To get the most out of 8 inch hair, you need to know the most basic facts about this hair type first. We’ll provide you a 8 inch hair summary in the next section.


Top 5 best supplier of 8 inch hair extensions

An Overview of 8 inch hair extensions

The first thing to establish is what 8 inch hair is many people are familiar with this sort of hair, we will go over it in more depth to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. We’ll concentrate on the definition and, in particular, the qualities, which will assist you in answering a slew of questions concerning hair length, weight, and cost.

The definition of 8 inch hair 

8 inch hair, as the name implies, is a set of hair extensions with 8 inch length. Then, the definition of hair extensions and what you need to know about 8 inch hair.

Hair extensions are strands of hair that are adhered to your natural hair in a way to extend volume or length to users’ natural hair, or simply to allow users to modify their haircuts without hurting their hair. Hair extensions may be created from synthetic materials or natural hair, and the quality can vary greatly.


The definition of 8 inch hair

The term “8 inch” simply refers to a measurement in inches. Because this is such a popular metric, there isn’t much to say about it. You may learn more about 8 inch hair extensions by reading the things listed below.

Characteristics of 8 inch hair extensions 

To assist our readers understand more about these hair extensions, Queen Hair will give you about the characteristics of 8 inch hair about hair length and prices. 

The length of 8 inch hair extensions 

When it comes to the words “8 inch hair extensions” many freshers in the hair industry can not imagine the actual length of this hair when put it on your head. So we will give you the details when attaching it to your body part.

  • In the United States and the United Kingdom, inch is a popular length measurement. To put it in perspective, 1 inch is 1/36 yards or 1/12 feet. 8 inches = 2/9 yards or 2/3 feet, therefore 8 inches represents 2/9 yards or 2/3 foot. If the units of length inch, yards, and feet are not widely used in your area, you may convert them to cm (centimeter). Because 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters, 8 inches equals 20.32 centimeters. The fact that 8 inch hair is also called 20.32cm in length is obvious.

The length of 8 inch hair extensions

  • If the numbers make imagining the section of hair difficult, you may calculate the hairline using your body height. 8 inch hair is one of the smallest lengths of hair pieces and is worn above the shoulder. A better representation is provided by the length of hair chart beneath.

The price of 8 inch hair extensions

No one can offer an accurate pricing for 8 inch hair extensions. Prices may vary from cheap to expensive depending on many criteria such as hair kinds, lengths, and quality grades. Hair is unquestionably more costly the longer and higher-quality it gets. The cost is said to be justified by the quality. It is regarded to be a fair price if the price is high but the quality is good. The point is that you should select a reputable supplier to ensure that your money is well spent.

Distinguish of 8 inch hair extensions 

8-inch hair may be styled into a range of appealing looks. The short length rarely hinders you from experimenting with a variety of styles. In reality, you may get 8 inch hair extensions fashioned in a variety of ways, including curly, straight, and bone straight. We’ll go through each hairdo in further detail below.

  • 8 inch curly hair 

Many people believe that 8-inch hair is limited to curly styles, but you can perm the hair for as long as you like. But it’s not too short since the hair is around 20cm long. Curl the hair using proper hair rollers into loose, mid, or tight curls, or get 8 inch curly hair from manufacturers.


8 inch curly hair

The curl shapes will persist longer if the hair extensions are permed immediately in the factory. Buying natural straight hair and curling it yourself might be a smart way to switch up your look more often.

  • 8 inch straight hair

The most basic haircut is 8 inch hair with a straight look. It is, nevertheless, far from monotonous. 8 inch straight hair is often dressed as bob hair, giving a sporty and unique look. You may also make your hair more appealing by tying it up or braiding it. Short hair may be knotted into a variety of styles, including French braids, and don’t worry if it’s easily screwed up. To hold the hair in place, just apply extra hair clips.

  • 8 inch bone straight hair 

An outstanding haircut is 8 inch hair with a bone straight look. The straight one has a much more natural appearance, whilst the bone straight one has a more unique feel. You can also pick the bone straight hair color products to make the bone straight hairstyle more fascinating. Choosing a color that complements your entire look and skin tone can go a long way toward achieving fashionableness. If you want never-out-of-style colors, dark tones such as brown, caramel brown, or ombre golden are excellent alternatives.

After all, we’ve only given you three options for 8-inch hair extensions. Please don’t restrict yourself to just one kind of hair extension or a single hairdo! Simply select one type of 8 inch hair that makes you build confidence and at ease. It’s all about your imagination when it comes to fashion!

The way to take care 8 inch hair extensions properly

Hair extensions are difficult to maintain. To get and keep silky, smooth hair, follow these four guidelines:

  • Shampoo for 8 inch hair can be used to clean your hair: Wigs, like real hair, need to be cleaned as least once a week. Three times a week, your hair should be washed. It’s crucial to remember that hair extensions need the use of a certain shampoo.Comb your 8-inch hair in the direction they should go: Use a professional hair extensions comb to comb 8-inch hair extensions in the appropriate direction. When hair is stretched in the other way, it tangles and becomes less durable.
  • Protection for 8-inch hair extensions: When wearing 8-inch hair extensions, always have a hair tie on hand. Make sure your hair is firmly tied before traveling by automobile to prevent getting messed up by the wind.
  • Clean your 8-inch hair extensions as follows after each use: It’s vital to maintain your hair in excellent condition while using 8 inch hair extensions. After each usage of your hair extensions, apply a hair product and brush it thoroughly to avoid knots and breakage. The hair must be wrapped in the hair extensions bag to keep it smooth and dust-free.

Top 5 reliable 8 inch hair extensions suppliers

Although 8 inch hair extensions are consider to be popular and trending hair style. finding out a reputable 8 inch hair extensions is not a piece of cake. But don’t worry, we will supply you with the list of 5 best trustworthy 8 inch hair extensions suppliers for you.

Queen hair – The best 8 inch hair extensions suppliers

More than two decades into its existence, Queen Hair has become one of the most trusted providers of 8 inch hair extensions. Queen Hair in the material district sells high-quality hair extensions for an affordable price. All 8 inch hair extensions reseller now have access to Queen Hair, as a result of this agreement. Because Queen Hair is situated in Vietnam, there are no delivery fees to worry about. Quality hair products from countries that actively support international trade and export are our top priority at Queen Hair.


Queen Hair and the best 8 inch hair supplier

  • Queen Hair’s hair care products have a five-year shelf life. All of our hair comes from respectable donors who are in good health and our significant experience of this sector ensures that the hair you receive will be of the best quality.
  • The cost of Queen Hair is reasonable. Production costs are minimal since we are close to raw supplies and employ low-wage workers.
  • Many different hair colors and styles can be achieved using Queen Hair’s products. We don’t give a hoot if our hair is damaged when we’re styling it.


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  • Website:

Mink Hair – Top 2 of 8 inch hair extensions supplier

Guangzhou Hair Plus is a 8 inch hair extension suppliers and lace frontal closure manufacturer established in China. Their long-term partnerships with hair product retailers, distributors, and business representatives in the US, the UK, Canada, and numerous other European nations date back to the early 2000s.


Mink Hair – Top 2 of 8 inch hair supplier

Hair extensions made by Mink Hair are of the greatest quality because they are made in their own facility with only the finest human hair. High-tech testing equipment and expert hair-weavers ensure that our goods are consistently of the highest quality. We are able to accomplish our business goals and earn the respect and approval of our customers all over the world because of our commitment to quality and superior customer service.

Just virgin hair – Top 3 of 8 inch hair extensions supplier

This wholesale Peruvian hair retailer, Just Virgin Hair, has a large selection of 8 inch hair extensions (straight, curly, loose wave, body wave and deep wave) available for purchase.

100% Human Hair Weave and Bundle Products are available from Peruvian Hair Weave and Bundle. Our 10A 8 inch hair extensions bundles have attracted clients from all around the world, in no little part because of its high quality.

Ted Hair – Top 4 of 8 inch hair extensions supplier

TedHair is an industry leader in 8 inch hair trading and manufacture, as well as a reliable ally in the cosmetics industry. They offer turnkey business solutions and high-quality hair products at the greatest pricing for beauty professionals and entrepreneurs. We supply wholesalers, retailers, beauty salons, and hair stylists across the world with high-quality hair extensions.

Many of Ted Hair’s products include 8 inch hair extensions,. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us! I’m just checking in to make sure I’m a legitimate member of this website.

JC Hair Factory – Top 5 of 8 inch hair extensions supplier

JC Hair Factory has been supplying virgin 8 inch hair and hair extensions to the Chinese wholesale market since 2002. As a company, we want to make beautiful, natural virgin hair available to everyone, regardless of their financial position. We cut out the middlemen by selling hair extensions directly from our manufacturing to the final consumer. Save a lot of money by purchasing your hair extensions from us.
Anyone, regardless of financial resources or time available, can open a hair salon with the help of JC Hair Factory. Taking use of our dropshipping and bespoke packaging services will help your business develop, saving you time and effort. Wholesalers, merchants, salon owners, and stylists looking for high-quality hair extensions have a great resource in the JC Factory online hair store.

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