virgin, and other types of human hair extensions are among the options. Another difference between them and other wholesale hair vendors in India is that they can customize each customer’s hair extensions to their exact specifications.

Hair extensions made in India are made from 100 percent human hair and can be styled, colored, and dried to the wearer’s specifications. All of their hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and are free of dust, dross, lice, and other undesirable elements.

Chennai Hair Factory – Top 4 best Indian hair supplier

One of the leading hair-wig and extension manufacturers in the world, Chennai Hair Factory is a Sole Proprietorship-based company founded in 2012. Each wig is handcrafted in-house, using only the finest materials, including hair purchased from reputable market vendors. The company’s main product is synthetic wigs, but it also makes raw Indian hair, human hair, and other things.

In terms of offering raw Indian hair services, the Chennai Hair Factory was the first to do so. Customers from all over the world have been served by the company for more than three years. Human hair extensions are sold by the world’s largest wholesaler, which is them. Their hair extensions could help you look better. They sell wholesale human hair extensions to salons, shops, and individuals. Products from this company are lauded for their high standards of quality and style.

We have supplied you with the most detailed information about brazilian hair vs indian hair. If you are having any problems with hair business or having intention to buy wholesale hair, please contact Ms Jessica from Queen Hair through whatsapp: +84844444829 for free consultant.

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