Bone Straight Hair Red Color 22”


Bone straight hair red color 22'' is one of best seller of Queen Hair. The partern of hair is very beautiful, actractive, 100% Vietnamese hair, no mix and no synthetic.

Product Information

Style Bone Straight
Color Red
Length 22”
Origin 100% Vietnamese human hair
Grade Double Drawn

Bone Straight Hair Red Color 22” is one of Queen Hair’s popular items. Silky soft lengths that flow right through your fingertips. made of healthy, thick real human hair strands make this hair extension item ideal for both sewn-ins and wig making. Bone Straight Hair Red Color 22′ gives you the fiery red-head look, perfectly compliment your dark skin. If you are a business owner, you would know that this look will be absolutely loved in your catalogue.

This Bone Straight Hair Red Color is a gorgeous 22-inches that falls down to your middle back.


Bone Straight Hair Red Color 22″ by Queen Hair

A red, sleek look is what this hair makes. Remember how Rihanna slayed red hair in “Loud” era? Bone Straight Hair Red Color 22” is the material for that look. A feisty red-head with an attitude, sexy and knows her worth, that is the girl with Bone Straight Hair Red Color. Summer-Autumn month will guarantee a huge surge of popularity for this look.

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User instruction for Bone Straight Hair Red Color 22”

  • Apply hair serum to the hair. The serum helps moisturize the hair, reducing friction-induced damage
  • Wash the hair gently. Don’t handle the hair too roughly
  • Let the hair dry naturally. If you use a hair dryer, dry the hair from top to bottom. Do not twist or swing the hair
  • Comb the hair in the ends, then comb the top of the bundle

Queen Hair’s Guarantee

Queen Hair guarantee to bring only high quality, soft, tangle-free, shedding-free human hair that is not mixed with subpar hair to customers. Our hair is 100% human hair, processed to give it a beautiful color with our advanced technology.


Hair style collection Queen Hair factory


Jessica Queen Hair and VIP Customer

Steps to buy bone straight hair from Queen Hair

Here are the steps to make an order from Queen Hair – #1 Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria

  • Contact with sales managers of Queen Hair via Whatsapp, Website or social media
  • Make a detailed order with necessary information: Style, color, grade, length, quantity
  • Request an invoice from Queen Hair’s sales manager
  • Check the invoice carefully. Once you confirm the invoice, you can choose any payment method suitable for you

Queen Hair’s payment method

  • Before shipment, our employees will send you images and videos of the end products. You can check the quality of product before shipping

Shipping Process from Queen Hair to Nigeria

  • Receive hair from Queen Hair and make feedback for discounts!

If you have any problem ordering or need advice on running a hair business, feel free to contact Queen Hair. We will support you 24/7:

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