Many people are discussing K-Hair Vietnam reviews right now. Because of the high quality images of their items that they post online, many wholesale hair suppliers are interested in purchasing K-hair products from them. In this essay, we’ll focus on the finer points of K-hair Vietnam.

Introduction of K-hair Vietnam reviews

K-hair is one of the best Vietnam hair factories in Vietnam, they are known for their high quality hair products at affordable prices. With many years of manufacturing and trading hair, K-Hair products have covered most of the countries in the world.

K-Hair Vietnam reviews: Story of foundation  

K-Hair Factory Vietnam has been founded for 30 years as a manufacturer and supplier of hair with highest quality virgin hair, confirming its position as Vietnam’s leading hair supplier and rapidly gaining a presence in the global hair industry. K-Hair Vietnam has already been recognized as the most reliable hair distributor in a number of nations, ranging from Africa to Europe, with over 1500 devoted hair merchants globally.


K-Hair Vietnam reviews: Story of foundation  

  • To meet the great global demand for hair, K-Hair Vietnam reviews currently has 3 hair factories located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam including: Raw Processing, Coil and style processing, Extension processing. In addition, K-Hair also has headquarters all over the world, such as: Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Russia, and the United States.
  • With core values ​​expressed through the slogan “Quality is king” , K- Hair Factory guarantees that consumers will receive the highest quality hair at the most affordable wholesale pricing. Furthermore, K- Hair Factory is always updating and innovating technology and procedures in the factory to improve the manufacturing process, ensuring that even the most demanding clients are satisfied.

K-Hair Vietnam reviews: Main product 

With the slogan “Quality is king”, surely K-Hair Vietnam reviews products of extremely high quality. So what makes their hair products so high quality, where do they source their hair and what products do they offer. Let’s find out together below.


K-Hair Vietnam reviews: Main product 

  • Located in Vietnam, K-Hair has a lot of advantages in terms of hair sources, because Vietnam is a region of hair materials. In addition, the original hair of Vietnamese women, which was already very strong, smooth and straight, is now combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Therefore, K-Hair products are hair products made 100 percent of Vietnamese women’s hair.
  • More than 30 years of production experience, so K-Hair’s product quality is optimal continuously, they are always listening to customer feedback and changes, so the quality is very good. Furthermore, their hairstyles always have beautiful appearance, no shedding and tangles. 
  • The main K-Hair products are virgin hair and remy hair with so many unique types. K-Hair has many experts of hair manufacture with almost 30 years experience in the hair industry. Their product variety is improving day by day, each season has unique and beautiful products such as weft hair, virgin hair, clip-in hair with many types. That makes wholesale hair vendors buying from K-Hair for business will also be more diversified in their hairstyles, length and color. Thereby expanding their customer base. 

K-Hair Vietnam reviews: The price of K-Hair

Although K-Hair offers high quality products, k-hair price list for each product is very moderate. The reason is because they are located in the raw material area, K-hair products will not have to be imported from other countries but only need to be collected in Vietnam. In addition, labor costs in Vietnam are considered to be extremely cheap compared to neighboring countries. That saves their production costs significantly.


K-Hair Vietnam reviews: The price of K-Hair

  • The variety of products means that K-Hair’s prices are also diverse. K-Hair not only provides individual products with moderate to high prices, K-Hair Vietnam reviews also offers customer-specific product packages 
  • In addition, depending on the type and length of hair, there will be other k-hair price list. If you need any type, then contact their sales staff, they will send a k-hair price list and more detailed advice. Customers who buy in bulk will receive a separate VIP k-hair price list, which is extremely good for large traders to create great economic efficiency.

K-Hair Vietnam reviews: payment and shipment

With customers from around the world, K-Hair has many policies and methods about both payment and shipment. It is to ensure that their customers will earn the highest service from K-Hair Vietnam reviews to be as comfortable as possible. 

  • K-Hair Vietnam reviews about payment

Western Union, Bank Transfer, and Remitly will be the primary methods of payment for K-Hair Vietnam in Vietnam. In several regions, K-Hair enables wholesale hair dealers with confidential methods of payment. For Nigerian wholesale hair vendors, K-Hair Vietnam offers the Naira agent, which is the most frequent payment method in Nigeria. Nigerian wholesale hair dealers want to pay in naira, thus Naira agents are an excellent choice.


K-Hair Vietnam reviews about payment

  • K-Hair Vietnam reviews about shipment

K-Hair uses international shipping methods to ensure K-Hair products will reach customers in the safest and fastest way. The shipping agents that were corporate with K-Hair for many years are:DHL, Fedex, UPS. Regarding the reputation of these delivery agents, there is no need to argue anymore, because they have many years of international shipping that everyone knows.


K-Hair Vietnam reviews about shipment

Customer reviews about K-Hair Vietnam

Before buying K-Hair products from k-hair factory Vietnam, people tend to refer to reviews from their customers who have bought K-hair products before. Because that’s the opinion of people who have purchased from them

K-Hair Vietnam reviews by customer about product

Most of K-Hair Vietnam reviews customers are satisfied with the quality of K-Hair products, the hair is beautiful and the quality is durable, so it’s very good to use and do business with. Therefore, you can see many good reviews and 5 star rates about their business. You can refer to this comment to determine their business about quality, prices and services, remember prefer reviews include text, photos and videos to read. 


K-Hair Vietnam reviews by customer about product


However, there are a few negative reviews concerning K-Hair, primarily because to the harm that can be caused to hair when it is purchased and used wrongly. To get the most out of the hair you buy, follow the directions on how to use it properly and for the greatest period of time. A video on K-YouTube Hair’s channel demonstrates how to properly care for this sort of hair, or you can contact sales staff right away to learn how to avoid harming your hair product altogether.

K-Hair Vietnam reviews by customer about customer service

Customer service is the first impression when talking to any customer. Therefore, K-Hair always improves customer service day by day to make their customers feel comfortable and convenient when making a purchase.


K-Hair Vietnam reviews by customer about customer service

  • K-Hair has many years of experience in the hair market, so it understands customer psychology very well. Although it is a factory, specializing in working with bulk hair traders, K-hair always creates an opportunity for all small hair dealers. If you still do not know whether K-Hair products are suitable for your hair market, you can order a small amount of hair to test the quality and then choose K-Hair as your home. provide the main hair for you.
  • K-Hair’s sales consultants are very enthusiastic, giving many useful tips for your business to become more and more developed. Therefore, if you are curious about your hair business or having trouble in selling your hair products, feel free to contact K-Hair sales consultant, they will guide you in the detailed ways.

Hopefully, through this article, you can have the most K-Hair Vietnam reviews products and services. If you would like any more information about them, please visit for more information.

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