To help you find the best African hair extensions suppliers as well as acquire the most exact knowledge about African hair extensions, Queen Hair has compiled an article about African hair extensions.


Overview of African hair extensions

Hairline industry expansion, economic benefit it supplies to African hair extensions suppliers, has contributed to the growth of virgin hair salons in the country. When searching for African hair extensions, you should know more about the hair if you own a hair salon there.


Suppliers of virgin African hair extensions: Unprocessed virgin hair can be purchased from virgin African hair extensions vendors. The hair is shipped from countries near the source of virgin hair, where it is cut from a donor as quickly as possible and then knotted into a bundle to preserve its purity. The hair is of the best quality available because it is completely human hair.

Suppliers of African hair extensions import a high volume of hair from a wide range of countries. From Vietnam, India, Brazil and China, African hair extensions suppliers offer a wide variety of virgin hair.

Features of African hair extensions

African companies that sell African hair extensions are well-known for their extensive range of hair products and their commitment to the hair industry as a long-term business. In addition, hair extensions salons who purchase their African hair extensions providers are able to take advantage of a variety of perks as a result of the ample hair stock that is currently available from these sources.


Customers may be first drawn to your business due to the quality and diversity of the products you offer; nevertheless, the value of those things will eventually determine whether or not they purchase hair from you in the future. As a direct consequence of this, the majority of the African hair extensions come from China, India, and Vietnam. Exceptional products are made by drawing inspiration from the many hairdos offered by Vietnamese hair suppliers. There is, however, a different kind of African hair extensions that specializes in selling low-priced Indian hair and Chinese hair extensions.

African hair extensions in terms of quality

In order to manufacture high-quality goods, African hair extensions vendors import the majority of their hair from Vietnam, where the majority of virgin hair is produced. On the international market for hair, Vietnam is well-known as a supplier of hair extensions of a particularly high grade.


  • Because it is received from Vietnamese hair donors who grow their own hair with the intention of selling it, the quality of African hair extensions is guaranteed to be superior to that of any other type. In addition, Vietnamese women’s hair is naturally smooth, healthy, and robust. This can be attributed to the healthier lifestyles, diets, and hair care practices that are common in Vietnam. In addition, African hair extensions from Vietnamese hair is made entirely of human hair; it is collected from people who are in good health, is never treated, and does not include any lice or eggs. Because each bundle comes from a different person who donated their hair in Vietnam, there is no mixing of the hair.


  • In addition, after being collected from women in Vietnam, African hair extensions from Vietnamese hairs are then put through a research and development phase at Vietnamese hair manufacturers by experts in the field of hair production. If it meets all of the requirements, African hair extensions will absolutely be used in the manufacturing process. After being collected from Vietnamese women, African hair extensions from Vietnamese hair will be required to pass a standard control stage at the Vietnamese hair producers where it was produced. If it meets the specifications, Vietnamese hair will also be incorporated into the manufacturing process. In addition, a second quality check will be performed on African hair extensions before it is distributed to wholesalers of hair products. Because of this, hair dealers will be able to guarantee that the Vietnamese hair products you buy will be of the greatest quality when they finally make it into your hands.

If you are a hair retailer looking for virgin hair from Vietnam of the highest possible quality, Queen Hair is the greatest Vietnamese hair manufacturer you can work with. Queen Hair is a company that has its headquarters in Vietnam and a hair factory in that country. We wish to help African hair extensions merchants achieve financial success by providing products of the greatest possible quality at reasonable prices. Get in touch with Queen Hair right now if you are looking for the highest-quality items you have ever encountered.

African hair extensions in terms of price

Virgin African hair extensions suppliers that are able to offer virgin hair at an affordable price since it results in significant cost savings for their respective hair businesses Virgin African hair extensions with low costs frequently import pure hair extensions from India and China. This provides Virgin African hair extensions with a variety of rates ranging from inexpensive to medium, allowing them to assist customers selecting high-quality virgin hair for their companies. Let’s have an overview on the  specifics of the hair produced by two inexpensive manufacturers.


  • The virgin hair that is produced by Chinese hair manufacturers presents a challenge in terms of its performance. As a result of China’s status as a nation, its citizens are no longer required to barter their hair in exchange for a means of subsistence. It encourages African hair extensions with low-cost hair from other countries, which in turn leads to a decrease in the quality of hair in other regions. As a consequence of this, African hair extensions will be required to apply chemical substances to upgrade the appearance of the hair after they have acquired it. This will lead to a considerable deterioration in the quality of the hair that is available on the African hair extensions market.
  • In terms of its functionality, African hair extensions is a tangled, wavey, and brittle substance by its very nature. Because of this, African hair extensions that are collected go through a process that makes it smoother and fuller before being sold. Because of this, heated Indian hairs would not only be of poor quality but also have an ugly appearance.

As was said before, the virgin hair suppliers in South Africa can be divided into two categories. If you only need African hair extensions for a limited amount of time and want to spend as little as possible on them without sacrificing quality, looking for virgin African hair extensions who have inexpensive pricing is your best selection If you are interested in purchasing virgin hair at a fair price for lifelong usage, your best bet is to contact hair manufacturers in Vietnam rather than virgin African hair extensions. The Vietnamese hair factories produce items of superior quality.

Top 10 best African hair extensions suppliers

To be of assistance to you in the process of locating the best African hair extensions suppliers who are able to supply your company with African hair extensions. In this article, we will examine the work of ten reputable African hair extensions producers who have collaborated with various hair companies.

Salon Labs – Top 1 African hair extensions supplier

Whether you’re a working professional or a stay-at-home parent preparing a special occasion, Salon Labs has the hair you need. You have a busy schedule, and their African hair extensions were created with that in mind. Their stunning implosions are just one of the many services they provide, along with a wide range of hairstyles, colors, extensions, and other custom alternatives. Providing the best african hair extensions is Salon Labs’ top priority.

  • Styles available include bone-straight and deep-wavy Vietnamese hair that is of the highest quality.
  • Their rates are low due to a variety of consumer incentives. You can also save money by signing up for their loyalty program.

Virgin Human Hair – Top 2 African hair extensions supplier

African hair extensions supplier, Virgin Human Hair, is an import and shipping company that specializes in delivering affordable hair extensions to its customers. Dondi Martins, a well-known hair extensionist and platform performer with more than two decades of experience of hair industry, launched the company in 2003 and remains its sole shareholder.

  • Hair from India and Brazil, in a variety of styles, is the primary offering from Hairborn Express.
  • Price ranges for Virgin Human Hair range from low to expensive for both Brazilian and Indian virgin hairs. It can be used by a wide variety of people.

Enchant Hair – Top 3 African hair extensions supplier

In the hair industry, Enchant Hair is known for its wholesale African hair extensions supplier prices on high-quality virgin hairs. As far as they’re concerned, wholesale hair extensions can’t be out of their reach.

  • In order to ensure the greatest possible quality, Enchant Hair purchases its hair from Queen Hair Manufacturing, Vietnam’s leading hair supplier.
  • In terms of Vietnamese hair, Enchant Hair’s pricing is quite inexpensive.

Volure Hair – Top 4 African hair extensions supplier

Founded in 2013, Vlore aims to provide African hair extensions weaves of high quality an overpriced market. This company’s mission was to provide affordable, high-quality hair. Looking good shouldn’t need shelling out a lot of cash.

  • Volore offers a variety of hairstyles made from high-quality hair from Malaysia and Brazil.
  • Vlore, with its stunning hair, will be the most expensive of South Africa’s top five virgin hair producers.

Elite Hair – Top 5 African hair extensions supplier

Professionals that are committed to keeping your hair looking great at all times may be found in this modern salon. Please join us at Elite Hair and Beauty for a memorable experience! You’ll look like a completely different person thanks to our top-notch team of experts, who will also provide you the best advice and ensure that you get the best customer service.

  • With a name like “Elite Hair,” they donate African hair extensions from Indian ladies to temples. Indian hair is of good quality at a reasonable price.
  • Due to the low cost of hair from India, Elite Hair’s prices are reasonable for those seeking the cheapest hair, making them one of the top hair extensions wholesalers South Africa.


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