Bone Straight Hair Dark Piano Color 22”


Bone Straight Hair Dark Piano Color 22'' is one of Queen Hair's all time best-sellers. Mixed color straight hair is all the rage these days, and not having this style in your hair business would be avoiding having one of the most fashionable hair looks these days. This bone straight dark piano hair is made from 100% virgin Vietnamese hair, preserving its quality even after being bleached.

Product Information

Style Bone Straight
Color Dark piano
Length 22”
Origin 100% Vietnamese human hair
Grade Double drawn

Bone Straight Hair Dark Piano Color 22” by Queen Hair is a must-have for hair businesses.  The mixed hair trend has never been hotter. Sexy and unique, this style has been one of Queen Hair best sellers for years. Made of 100% Vietnamese virgin human hair, this hair is thick, healthy and smooth, perfect for making wigs or sewn-in extensions.


Bone Straight Hair Dark Piano Color 22” by Queen Hair

Blond strands shine brightly next to deep black hair, this combination would attract all the attention in the room. Bone Straight Hair Dark Piano Color 22” is a 22 inches of stylish human hair, alluringly falls down to a lady’s back. She changes under each lighting, she is graceful and memorable like a symphony made by a one-of-a-kind piano.

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User instruction for Bone Straight Hair Dark Piano Color 22”

  • Apply hair serum to the hair. The serum helps moisturize the hair, reducing friction-induced damage
  • Wash the hair gently. Don’t handle the hair too roughly
  • Let the hair dry naturally. If you use a hair dryer, dry the hair from top to bottom. Do not twist or swing the hair
  • Comb the hair in the ends, then comb the top of the bundle

Queen Hair’s Guarantee

Queen Hair guarantee to bring only high quality, soft, tangle-free, shedding-free human hair that is not mixed with subpar hair to customers. Our hair is 100% human hair, processed to give it a beautiful color with our advanced technology.


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After receiving hair products from Queen Hair, many customers express their satisfaction of the great quality. Queen Hair has been manufacturing and supplying hair to businesses and customers around the world for a decade. We also provide Bone Straight Hair Cacao Brown and Bone Straight Hair Ombre Blonde.


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