If you’re looking for a vendor who only has low prices, raw indian hair vendors are a good choice. Our goal in writing this article is to assist you in making an informed decision about raw indian hair vendors for your business.


Raw Indian hair vendors

Overview of raw indian hair vendors

Since India has one of the world’s largest hair factories, raw indian hair vendors have recently become a potential industry. According to the latest data, the world’s largest exporter of raw hair is raw Indian hair vendors, producing tons of it each year.  Nearly one-fifth of the world’s hair is produced from indian raw hair vendor, which exports 193.90 million dollars of human hair in 2022. Four of the world’s most important markets for human hair source their virgin hair from raw Indian hair vendors: China, Brazil, the United States, Africa, and South America.


Overview of raw indian hair vendors

The temples of India are the primary source of hair for  raw indian hair vendors. Thousands of people donate their hair to temples in India every year because of a cultural belief that cutting one’s hair at a temple brings good luck. As a result, these temples provide the bulk of raw indian hair vendors. There are also a number of smaller, less well-known raw indian hair vendors that supply raw hair to the country’s virgin hair suppliers. The hair of raw Indian hair vendors or best raw indian hair vendors is likely to have come from many different donors, and the hair bundles are likely to be mixed together.

Outstanding features of raw indian hair vendors

Compared to other countries, the characteristics of raw indian hair vendors and best raw indian hair vendors in india will be vastly different. The quality, product variety, and price of raw indian hair vendors are all listed below.

The quality of products from raw indian hair vendors

The quality and condition of raw indian hair vendors varies widely and is often in a state of disrepair. Listed below are a few of the factors that contribute to its low quality

  • There is no guarantee that the hair comes from a temple in India, where a large number of people contribute their hair every day; therefore, the roots of raw indian hair vendors is not assured. Because of this, the quality of the hair will fluctuate. Instead of using a high-tech machine to sort the hair, raw indian hair vendors sort it by hand. This causes hair to become tangled and shed.
  • Short-lived hair extensions sourced from raw indian hair vendors are only good for the first few months. Despite its glossy appearance, the hair will become matted and tangled after just a few uses of this product. When there is a large supply from raw indian hair vendors in a warehouse that is not properly maintained, it will frequently shed due to a lack of vital nutrients.

The quality of products from raw indian hair vendors

This leads us to the conclusion that raw indian hair vendors are of poor quality. Because it is not matched and does not have a long durability, the hair is easily tangled. If you want to get real raw hair, Vietnamese hair vendors are the best choice for you. Vietnamese hair factory – Queen Hair has long been a reputable raw hair vendor. Queen Hair extensions are often of the best quality because they are completely made of hair from a single donor . You should contact Queen Hair if you want the best hair on the market,

The diversity of products from raw indian hair vendors

There is a lack of variety in the products offered by raw indian hair vendors. Hairstyles made from raw indian hair vendors are typically limited.

  • Due to the nature of hair from raw indian hair vendors the diversity of products are significantly limited. To restyle Indian hair, you’ll have a difficult time because the original hair is typically curly and dry and coarse, making it difficult to create other hairstyles besides curly hair

The diversity of products from raw indian hair vendors

  • Because the equipment used by raw Indian hair vendors is outdated, they are unable to produce a wide variety of hairstyles. Hair from  Indian sources can be bleached and dyed, but the lack of product variety is due to the fact that most Indian virgin hair suppliers still use manual labor rather than high-tech methods.

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Raw indian hair vendors offer cheap price

Raw indian hair vendors have the advantage of offering their products at incredibly low prices. A bundle of hair costs an average of $6 from one of these vendors.

  • Uncertainty in quality due to thousands of different and unidentified temple hair suppliers in India means that the price will be lower than usual. The hair of raw indian hair vendors is mainly collected from temples so it does not take much time and is easy to gather.
  • There is a similarity between price and quality. In order to sell their products at such a low price, raw indian hair vendors in india use a mix of low-quality and mixed hair.

Raw indian hair vendors offer cheap price

Because of this, we can reach the conclusion that the product lines of raw indian hair vendors are of poor quality, with a limited product line but an affordable price. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you rethink your plans if you’re planning to purchase hair from raw indian hair vendors from india. Because unsatisfied customers are a sure sign that your hair brand won’t be able to maintain in hair business if the quality of the product is poor. Additionally, because of India’s unstable political climate, shipments from raw indian hair manufacturers to other countries may arrive late or even go missing.

If you’re looking for another option, check out Queen Hair. Quality is guaranteed because Queen Hair owns a hair factory in Vietnam. Besides the fact that Queen Hair only pays a donor for her hair, the line of products is also pretty varied and reasonably priced. Contact Queen Hair via raw Vietnamese hair vendors whatsapp at the following number if you need to import high-quality hair at a reasonable price.


Top 5 best raw indian hair vendors you can trust

How to find raw indian hair vendors? There are five reputable Indian  hair suppliers from which to purchase raw Indian hair. Our ranking is based on the quality and consistency of the Indian hair they supply if you are wondering how to find raw indian hair vendors among many raw hair vendors with top raw indian hair vendors.

SGI Hair – Top 1 best raw indian hair vendors

As one of the best raw indian hair vendors, SGI Hair made its debut in 2008 with extensive experience in best raw indian hair vendors in india.  Additional discounts are available on an annual, weekly and even monthly basis from SGI. Large production quantities allow them to offer lower prices than other Indian hair manufacturers.

  • The main product: virgin hair suppliers in India – SGI HAIR was launched in 2012. Their primary goal is to produce and distribute high-quality Indian hair, wigs, and hair care products under their brand names to customers.

SGI Hair – Top 1 best raw indian hair vendors

  • Service: They have good services for business that don’t want to be tied down by a large amount of inventory. SGI HAIR will include a free custom label with every order you place. There is a free place to help you get started quickly and easily if you’re thinking about starting a company but are confused about where to start.

Your business will benefit from purchasing raw Indian hair from SGI Hair, which offers a top-quality item with a customizable brand label. In addition, they help your hair business run more smoothly by providing you with the means to do so.

1 Hair Shop – Top 2 raw indian hair vendors

Hair Stop, established in 2019, is a raw indian hair vendors that is relatively new to the market. 1 Hair Stop’s aim was to help Indian hair be more available and to help women feel more confident and attractive.

  • Among the hair types offered by this raw indian hair vendors are raw Indian braids and wigs. In addition, 1 Hair Stop provides raw indian hair in a variety of types, such as clip-in hair, tape-in hair, and wig hair.
  • Those who purchase hair from Hair Service can rest assured that they will receive a high-quality professional service. Customers at 1 Hair Stop are protected by a range of measures designed to ensure their satisfaction.

Chennai Hair Factory – Top 3 raw indian hair vendors 

To provide our consumers with the finest hair wigs and extensions, Chennai Hair Factory, a raw indian hair vendors was established in 2012. Each wig is handcrafted in-house, using only the finest materials, including hair purchased from reputable market vendors.

  • They make synthetic wigs, raw Indian hair, human hair, and a wide range of other products as their main line of business. ‘

Chennai Hair Factory – Top 3 raw indian hair vendors

  • More than three years have passed since Chennai Hair first opened its doors to the world’s citizens. As the world’s largest distributor of human hair extensions, they have a lot of buying power. Your appearance may be enhanced by their hair extensions. 

They sell raw indian hair to salons, shops, and individuals. Products from this company are lauded for their high level of quality, their eye-catching colors and patterns, and their wide range of design options.

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions – Top 4 raw indian hair vendors

Weaving hair extensions is one of the many services offered by Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions, a raw Indian hair vendors. Your shop would be ideal for people who want to sell a wide variety of hair types. Using high-tech stitching human hair, this hair vendor creates thick, long-lasting hair extensions. Thus, they charge more than other indian raw hair vendors as well as raw indian hair vendors from india

A.K.Enterprise – Top 5 raw Indian hair vendors 

As raw indian hair vendors, A.K. Enterprises have an ISO 9001 certification from the Indian government. Bleached, double-drawn, virgin, and other types of human hair extensions are among the options. Another difference between them and other indian raw hair vendor is that they can customize each customer’s hair extensions to their exact specifications.

For those of you who are still looking for information on raw indian hair vendors, we’ve already given you a lot of it. It’s my hope that you and your company will benefit from it. Contact Queen Hair’s sales manager right away if you have any further questions about raw india  hair vendors or if you’d like to buy raw Vietnamese hair at a wholesale price from the company.


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