Water Curly


Water curly is one of the best seller in Queen Hair products. This gorgeous hairstyle can enhance your outlook beauty, make women become more confident.

Product information

Style Water Curly
Color Natural Black
Length 8-30”
Origin 100% Vietnamese Human hair
Grade Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn

Water Curly curves through these large, small curls, this waist-length hair can conceal the blemishes in your face. In particular, this gentle wave of long hair on the back helps the girls look more stylish and fashionable with fashionable clothes.


Water curly from Queen Hair

Water curly hair 2022 hides flaws and enhances female beauty. Aside from its versatility, the water wave hairstyle is suitable for all ages, faces, and physiques. Your appearance will be transformed by using large and small curls to create a bounce, making you more beautiful and noble.

User instruction on water curly hair

  • Choose products that are natural, plant-based, and free of detergents… Add essential oils to strengthen hair and create natural odors. Also, many beauty experts recommend using conditioner after every shampoo to help smooth and smooth hair.
  • Hair moisturizer is also a very good way to repair damaged hair. Moisturizers can help reduce dry, damaged hair. Of course, you do not need to apply too much moisturizer to your hair, just apply a small amount and massage gently every day.
  • protect it from direct sunlight when going out in the morning. Because sun exposure causes hair breakage and dullness. Protect your hair with a hydrating hair sunscreen spray.

Queen Hair Factory – Top best Vietnamese hair supplier

As far as Vietnamese hair products are concerned, Queen Hair is the most well-known brand. Queen Hair is the right partner for your hair business because of its 20 years of experience creating and selling hair to customers all over the world, including Nigeria. Customers can buy hair from Queen Hair, a wholesaler.


Hair style collection

We claim to harvest 100 percent high-quality Vietnamese human hair from women aged 18 to 35. The hair quality of Queen Hair is highly assured due to the tight manufacturing procedure.


Ms Jessica CEO Queen Hair and VIP customer

Steps to buy Water Curly #1 from Queen Hair

Here are the steps to make an order from Queen Hair – #1 Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria

  • Contact with sales managers of Queen Hair via Whatsapp, Website or social media
  • Make a detailed order with necessary information: Style, color, grade, length, quantity
  • Request an invoice from Queen Hair’s sales manager
  • Check the invoice carefully. Once you confirm the invoice, you can choose any payment method suitable for you

Queen Hair’s payment methods

Queen Hair payment method

  • Before shipment, our employees will send you images and videos of the end products. You can check the quality of product before shipping
  • Receive hair from Queen Hair and make feedback for discounts!

Shipping process from Queen Hair to Nigeria

If you have any questions or want to place and order, feel free to contact Queen Hair. We will support you 24/7:

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