If you relax, or chemically straighten, your hair, the end result will be smooth, straight locks. How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria can be worn in a variety of ways, from buns to braids and beyond.


How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Overview of relaxed hair

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria, especially when it’s natural, is stunning. A relaxer, on the other hand, is a more long-lasting option for individuals who want to try out a new, sleek, and elongated hairstyle.

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Definition of relaxed hair

The use of a chemical straightener can “relax” the hair in spite of its natural texture, regardless of whether it is naturally wavy, curly, or coily when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria


In contrast, relaxed hair cannot be reverted to its original curl pattern and must be blown out and straightened in order to achieve a sleek and straight appearance. Natural hair, on the other hand, can return to its natural curl pattern after being silk-pressed.

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Definition of relaxer

The ’80s trend of applying permanent curls, these curls are achieved by chemically rearranging naturally curly or textured hair to generate a smooth form. Relaxers distort hair reshape the elliptical follicles of curls into circles (straightened strands). Women and men have been using the technique to get the hairstyles they want since the early 1900s when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria.


There is a huge range in how effective different relaxants are when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria. Relaxers made using sodium hydroxide are known as “lye relaxers,” in contrast to the. The latter is safer for all but the most sensitive scalps because it is less harsh. Both work well with wavy, coily, and coiled hair. Hair that is fine, curly, or wavy is better suited to the milder ammonium thioglycolate recipe. Consult your hairstylist to determine which product is best for your hair type when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria.

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Down-Donning Your Hair

A special way on how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria is to down-donning your hair. The followings will clarify for you.

To look polished and put together, wear your hair straight

In this situation, you should use a straightening iron to smooth your hair, and then you should style it in an updo when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria. This is a look that can be worn to the office in the morning or out on the town in the evening with equal ease. 


  • If you want to give your hair some gloss and get rid of those annoying flyaways at the same time, using a shine serum will do the trick.
  • A sleek and straight haircut can be accessorized with the use of a headband.

For defined curls, braid wet hair and let it dry naturally over night

Using this procedure, you can produce fantastic results while avoiding the use of heat. After using a setting lotion or mousse, comb through the hair while it is still damp. After that, cut it into six or eight equal sized pieces when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria.


  • Create a tight braid with your hair, and then let it to dry in its natural state over the course of the night. After sleeping on it, remove the braids from your hair and use your fingers to loosen the curls.
  • If the ends are too straight, you can use a little curling rod to give them some wave, and then they will look as though they belong.

Create big, heat-free curls with a foam roller

If you want to add some volume and texture to your relaxed hair, curling it is still a realistic option for you to consider when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria. Rods made of metal or sponge can be used to make rollers instead. After you have finished running water through your hair, you should begin by putting a setting lotion or mousse to it. 


  • First, divide your hair into portions that are approximately an inch and a half (2.5 cm) broad, and then roll each section individually into the rollers. Either allowing your hair to dry naturally or making use of a drying hood will allow you to save time.
  • After removing the curling irons from your hair, you can reshape it by using the tips of your fingers and some hair oil.
  • If you want to prevent your curls from getting frizzy, you should steer clear of combing or fluffing them. Instead, make sure to keep a firm and springy tension.
  • If you want to get the similar effect, you might try curling your hair with a curling iron that has a barrel that is about 2 inches (5.1 cm) long. Your hair can be styled into loose, luxurious waves by using your fingers to finger-comb it.

To add some edge to your appearance, try a faux hawk or side hawk

If your hair is chin length or shorter, pull it back into a high ponytail and secure it with a long banana clip. If your hair is longer than chin length, leave it loose when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria.


  • By applying this method on relaxed hair and then styling it into curls, you may also create a great look for yourself. Use your fingers to make any necessary modifications to the location and shape of the curls.
  • If you don’t have any banana clips, bobby pins can be used as a suitable replacement until you do. The ideal way to keep the faux hawk style intact is with a banana clip.

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Tips to take care of relaxed hair

Here are a few relaxed hair care tricks to keep your locks shiny and soft when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria.

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Plan to clean once a week.

Saltwater can cause damage to when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria, it is of the utmost importance to wash relaxed hair at least once per week. 


Find a shampoo that contains moisturizing chemicals so that you may clean your hair without stripping it of its natural moisture, keep it from escaping, and then restore it. After you’re done, treat your hair with a conditioner, particularly one that will enhance elasticity. After all, it is absolutely necessary for a level of moisture that is kept constant when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Add in some intense therapies

Together, your weekly washes and your deep treatments should be scheduled. The use of conditioning, and hair masks are all excellent ways to add moisture and nourishment to the hair, which enables you to maintain the hair’s natural volume and lightness. 


After you have washed your hair when it comes to how to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria, apply the treatment very carefully, section by section, being sure to focus mostly on the scalp. Your scalp will regain its balance and vitality after receiving the treatment, which will also revive your dry hair. You should get your treatment done.

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Incorporate an oil

Relaxers are able to give the impression of straighter hair, but at the cost of causing damage to the individual strands of hair. Coconut oil is a wonderful choice for relaxed hair


Oils for the hair serve two purposes: they can restore strands that have been damaged and they can strengthen the strands so that they are less likely to break.

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Put away any potentially dangerous tools

The use of curling irons, flat irons, and other heat styling devices is reduced after using a relaxer, which is one of the benefits of using this product. Because relaxing the hair causes the follicles to become more fragile, you should steer clear of utilizing excessive heat on it.


You can try any of a number of different methods. Always shield an object from heat by coating it with a heat-resistant substance before exposing it to heat.

How to pack relaxed hair in Nigeria: Take notice of what you eat

The styling method alone is not enough to guarantee the continued good health of your relaxed hair. A nourishing diet and drinking lots of water are necessary for the health of your natural hair, and they are equally as important for the health of the locks that you have artificially added to your head. 


Vitamins such as B12 and omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to vitamins that have been developed expressly for hair, skin, and nails, can have a significant impact on the health of these body parts. In the meantime, increasing the amount of water you consume will keep a steady supply of hydration for the scalp.

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