Bone straight


Product information

Style Bone straight
Color Natural Black
Length 20”
Origin 100% Vietnamese Human hair
Grade Double Drawn

Bone straight double drawn natural black 20 inches length is extremely smooth and silky, this hair will help every girl to look look more stylish and cover any blemishes on the face.


Bone straight Queen Hair

Bone straight hair will enhance your natural features, making you look more stunning than ever. This hairstyle look great on every girl and will bring a fashionable look!

User instruction on bone straight hair

  • Select items that are all-natural, plant-based, and detergent-free… To strengthen hair and generate natural scents, add essential oils.
  • Many beauty experts recommend applying conditioner after each wash to help keep hair silky and manageable.
    Repairing damaged hair with a hair moisturizer is also an excellent idea. Moisturizers may assist in the reduction of dry, damaged hair. Of course, you don’t need to use a lot of moisturizer on your hair; only a tiny quantity every day and massage gently.
  • Remember to keep your hair out of direct sunshine. Because exposure to the sun causes hair to break and become dull. Use a moisturizing hair sunscreen spray to keep your hair safe.
  • You shouldn’t curl bone straight hair since it will straighten out quickly.

Queen Hair Factory – The leading Vietnamese hair factory

Queen Hair is one of the top hair factory in Vietnam with 20 years of experience in the hair business. We have our own hair factory in Vietnam so our products are always guaranteed to be of the best quality.


Hair style collection

Our hair are 100% human hair collected from healthy donors in the mountain area. Our donors consume a healthy and balance diet and wash the hair with herbs so our products are always smooth and silky.


Ms Jessica CEO Queen Hair and VIP customer

Steps to buy Water Curly from Queen Hair

Here are 4 steps to make an order from Queen Hair – #1 Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria

  • Contact with sales managers of Queen Hair via Whatsapp, Website or social media
  • List the detail order includes: Style, color, grade, length, quantity
  • Request an invoice from Queen Hair’s sales manager
  • Check the invoice carefully, if you confirm the invoice, you can should any payment methods that best suits you.

Queen Hair’s payment methods

Queen Hair payment method

  • Before delivery, our staffs will send you pictures and videos of the end products. You can check the quality of product before shipping.
  • Receive hair from Queen Hair and give feedback for the next discounts!

Shipping process from Queen Hair to Nigeria

If you have any questions or want to place an order, please contact Queen Hair’s sales manager.

  • Whatsapp: +84844444829
  • Instagram: @queenhair_official

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