Currently, there are many hair suppliers around the world, so choosing a reputable provider is extremely difficult. That’s why today we will write Julia hair reviews to give you another perspective on a hair brand.

Introduction Julia hair reviews

Many people have chosen Julia hair as their supplier in recent years. But have you ever wondered is Julia hair legit? So, based on the four most important factors, we’ll have a full Julia hair reviews below.

Story of foundation Julia hair reviews

Julia hair is one of the first unique Chinese human hair companies, with its own independent design team. The brand name of Julia hair firm is derived from Latin, and it is the same name as the daughter of the famous emperor Augustine.


Story of foundation Julia hair reviews

  • Julia hair is a unique business that specializes in designing, manufacturing, managing, and marketing human hair. Julia hair promotes a youthful, stylish, and creative lifestyle, and Julia hair is also dedicated to promoting beauty to women all over the globe.
  • Julia hair has a strict procedure management system. Before leaving the warehouse, all items are re-checked by expert quality inspectors to guarantee that they meet the standards.
  • Julia Hair has two warehouses, one in California and one in Xuchang, China.

Main product Julia hair reviews

Julia hair reviews is always renewing the design of new items to meet the consumers’ personality ideal of “new hairstyle, new style”. Reviews on Julia hair are targeted to a youthful customer base that is trendy and fashionable.


Main product Julia hair reviews

  • Main items – Julia hair reviews:  Julia hair’s products are quite diverse and distributed in many various types ranging from straight hair to body wave, bone straight, curly hair, ponytail, and so on. Julia hair mostly uses virgin remy hair to create basic weft hair.
  • Hair source – Julia hair reviews: Julia, as Rosabeauty hair review hair purchases raw hair materials not only from its own nation but also from other countries such as India, Vietnam, and Cambodia, so hair quality cannot always be assured since the cuticles are not always intact.

Service – Julia hair reviews

  • Service – Julia hair reviews: Julia hair offers a return policy as well as a 24/7 salesman and customer service staff, therefore this company’s service is quite good. Julia hair shipping reviews said that within 30 days of receiving your order, if they have any damage or the wrong size, color, then you can contact Julia hair, and the company’s customer service will offer you many ways to solve the problem.

Prices Julia hair reviews

According to Julia hair reviews, this firm is quite affordable for hair. The price of Julia hair is divided into two categories: retail price and wholesale price.


Prices Julia hair reviews

  • Retail price – Julia hair reviews: Julia hair retail price varies from $60 to $200 for a wig. A wig will have three bundles and one frontal/closure, according to Julia hair reviews Julia hair is most often sold for around $130 per wig.

Julia hair reviews wholesale price

  • Wholesale price – Julia hair reviews:  Julia hair has its own wholesale policy. Julia Hair sells wholesale hair by the kilo, so you must purchase at least ten bundles at a time. Julia hair also gives a higher discount as you purchase more.

Payment and Shipment Julia hair reviews

According to a review on Julia hair, the organization offers a variety of payment and delivery options. So you don’t have to be concerned about this while shopping at Julia Hair.


Payment – Julia hair reviews

  • Payment – Julia hair reviews: Julia hair accepts credit cards, PayPal, and Quad Pay installments, among other methods of payment. In addition, Julia hair uses money transfer services such as Klarna and Western Union to pay bills. Julia hair may also demand further information from new wholesale clients.

Shipment – Julia hair reviews

  • Shipment – Julia hair reviews: Julia hair uses shipping companies such as USPS, UPS, DHL, TNT, and EMS. Julia hair shipping reviews said hair takes 24 hours to process orders. It just takes 2 hours from selecting out things to matching shipping options once you pay for the purchase. All purchases will be processed and shipped within 24 hours. The shipment procedure will be as follows: first, Julia hair will match the warehouse and shipping method using the ERP system, and then process the order immediately when the payment is completed. Following that, the product will be picked up in 30 minutes, continue the stage of product evaluation, and eventually leave the warehouse.

The Julia virgin hair reviews listed above are based on the foundation’s story, main products, prices, payment, and shipment. According to Julia Hair reviews, the firm offers a fair pricing for the product with a retail price, and the wholesale price will be determined differently depending on the quantity you order. In addition, Julia hair offers a wide range of products.

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Julia hair reviews by customers

The best approach to determine if a hair brand is reputable or not is to read customer feedback. As a result, we’ve compiled Julia hair reviews from consumers for you below.

Julia hair reviews by customers about products

It is difficult to say if Julia hair reviews by customers about products are positive or negative. There are products that are highly praised by customers, but there are also items that are not very favorable. We have compiled some of the reviews on big platform such as Julia hair amazon, Ali Julia hair reviews, Julia hair Aliexpress reviews down below.


Positive Julia hair reviews by customers about products

For example, this customer bought the 22 inch natural black, as seen below, and got several comments on the product. Julia hair reviews by customers  said that the hair is silky, beautiful, and not tangled, and that the hair looks just like the picture.

However, there are still negative Julia hair wig reviews concerning the product’s quality. According to reviews on Julia hair, this company’s products get tangled and dry after just the first usage. This might be because Julia hair products are imported from abroad, therefore the cuticle of the hair is no longer intact, resulting in tangled hair.


Negative Julia hair reviews by customers about products

Nonetheless, judging a company only on a few Julia hair wig reviews is a little one-sided. You should check a lot of real customer reviews to find out Julia hair company quality. Always remember that the most accurate and high-quality feedback will contain pictures, videos, detailed comments and julia hair reviews youtube.

 Julia hair reviews by customers about services

The majority of Julia hair reviews complimented Julia hair for its flash delivery service, with the products arriving in only three days. However, a few customers have left negative reviews on Julia hair, claiming that their item was never delivered or refunded.


Positive Julia hair reviews by customers about services

The Julia hair aliexpress reviews are shown above. Many customers appreciate Julia Hair for its flash delivery method, and there is also a 15-day return policy.

However, there are critical Julia hair reviews concerning the company’s service on AliExpress. These Julia hair shipping reviews mostly mention not getting the Julia hair item after purchasing, as well as not receiving a refund. Another Julia hair reviews said that the hair quality was poor, yet no refund was offered.


Negative Julia hair reviews by customers about services

In general, evaluating a company based on only aliexpress Julia hair review will not be thorough, and the viewpoint may be one-sided at times. So if you are asking, is Julia hair good? Then the answer is YES! We hope you find our Julia hair wig reviews useful and that they help you in choosing the best source. Remember to choose a reputable supplier based on four criteria: pricing, product, service, and client feedback.

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