Raw Vietnamese hair is one of the most recommended raw hair sources for hair salons or wig shops, for its amazing unprocessed, straight-from-the-scalp pristine quality that is perfect for any kind of bleaching, curling and styling. Scroll down to learn all you need to know about Raw Vietnamese hair and raw hair vietnam reviews for your business: origin, quality, classifications and where to find quality raw hair Vietnam.


Raw Vietnamese hair

What is raw Vietnamese hair?

Raw Vietnamese hair is simply the original hair taken from a Vietnamese person’s head, to answer the question “What is raw Vietnamese hair?”. Vietnamese raw hair is the original hair collected from a Vietnamese donor, cleaned by manufacturers then provided for vendors and then supplied to hair businesses. Raw Vietnamese hair is the most primal form of commercial human hair product, and is chosen by many hair salons and wig makers for its raw, pristine quality.


Raw Vietnamese hair definition

You might encounter the word “hair bulks” here and there, which is a bulk of raw human hair strands that usually weighs about 100g. Unlike hair weaves or extensions, raw Vietnamese hair from raw vietnamese hair vendors is simply hair strands, not even attached to any kind of threads, fabric or glue.

Characteristics of raw Vietnamese hair

Just as raw hair is the most favored hair for hair specialists to manipulate into any color, style and texture, Vietnam is certainly the best source of raw hair to sell raw vietnamese hair wholesale. Raw Vietnamese hair is in its original quality as grown from a person’s scalp, and not mixed from multiple sources. Here are some further details on raw Vietnam hair.

Origin of raw Vietnamese hair

Raw Vietnamese hair is donor hair. Raw vietnamese hair bundles are collected entirely from domestic sources. Unlike some other big hair suppliers countries like China who collect hair from mixed sources, raw hair Vietnam is what it says on the name: hair of Vietnamese people.

  • Raw Vietnamese hair is is vietnamese hair good taken from rural women in Vietnam’s hilly highlands. These Vietnamese ladies consume a high-fiber diet and live in fresh air, which keeps their scalp healthy and their hair shinier and more lustrous.

Origin of raw Vietnamese hair

  • Vietnamese raw hair suppliers often have stricter control over hair sources because raw Vietnamese hair producers are more concerned with quality.

If you run a hair salon, knowing everything about your hair products is vital to find good raw hair, and origin is one of the key pieces of information you should know. Buying raw Vietnamese hair from a reliable vendor is ensuring your raw hair is from a good and ethical source, keeping your hair products quality always satisfactory for your customers.

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Quality of raw Vietnamese hair

Raw Vietnamese hair also has a valuable asset to offer: high quality. Vietnamese raw hair has several apparent benefits: it is smooth, resilient, and silky, with a natural sheen.

  • Vietnamese ladies wash their hair with lemongrass, locust, or pomelo juice, which has been scientifically shown to promote scalp and raw Vietnam hair health, as well as hair strength and length.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair may also be found in very long lengths (up to 30 feet!).

It’s no accident that in the early days of the hair export sector, Jewish businessmen from Israel and industry professionals preferred to buy raw Vietnamese hair. With its advantage in affordability, variety, and quality, raw hair Vietnam reviews are often positive, and Vietnamese raw hair is a perfect raw hair for any hair business.


Quality of raw Vietnamese hair

Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, is one of the greatest Vietnamese hair suppliers, and we provide quality raw Vietnamese hair or raw Vietnamese wavy hair for businesses around the world. We are here to assist you in making a good profit from your hair brand.

Raw Vietnamese hair classification

Raw Vietnamese hair from raw hair vendors in vietnam  is classified into 2 types: virgin and remy hair. These terms allude to the origins of the raw Vietnamese hair and the status of the cuticles on the hair strands.

  • Virgin raw Vietnamese hair

Virgin raw Vietnamese hair is manufactured from raw Vietnam hair that has been collected from only one donor’s head. They are real human hair extensions manufactured from a single bundle of hair from a single donor, thus the term “virgin hair.” Virgin raw Vietnamese hair has never been treated or dyed. This type of hair extension is quite popular among hairdressers since it is great for bleaching, dyeing, and styling, as it is the most flexible and the only type of raw Vietnamese hair to be bleached to the brightest possible hair color. This is the most expensive type of hair extensions available on the market.


Raw Vietnamese hair types

  • Remy raw Vietnamese hair

Remy raw Vietnamese hair is created from the hair of numerous donors, with the hair strands organized in such a way that their cuticles line up. Cuticles are little “scales” that cover the outside section of a hair strand in layman’s terms. Because remy hair is cuticle-aligned, it is tangle-free. Remy hair can be kept unprocessed or thermally or chemically treated to form hair extensions or wigs.

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Unlike some other countries, Vietnam raw hair doesn’t come in non-remy type, as big Vietnamese hair suppliers ensure that the hair is most suitable for restyling and altering. Buying quality virgin or remy raw Vietnamese hair is also ensuring that you will provide high-quality items to your consumers, in order to foster trust and long-term profitability. Choosing virgin or remy raw Vietnamese hair depends largely on your budget and usage.

Queen Hair – a reputable raw vietnamese hair factoryprovides the most quality virgin raw Vietnamese hair for hair businesses around the world. Our raw Vietnamese hair bulks as well as raw vietnamese hair wholesale vendors are an ideal choice for salons, wig makers and retailers, with the healthy, durable and premium hair quality that is suitable to be made into any kind of hair extensions and wigs.


Raw Vietnamese hair from Queen Hair

Want more free knowledge on raw Vietnamese hair? Contact Queen Hair sale manager via Whatsapp: +84 83 333 3942

Comparison among Indian, Chinese and raw Vietnamese hair

Raw hair is an extensively traded commodity. The majority of raw hair in the globe are provided by Asian nations, including India, China, and Vietnam.

  • Raw Vietnamese hair

As a consequence of the rising popularity of raw Vietnamese hair in recent years, the raw hair Vietnam sector is quickly developing. Raw Vietnamese hair benefits from a vast availability of raw materials. The hair is collected from healthy rural Vietnamese people. Vietnam hair extensions are composed of 100 percent human hair, which is smooth, glossy, and long-lasting, making it ideal for black or Caucasian females. Raw Vietnamese hair is easily the most quality type of hair in the market, resulting from the natural strength of Vietnamese hair, as hair in colder climates is more resilient and smooth. Vietnamese hair extension producers maintain great control over the collecting stage, carefully selecting

  • Raw Chinese hair

China has a major economic edge due to its large-scale industry and superb logistical infrastructure. Chinese hair suppliers provide the best prices, the shortest shipping times, and the largest availability for raw hair. Chinese hair factories are big, specialized manufacturing units that mass produce and stock hair extensions, lowering labor and production costs.


Characteristics of raw Chinese hair

Chinese raw hair, on the other hand, is typically made from a mix of hair sources from neighboring countries, including India, Cambodia and Vietnam. Because Chinese raw hair is blended, it contains some synthetic hair, resulting in a shorter expiry date and worse quality.

Want more free knowledge on raw Vietnamese hair? Contact Queen Hair sale manager via Whatsapp: +84 83 333 3942

Furthermore, there are several con artists who pose as Chinese raw hair sellers. Keep an eye out if you’re shopping for Chinese hair extensions!

  • Raw Indian hair

Because it is the raw material source for many hair firms throughout the world, Indian raw hair extensions are the most prevalent in the market. Indian raw hair is cheap and almost usually available. However, due to unsanitary collecting practices, the collection of Indian raw hair has a bad image. There have been instances of Indian hair being combined with animal fur and being cut in unclean conditions. Furthermore, India’s tumultuous political scenario may create interruptions from time to time. During periods of political unrest, an Indian hair provider may not have a constant supply flow, impacting their consumers.


Raw Vietnamese hair comparison

Finally, if quality is your top priority, you should go for raw Vietnamese hair because it is the best raw hair available on the market. However, if you want extremely cheap hair, you may go with Chinese raw hair, but if you want better quality but not too costly hair, raw Vietnamese hair is a perfect option.

Top 5 best raw Vietnamese hair suppliers

Raw Vietnamese hair is fantastic for anything requiring raw hair. However not all Vietnamese hair suppliers are reliable. We have gathered a list of high-quality raw Vietnamese hair dealers and best wholesale raw hair vendors for your convenience:

Queen Hair – Top 1 raw Vietnamese hair supplier

For the last 10 years, Queen Hair Factory – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, has been one of the greatest professional hair extensions and raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers, making and supplying high-quality Vietnamese raw hair for our consumers. Queen Hair is one of the few Vietnamese hair merchants with its own factory in Vietnam.

  • Queen Hair has developed rapidly in the raw Vietnam hair business since its beginning in 2010, exceeding several other raw hair Vietnam suppliers. Queen Hair has spent many years refining and updating our production method in order to give better, more affordable virgin raw Vietnamese hair to our customers.
  • Queen Hair is now one of Nigeria’s greatest raw Vietnamese hair factory. Aside from Vietnamese raw hair, Queen Hair offers a wide range of human hair extensions, including single, double, and super double drawn textures, as well as curly and straight hair. You may also have the color and length of your hair tailored to your liking.

Queen Hair is the best supplier for raw Vietnamese hair

Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, offers a wholesale line of virgin raw hair and 100 percent human hair extensions. Contact Queen Hair via social media for a wholesale discount:

Website: queenhair.ng

Whatsapp: +84 844 444 835

Instagram: @queenhair_official

K-Hair – Top 2 provider of raw Vietnamese hair

K-Hair is a raw Vietnamese hair provider that many hair industry professionals, notably clients in Nigeria, rely on. K-Hair began with a small operation in 1990 and has subsequently expanded manufacturing lines and updated revolutionary technologies to better serve customers.

As the motto “Quality is king” implies, their raw Vietnamese hair products are of high quality and are available in a range of different hairstyles.


Raw Vietnamese hair from K-Hair

5S Hair – Top 3 Supplier of Hair Extensions

5S Hair, which was formed in 1989, is a well-known raw Vietnamese hair supplier. 5S Hair has over 20 years of expertise and services thousands of consumers all around the world, including Nigeria. They’ve grown to become one of Vietnam’s major makers of raw hair Vietnam and hair extensions.

  • Products: Raw hair, hair weaves, frontal and closure
  • Experience: 32 years
  • Worldwide shipping is available.

Raw Vietnamese hair from 5S Hair

They provide raw Vietnamese hair and hair extensions in a range of textures and colors, including straight, curly, and wavy hair. 5s is among the best hair factory in Vietnam thanks to constantly producing high-quality raw Vietnamese hair with the phrase “Shine in your own way.”

Want more free knowledge on raw Vietnamese hair? Contact Queen Hair sale manager via Whatsapp: +84 83 333 3942

Luna Hair – Top 4 raw Vietnamese hair supplier

Luna Hair is a well-known vendor of raw Vietnamese hair. Due to their production skills, Luna is continuously striving to produce the best Vietnamese hair goods of the greatest quality.

  • Products: Hair extensions in practically every texture are available on the market: straight, curly, wavy, kinky, and so on.
  • Shipment: Worldwide shipping through agents and major delivery firms.
  • Experience: 5 years

Ruby Hair – Top 5 raw Vietnamese hair supplier

Ruby Hair Factory is a major raw Vietnamese hair and hair extensions vendor in Vietnam. Their hair processing frameworks may manufacture hair pieces depending on customer choices in addition to pre-made products. The name signifies that every hair product made by this brand has the characteristics of a gem: it is high-quality, high-profile, and high-fashion.


Top 5 raw Vietnamese hair suppliers list

  • Products: Raw Vietnamese hair and human hair extensions in a variety of hues and color combinations, as well as different textures
  • 5 years of experience

We hope that by using the information in this article as a reference, you will be able to select the best raw Vietnamese hair source for your hair company. If you have any further queries, please call Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, right away for further advice from our hair professionals!

Want more free knowledge on raw Vietnamese hair? Contact Queen Hair sale manager via Whatsapp: +84 83 333 3942

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