Do you have Mongolian hair and do not know how to take care of it? There are many rules when taking care of Mongolian hair, and in this article, we will give you every single one of it!

Where does Mongolian hair come from

Mongolian hair comes from Mongolian donors. Mongolia is located in Asia, between the two big countries China and Russia.


Where does Mongolian hair come from

  • The majority of Mongolia is mountainous, therefore their hair is very healthy. The women in this country take great care of their hair. In comparison, their hair texture is the balance between Indian hair and Vietnamese hair. That means that they can be curly and a little bit coarse, but at the same time, many Mongolian hair is very smooth and silky just like Vietnamese hair.
  • You may have wondered “what is Mongolian hair like”. The quality of Mongolian hair varies based on each hair vendor. But from our experience, they have good quality, however they do not have a wide range of styles. If you are looking for an affordable hair extension with a wide selection, you can consider Vietnamese hair, which is an amazing alternative.

How to take care of Mongolian hair

Mongolian hair always looks spectacular, but it is important to know how to care for hair extensions to prevent premature deterioration of their condition and damage to Mongolian hair. 

Rules for the care of Mongolian hair strands

The rules for caring for Mongolian hair must be followed immediately after a visit to cosmetology and until the effect of the technology declines, this will extend the long-term preservation of the result of the technique. Often side effects in the form of premature deterioration of the result, abundant hair loss, and deterioration in the health of natural hair are the fault of insufficient client care.


Rules for the care of Mongolian hair strands

Features of caring for Mongolia hair depend on the technology that the beautician performed:

  • Tape: It implies the technique of attaching additional curls to the head with tape. When caring for tape extensions, it is important to comb the strands 2-3 times a day, using a massage comb for this, which is not densely clogged.
  • Capsular: How to care for Mongolian hair on capsules begins with the fact that their first wash can be carried out only a day after visiting cosmetology. You can wash them only in the shower, you can not go to baths, saunas, swimming pools, so as not to loosen the fastening of the capsules under the influence of high temperatures.
  • Hair weave: The styling of Mongolian hair should be carried out carefully, since lifting them up often looks messy, which is why it is necessary to carry out manipulations in the salon.
  • Regardless of the method of adding artificial curls, you need to treat the Mongolian hair on the head with care, preventing mechanical impact on it.

Choose care products for Mongolian hair carefully, as the presence of aggressive components in their compositions can lead to a deterioration in their adhesion to the surface of the hair follicles.


How to care for Mongolian hair strands

Here are our recommendations for you about Mongolian hair. Despite the fact that Mongolian hair is of great quality, you still have to take care of it the right way in order for it to last.

  • Every night, make a light pigtail, securing it at the end with a weak elastic band to prevent the Mongolian hair from rubbing against each other and tangling them at night.
  • Shampoo should be used designed to moisturize the Mongolian hair. You can buy it in a hairdresser’s shop.
  • You need to comb the Mongolian hair, starting from the bottom, gradually rising up to prevent them from pulling out and tangling.
  • If you wash your Mongolian hair in the evening, you need to completely dry the Mongolian hair before going to bed so as not to damage its condition due to friction on the pillow.
  • Do not visit the bath, sauna, solarium, as the high temperature adversely affects the preservation of the fastening of artificial hairs.
  • When visiting the pool, use a rubber cap so that the chlorine content in the water does not lead to the detachment of the capsules or other method of securing the strands.
  • Wear a hat in winter so that the cold does not damage the sensitive condition of the strands.

Comb Mongolian hair the right way

It is important to consider how to comb Mongolian hair, as often the condition of a girl’s hairstyle worsens due to inaccurate daily manipulations. It is recommended to use a rare comb for this, you can use a plastic comb.


Comb Mongolian hair the right way

You need to comb the Mongolia hair from the tips, gradually rising to the roots. Movements should be directed in one direction, the creation of a fleece is prohibited.

Dyeing Mongolian hair

Often girls dye their hair, including additional Mongolian hair strands to give it the right shade. However, women often make mistakes in this, prematurely reducing the quality of their hair. For work, a composition without ammonia is used so as not to damage the density of attachment of sections to the root system of hairs.


Dyeing Mongolian hair

Consider the main features of the dyes:

  • It is necessary to distribute the coloring pigment evenly throughout the entire volume of the hair.
  • Pay attention to the pre-selection of the shade of the dye that you will use in the session.
  • The pigment should not be applied to the capsules, as this will lead to a deterioration in their quality.
  • Before you wash your hair extensions before dyeing, you need to carefully comb them completely, avoiding tangling.
  • Coloring is recommended in cosmetology, as this will prevent the deterioration of the extension result, while maintaining a positive result of using the color scheme.
  • And keep in mind that often poor quality artificial dyes will not go well, so you need to pay attention to caring for it in order to increase the long-term preservation of the result.

Masks for Mongolian hair

It is necessary to care for Mongolian hair so that they retain their neat, well-groomed condition. However, be careful about the compositions used, as aggressive components can damage the fastening of artificial sections to the root system. To do this, you need to apply masks only on the roots of natural strands.


Masks for Mongolian hair

However, for the safety and effectiveness of their use, use special masks for the care of hair from Mongolia, which are sold in hairdressing stores.

However, regardless of the care that you give to the strands, you need to periodically correct the work by updating the hair extensions. As a standard, a second session is scheduled after 2-4 months, which depends on the technology you use for building.

Styling the Mongolian hair

Creating many hairstyles with Mongolian hair often makes many girls in trouble as many consider the use of heating devices.

First you need to pay attention to the hair treatment you use before styling. They should not have aggressive components in the composition, and their acid-base balance should be neutral, which prevents a negative effect on the attachment of sections to the capsules. You can use them, often even cosmetologists recommend applying them before using heated styling devices, which provides additional protection for vegetation from overheating and dryness.


Styling the Mongolian hair

Almost everything can be used for styling Mongolian hair extensions:

  • Hair dryer
  • Iron-rectifier
  • Curling iron

Often girls use a straightener daily to eliminate the slight waves in their hair from Mongolia that form after they braid a light pigtail at night to prevent tangles. Pay attention to the fact that you need to work only with the length. In order not to impair the effect of Mongolian hair extensions, do not touch the capsules with heating devices, as this can lead to their melting, which worsens adhesion to the surface of the natural hair.


Mongolian hair

  • There are no special restrictions in the field of styling, as women often do various hairstyles on Mongolian hair. In addition, the result on them usually lasts longer than on natural ones, even without the use of varnish products for fixing.
  • It is important to follow the care of the extended hairs, which the cosmetologist prescribes at the end of the session, in order to prolong the long-term preservation of the effect. Both daily rules for handling strands and instructions for washing, styling, dyeing artificial curls are prescribed. With a gentle effect on the hair, the result remains unchanged for several months.

We have listed down all the rules when having hair in Mongolia. We know that taking care of Mongolian hair extensions is not easy, especially if you are a newbie. So if you are having trouble with Mongolian hair, you can contact Queen Hair for advice any time! 


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