Hair market is a very potential market in the world. Many hair vendors have become billionaires simply by investing in the hair business. This article will equip you with the most essential knowledge you need to know about hair vendors.

Overview of hair vendors market 

The first step in launching any business is to conduct market research. The notion of  hair vendors is thought to have originated in the 1980s and 1990s. Traders are mostly operating on a local scale at the moment, generally collecting hair from ethnic women and preparing it for sale to retailers. Today, when the hair market is growing rapidly, hair vendors have become more professional and diverse.  

The profit of hair vendors market in the world

Currently, the demand for hair for beauty purposes has increased rapidly and strongly, so the hair business brings very high profits to hair vendors. The worldwide hair extension market is expected to reach more than $10 billion in sales by 2023. This is a huge market for anyone who wishes to make a lot of money.


The growth of hair vendors profit

Based on the chart above, we can easily see the great growth of hair business in the coming years. This forces hair vendors to change day by day to catch up with  the hair business market development . Especially for African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon,…this is a very developed market. For those who are still wondering, what are you waiting for without jumping into this billion dollar market. 

Classification of hair vendors

Hair vendors are classified as resell hair vendors and hair vendors factories. These hair vendors work on a huge scale, with an annual output of thousands of tons and slashing manufacturing technologies. 


Resell hair vendors and hair vendors factories

Resell hair vendor 

Resell hair vendors are people who buy hair from hair manufacturers and resell them. Resell hair vendors don’t produce hair. They are just like middlemen between manufacturers and customers. Their customers can be retailers or individual customers. These resell hair vendors are usually concentrated in Africa, America, Europe…where there are no hair factories

Advantage of buying hair from resell hair vendors 

These are some advantages of buying hair hair from resell hair vendors :

  • Due to the close geographical distance, you can come directly to check hair from resell hair vendors. 
  • Besides, buying hair from resell hair vendors usually has a fast delivery time, and you do not have to bear too much shipping costs. 
  • You can buy with small quantities for personal use 

Disadvantage of buying hair from resell hair vendors 

 These are disadvantage of buying hair from resell hair vendors :

  • The first obvious downside is the price. The price of hair from resell hair vendors will be higher than the price from the factory because the hair has gone through the intermediary vendors. 
  • Resell hair vendors don’t produce hair directly, but only import from the factory with specific models, so this will be a source with not too many choices in terms of hair types, colors and styles. 
  • These resell hair vendors don’t often have many promotion programs

If you are an individual customer or you have a small business, you should choose resell hair vendors to ensure product quality and reliability. Each vendor will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Above are the advantages and disadvantages of resell hair vendors, you should consider carefully before making a choice. 

Hair vendors factories

Hair vendor factories are the ones who produce the hair. They collect hair from many sources and produce it. This is a good source of supply at a good price, which is the best choice for hair vendors who have large capital and are willing to import hair in bulk and then resell to other hair vendors in their country. This is also the most profitable source for hair vendors because of the reasonable price of hair when buying in bulk.


Hair vendors factories in the world

Advantage of buying hair from hair vendors factories : 

Let’s check some advantage of buying hair from hair vendors factories : 

  • The biggest benefit of buying hair from hair vendors factories is the affordable price. If you can find a reputable hair vendor manufacturer, you will save a lot of money compared to buying hair from another reseller. 
  • Hair vendors factories supply a variety of choices in terms of types,colors and styles of hair. You can order the type of hair available in the catalog or customize according to your demand.
  • Hair vendors factories often organize many promotions and have good customer service.

Disadvantage of buying hair from hair vendors factories :

Due to the difference in import volume, capital and business size, your supply choices also differ. Each hair vendor will have its own advantages and limitations.

  •  Hair vendors factories often concentrate in Asia, so shipping time and shipping costs will be an issue to consider.
  • You will hardly be able to go directly to these hair vendors factories to check the quality. If you don’t learn about them carefully, it’s easy to encounter scammers
  • Hair vendors factories usually do not sell in small quantities.

If you are a newbie in starting a business, you should choose to buy hair from a resell hair vendor to ensure quality and reduce risks, gain experience before expanding your business. After you have gained a lot of experience in the hair business, you can switch to importing hair from hair vendors factories to increase profit. For those who are already in the hair business, importing hair from hair vendors factories is the best choice for you. 

Distribution of hair vendors in the world 

Hair vendors appear more and more as a result of the high demand for hair . Finding a reliable hair vendor is challenging. Based on geographical location, hair vendors are distributed in 2 main regions : Hair vendors in the raw material area and Hair vendors located out of raw material area 

Hair vendors in the raw material area

Hair vendors in the raw material area are hair suppliers from countries with abundant raw materials. Especially Asian countries, Asia is home to the largest concentration of  hair vendors and a stable and quality source for the world market. The countries with the most quality hair vendors are: India, Vietnam, China.  


Asian hair vendors factories

Indian hair vendor- the cheapest hair vendors: 

With a vast population and inexpensive labor, India participates in practically every sector, including the hair market. 


Indian hair vendors factories

  • Origin of hair from Indian hair vendor : The hair of the Indian hair vendors is taken from the women who cut their hair to pray. The Temple collects about three tons of hair from pilgrims’ heads each year. The hair was once burned, but now it’s sold to hair vendors in India, who treat it and ship it all over the world. 
  • Characteristics of hair from Indian hair vendors : Natural straight and natural wave styles are common in Indian hair. It has a natural curl and may be rather curly at times. Because it is derived from hundreds or thousands of women in a specific place, the hair quality varies. Hair purchased from Indian hair vendors have a short lifespan of a few months. Despite its sparkling appearance, after a few washes, the hair becomes coarse and tangled, finally falling out. 
  • Price of hair from hair vendors in India: India’s hair prices are, of course, much cheaper than those in other nations. The reason for this is that labor is extremely cheap, as are raw materials. Although it is virgin hair, it is not sold publicly and the natural hair quality is poor, thus the price is substantially lower due to a big amount of raw materials collected at temples. And, because the hair is collected rubbish, the source of Hairball hair is much cheaper.

For customers looking for cheap hair vendors, India is a pretty good choice. However, you must consider carefully before buying hair from Indian hair vendors because their quality is not appreciated. 

Chinese hair vendors – the biggest hair vendors : 

China is one of the most famous hair vendors in the world. Let’s find out what makes it so popular in this part :

  • Origin of hair from Chinese hair vendors :People often assume that the hair of Chinese hair vendors comes from Chinese women. However, the truth is that Chinese hair vendors import cheap hair from India. Hair is often mass-produced, so the quality is not guaranteed. 
  • Characteristics of hair from Chinese hair vendors : It’s difficult to categorize the general characteristics of Chinese hair  because of their many varied sources. Chinese hair , on the other hand, seems really beautiful due to China’s excellent chemical technology. However, the lifespan of Chinese hair is quite short. You should think about long-term quality assurance when buying Chinese hair
  • Price of hair from Chinese hair vendors : Chinese’s hair prices are quite affordable. But is the quality worth the money ? Chinese hair factories  use high-tech in hair business manufacturing to generate a large number of hair that is always accessible in stock. Chinese hair is frequently blended from a variety of donors, such as Indian hair and Cambodian hair  resulting in a low price.

Chinese hair vendors factories

Chinese hair vendors are suitable for those who want to buy hair at a reasonable price and have it available in bulk. However, for customers who want to receive the best quality, they should consider carefully before buying Chinese hair.

Vietnamese hair vendor- The most stable hair vendor. 

Vietnamese is the biggest competition of Chinese hair vendors and Indian hair vendors. 

  • Origin of hair from Vietnamese hair vendors :Hair from Vietnamese hair vendors is taken from the women in the high mountains. They are people with long, smooth hair and do not use chemicals to care for their hair. Therefore, the hair quality of Vietnamese hair vendors is more appreciated than Chinese hair vendors and Indian hair vendors. 
  • Characteristics of hair from Vietnamese hair vendors : Vietnamese hair is typically black or dark brown in color. Vietnamese hair may be styled in a variety of ways, including bone straight, kinky curls, pixie curls, and wavy curls… It may be colored in a variety of colors ranging from light to dark. Furthermore, ethnic minority women typically utilize natural shampoos that are free of harmful chemicals, ensuring that each cuticle in the hair is kept healthy at all times, resulting in long-lasting Vietnamese hair.
  • Price of hair from Vietnamese hair vendors : Due to its great and superlative properties, Vietnamese hair is currently among the most expensive in the hair business market. You spend a lot of money on high-quality hair that will last for years; there’s no reason to buy cheap, low-quality hair bundles that will be used only a few times.

Vietnamese hair vendors factories

Vietnamese hair vendors are the best choice for you if you are looking for a supplier with reasonable price and stable quality.Hair from a Vietnamese hair vendors will meet both price and quality

Hair vendors located out of raw material area

Hair vendors outside the raw material area are from countries that do not have a stable source of raw materials. They often produce with little output or import hair from countries located in the raw material area and sell it as their own products like Russian hair vendors and Brazilian hair vendors.


out of material area hair vendors factories

  • Russian hair vendor : Hair from Russian hair vendors are natural blonde hair types with high quality. However, they are extremely rare and expensive. And the number of hair vendors in the market is therefore quite small. These hair vendors are not suggested for new hair resellers, since you should look for a long-term and consistent partner.
  • Brazilian hair vendors : Hair from Brazilian hair vendors is considered as a high quality hair type. But the thing is this hair is imported from China and India. Brazilian hair vendors give them new names and resell them for 2 to 3 times more than Asian hair vendors 

Signature product of hair vendors

Choosing a reputable hair vendor, you need to know what the vendor’s products are providing. Currently on the market there are 2 main products: human hair and synthetic hair

Human hair from hair vendors

Human hair is 100% raw hair cut from humans. It can withstand heat and chemical treatments. Human hair can be easily styled without changing the texture of the hair. Human hair can be used for a long time from 2-5 years. Human hair is usually collected from one donor or multi donors. That’s why there are 3 types of human hair: virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair


Human hair from hair vendors

  • Virgin hair : Virgin hair is raw hair cut from 1 single donor. The hair is chemical unprocessed and cuticle aligned. It’s the highest quality hair in the market, used for bleaching,dyeing , styling and considered as the best choice for customers. Virgin hair is quite rare. There’s a small number of hair vendors selling them.
  • Remy hair : Remy hair is hair collected and sorted from 2-3 donors with the root and tip traveling in the same direction to ensure the cuticle is aligned. It’s not used for bleaching. Remy hair is very popular in the market because of its affordable price. Almost all hair vendors are selling remy hair.
  • Non remy hair : Non–Remy hair is 100 percent human hair, but it comes from a variety of places, including numerous hair vendors, hair brushes, and even salon floors. Because the orientation of the cuticles is messed up, the hair readily tangles and mattes. It’s not popular in the market and quite cheap.

Here is the table compared among virgin hair, remy hair and non remy hair :

Virgin hair Remy hair Non remy hair
Hair is cut from single donor Hair is cut from 2-3 donors Hair is cut from multi donors
Cuticle is  aligned Cuticle is aligned Cuticle is not aligned
Rare Popular Popular
Expensive price Affordable price Cheap price 
Can bleaching Can’t bleaching Can’t bleaching

Based on the characteristics of each hair type, customers can easily make your choice. For beginners, you should choose to start with remy hair. It is the most popular hair type, meeting the requirements in both quality and price. For hair vendors has been in business already,  it is certain that you have a diverse customer. You should choose both remy hair and virgin hair to diversify your consumer base. Customers with a large budget and demand will desire high-quality items and will be willing to spend money on attractive hair. This sort of customer is likely to be loyal, and they are crucial in spreading the word about your company. You should choose Virgin hair to affirm your brand.

Synthetic hair from hair vendor

Synthetic hair is not human hair. Synthetic hair is hair made from a variety of synthetic fibers, blended and does not contain real human hair. These fibers are usually very fine, they are plastic fibers manufactured to mimic real human hair.The quality of synthetic hair extensions can vary, but in general they are dry, prone to tangles and look out of harmony with your natural hair.For synthetic hair, you won’t be able to dye it because most dyes contain ammonia or bleach, which will destroy synthetic hair extensions.Hair vendors sell synthetic hair that almost come from China. 


Synthetic hair from hairs vendors

Comparison between human hair and synthetic hair :

Human hair Synthetic hair
Lifespan From 2 to 5 years From 3 to 6 months
Quality -Natural look and feel 

-Easy to change the style 

-Soft and silky

-Uncomfortable to wear 

-Difficult to style

-Easy to tangle and shedding 

Price Premium Cheap


Comparison among price list of 4 biggest hair vendors in the world 

After learning about the popular hair types on the market, this section will give you the best overview of the price range of hair vendors all over the world. Here is the most typical price list of different hair vendors in the world. Please keep in mind that this is just an example. The different hair vendors have variable prices. But this price list will help you to have an overview of hair market prices. 

Price list of Chinese hair vendor

Here is pricelist of one Chinese hair vendor:


Price list of Chinese hair vendors

As you can see from the table,  the price is 1kg. 1kg of hair is 10 bundles ( 100 gram per 1 bundle). Chinese hair vendors classify the grade of hair into A grade (6A, 7A,..,10A..) The table above is the price of grade 6A equal to the single drawn of other hair vendors. The price of Chinese hair vendors is quite cheap but is it deserved ? So, based on this pricing list and the quality of hair sources we looked at before, what conclusions may be drawn? The short conclusion is that while Chinese hair vendors have cheap prices , it is still not worth it because the quality warrants a lesser price.

Price list of Vietnamese hair vendor

This is price list of Vietnamese hair vendor 


Price list of Vietnamese hair vendors

Unlike Chinese hair vendors, Vietnamese hair vendors classify their grade into single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. The price of Vietnamese hair vendors is quite affordable . In the intermediate and high-end segments, the price of Vietnamese hair vendors is fair for the quality. Vietnamese women’s natural hair is stunning. It does not need a lot of work or time to process, and it does not require the use of chemicals. 

Price list of Indian hair vendors

This is price list of Indian hair vendor


Price list of Indian hair vendors

Hair vendors in India offer their customers cheap prices due to the quantity of indigenous hair. The cost of a single bundle starts at $3 or $4 USD. Another item to clarify: because the hair is from a variety of sources, the quality cannot be assured, and the price cannot be higher. Good hair ain’t cheap and cheap hair ain’t nice. Customers need to consider carefully before buying from Indian hair vendors.

See more how to care for wavy hair and hair manufacturers in Cambodia

Price list of Nigerian hair vendors

This is price list of Nigerian hair vendor


Price list of Nigerian hair vendors

As you can see from the table, the cost of 1 bundle starts at 60$ or 75$. Hair prices from Nigerian hair vendors are usually higher than vendors in other countries. They don’t have hair factories,  hair vendors in Nigeria have to import hair from other countries like Vietnam, China, India… Because they have to bear the shipping costs, customs fees… their price is often higher than others. 

Expert review about price list of those hair vendors above 

In general, each of the four hair vendors has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Choose Indian and Chinese hair vendors if you want low-cost items without sacrificing quality. Consider Vietnamese hair vendors if you want a reliable long-term business with high-quality items at a fair price. Queen Hair is a supplier of Vietnamese hair extensions based in Nigeria. Choosing Queen Hair as your hair vendors will help you avoid fraud and ensure the safety of your orders.

Here are comparison among 4 biggest hair vendors in the world :

   Chinese hair vendors Vietnamese hair vendors Indian hair vendors Nigerian hair vendors
Price Quite cheap price Affordable price Crazy cheap price Reasonable price
Quality Mixed quality  High quality Low quality High quality 
Durability 3-6 months 2-5 years 3-6 months 1-2 years


Best way to find out reliable hair vendors

If you are a newbie and don’t know where to begin, finding the best hair vendors might be challenging. After you mastered all knowledges above, these tips will help you to find out reliable hair vendors

Do research and make a short list of hair vendors

Make a list of evaluation criteria : This is the first step to find your reputable hair vendors. Let’s make a short list of requirements about quality, price, styles….After That, search for the hair vendors and make a list of hair vendors that meet your standard.  


Hair vendors on social media

  • Finding good hair vendors on social media : When looking for hair vendors, social media, especially Google, may provide a wealth of information. You may find a hair vendors list on Google, and then discover more about the firm by looking at their social media. Simply type those names into the search box, and the top hair vendors will appear in the appropriate search results.
  • Finding good hair vendors on e-commerce websites : Websites for e-commerce are locations where everyone is treated fairly. Reviews may reveal a lot about a customer’s level of satisfaction. Amazon, Alibaba, Shopify, and Shopee are all excellent venues to perform hair vendors research. You might do a search for hair vendors and look at the stores that appear in the results. There’s a lot of information there: total store review points, specific product reviews, product categories, and so on. 

After making a list of good hair vendors , don’t forget to check the website and customer review. The feedback of customers is extremely useful and vital to both businesses and consumers. Many people believe that internet customer reviews impact their choice to buy a product or service. An old customer’s whole feedback comment is a product or service review. People will be able to make better judgments by shopping online with genuine user input. Please read the reviews on each website to choose the most suitable hair vendors for yourself. 

Some tips to check the legit of hair vendors

Currently, the hair market is growing, along with the appearance of many scammers. So customers need to research carefully about hair vendors. If you’re not careful, you’ll get scams from disguised hair vendors. 

How to realize a scam hair vendor  

The following are the signs of a rogue hair vendor:

  • Does not appear much on media platforms.
  • There is no business license and no established location on the map.
  • Reject video calls or share information and photos about factories and offices.

How to avoid a scam hair vendor

These are some tips for you to avoid meeting a scam hair vendor :


Scam hair vendors

  • Ask questions: You should prepare a list of questions for each hair vendor you are looking to buy. The hair vendor you use must have extensive knowledge of the export process and product information. If they provide little information regarding hair, they may be a hair scammer.
  • Video call : This will help you check if everything is real or fake. You should suggest video calling so you can see the hair and hair factory.Through the video you have You can directly view the image of the hair and judge the quality of the hair. If the hair quality is good, you can rest assured to order from that supplier.
  • Order samples: After you have researched your hair vendor very carefully and want to try to order from them, it is recommended that you order samples first. You buy small quantities from the hair vendor to test the customer service and the quality of the hair. You should not risk spending too much money to buy right the first time. If unfortunately you come across a hair scammer with poor quality hair, then you are wasting your money and time. You also cannot sell poor quality hair and that affects your hair business.

Expert review: top biggest hair vendors in the world

To make it simple for you to find top  hair vendors that can provide good quality hair for you. We’ll go through 5 reliable hair vendors with whom numerous hair retailers have worked.

Queen hair : Top 1 hair vendor

Queen Hair, which has been manufacturing and providing high-quality Vietnamese human hair for 10 years, is the best hair vendor in Vietnam. Queen Hair has announced the opening of a hair store in Nigeria to provide Vietnamese hair to Nigerian and African customers. 


Queen hair vendor

  • Product: Queen Hair also has a variety of Vietnamese hairstyles to assist you in selecting the best hair products for your customers. Signature products of queen hair are weft, bulk, tip/tape hair…. 
  • Price: Queen hair is the best hair vendor with the most affordable price  in Nigeria and is quite reasonable when compared to global vendors’ prices.
  • Review : Queen hair received many good feedbacks from customers all over the world. Customers appreciate their high quality, affordable price and always return to buy in bulk.

Because Queen Hair operates a hair showroom in Nigeria, hair extension enterprises from Nigeria and neighboring countries would benefit greatly from visiting. Nigerian hair extension companies rush to Queen Hair to evaluate hair extension samples immediately away. Queen hair meets all the criteria of quality and price – the best choice for your business. 

Contact :

5S hair : Top 2 hair vendor in the world

5S Hair Extensions is Vietnam’s first hair vendor, specializing in 100% high-quality human hair. They ship to wholesale hair merchants all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, and Russia.


5S hair vendors

  • Product :Vietnamese human hair extensions,virgin hair extensions, Remy hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tip/tape hair extensions, and more. 
  • Price : 5S hair is hair vendor has the most affordable price in Vietnam
  • Review : 5S hair received many good feedbacks from customers all over the world

K hair : Top 3 hair vendor in the world

The K-Hair plant is well-known for its lengthy history . With over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, K-Hair is pleased to be the biggest Vietnamese hair vendor. Human Vietnamese virgin hair is available in wholesale quantities from the K-Hair facility. Closure, frontal, HD lace wigs, and full lace wigs are all available. Curly weft hair, color weft hair, hot trend styles in Nigeria. Tip/tape/clip-in hair,…

  • Hotline/Whatsapp: +84855555347
  • Instagram: k_hair_wholesale.factory
  • Price : Because of the brand advantage, K-hair prices are more expensive than other Vietnamese vendors, but the quality is still acceptable.But they often have many promotions for wholesale.
  • Review : K hair got many good feedbacks from reputable wholesale hair vendors

K hair : Top 3 hair vendor in the world

Ted Hair : Top 4 hair vendor in the world

TedHair is a well-known hair wholesaler and producer. Ted hair extensions are sold to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, beauty and hair salons, internet stores, and hair stylists all around the world. Ted Hair offers virgin Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and Malaysian hair, as well as closures, colored remy hair, and more.

  • Product : Remy hair, Virgin hair and blend hair
  • Price : Ted Hair is one of the most expensive vendors in China
  • Review : Ted hair is appreciated for its abundant stock of hair.

Eunice hair : Top 5 hair vendor in the world

Eunice has over 10 years of experience in the hair extensions business, working with a variety of leading hair vendors. 

  • Their main product is clip-in hair extensions, with numerous styles made completely of human remy hair extensions. This hairstyle is totally clip-in, making it ideal for anyone who wants to alter their look in a hurry.
  • Product : Clip-in hair, tip/tape hair, weft and bulk hair ..
  • Price : The price of this hair vendor is quite expensive – the most expensive hair vendor on this list.


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