The hair industry is growing strongly and tumultuous in recent years, which has promoted a lot of different hair types from different countries to be born, including Peruvian human hair. If Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair, Indian hair or Brazilian hair are so familiar to customers who are passionate about hair and they want to find new options, then Peruvian human hair is an extremely reasonable choice. Let’s learn more about Peruvian human hair with the following article


Peruvian human hair – New choice for hair beauty

Why has Peruvian human hair become a new choice for women?

To fully understand the Peruvian human hair, first, let’s learn about the worldwide hair trend shift as well as the new choice for Peruvian human hair.

The hair industry in the world has grown very rapidly to an extremely dizzying extent with extremely large sales. Africa alone has reached a turnover of 6 billion USD / year, many countries in Europe have reached a number of hundreds of times higher than that. Many types of hair have become very familiar, even the old choices for hair lovers such as Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair or Indian hair and Peruvian human hair are considered quite new choices and have many prospects. With today’s diverse market, it is extremely understandable that there are many new hair types every day. There are hair types that are too expensive, not suitable for most customers, there are also hair types with poor quality that are extremely cheap, not loved by customers, then Peruvian human hair is the best choice. Choose the right fit when it comes to quality and reasonable price. That’s why Peruvian human hair becomes an extremely promising choice for hair lovers


Peruvian human hair becomes popular

Definition and origin of Peruvian human hair 

To understand why Peruvian human hair has become a promising choice for the hair fashion industry, let’s first learn about the definition and origin of Peruvian human hair.

Peruvian human hair is 100% hair originating from Peruvian women between the ages of 18-35, everywhere throughout the country of Peru. Peruvian human hair and Brazilian human hair are considered to be quite similar to each other and quite difficult to distinguish if simply looked at by the naked eye, but it is undeniable that there are many similarities between them but Peruvian human hair is a fairly new choice compared to Brazilian hair


Definition and origin of Peruvian human hair 

When it comes to Peruvian human hair, many people will no longer have a hard time imagining its origin. Peruvian human hair is collected mainly from the hair of women living in remote areas of Peru. Because Peru is located in a hilly region, Peruvian hair bundles are mostly collected from women who wish to sell hair in these mountainous locations. Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile are all in close proximity to Peru, which is situated on practically a continental coast. The Pacific Ocean is also within striking distance. Because of Peru’s varied geographic location and climate factors, Peruvian hair bundles will typically have the qualities to adapt to different settings.


Definition and origin of Peruvian human hair 

Outstanding features of Peruvian human hair

Peruvian human hair has many interesting features that many people love, let’s learn about some of those outstanding features that Peruvian human hair owns 

Peruvian human hair is 100% hair real 

Peruvian human hair has the most prominent feature first of all, the hair made from 100% real hair. This may be what many people think is obvious, but there are not many types of hair that can be 100% guaranteed like Peruvian human hair. To make it easiest to see, we can compare it with Chinese hair or Brazilian hair and a few types of hair from other countries, they are all more or less mixed from synthetic fibers, furs, … so they cannot 100% guarantee hair made from natural like Peruvian human hair. This you can completely verify in many different ways, but the simplest way is to touch Peruvian human hair compared to other types of hair or fur, you will notice the softness and feel of the hair so true


Features of Peruvian human hair

Peruvian human hair’s natural texture

Just like many different hair types in the world, each hair type will have its own texture and Peruvian human hair is no exception, the texture of Peruvian human hair is greatly influenced by weather, climate, human race and habits. familiar with the life of the women as well as the country of Peru. Peru has an extremely rich and diverse climate and weather, with many climates ranging from a tropical desert climate to a sub-equatorial climate predominant stretching across the length of the country. Because of that diversity, Peruvian human hair must have characteristics adapted to those climates: thick, fluffy, rather coarse and with a slight curl. Besides, with South American strains like Peruvian, Peruvian human hair has a characteristic black texture and is quite dry. However, this will be a great texture for those who love the hair to look as natural as possible to get the wild look of South American girls.


Features of Peruvian human hair

Peruvian human hair is lightweight

If customers are too obsessed with the weight of hair extensions coming from different hair types, then Peruvian human hair deserves a new choice for them because Peruvian human hair’s texture is lightweight. The hairs are really light and soft, silky like made of feathers, in stark contrast to its thick, frizzy and slightly coarse hair. Girls can wear up to five bundles of Peruvian human hair on their heads and still feel very light, as if they were only wearing a thin hat, not too heavy to cause neck pain or scalp scratching like other hair types. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Peruvian human hair with a light texture will not have enough volume, it’s just that Peruvian human hair’s texture makes it much lighter than other hair types.


Features of Peruvian human hair

Peruvian human hair is easy to restyle

If you compare Peruvian human hair with other hair types such as Chinese or Indian hair, Peruvian human hair will have a lot more advantages in hair styling. The reason is because Chinese hair, Indian hair have a lot of origins from non-remy hair. The worst hair types are collected from everywhere, including public places, so they have to go through a very chemical process. multiple times for an eye-catching, polished look. Therefore, if customers want to restyle to new hairstyles, they are already quite weak, easily tangled, broken, and last up to 1 year. However, with Peruvian human hair, chemicals are very limited, so customers can still freely do any hairstyle they want: dye, straighten, curl, bleach,… without worrying about Peruvian human hair is damaged because they still have a very good protective layer


Features of Peruvian human hair

The secret for beautiful and healthy Peruvian human hair

How to keep Peruvian human hair healthy and beautiful is a matter of concern for many women. Please refer to the section below

Drying Peruvian human hair upside down

Blow-drying is the most useful method of adding volume to thin hair. Before drying, remember to use more hair products to avoid damage to your Peruvian human hair. This is the best way to dry the hair while still ensuring the hair becomes bouncy, limiting the appearance of thin hair defects of those who have thin hair, exposing the scalp. Women with thin hair when drying Peruvian human hair, please lower your head and dry at the roots, when your hair is completely dry, throw your hair back. Your hair will become bouncy and fuller.


Drying Peruvian human hair upside down

Comb Peruvian human hair with a wide tooth

Those who own Peruvian human hair should stick with tooth combs to comb their hair more easily and avoid hair loss. At the same time, when combing Peruvian hair, you also need to pay attention to gently brush your hands, untangle slowly and do not brush your hair when it is still wet. When combing your hair, use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair in the right direction; hold a handful of hair and comb from the middle of the hair to the end of the hair, then from the roots to the middle of the hair. Brushing Peruvian human hair like that not only helps to prevent hair from tangling, but also makes it less prone to breakage


Comb Peruvian human hair with a wide tooth

Avoid tying Peruvian human hair too tight

Tight hair ties are the leading cause of hair loss and thinning. You should avoid using elastic bands to tie Peruvian human hair because it will easily break your hair. Tightly tying the hair also makes the hairs squeeze together, increasing friction and leading to hair damage. Instead, tie Peruvian human hair with fabric strings, soft towels, which are both fashionable and gentle for your hair


Avoid tying Peruvian human hair too tight

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