Since 2012, the wholesale hair market has been expanded with the participation of many countries and companies around the world, marking the strong development of a new import-export industry. In recent years, the hair market has made great strides, beating many competitors to become one of the industries with the highest growth rate. These have created an extremely favorable environment for the development of wholesale hair.


Basic knowledge we need to know about wholesale hair

In order to penetrate the wholesale hair market, we need to clearly understand it first. Have you ever learned about wholesale hair? Do you know what wholesale hair is? Let’s keep reading this article and you will get the answer.

Definition of wholesale hair

Wholesale hair is the most popular form of business in today’s hair market. This is a form in which wholesalers will import large quantities of hair from factories and then resell it to salons, retail buyers or even smaller wholesalers.


Definition of wholesale hair

Wholesale hair is very different from retail because they have a very large number of goods, a large number of money transactions traded each time, the import process and business operations are also very complicated.
It can be said that wholesale hair is a business form that is not too difficult but also not simple for newbies.

Development history of wholesale hair

The form of wholesale hair has been around for a long time and has a long history. In the years 2008-2010, many hair traders in European and African countries went to developing countries, especially poor countries in Asia, in search of raw hair sources. After many times selling hair to those foreign traders, people here realized that this was a great opportunity to take a chance and develop their business, so hair production villages were born.


Development history of wholesale hair

In the first stage, these craft villages only existed with spontaneous form, small production, no clear development orientation. Gradually, as the hair market expanded, the concept of wholesale hair became clearer, these small craft villages were built into large factories, many workers and large operating capacity.

Today, when the import-export industry develops strongly, there are more and more hair factories appearing in many countries such as China, Vietnam, India, …

When do people start to wholesale hair?

Have you ever wondered why European and African countries have such a big demand for wholesale hair?


When do people start to wholesale hair?

As we all know, for everyone, especially women, the need for beauty has never stopped. They always want themselves to look radiant and attractive and hair is a factor that makes a woman more beautiful. However, not everyone has beautiful and strong hair. In African countries, because of the harsh climate and weather, their hair characteristics are short, curly, weak, …

About Europeans, their hair characteristics are not too bad but it is very thin, short, easy to fall out, tangle,..  All these things make wholesale hair born and grow up faster and faster.

Wholesale hair appears in many countries in the world

As I mentioned above, wholesale hair form is different from retail hair and business transactions related to wholesale hair will be conducted internationally between countries. This means that wholesale hair is not only distributed in a single area but in many countries.


Wholesale hair appears in many countries in the world

However, hair is not traded wholesale everywhere. Hair importing countries are concentrated in Nigeria, Ghana, USA, Germany, France while the world’s hair suppliers are concentrated in main countries such as China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and scattered in some other countries.

The main market of hair will take Asian countries as the center and distribute branches around it. When you want to learn about wholesale hair, you need to learn about the differences as well as the connection of these countries 

Main products of wholesale for hair

When we talk about wholesale hair, the main character we need to mention is hair for sure. There are many types of hair being produced and released today, which are human hair, mixed hair and synthetic hair. Each of these hair types will have different characteristics, properties and prices. The variety of hairstyles will help buyers easily choose the right product for themselves.

Human hair – The best product for wholesale hair

We all know that things made from nature always have a rank and are appreciated above the rest. Human hair is considered the main wholesale hair product, accounting for 75% of the total hair on the market. Human hair is 100% human hair cut from women aged 18-35, they are called donors. Because the donors are all young women, their hair is characterized by strong, lustrous and maximum length up to 45 inches.

Wholesale hair: The origin of human hair from biggest hair producers

Most of the human hair on the market and the salons are now sourced from Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, and India. These are the 3 countries with the largest source of real hair export in the world.

  • Wholesale hair: Origin of Indian human hair

Wholesale hair: Origin of Indian human hair

Indian Hair is also known as “Holy Hair”. Indian wholesale hair comes from a prayer practice that has existed for 5,000 years in this country. At famous temples and shrines, an average of 50,000 to 100,000 people come here every day to offer incense. The women among them will perform the ritual of shaving their heads to offer their hair to the temple with the wish to bless their family and they cut their hair to offer to the gods to show their respect. The hair is then sold to wig dealers. These merchants will give a part of the profits to the temple for them to distribute everywhere.

  • Wholesale hair: Origin of Chinese human hair

Wholesale hair: Origin of Chinese human hair

In remote Chinese areas, with poor families who have no money to support their lives, women will collect lost hair or grow long hair and then cut it and exchange it for items, wages. really necessary or if they are lucky they meet big traders, they will sell for money with that hair. These Chinese hair merchants will supply the raw materials for wholesale hair to factories.

  • Wholesale hair: Origin of Vietnamese human hair

Wholesale hair: Origin of Vietnamese human hair

Vietnamese Hair is collected from women aged 18-35 years old in high mountainous areas. Here, the women who have traditionally kept their hair long and strong, the more it proves the beauty of Vietnamese women. Because where they live are high mountains, where the weather is beautiful, there is no environmental pollution and there is no harsh climate or too much influence by sunlight, so Vietnamese hair has good quality and is considered the best source of natural hair for wholesale hair products in the world.

Wholesale hair: Categories of human hair

According to common knowledge, we often think that there is only one type of human hair, which is human hair. However, based on the characteristics and quality of wholesale hair, human hair is divided into 3 main types: Raw Hair, Virgin Hair and Remy Hair.

  • Raw hair

Wholesale hair – Raw hair

Raw hair is human hair cut from 2-3 donors, this is the most basic type of hair, has not undergone any processing, has many similar characteristics to Virgin hair, but the quality is a bit lower than Virgin hair. Wholesale raw hair vendors are very interested in raw hair because their texture proves that they are 100% human hair.

  • Virgin hair

Virgin hair: This is the type of hair that is cut directly from a human head, without the mix of many different hair substances and has never been chemically processed, so all hairs have the same uniformity. Virgin is also known as “Virgin hair from one donor”.


Wholesale hair – Virgin hair

This is considered the highest quality natural hair extension and is especially used for those who need to bleach or dye their hair to light colors like #613, White or all other Blond colors,…

  • Remy hair

Remy is a hair extension that is mixed from many different human heads, not processed. To create a bundle of remy hair, the types of hair grafted on need to be similar in quality and characteristics of the hair.


Wholesale hair – Remy hair

Although remy hair is hair mixed from many people, it is still of good quality, so using remy hair as a hair extension can completely create many hairstyles such as bone straight, curly hair, … or for dyeing. However, remy hair is not of the same high quality as Virgin, so it is not possible to bleach or create extensions with bright colors like Virgin hair.

Second choice for wholesale hair: Blend hair

In addition to human hair, there is another type of hair that is quite popular for wholesale hair, which is blend hair. This is a type of hair that is mixed between human hair and synthetic hair in ratios like 3:7 or 2:8.


Second choice for wholesale hair: Blend hair

Blend hair is well received by many wholesale hair customers because of its affordable price (not 100% human hair) but very good experience. Blend hair is a product of Chinese factories so it only sells in China, if you want to learn about it, search for Chinese hair factories.

Synthetic hair – a not bad option for wholesale hair

With the outstanding advances of Chinese hair extension technology, synthetic hair is considered the most exported wholesale hair product in this country of billions of people.


Synthetic hair – a not bad option for wholesale hair

Synthetic hair is a type of hair from synthetic fibers coated with a layer of silicon on the surface, so they have a structure and smoothness similar to real hair that is quite high and will be difficult to recognize if the buyer just looks at it. However, this coating will fade after a few washes, when the hair will smell dry and easy to tangle. Customers who buy wholesale hair from synthetic hair will not last long and cause a lot of damage to the original hair. This is also the reason why recently China has received many poor reviews from customers about hair quality.

Which objects are involved in the wholesale hair market?

Let’s move to the next section to find out who is doing wholesale hair and what role they play in relationships.

Hair importing countries – Main distribution of wholesale hair

As I mentioned above, currently African countries and some European countries have the largest import rates in the world. Due to the high demand of customers in these countries, it has helped the hair industry grow as strongly as it is today

Main wholesale hair importers: European Countries


Main wholesale hair importers: European Countries

  • Some typical countries specializing in wholesale hair in Europe can be mentioned as: US, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, ..
  • The characteristics of the people’s hair in these countries are thin, short, easy to break, so their demand for beauty and hair extensions is very high. Popular types of hair extensions imported by these countries are: tape hair extensions, tip hair extensions or clip-in extensions.
  • In addition, there is a large part of black people living here who also do wholesale hair business on a fairly large scale

Main wholesale hair importers: African countries


Main wholesale hair importers: African countries

  • When it comes to wholesale hair, we cannot ignore African countries because this is the largest hair market in the world, accounting for about 70%. Typical countries specializing in wholesale hair trade in Africa are Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa,…
  • In recent years, in these countries wholesale hair – hair extensions is the most developed industry and has never shown any sign of decreasing. There are so many people interested in hair that the hair import and export industry has been taught in schools and major centers. Almost every girl has a dream to become a hair wholesaler in the future

Hair exporting countries – Main factories supplying wholesale hair in the world

In a business relationship, where there is a demand side, there must be a supply side. The current hair supply on the market is wholesale hair factories, large wholesale hair vendors concentrated in Asian countries and some Americans such as Brazil and Mexico.

Main wholesale hair exporters: Asian countries

  • China

China is currently the world’s largest exporter of wholesale hair with a volume of thousands of tons a year. Customers in countries that want to import wholesale hair will often think of China first.


Wholesale hair in China

Factories in China are built very large with a huge number of workers. The form of hair production of factories in China is mass production according to molds. China’s main wholesale hair products are Human hair and Synthetic hair.

Because of that, Chinese hair is cheap and always available in stock.

  • Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam is rising to compete with China to take the position of no.1 wholesale hair exporting country in the world.  Vietnamese people have long been famous for the image of a woman with long hair, the characteristic of Vietnamese hair is strong, smooth and bouncy. One of the reasons why Vietnam can develop a strong import-export industry today is because Vietnamese hair is so beautiful and so famous.


Wholesale hair in Vietnam

Vietnam can especially be considered as a destination for investors in high quality hair. This is also the difference that makes Vietnamese hair special.

However, unlike China, Vietnam does not build factories with mass production lines, they develop from small and small craft villages to large production factories.

  • India

In addition to Vietnam and China, India is also a strong country in terms of wholesale hair exports. Why is Indian hair not as famous as Vietnam or they don’t have a big factory, what has helped India to be in the Top 3 biggest hair exporting countries in the world?


Wholesale hair in India

The main source of Indian hair is “hair from the temples” and some other unknown sources.

Indian wholesale hair has the characteristics of low cost and short production time. One of the biggest benefits of importing Indian hair is that the buyer can save a lot of money if he invests in the Indian hair trade. However, the price goes hand in hand with the quality, you get what you pay for.

Main wholesale hair exporters: American countries: Brazil and Mexico

American countries like Brazil and Mexico are also considered the main exporters of wholesale hair in the market today. However, there are many people who misunderstand that they are manufacturing countries and then resell them to those who have demand to buy wholesale hair.


Main wholesale hair exporters: American countries: Brazil and Mexico

Brazil and Mexico are not considered as producing countries because they do not have the source of raw hair materials, the vendors in these two countries are just wholesale resell countries. They will import hair from producing countries like China and then change their name and sell it to other countries.

How to start wholesale hair business: Advices for newbie

After reading this far, I am sure that you have obtained enough basic knowledge about hair and wholesale hair. The hair market is so huge and complex, so it’s quite hard for newcomers to get into it. If you want to start a hair business, I think this will be the section for you.Let’s follow these steps to become a professional hair wholesaler.

Learn thoroughly about wholesale hair before joining the hair market


Learn thoroughly about wholesale hair before joining the hair market

  • Business has never been easy for a newbie who wants to start wholesale hair business, you must prepare yourself with the necessary knowledge to be able to do well in this field.
  • The first step to being able to start a business is to have a clear understanding of what hair products you sell, what types of hair you have. As you gain industry and product knowledge, you’ll be able to shape yourself about what to do and how to do it.
  • No one can run a successful business if they don’t understand what they’re doing. A professional business person is a person who has carefully prepared knowledge

Make a clear and detailed plan to start wholesale hair

  • The next step, after you have the basics of hair, you need to make a detailed plan to decide what you need to do and how to do it.For the wholesale hair industry, you have 2 options to start a business.
  • Online shop business: You will use social accounts, websites to post your hair products and promote them.
  • In this way, you will not have to spend a lot of space rental costs, electricity and water costs like opening a shop. However, this business method has many disadvantages.
  • Open an offline store: This is a fairly popular form of wholesale hair business today, you will open shops and salons and then sell your products. One advantage of this business method is that your customers can go directly to the store and choose what they want. In particular, you can combine both methods: parallel online and offline operations

Prepare an amount of budget to do wholesale hair smoothly


Prepare an amount of budget to do wholesale hair smoothly

  • One thing is for sure, in order to start wholesale hair business, the first thing you have to prepare is a budget.
  • This is an essential part you must prepare before starting a wholesale hair business to avoid suffering because your business capital or business may be disrupted when you do not have enough money to operate a shop or import new products.

Choosing suitable wholesale hair suppliers

  • Because the hair export – import industry is very developed, every day, hundreds of hair factories and wholesale hair vendors are born. However, not all companies are real and worthy of your investment, there are many virtual companies established with the purpose of scamming money.
  • Be very careful when choosing a reputable hair supplier for you to be able to start your wholesale hair business in the most convenient way

Start your journey and grow wholesale hair business

  • After preparing and following all the steps above, I believe you have enough knowledge, plans for yourself and you’re ready to start doing wholesale hair.
  • What you need to do now is take action and work hard to expand your business!

Doing international hair business: Is it safe for wholesale hair investors?

When you are a newbie, I am sure you will ask yourself many times whether you should trade internationally or not? Is this too dangerous for someone new to the wholesale hair market?

International trade is a common form of wholesale hair business

  • As we all know, hair factories are located in many parts of the world, in many different countries. So international hair wholesale is a must when you enter the hair market.
  • In order to get cheap prices and benefits and negotiate directly with hair manufacturers, I recommend working with them instead of finding a middleman. This is also a way to help you stay away from online scammers.

Pay attention when importing wholesale hair from a strange country is necessary

  • Scammers everywhere. The growing wholesale hair industry has also made it possible for more and more scammers to appear online. They have very sophisticated and proficient ways of doing so, so customers need to be careful and learn carefully to avoid losing money.
  • Producing time might takes about 1 months. Most hair suppliers now have a lead time for each wholesale hair order. This time will be different for each factory in each country.

Pay attention when importing wholesale hair from a strange country is necessary

  • For Chinese factories, because they have mass production lines with large quantities, their production time is very short. Also for Chinese factories, many hairstyles they will make ready-made in stock, usually ship immediately to the customer.
  • For factories in Vietnam, they usually have a production time of 15 days to 1 month depending on the time of year. While this is not an ideal factor for customers, it is also what makes Vietnamese hair special, the newly manufactured bundles will help them maintain good quality, not dry. and can be used for a long time.


  • International wholesale hair vendors often use famous shipping couriers such as DHL, UPS or Fedex to deliver goods to countries around the world.

Wholesale hair – Shipment

  • However, for some countries, there is no fixed shipping route or there are many disadvantages in receiving goods through customs. They will cooperate with shipping agents to be able to deliver quickly.

Diverse payment methods

Currently, the majority of wholesale hair factories are using popular payment methods such as:

  • Western Union
  •  Ria transfer
  • Bank account
  • Money Gram

These are all very easy and convenient payment methods, recipients can receive money immediately as well as can pick up at many different locations. Each payment method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the right one for you.

Tips to do safe business for wholesale hair: Alert to avoid scammers!

One of the most important things to look out for when starting a wholesale hair business is how to avoid scammers and find a reliable supplier. I believe the following tips can help you

  • Do careful research

Currently, when the era of technology is very developed, large and reputable wholesale hair factories often appear on many different social networking platforms, they often promote in many places, so it only takes you a little time. Research and choose, I believe you can find a reliable hair supplier.

Let’s visit their fanpage, social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram to see how they are doing business now, what products they sell and who their customers are. These will help you see if this wholesale hair supplier is suitable for your goals or not

  • Review is the best evidence

Wholesale hair – Review is the best evidence

On Facebook today, there are many social groups where hair wholesalers and hair importers share their work experiences, their business experiences.This will be the place where you can read the most honest reviews about wholesale hair distributors then find out if they are an unreliable company. There will be a lot of complaints in those groups, based on these reviews you can choose the right supplier.

  • Never pay all in once
    In my experience, one of the best ways that helps you to effectively avoid scammers is to never trust anyone easily and never give them all your money when you have nothing to believe. Ask if these  wholesale hair suppliers accept partial deposits, if they are confident and allow you to deposit up front, they are probably a reputable supplier.

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