This policy will assist our customers better understand Queen Hair’s payment . The payment policy that we use to ensure the best convenient of our customers. From there, our customers can rest assured to purchase and enjoy the policies that we have committed in this article.

Payment policy 

  • The product price, shipping charge, and payment fee will all be included in the total cost of your order (if any). Naira agents, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Remitly, Ria, Visa/Mastercard… are all options for payment. You can select the one that is most convenient for you. If you have any problems with the payment procedure, our experts will assist you 24/7.

Queen Hair’s payment policy

  • Apart from the fact that it may take days for the money to arrive after you have made a payment, please provide us with the invoice for your transactions so that we can keep track of them as quickly as possible.
    There are 4 popular payment methods were used by almost wholesale hair vendors:
  • If you needs support about Queen Hair’s payment policy or have any problem about payment, contact Queen Hair’s hotline now: 84 844 444 829