China is a nation with the greatest hair prices and a wide range of products, making it ideal for anyone looking to make a profit in the hair industry. If you stick with us to the finish, you’ll learn how to import hair from China. We also give you a list of the top 5 Chinese hair vendors so you can quickly select a manufacturer to expand your business.

Incredible benefit when you approach how order hair from China

China is known to be the largest hair market in the world with long-standing hair factories. In addition, the abundance of hair stock coming from this market has brought a number of benefits to wholesale hair vendors around the world when ordering hair from China.

  • China hair market provide products with cheap prices

Find a hair market that provides hair with a cheap price that assists wholesale vendors a lot to get economy efficiency. China is one of the hair markets that will bring hair wholesalers diverse in prices that stretch from low to high to help their customers find a suitable type of hair for business.

The cost of Chinese hair products is usually moderate compared to other hair factories in Asia because they produce hair in huge quantities, which reduces the cost of hair significantly when bought by hair factories in China. In addition, producing hair with high-tech machines in Chinese hair factories will help them reduce the number of workers in factories.


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

Although China is a hair raw material region, because the supply of hair to countries from Chinese hair factories is too large, making these factories have to import hair from countries with extremely cheap hair such as India and Cambodia,… In addition, Chinese hair factories also have employees who live in those countries to collect hair from hair donors. Therefore, this is also the reason that will decrease hair prices from China hair factories.

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  • China hair market provide great product diversity 

The wide range of hair goods offered in the Chinese hair market is another plus that attracts numerous hair wholesalers. This will be beneficial to hair wholesalers that have a large number of hair models in their store. This can attract a large number of clients since the more things you have, the more options your customers have.

Hairstyles in China’s hair market are quite diversified due to the high-tech in hair manufacture. As a consequence, Chinese hair factories are free to change any haircut or color to fulfill the demands of wholesale hair sellers. As a result, wholesale hair merchants who purchase hair goods from the China hair market will have access to a diverse range of hair kinds.


China hair market provide great product diversity

The professionals at China hair factory can confidently develop the perfect hairstyle according to the customer’s specifications since they have over twenty years of experience manufacturing hair in the world’s largest hair market. In addition, we create distinctive hair models to complement each country’s fashion trends. Customers who purchase our items will have an easier time selecting products for their businesses as a result of this.

  • China hair market provides affordable quality products.

The variety and price of your products are the factors that help your customers make their first purchase, but the quality of the product is the main factor that determines whether your customers will come back to buy from you again or not. Therefore, hair wholesalers should pay special attention to product quality in their businesses.

To understand more about How to order hair from China, contact Queen Hair for more advice: +84 83 333 3942

Product quality is the weak point of hair coming from the Chinese hair market. China’s economy is at the top 1 of the world, so Chinese women no longer sell their hair to make a living. It makes China’s hair factories have to import hair from countries with cheap hair prices, which means that the hair from those countries will be of poor quality. Therefore, when buying such hair, Chinese hair factories will have to use chemicals to make the hair look better, which is also the reason for the quality of hair from the Chinese hair market being significantly reduced.


China hair market provide affordable quality product

One more reason, factories often produce hair in bulk and stock to save production costs. However, hair is a product that when left for a while, the quality will be reduced compared to the original quality. This makes hair from the Chinese hair market look good, but it won’t last long.

In summary, hair products provided by the China hair market will be suitable for those wholesalers who only want to buy hair products with great diversity and cheap price without concern about quality and duration of hair. However, there is a better alternative choice for hair from the Chinese hair market is Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese hair in recent years is an emerging hair market, Vietnamese hair is known for its high quality hair products, product diversity and affordable price. Vietnamese hair will be very suitable for anyone who wants to do long-term hair business because good hair products will determine the return to purchase from your customers. 

How to order hair from China in detail steps 

Following our description of the characteristics of hair from the Chinese hair market, we’ve included a step-by-step guidance on how to order hair from China. Not only will following the steps below help you understand how to import hair from China, but it will also assist you in finding a trustworthy hair manufacturer in China.


How to import hair from China in detail steps

To understand more about How to order hair from China, contact Queen Hair for more advice: +84 83 333 3942

Find a reliable Chinese hair vendor 

A reputable Chinese hair vendor will guide you through the whole process of ordering hair from China. As a result, the first step is to select a reliable China hair vendor from whom to import hair for your business. There are three methods for locating a reputable hair factory: e-commerce sites, Google, and networking.

  • Find a reliable Chinese hair vendors on Google

When it comes to buying hair from the China hair market, Google is typically the first port of call for every hair wholesaler. Simply type “How to order hair from China” into the Google search box, and you will be presented with millions of results. When searching for information on this subject, Google always prioritizes the most trustworthy website. It’s “Chinese hair sellers” in this case, and the most reliable Chinese hair vendors websites will appear at the top of the search results.


Find Chinese hair vendors on Google

Every trustworthy Chinese hair vendor has a website that acts as the company’s public face. If a Chinese hair vendor is trustworthy, they will exhibit themselves on their website in a professional manner. For starters, Chinese hair vendors will each have their own logo, and the data they provide, such as their office address and phone number, will be prominently displayed on their website. They also feature a lot of posts on their websites regarding such hair products, as well as videos of customer reviews.

To understand more about How to order hair from China, contact Queen Hair for more advice: +84 83 333 3942

  • Find a reliable Chinese hair vendors through networking

We listed this option last since networking is the most efficient approach to find reliable Chinese hair vendors. Not everyone, however, has a network of contacts who have worked with trusted Chinese hair vendors. As a result, this is how you will search and network to identify a Chinese hair vendor who is right for you.

If you know someone who has worked with a number of Chinese hair vendors, they might be able to recommend a few trustworthy ones. If you don’t know anyone who has worked with a Chinese hair vendor, you may join the hair wholesaler community on all social media sites to ask reviews about reliable Chinese hair vendors they had bought hair products from. 

As a conclusion, you should inquire about the quality of the hair offered by this Chinese hair vendor, as well as which Chinese hair vendors to choose for optimal economic efficiency, or how to import hair from China. Many Chinese hair vendors will be suggested to you; you should pick a Chinese hair vendor who has been recommended by a number of wholesale hair sellers.

  • Find a reliable Chinese hair vendors on e-commerce sites

Finding Chinese hair vendors on e-commerce sites is the easiest way because most Chinese hair vendors have their own shop on famous e-commerce sites such as Alibaba, Amazon,… However, there are numerous Chinese hair vendors, including fraudsters that take advantage of the e-commerce site’s reputation to defraud you. When selecting a Chinese hair vendor to assist you in expanding your business, you must exercise extreme caution. As a result, we’ll show you how to use e-commerce to identify reputable Chinese hair vendors.


Find Chinese hair vendors on e-commerce sites

The first step is to locate a Chinese hair vendor who has been certified by the e-commerce platform. This can help you lower your chances of being tricked. Next, schedule a video conference with Chinese hair vendors to determine if the real product they offer fits the sort of hair you’re searching for and the photo on that e-commerce sites

Place an order to know how to order hair from China

When you select a reputable Chinese hair vendor for your business, we will walk you through the entire purchasing process so you can better understand how to order from China.

  • Do some research on the product you want to buy from China

Product expertise will assist you in selling more items. It’s difficult to sell if we can’t assist clients in finding the proper goods. And having a good understanding of the product can help you sell more successfully. If you know your product well, you can advise them in a more fluid and informative manner, demonstrating your professionalism and encouraging them to buy from you.


Do some research on the product you want to buy from China

The Chinese hair vendor, like any other company, has numerous technicalities, such as how to distinguish one hair kind from another. Learn everything there is to know about the human hair industry in a straightforward and concise manner. For example, you should be familiar with a range of hair grades, such as 7A and 8A. How to take care of your belongings so that they last as long as possible.

To understand more about How to order hair from China, contact Queen Hair for more advice: +84 83 333 3942

  • Contact their sales manager to understand how to order hair from China step by step

Prestigious hair factories in China would provide their sales managers’ contact information, such as whatsapp, etc., so that buyers can get the most up-to-date product information. They may provide you with advice as well as real photographs or videos of the things you want to buy. When you’re happy with the consultation, write down the style, color, amount, and length of the hair product you wish to buy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Chinese hair vendors’ products are always accessible in stock. Chinese hair vendors will begin packing your purchase as soon as it is received. However, as previously said, hair products that are kept on for an extended period of time lose quality and restrict the time they may be used.

  • Check your invoice carefully

When the Chinese hair vendors get your order, they will prepare an invoice, which will include the shipping price, and give it to you so that you can double-check that it is precisely what you requested. Please double-check the invoice and confirm with us that it contains exactly what you bought.


Check your invoice carefully

  • Choose a suitable shipping method

Then, their experts will show you how to purchase hair from China using the methods that are most convenient for you, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others. For example, in China, there is a specialized shipping unit that specializes in transporting items to many nations, making it more cost-effective. Hair dealers who want to order from a China hair seller can save time and money.


Choose a suitable shipping method

  • Paying for Chinese hair vendors in different method

If you’ve double-checked that the invoice contains everything you paid for. The following step is to make a payment. When dealing with Chinese hair vendors, the most frequent payment options are Western Union, bank transfer, Visa/Mastercard, and Paypal. Please select a payment option that is most convenient for you, since Chinese hair vendors accept a variety of payment ways from all across the country.

  • Receive your product and give feedback to Chinese hair vendors

The length of time it takes to receive your hairstyle will be determined by the hairstyle you ordered and your distance from China. In most cases, the hair will arrive in 7 to 10 days. They will carefully package the items to guarantee that your hair arrives in good condition.


Receive your product and give feedback to Chinese hair vendors

If there are any product faults or you are unsure how to care for your hair to extend its shelf life after getting it from Chinese hair vendors, please contact them as soon as possible for help and to successfully resolve the matter. Give them feedback if you’re happy with the quality of their products and services, and you’ll get a discount from your next order.

Top 5 Chinese hair vendors to order hair from China

The top 5 best Chinese hair vendors were chosen from a large number of hair wholesalers throughout the world to help you know how to import human hair from China. We rate them based on a variety of factors such as product quality, professional services, and so on.

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig – Top 1 Chinese hair vendors

Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co, founded in 2017, has established itself as one of China’s leading providers of Hair Wigs. The provider of Chinese wigs is based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and is one of the top sellers of the mentioned items. Guangzhou Fantasy Wig Co is the first Chinese hair vendor that comes to mind when we think about ordering hair from China because of its low prices and wide range of products.


Guangzhou Fantasy Wig

  • Main product : Wigs
  • Shipment: UPS, Fedex, Chinese agent
  • Payment: Paypal, Western Union, Remitly, Ria

Qingdao Premier Hair – Top 2 Chinese hair vendors

Qingdao Premier Hair Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a well-known supplier of Chinese hair extensions such as lace front wigs, weft hair, tip hair, tape hair,… With 20 top-notch designers and 2000 talented workers, this Chinese hair extensions provider combines design, research, manufacturing, and sales.

  • Main product: Weft hair, frontal, closure
  • Shipment: Fedex, DHL, Chinese agent
  • Payment: Visa, Paypal, Western Union 

Changge Elegant Hair Products – Top 3 Chinese hair vendors

Changge Elegant Hair Products is a reputable human hair products producer and exporter based in Xuchang, China’s largest hair collection and distribution hub. They have grown rapidly since their inception in 2010, thanks to their outstanding management team and specialists. 


Changge Elegant Hair Products

Their products are shipped to countries all over the world, including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, and South Africa. Their company’s primary goods are 100% human hair extensions, such as braided hair, remy hair, weft hair, bulk hair, clip-in hair extensions, and pre-bonded hair extensions.

  • Main product: Braided hair, remy hair, weft hair
  • Shipment: Fedex, DHL, Chinese agent
  • Payment: LC, T/T, D/P, PayPal, Western Union

Guangzhou Alice Hair – Top 4 Chinese hair vendors

Guangzhou Alice Hair Products Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of HONGKONG K. S WIGS INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd., a flawless hair products firm that has grown dramatically since its inception in April 2004. And we have been one of the leading and trusted firms in China’s hair products industry, owing to our exquisite technology and contemporary management system.

  • Main product: Weft hair, remy hair
  • Shipment: EMS, FedEx, TNT, 
  • Payment: T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Juancheng Shangkai Hair – Top 5 Chinese hair vendors

Juancheng Shangkai Hair Products Factory is one of Shandong Province’s largest professional hair product producers and exporters. The facility, which covers 55, 000 square meters, was established in the year 2000. They have about 400 employees and can make more than 200, 000 hair every month. Their items are of the highest quality, made entirely of human hair.


Juancheng Shangkai Hair

  • Main product: Straight Weaving, Deep Wave, Free Wave, Water Wave
  • Shipment: EMS, FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS
  • Payment: LC, PayPal, Western Union, Remitly

Queen Hair – alternative choice for how to import hair from China 

Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, one of the leading Vietnam hair wholesalers with a big  hair factory in Vietnam, has been making and distributing high-quality Vietnamese hair for over a decade. Queen Hair has opted to open a hair store in Nigeria to provide Vietnamese hair to Nigerian and African consumers. Queen Hair also features a wide range of Vietnamese hairstyles to help you choose the best hair products for your clients.

  • Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, is a wholesale hair factory that employs hundreds of people. Queen Hair has its own raw material site, giving it total control over the hair’s quality from beginning to end.
  • Main product: Queen Hair supplying high-quality Vietnamese hair goods such as natural straight hair, bone straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, closure, and so on are the main hair products. 
  • Customer service:We have a hair showroom in Nigeria to assist customers with any difficulties they may have with our firm. We want to provide the best hair products and customer service to consumers all across Africa, guaranteeing that they are satisfied with their purchases.
  • Feedback: We sell hair products to a number of the world’s most prestigious hair companies, and we have a large number of 5-star ratings.


To summarize, if you are looking for high-quality Vietnamese hair products at a fair price with competent customer support for the Nigerian hair market, Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market is one of the options you should consider. In addition, we have a team of hair professionals that can help you operate your hair company more efficiently.

To understand more about How to order hair from China, contact Queen Hair for more advice: +84 83 333 3942

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