If you are curious about global hair factories, especially Cambodia, to run your hair business effectively, this article will indicate all necessary information about hair factories in Cambodia. As a result, you can prepare a certain foundation when choosing a potential supplier for your own business.

Overview of hair factories in Cambodia

With the leading tendency of the beauty industry, especially hairstyling, there are an increasing  number of hair factories. Developing in such a competitive environment, Cambodian hair factory in Cambodia still remain an outstanding place when it comes to hair vendors in the world. Firstly, we will have a look at the overview of hair factories in Cambodia.


Overview of hair factories in Cambodia

Scale of hair factories in Cambodia

Along with the blooming trend in hair beauty, there are numerous hair factories in Cambodia rising to satisfy customer’s demand. In spite of an increasing appearance in the hair business, the hair source in Cambodia  is not as abundant as other Asian nations. Let’s take a look on the scale of Cambodian hair factories

  • Most hair factories in Cambodia are active in terms of household-scale instead of massive one. Due to the thinly populated distribution and Cambodian people rarely have the habit of nurturing long hair, the source of hair supplement is slightly limited. Production process is not performed as a factory chain like China or India, Cambodian hair wholesale factory and manufacturer often appear under the form of warehouses and collector stores. 

Scale of hair factories in Cambodia

  • Products from Cambodian hair factory in Cambodia are processed in a traditional way. Therefore, hair manufacturers in Cambodia are rarely able to produce on a massive scale as China does. Each worker here plays a role as a skillful craftsman, they thoroughly collect hair strands to make up a bundle manually. Despite the lack of modern devices, manual products can be guaranteed in terms of quality. thanks to senior qualified employees. However, as a result, hair factories in Cambodia can not always have their hair products available in stock.  

Origin of products coming from hair factories in Cambodia

Hair factories in Cambodia tend to collect hair from domain areas where people are suffering from inadequate living conditions. Covering school-fee and daily payments becomes a burden for Cambodian families in poor rural villages. Lack of food and financial shortage have forced Cambodian women to sell their hair for the trader at a very low price without knowing that the price can be higher in the global hair market. And that is why a majority of hair source from cambodian hair factory in cambodia is taken from Cambodian women in the countryside or environment lacking standard living conditions.


The origin of hair from hair factories in Cambodia

Gradually, the hair market becomes a billion-dollar business with a range of promising potentials. The demand for hair products peaks at an unstoppable speed, so other Asian suppliers also begin getting on the trade. And cambodian hair manufacturers is one of their considerable places due to its reasonable price and simple collection. As a result, hair factories in Cambodia turn out to be a reputable source of hair.

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Features of products from hair factories in Cambodia

Hair extensions feature is what many wholesale hair suppliers should notice. We will help you adjust this feature from hair factories in Cambodia.

  • Due to the main source of hair originating from Khmer people, who are mixed between South East Asian and Indochina people, the hair characteristics of Cambodian hair manufacturers are a combination of the Indian and Vietnamese hair. Cambodian hair is evaluated to be medium softness, slightly curly, a little bit rough and stable endurability.

    Features of Cambodian hair

  • Cambodian hair is distinguished by its three textures and smoothness. It’s a popular choice for many women because its texture complements almost all hair types. Furthermore, it is tangle and matte free, which means you can spend more time living your life without the complication of combing and brushing that many hair extensions require.

Advantages and disadvantages when buying hair from hair factories in Cambodia

If you have a tendency to buy hair from Cambodian manufacturers, you need to pay attention to their pros and cons. In the following, we will list out the strength and weakness of hair factories in Cambodia.

Advantages when buying hair from hair factories in Cambodia

Among many other hair producing countries like Vietnam, China, Indonesia … Hair factories in Cambodia and Cambodian hair supplier are still a great choice for hair dealers. Here are some reasons for this decision: Let’s take a look at the benefits of a Cambodian hair factory.

Hair factories in Cambodia sell products with affordable price

  • Apart from hair quality, the second factor that all foreign wholesale hair entrepreneurs pay attention to is the reasonable price of hair from Cambodia. They need to consider carefully to optimize the cost and create financial effectiveness
    Hair factories in Cambodia sell products with affordable price: Apart from hair quality, the second factor that all foreign wholesale hair entrepreneurs pay attention to is the reasonable price. They need to consider carefully to optimize the cost and create financial effectiveness. Cambodian hair manufacturer in Cambodia are known for low cost of production. Cambodian hair vendors often collect hair through directly buying hair from rural women at a low price. Therefore, the price of Cambodian hair on the market is also affordable. That is the reason why hair factories become so reputable.

Cambodian hair products with affordable price

  • Because Cambodia is located in a material area, hair factories in Cambodia can reduce the related fee. It is convenient for suppliers to collect Cambodian hair instead of importing hair from foreign countries, which costs them importing tax, transfer fee, etc. As a result, Cambodian hair wholesale factories and manufacturers will save a significant amount of money by collecting hair from women in their country. It will result in hair from Cambodia hair manufactures becoming more affordable.

Hair factories in Cambodia bring about good quality hair

No matter what aspects of business you are, quality is always a key factor that leads to success. To achieve that goal, you need to thoroughly understand the products. Otherwise, the customer can be irritated if you provide them with wrong information. We will help you consolidate your hair knowledge through hair factories in Cambodia

  • Cambodian hair is mainly sourced from Khmer people who own natural hair with high quality. The hair is directly cut from the donor and undergoes no chemical process. The doner from rural areas often wash their hair with herbs instead of usual shampoo. Everything is so organic that it creates the intrinsic health of hair.

Hair factories in Cambodia supply good quality hair

  • The verification process is complicated and strict. Only healthy hair from healthy donors who satisfy all requirements of hair factories in Cambodia are taken to the production chain. After becoming official products, they are verified one more time. This will totally ensure the output of hair manufacturers in cambodia.
  • If you buy hair products from reliable hair factories in Cambodia with 100% Cambodian human hair, it can last for a very long time (up to 1 year). Just by properly cleaning and treating your hair with high quality shampoo, conditioner and oil, you can keep it in its original condition without damaging the appearance of your hair.

Disadvantages when buying hair from hair factories in Cambodia

However, hair factories in Cambodia have some drawbacks that we need to be aware of. If you find a hair factory in Cambodia and buy it in bulk, there are some drawbacks to consider below.

  • Hair factories in Cambodia supply a limited range of products. The more diverse products you supply, the larger the customer’s scale you can expose. However, product diversity is not a strength of hair factories in Cambodia. As we mentioned above, hair factories in Cambodia usually appear in terms of warehouse and collector stores. Because the Cambodian hair manufacturer in Cambodia is small-scale, the number of employees is not much. They mainly come from family’s member and a few other employees. Hair factories in Cambodia can take a long time to make a products due to manual production instead of high technology. In addition, natural Cambodian hair is easy to reform as you want thanks to light curls, thin and fibrous features. To style some more special types like wave or straight hair, it is compulsory to experience the chemical process. As a result, the hair quality can be significantly reduced.

Disadvantages of hair factories in Cambodia

  • Products of hair factories in Cambodia are not guaranteed for continuous supplement: Although hair products from Cambodian manufacturers are well qualified and reasonably priced, the material source is primarily taken from Cambodian women as they consider it as a way to make ends meet. Therefore, if the Cambodian economy develops better, poor women no longer cut their hair to earn more income. This can result in an unstable provision from the Cambodian hair wholesale factory and manufacturer, which can have a negative impact on your business.
  • Furthermore, buying hair products from hair factories in Cambodia, you may struggle because of the unstable political status. This could affect the shipping of hair factories in Cambodia  to other countries. Also, hair sellers in other countries have to wait days to days to receive products from Cambodian hair manufacturer in Cambodia, or they are returned to Cambodian hair factories in Cambodia due to some customs issues, so these customers cannot receive products.

In conclusion, if a hair wholesaler wants to choose cheap, medium quality hair, products from hair factories in Cambodia are the most suitable hair type for your business. However, the source of material for Cambodian hair wholesale factory and manufacturer is not abundant and it can take time to make an order. On the other hand, if you are searching for a stable source of hair, high quality hair, reasonable prices and being able to supply anywhen you want, Vietnamese hair is a great alternative. The Vietnamese government also supports exports to other countries, especially hair products. Contact Queen Hair Factory now to buy  high quality and factory priced Vietnamese hair.

Top 5 best hair factories in Cambodia 

If you are looking for the most reliable hair factories in Cambodian, the names below will be your best deal. With  information and comparisons from each vendor, you can easily find out the  brand most suitable for your business.

Virgin Cambodian Hair – one of reputable hair factories in Cambodia

With 5 year experience on the hair market, Virgin Hair Cambodia is one of the hair factories in Cambodia that supplies only premium quality, 100% virgin Remy Cambodian hair that has not been chemically treated. It is available in  three original colors of natural brown, black, and gray, and  three original textures: straight, wave, and curl. They sew and carefully trim our ducks in a special way to make your sitting more comfortable.


Virgin Hair Cambodia – Top 1 best hair factory in Cambodia

  • Main product: Cambodian remy hair
  • Instagram: virgincambodianhair

Angkor Cambodian Hair Factory – Top 2 best hair factories in Cambodia

Angkor Cambodia Hair is a famous supplier of hair factories in Cambodian in many hair markets. They offer salons and distributors of good quality virgin Cambodian hair  at reasonable prices. The company is based in Phnom Penh and offers five designs: straight, deep wavy and curly hair. You can use blonde hair, taped hair, straight hair and wigs, as well as colored hair.


Angkor Cambodian Hair – A reputable hair supplier in Cambodia

  • Main product: Cambodian virgin hair
  • Instagram: angkorcambhair

Cambodian Hair Extensions – Top 3 best hair factories in Cambodia

Cambodia Hair Extensions has been a  Cambodian hair supplier for 5 years. They are one of the best hair factories in Cambodia, supplying not only human hair but also a variety of other hair products including voluminous hair, natural straight hair, pigtails and more. Cambodian hair extensions are aimed at the Asian market. As a result, their haircuts are more suitable for Asians and can be kept longer due to Asia’s warm climate.

  • Main product: Cambodian hair in many types
  • Instagram: cambhairextension

Apsara Cambodian Hair – Top 4 hair factories in Cambodia

They  pride themselves on offering premium hair, not premium prices. Their product line offers many options for beginners, hair lovers, stylists or anyone who wants to become a wholesaler. Among various hair factories in Cambodia, they have been studying the beauty business for many years and want to share their knowledge with our wholesale buyers. They give you all the tools you need to immediately start a thriving virgin hair extension business. They will help block foreign currency funds and prevent you from knowing what you will receive when your delivery arrives.


Apsara Cambodian Hair – A good choice for wholesale hair vendors

  • Main product: Cambodian remy hair
  • Instagram: apsaracambodianhair

Cambodian Hair Freak – one of good quality hair factories in Cambodia

The hair is strong, taken from a woman between the ages of 18 and 25 from the tribal village of Angkor Hill. Cambodia Hair Freak is born to help Cambodian women in search of ethical human hair. The Cambodian Hair Monster also offers significant discounts to hair wholesalers in all countries for large Cambodian hair purchases. When it comes to hair factories in Cambodia, this will be a considerable choice.

  • Main product: Cambodian virgin hair
  • Instagram: cambodianhairfreak

Steps to have an effective work with hair factories in Cambodia

After providing you all necessary information from basic to deeper knowledge, you must have guided your own way in running hair business. For more certainty, we will show you steps on how to work effectively with hair factories in Cambodia


Steps to work effectively with hair factories in Cambodia

  • First and foremost, you need to understand the product you want to sell. To find out, you can use search engines to study more about  the category of product your clients tend to use, how much they are willing to pay,… Then decide what types of hair you want to import and sell from hair factories in Cambodia. …
  • Then, as mentioned above, find a reliable hair factory in Cambodia. If they’re in your country you’ll have to visit a hair extensions store to see the real thing. If there is no factory or real product in your country, please call us on video and ask to see the real product.
  • After making sure that the products from hair factories in Cambodia are of high quality and meeting your requirement, order a specific amount of hair extensions depending on the size of your business. If you want to be more certain that the product you will receive from hair factories in Cambodia is of the same quality as the product you choose, in this case contract with them.

Hair factories in Cambodia are still a good choice for hair extensions due to several benefits. However, if you are looking for high-quality hair used in the luxury line at an affordable price, you can choose Vietnamese hair. Stay true to your goal of buying hair and get your target customers to make the right decision..

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