Many people want to know how to start hair extension business in Nigeria, but have yet to know how. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through the basics of how to start hair extension business in Nigeria, and earn a six-figure profit!

Potential of hair extension business in Nigeria

In case you ever wondered, “Is the hair extension business profitable?” then the answer is a huge YES, if you do it right. In fact, the hair extension business in Nigeria is one of the top small business ideas for Nigerians. Because of Nigeria’s strong economic growth, increased living conditions, and young population, hair extension business in Nigeria like salons, wig shops and retailers in Nigeria have enormous growth potential. Here are some further explanations on the potential of a hair extensions business in Nigeria.


Hair business in Nigeria is always in high demand

  • The demand for hair extensions and hair pieces in Nigeria is HUGE. And there are clear numbers to prove this: out of every 10 Nigerian women, 8 wear wigs everyday, the News Agency of Nigeria reports. Almost every Nigerian woman has used wigs or sew-ins to change their hair. Nigerian women’s average spending in a hair salon is 90-150$. Another great opportunity for retailers and drop-ship resellers is that.
  • Wigs and weaves are so popular in Black hair culture since hair adaptability is part of the tradition. Many Nigerian women, regardless of hair texture, alter their hairstyles regularly. Hair extensions and wigs provide an even wider range of hairdo possibilities. Under the influence of Western African-descent pop icons like Beyoncé, Rihanna or Nicki Minaj, following hairstyles trends have become common for Nigerian women.
  • Nigeria doesn’t only need hair for itself, but also to export to nearby African countries. Hair extension business in Nigeria often acts as a port to import hair from Asian countries, then distributes to neighboring areas.

Most Nigerian women alter their hairstyles regularly

It is clear that the demand for hair extensions in wigs in Nigeria will only be looking upwards. With this impressive potential, a big profit is not far-fetched at all. What’s important is how you are able to carry out a hair extension business in Nigeria.

Basic knowledge of how to start hair extension business in Nigeria

If you want to know how to start hair extension business in Nigeria and are searching for hair extensions to buy, it is critical that you be knowledgeable about your goods. Otherwise, you will risk ordering hair extensions that may not meet the needs of your consumers.

Definition of hair extensions before starting hair extension business in Nigeria

Hair extensions are strands of human or synthetic hair that are weaved into the wearer’s natural hair. Hair extensions are strands of hair that have been gathered from donors or made from fibers and then connected to fabric pieces, silicones, or glued together, depending on the attachment technique.

Hair extensions may change one’s look by adding more hair to one’s natural hair or completely covering the existing hair. This makes them an effective solution for hair loss. Weaving human or synthetic hair extensions into one’s hair is a chemical-free way to improve volume, length, and color. That is the reason why hair extension business in Nigeria become potential land.

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Classifications of hair extensions

Hair extensions are available in a number of product categories such as hair extension wefts to meet the needs of various customers. There are several ways to define hair extensions, but we will focus on two characteristics of hair quality that matters the most: sources and grade.


Hair extensions are available in different categories

  • Hair extensions by origin

Virgin, remy, and non-remy are terms you may hear a lot from hair extension business in Nigeria. These terms allude to the origins of the hair and the status of the cuticles on the hair strands. Virgin hair extensions are manufactured from hair donated by only one person, and have never been treated by heat or chemicals. Remy hair extensions are created from the hair of numerous donors, with the hair strands organized in such a way that their cuticles line up. Because remy hair is cuticle-aligned, it is tangle-free. Non-remy hair extensions are made from hair from many donors and are not placed in cuticle-aligned bundles, therefore they are easy to tangle and shed.

  • Hair extensions by grade

The hair grading system comes in two different measurements, but means roughly the same. One is the single, double and super double drawn system and the other is the 1A to 12A system. By Queen Hair standards, single drawn (1A→ 6A) hair means that 50% of the hair strands are the listed length; double drawn (7A→ 9A) hair is 75% and super double drawn (10→ 12A) is 80 to 85% of hair strands.


By origin, hair extensions are divided into virgin, remy and non-remy

  • Hair extensions by textures

Hair extension business in Nigeria supply a variety of textures, including natural straight, bone straight, curly/wavy, and pixie/kinky. Hair extension business in Nigeria owners may select appropriate texture based on their target clients.

Which hair origin, hair grade and hair texture you pick is totally dependent on the goals and client base of your hair extension business in Nigeria. The greatest quality is the most expensive, while the lowest quality is the cheapest. When purchasing hair extensions, you should evaluate the quality and pricing you are giving for your consumers.

Hair extensions in Nigeria are classified according to their quality, texture, and grade. Hair extension business in Nigeria owners should find the correct wholesale hair supplier that offers a wide choice of high-quality items in order to have a profitable hair company. Queen Hair is a top hair extensions supplier that provides a wide range of hair extensions in styles, grades, textures and colors.

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Steps on how to start hair extension business in Nigeria

Once you have got a good grasp on your product, you should start to think about how to start hair extension business in Nigeria. This would require extensive market research, customer understanding and a good hair source.

Be thoroughly informed of the hair extensions market

Big business opportunity also means big competition. You can get discouraged at first from seeing how many hair vendors wholesale in Nigeria there are, but don’t fret.  The first step on how to start hair extension business in Nigeria is to extremely understand the target market.

  •  Do your research on existing hair salons and hair shops in Nigeria and your local areas. See how your competitors are doing to sell and market their products and what your hair extension business in Nigeria can learn from them, and what they are lacking for customers that you can provide.
  • Try to be knowledgeable on all the hair products. Once you have a solid knowledge about hair, you can provide your customers better solutions for their hair: what type of hair extensions would work best for their scalp condition, what type of hair is good for making a certain kind of wigs, etc.
  • Learn as much as you can about the products and the market is also the way to find your USP – Unique Selling Point. Your hair extension business in Nigeria may be selling hair extensions like other people, but pinpointing what makes your products and service different will help you build your customer base better.

You need to know as much as possible about the hair industry

Understand customers before starting hair extension business in Nigeria

Thoroughly understanding your customers is extremely important to start a hair extension business as well. Next step on how to start hair extension business in Nigeria, you have to understand your customer very well.

  • You have to know what people who come to a hair shop want, and make a plan on how to give them the hair products they need. Do they want wigs or sew-ins, what their hair condition might be, what would make a wig or sewn-in extensions better, etc, are all important questions for you to answer.
  •  Choosing a customer niche is also important, because you need to specialize your products to your customer base at first, not do a little of everything. Maybe it’s the people at your church, your school or your local areas. Be open minded and ready to learn about people’s hair demands.

Choose a reliable vendor to start hair extension business in Nigeria 

To start a hair extension business in Nigeria, you need a good hair source. As a starter, you should choose a reliable hair vendor, to ensure your first orders from customers go smoothly. These might need a bit of planning and research.

  • Our recommendation is to seek hair vendors from other countries that directly manufacture, as hair vendors based in Nigeria are resellers. You should choose hair vendors who not only have good quality and good price, but also great consistency and communication.
  • Consistency is a very important aspect of a hair extensions supplier, especially when you are importing hair. Hair can’t be manifested overnight, so make sure to stay informed about political unrest or the pandemic outbreak in the country of that vendor. India, for example, sometimes deals with political issues that hinder their goods export. It’s best to choose a vendor from a stable country with a good diplomatic relationship with Nigeria, like Vietnam.
  • Communication is key in ordering hair extensions from other countries. You should choose a hair supplier that is transparent about their products and is enthusiastic to help your business. B2B hair brands do this quite well.

Choosing the right vendor is vital in starting a hair extension business in Nigeria, as this will affect your product quality and your customers’ satisfaction level almost directly. A vendor also influences your product flow, which decides whether you can have the products your customers want. Human hair, unfortunately, doesn’t manifest overnight, so ensure your hair vendor has good consistency.

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Market your business to start hair extension business in Nigeria 

Marketing is how you reach potential customers. It helps you start to sell your hair products, helps you sell more than others and helps your hair extension business in Nigeria increase significantly. You may be worried about the fact that many people are doing this business, and you might be selling the same thing as the next person. This is why marketing is important: if potential customers see your products first before others, they are more likely to choose you; and if some people are buying from you and like your products, they will introduce them to more people.

  • Believe us when we say that your image is one of your most valuable assets. This provides the answer to “Where can I find someone who wants to buy my wigs/hair extensions?”. Purchase hair extensions, create a wig for yourself, or sew them into your own hair. If you have good hair, people may ask where you got it, and you may advertise your business from there.
  • Making a website might be costly for those who do not have a lot of money. So, the first place to start marketing your hair extensions or wigs is on social media. Instagram, Facebook, and e-commerce sites are all free to use. Make sure to display your hair extension items in engaging photographs and videos!

Marketing is crucial for people to know about your hair business

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Tips to avoid fraud hair extensions vendor

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are starting hair extension business in Nigeria is to avoid fraud. Starting a hair extension business in Nigeria is a lot of work, and some of you have saved up quite a bit as a budget to start out. In order not to lose your valuable savings, keep a cool head when you are buying your hair extensions and equipment. Here are some tips from Queen Hair to look out for red flags from wholesale hair extensions vendors:

  • Check whether this wholesale hair company has credentials and a registered address. Check ahead of time for their registered address and firm registration to prevent scammers. You could want to go at their legal history to make sure they’re trustworthy.
  • Customers’ opinions on those hair vendors. Take a look at what customers are saying about the hair products they purchased from Vietnamese hair sellers. This will save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation.
  • Hair suppliers’ customer protection policy. A responsible business seeks to provide high-quality goods and services. The willingness of wholesale hair dealers to adhere to the best interests of their clientele is a reliable indicator.
  • Watch out for incredibly low prices. Naturally, you would want the cheapest price to start your business. But don’t fall for prices that seem too good to be true. Hair extensions, especially high quality human hair, take quite a lot of resources to collect and manufacture. So a really cheap “bargain” that someone offers may cost you way more, if you receive terrible hair extensions, or none at all.

Top 3 reliable vendors help you start hair extension business in Nigeria

If you are looking for wholesale hair extension suppliers to start your hair extension business in Nigeria, we have composed a list of vendors that are good for starters. These are suppliers that provide more than just good hair extensions, but also start-up advice, maintenance tips and business support.

Queen Hair –  #1 Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria

From only 8.4$/bundle, you can start a hair extension business in Nigeria with quality Vietnamese real human hair extensions. Queen Hair is a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria that is devoted to bringing just the best human hair extensions at the best pricing to Nigerian clients.


Queen Hair is the top hair supplier in Nigeria for businesses

  • Queen Hair values our clients, which is why we have clear Customer Protection rules and provide free after-purchase service. We’d be delighted to give you some pointers on how to start a hair extension business and maintain it, as well as how to keep your Queen Hair extensions in good condition.
  • Queen Hair is a B2B hair supplier, which means we work mainly with hair salons, wig shops and retailers. We have a special bond with our partners, and would love to form that bond with you as well.
  • Queen Hair offers support for hair extension business in Nigeria owners and entrepreneurs, with a minimum order of just 3 bundles. From our experience of working with hair businesses around the world, we are more than willing to share valuable business advice with you.

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You may be confident that your money is being effectively spent as an investment for your hair extension business in Nigeria when you work with us. Your success is ours as well.

K-Hair – #1 Virgin human hair

K- Hair is a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria where you can buy raw, bulk hair as well as hair extensions.

  • The hair is all virgin human hair, cut solely from female donors, assuring that it is clean, devoid of nits and lice, and not treated with chemical or heat before. K-Hair provides a variety of products for new businesses: straight, wavy, curly, kinky hair extensions styles with a myriad of color combinations.
  • K-Hair’s minimum order amount is 5 bundles, suitable for people who are wanting starr hair extension business in Nigeria. You can buy sample orders to check quality first and test this product with your customers.

5S Hair – The best Vietnamese hair factory

5S Hair is a well-known Vietnamese hair manufacturer that exports a wide range of hair items to consumers worldwide. They’ve grown to become a big wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria. People who are needing to start hair extension business in Nigeria can choose from their wide range of hair textures and colors.

  • Main product: hair extensions of various textures including straight, curly, and wavy hair, as well as several color levels
  • Seniority: 20 years
  • Delivery: FedEx, UPS, etc.

Luna Hair

Luna Hair is one of Vietnam’s newest hair extensions suppliers, with five years of experience in the hair extensions industry. Many hair extension business in Nigeria and other countries across the world have certified the quality of Luna hair.

  • Main product: Vietnamese hair extensions in many styles, such as wavy hair, wavy hair, and pony tail hair
  • Seniority: 5 years
  • Delivery: All big international delivery companies


Ruby Hair, which has been making and marketing hair extensions for many years, offers excellent virgin hair extensions in Nigeria. Ruby Hair specializes in the raw hair market, which is frequent for European salon clients, and has high-quality products and competent service. As a consequence, their hair extensions are among the best wholesale hair sellers in Nigeria, with the best virgin hair extensions.

  • Main product: Raw hair
  • Seniority: 9 years
  • Delivery: Nigeria agents, big delivery companies like FedEx

We hope this has aided in learning how to start hair extension business in Nigeria. If you have any more queries, please contact Queen Hair via social media for free help from our specialists. We would be delighted to be one of the people helping you find your hair business’s success!


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