The luxury of devoting one’s time and energy to the care and styling of one’s hair in this day and age is no longer seen as desirable by today’s modern lady. Wigs, and more specifically Mongolian hair closure, are becoming closer to and more significant to women due to the fact that they are both convenient and have a wide range of applications. This is despite the fact that demand for actual hair continues to dominate the market. Continue reading to find out why a wig crafted from Mongolian hair closure ought to be every woman’s go-to option.


The huge demand of women for Mongolian hair closure

Wigs made from Mongolian hair closure are greeted with the same fervor as any other beauty product in any country. Read on to find out why wigs manufactured from Mongolian hair closure are in such high demand.


  • Mongolian hair closure has such high demand that the market for them is deemed to be “flourishing” in the hair industry. The people of Cambodia, and particularly those who work in the country’s cosmetology business, have a lot to gain from this.
  • The Mongolian hair closure is thriving at the moment, producing items such as wigs crafted from Cambodian wavy hair and hair-themed cosmetics. According to recent estimates, this market might have made as much as $1,000,000! Mongolian hair closure is a large market for hair and hair products, and you can buy a beautiful Cambodian wavy hair wig distributor there for as little as 100 Euros. Many people who go to Cambodia in search of wavy hair wigs from the country’s natives come back claiming that the trip changed their lives. Cambodian women often work as hostesses and waitresses in pubs and restaurants, but they often perform at special occasions while wearing wigs made to look like their signature wavy hairstyle.


  • It’s easy to see why Mongolian hair closure has become so well-known and sought after. One of the main reasons for this Mongolian hair closure is the rising level of life around the world. Since then, wigs made from Mongolian hair closure have developed into a marketable commodity, making women more assured in their appearance and increasing the likelihood that they will be paid close attention. In addition to these progressive shifts, today’s women also appreciate the value of self-adornment, including Mongolian hair closure. Middle-class women, on the other hand, can’t say no to these perks, and so they save up for their own personal needs in this area, such as the purchase of Mongolian hair closure. Wigs made with real Mongolian hair closure are not a status symbol.

Classifications of Mongolian hair closure

Because there is such a vast selection of Mongolian hair closure available on the market, in the following part we will take a look at some of the most well-liked variations of both the cut and the color of these wigs.

Mongolian hair closure with virgin hair

When people talk about the vast and varied hair market that exists today, they frequently bring up virgin Mongolian hair closure. In comparison to other types of hair, these wigs have the best possible quality, and in addition to that, their prices are extremely affordable. expensive considering the current market conditions. The exceptional quality of wigs created from any form of virgin hair, not simply Mongolian hair closure, is ensured regardless of the type of hair used. The lack of any chemical processing gives wigs manufactured from virgin Mongolian hair closure their excellent attributes, such as silkiness, smoothness, resiliency, and a long lifespan. 


Wigs made from this hair also have the potential to last for a very long time. If they are cared for properly and only minimally processed with chemicals, wigs made with virginMongolian hair closure can endure for up to two years. Even if the record high price of virgin Mongolian hair closure is discouraging many would-be consumers, the exceptional quality of these wigs ensures that they are well worth the cost for those who are able to purchase them. Because of the high demand for this product and its limited supply, it is not unusual for customers to place orders for virgin Mongolian hair closure many months in advance.

Mongolian hair closure with remy hair

The remy wigs made from Mongolian hair closure are by far the most popular, in-demand, and sought-after option available. When one considers the low cost and good quality of wigs that are made from Mongolian hair closure, this makes complete and utter sense. 


Remy Mongolian hair closure aren’t quite as high-quality as virgin Mongolian hair closure, but they’re still a good option because they don’t go through as many chemical processes as virgin Mongolian hair closure, they still retain some of the hair’s protective layers and desirable characteristics, and they can last for up to two years if they’re properly cared for. Virgin Mongolian hair closure is the best option when it comes to the quality of the hair Because it can be styled in a variety of ways and looks nice on a wide range of people, this service is the most sought-after one that is provided by hair salons. There is a solid explanation for this.

Mongolian hair closure with non remy hair

The third group consists of non-remy Mongolian hair closure. Not just for Mongolian hair closure made from synthetic materials, but for all synthetic wigs, this is the luckiest hair kind. Due to the incredibly low quality of non-remy Mongolian hair closure, which can originate from anyone, this is seen as a stroke of luck. Since they are pieced together from several individuals’ hair, the origin of non-remy Mongolian hair closure is very suspect. If you think it was produced by the vendor themselves, you’d be wrong. Having so many sources from people suffering from varying types and degrees of hair loss makes quality difficult to understand and manage (including public spaces like parks, roadsides, etc.).


Non-remy Mongolian hair closure will be made from the collected hair, so workers will sit to take each hair, comb it with rudimentary tools, and wash the hair. After that, the hair goes through a series of chemical treatments to make it shiny, clean, and presentable in the same way that ordinary hair would be. Non-remy Mongolian hair closure are highly delicate, prone to tangling and breaking, and have a shelf life of little more than a year because the hair’s structure and protective covering are lost throughout these operations.

The real story of Mongolian hair closure

The hair industry, such as Mongolian hair closure, can be quite lucrative, but there are many people’s tales and lives hidden behind the business.

The hair used in Mongolian hair closure comes primarily from women living in poverty. Hair dealers regularly go upon remote tribes in quest of women with long black hair.


  • A Mongolian hair closure can be had for the equivalent of €20 to €30. Because it’s a decent way to get money, many women in rural areas accept these offers, however some come to deeply regret their decisions.
  • Chhut Ravey, age 31, with her mother, husband, and three kids are Pursat residents. When she was 18, she made her first sale of hair for twenty euros. “I’m going to have to give up my hair again,” explains Ravey. She felt humiliated by the locals’ scrutiny of her short hair. Selling your hair, according to her husband, is the same as giving up your life.
  • Until recently, 42-year-old Prak Sohka, who lives in the countryside some 170 kilometers from the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, was able to maintain the long, lustrous hair of which so many women only dream. She did this by massaging a mixture of coconut oil and a unique flower into her locks. According to Prak, one day a woman approached her and offered to buy her hair for 40 euro.


In rural areas of Mongolian hair closure, where resources are more scarce, people often turn to the sale of their hair as a source of income for basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. Those women who make a living selling their hair are not helpless victims. They make the most of their resources to provide their children a better life. As a result of the enormous profits to be made from selling wigs made from Mongolian hair closure, many disadvantaged women in Mongolian hair closure have cut off their hair and neglected their appearance in order to support their families.

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How to comb Mongolian hair closure correctly

Since all Mongolian hair closure are intended to convey an air of opulence, the brushing technique for them is common. Hair loss is possible if you don’t know how to untangle your own hair after using Mongolian hair closure. Products made from rayon fibers are particularly vulnerable to this issue.

The first step is a procedure called “comb selection.” Many women overlook this vital point. It is recommended that you also buy the hair care products provided separately when you buy a wig, as a comb designed for use with Mongolian hair closure is different from a regular hair comb.


Spray the hair with a conditioner made specifically for Mongolian hair closure, divide it into manageable sections, and work your way up from the bottom with a wide-toothed comb to eliminate knots. When working on Simple detangling of tangled sections, using more conditioner will help hair become more manageable. The best way to preserve the natural texture and appearance of Mongolian hair closure is to gently claw the hair after combing.

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