Bone Straight Hair Auburn Brown Color 22”


Bone straight hair auburn brown color 22'' of Queen Hair is very soft, silky and shinny. Order this style now for your hair business to get incredible benefit.

Product information

Style Bone straight
Color Auburn Brown
Length 22”
Origin 100% Vietnamese human hair
Grade Double drawn

Bone Straight Hair Auburn Brown Color 22” is a style that is really popular in hair salons and wig shops recently. Made from real human hair, these auburn strands will flow down your back like melted red bronze. A tint of orange, a fiery shade of brown, this hair is the perfect balance between loud and quiet. A classy yet bold choice for ladies.


Bone Straight Hair Auburn Brown 22” by Queen Hair

User instruction for Bone Straight Hair Auburn Brown Color 22”

  • Apply hair serum to the hair. The serum helps moisturize the hair, reducing friction-induced damage
  • Wash the hair gently. Don’t handle the hair too roughly
  • Let the hair dry naturally. If you use a hair dryer, dry the hair from top to bottom. Do not twist or swing the hair
  • Comb the hair in the ends, then comb the top of the bundle

Queen Hair’s Guarantee

Queen Hair guarantee to bring only high quality, soft, tangle-free, shedding-free human hair that is not mixed with subpar hair to customers. Our hair is 100% human hair, processed to give it a beautiful color with our advanced technology.


Hair Style collection Queen Hair

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Queen Hair is proud to be a trust-worthy hair supplier in Nigeria and around the world. Our quality has satisfied customers from everywhere, and promoted their hair businesses significantly.


Jessica Queen Hair and VIP Customer

Steps to buy bone straight hair from Queen Hair

Here are the steps to make an order from Queen Hair Factory in Nigeria – #1 Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria

  • Contact with sales managers of Queen Hair via Whatsapp, Website or social media
  • Make a detailed order with necessary information: Style, color, grade, length, quantity
  • Request an invoice from Queen Hair’s sales manager
  • Check the invoice carefully. Once you confirm the invoice, you can choose any payment method suitable for you

Queen Hair’s payment method

  • Before shipment, our employees will send you images and videos of the end products. You can check the quality of product before shipping

Shipping Process from Queen Hair to Nigeria

  • Receive hair from Queen Hair and make feedback for discounts!

Queen Hair will support you as soon as possible about any hair problem for your business. Being a trusted hair supplier in Nigeria and around the world, our team of sales managers are also hair experts. Feel free to contact us:

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