If you are seeking for a reliable source of hair to run your own business and confused in choosing single drawn hair, double drawn hair or super drawn hair. Super double drawn hair will definitely be the best selection.

 What is super double drawn hair?

  • Super double drawn hair is hair that indicates the thickest type of hair extensions with the uniform length level from top to bottom of hair strand taking 85-90%. The rest 10-15% is blended with different lengths of hair strand. It can be known as other names like 11A, 12A in China, India, Brazil,.. but still keep the same length and quality.
  • In the making process, apart from choosing selectively each strand of hair, the worker has to arrange each strand to the equal length all by hand. Therefore, behind a completed super double drawn hair product is a chain of complicated procedures symbolizing for patience and cleverness of the craftmen
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1.2 Classification super double drawn hair
Depending on a variety of factors, super double drawn hair is classified into different categories. However, there are two main criteria you can base on: the original aspect and the textural aspect.
1.2.1 Classification of super double drawn hair based on origin
Super double drawn hair is made from three main materials: virgin hair, remy hair and non – remy hair. We will analyse under diverse aspects to give you an objective view as much as possible.
Firstly, super double drawn hair from virgin hair: Virgin hair is referred to as completely natural human hair, no chemical process and directly cut from one donor. Therefore, super double drawn hair from virgin hair is the highest quality type of hair in terms of appearance, duration and smoothy. In particular, it can be bleached up to 613 perfectly. And of course, this is the most

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