Vietnamese hair factory is well-known as they supply many quality hair extensions for wholesale hair extensions throughout the world. Queen Hair will assist you find reliable Vietnamese hair factory for your business.

Overview of Vietnamese hair factory

In recent years, Vietnamese hair factory was chosen by many wholesale hair vendors in the world to be their hair suppliers. There are some reasons to make products of Vietnamese hair factory are interested in by many wholesale hair vendors
Vietnamese hair is being chosen by many wholesale hair vendors from other continents such as Africa, Europe and Asia because of its extremely good quality. In addition, wholesale hair vendors from other countries can have many advantages when buying hair products from Vietnamese hair factory. Furthermore, they have a long experience in the hair industry.

The main distribution of the Vietnamese hair factory 


The main distribution of the Vietnamese hair factory

  • Currently, there is a plentiful supply of Vietnamese hair, particularly in Dien Bien, Lai Chau, and Son La (Northwest and Northeastern mountainous regions), particularly from the Thai ethnic people, who have the habit of growing very long hair and bundling it into a large patch on the head (called Tang Cau).
  • Despite rising living standards and currency depreciation, the correlation between money spent and quality of income is still the most economical when compared to other hair types on the global market.

The major importers of the Vietnamese hair factory in the world


The major importers of the Vietnamese hair factory in the world

  • According to the OEC, Vietnam exported $47 million in fake hair in 2020, making it the world’s seventh-largest exporter of fake hair. In the same year, Fake Hair was indeed the 357th most shipped product in Vietnam. 
  • The main destination of Vietnamese hair factories for Fake Hair is the United States ($24.7 million), Russia ($5.26 million), South Korea ($4.52 million), Japan ($2.2 million), and Czechia ($1.54 million).
  • Between 2019 and 2020, the quickest increasing trade partners for the Vietnamese hair factory were the United States, Russia, and China.

Why should choose Vietnamese hair factory for your business

Vietnamese hair factory brings many advantages for every wholesale hair vendor. Therefore, Vietnamese hair factory is the best choice for wholesale hair vendors who want the highest economic efficiency.

vietnamese-hair-factories-3 .jpg

Vietnamese hair factory: Best hair factory to import hair products from

Vietnamese hair factory supplies affordable price

The price of hair extensions that Vietnamese hair factory supply is very affordable. This is a important thing for wholesale hair vendors who want the most cost-effective

  • Vietnam is a raw material area, so Vietnamese hair factories don’t have to import hair from other countries. In addition, The source of hair in Vietnam is extremely abundant, so the supply for Vietnamese hair factories is extremely stable, leading to the price of hair supply to Vietnamese hair factories being extremely stable, not fluctuating. Therefore, the price that Vietnamese hair factories supply to wholesale hair vendors is very stable.

Vietnamese hair factory supply affordable price

  • Furthermore, Vietnamese hair factories optimize their production expenses, because the labor cost in Vietnam is quite lower than hair factories from other countries. In addition, the amount of hair Vietnam provides to wholesalers around the world is very large, so when it comes to hair production, it will be mass-produced. Thanks to that, Vietnamese hair factories can save a lot of money when producing hair.

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Vietnamese hair factory supplies good quality hair

The quality of the product is something that wholesale hair vendors need to pay attention to to maintain their business. That is why wholesale hair vendors should choose hair products from Vietnamese hair factory.

  •  Vietnamese hair factories just have to collect hair from Vietnamese women who grow long hair for sale. In addition, Vietnamese raw hair from Vietnamese hair factories is 100% human hair, collected from healthy donors, unprocessed before, no egg, no lices. In addition, the healthy lifestyle, the diet and hair washing by herber of Vietnamese women naturally make their hair look very smooth, healthy and strong.
  • Vietnamese hair factories have many experts with many years experience in the hair industry. They will help Vietnamese hair factories choose the best source of hair, control the input and output quality of the hair strictly so that the hair of the Vietnamese hair factory meets the standard quality when supplied to hair wholesalers.

Vietnamese hair factory has great product diversity

The variety of products is a great advantage to help you increase the number of customers buying your products. Vietnamese hair factory bring many unique types of hair products to assist wholesale hair vendors do that.

  • The diversity of Vietnamese hair factory is also a bright spot that any wholesalers need to pay attention to. The reason is that the hair of Vietnamese hair factory collect is virgin hair with 100% human hair, collected from healthy donors, unprocessed before. Therefore, hair can easily be styled, even bleach or dye the hair to many colors.
  • Vietnamese hair factory has many years to manufacture hair in the hair market. Therefore, Vietnamese hair factory can provide exactly what wholesale hair vendors need about types and color of hair. The important thing is that hair still kept their good quality.

Queen hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair factory for those who want to have hair extensions with 3 characteristics as we mentioned above. Queen Hair has a hair factory in Vietnam, we want to support every hair vendors in their business with the best product and affordable price. Contact Queen Hair if you want the best product you have seen.

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Vietnamese hair factories and other hair factories comparison 

Why is the Vietnamese hair factory the best choice for you among many potential competitors from Asia? The table below will help you unfold this answer by giving a comprehensive comparison between the Vietnamese hair factory and other considerable Asian hair factories from China, India, and Cambodia. 

Criteria Vietnam China India Cambodia
Source 100% human hair from Vietnamese women. From many countries sources Mainly from Indian people donating and collecting hair Mainly from China.
Hair quality – High-quality. 

– Strong, silky, and shiny.

– Available for almost all styles. 

-Thin, weak, mainly black.

– Cutting-edge technology but high in chemicals.

Dependent on different types but mostly tough, curly, and hard to style Relatively soft, slightly curly, slightly rough, medium soft.
Scale – Small to middle scale and highly skilled.

-Approximately 4-5 hair factories.

– Big scale and cutting-edge skill.

– Many hair factories with various formats. 

– Big scale but with little skill.

–   In India, hair factories are often known as warehouses and stores rather than the standardized hair factory. 

Do not have hair factories.
Product diversity – Main types: Virgin hair and Remy’s hair.

– Diverse styles and grades.

Diverse in types, styles, and grades. -Quite diverse in types and grades. Quite diverse.
Price Affordable, Middle – segment. From $ 8.6/bundle. Cheap. From $7.9/ bundle. Cheapest. From $ 6.7/bundle. Cheap. From $7.9/ bundle.

In general, we can see that the Vietnamese hair factory has many competitive advantages over hair factories from other countries.


Vietnamese hair factories and other hair factories comparison

  • In terms of sources: As mentioned before, the origin of the Vietnamese hair factory is 100% human hair, mostly from the age of 18 to 25. The hair industry in Vietnam is considered to start many years ago, in 1992 when Chinese merchants went to Vietnam for the first time to negotiate about fake hair manufacturing. As opposed to that, hair from Chinese factories or Indian factories is relatively hodge-podge. Then, hygiene and safety are not guaranteed. 
  • In terms of hair quality: Hair from the Vietnam hair factory is considered the best type with excellent quality thanks to the healthy diet, favorable environment, and natural hair care routine. Chinese hair, by contrast, appears to be thin and weak due to the oily diet, cold climate, and human structure. Indian hair is also the same with a rough texture protecting them from the sun rays in a too hot climate. Cambodian hair is medium soft, very light curly, coarse light assembly and medium yarn, stable tenacity.

Ways to find reliable Vietnamese hair factory

There are many Vietnamese hair factories if you search for the keyword “Vietnamese hair factory” on any search engine, but you don’t know whether they are reliable or not. Therefore, we give you 4 ways to find reliable Vietnam hair factory


How to find reliable Vietnamese hair factory

Find reliable Vietnamese hair factory on Google

Google always ranks the most trustworthy website when you find information about this field. In this case, it is “Vietnamese hair factory”, the reliable Vietnamese hair factory will appear at the top of the search page. After that, check those websites to ensure that information about the product that Vietnamese hair factory provide is what you need to buy. Next, read reviews about this hair factory on google to know that they provide high quality hair extensions.

Find reliable Vietnamese hair factory on e-commerce

There are many hair factories on e-commerce, so customers should be careful when finding Vietnamese hair factory. Recently, Vietnamese hair factory were impersonated a lot by factories from other countries.
Therefore, wholesale hair vendors could request Vietnamese hair factory call video to ensure that the product they provide looks the same with photos on e-commerce. Moreover, wholesale hair vendors have to choose Vietnam hair factory that were patronized by this e-commerce. If you receive hair extensions that are not the same as the product that Vietnamese hair factory promised before, you can report to e-commerce and get a refund for exactly the amount of money you spent on that product.

Find reliable Vietnamese hair factory through networking

Networking is the best way to find reliable Vietnamese hair factory, because people who have worked with Vietnamese hair factory before will assist you in finding reliable ones. It would be so convenient when you could ask someone that you know about Vietnamese hair manufacturers.


Find reliable Vietnamese hair factory through networking

If you are acquainted with someone who worked with many Vietnamese hair factory, they might know about some Vietnamese hair factory. Therefore, you should ask them whether the hair extensions this factory provides have high quality or not and which Vietnam hair factory you should choose to bring great economic efficiency.

Find reliable Vietnamese hair factory on social media

Social media is the easiest way to find reliable Vietnamese hair factory. You just have to search for the keyword “Vietnamese hair factory” on any social media such as facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube… They will show you lots of results about Vietnamese hair manufacturers. But how can we find reliable Vietnamese hair factory with thousands of results ?


Find reliable Vietnamese hair factory on social media

Every Vietnamese hair factory has their own fan page on social networks and it represents the face of this business. If Vietnamese hair factory is reliable, they will look very professional on their social media. First, Vietnamese hair factory will have their own logo and the information they provide will look clearly, such as the factory’s address, phone number, website,… Furthermore, their wall has many posts about those products, and videos feedback from customers. In addition, contact Vietnam hair factory by requesting a video call through whatsapp to ensure that they have an actual hair factory and their hair extensions look like what they advertise.

Ways to avoid scammer of Vietnamese hair factory

The problem is a lot of people profit from impersonating a hair factory in Vietnam. Therefore, we will give you some notes to avoid scammers from Vietnamese hair factory. Here are some pointers on how to spot a scammer interpersionate Vietnamese hair factory:



Ways to avoid scammer of Vietnamese hair factory

  • Lack of website. Vietnamese hair factory doesn’t have a website to show their product or this website looks unprofessional or doesn’t have much information about them. For example, their website doesn’t show the address, certificate, and photo of their Vietnamese hair factory.
  • Untransparent images. Images that Vietnamese hair factories provide appear unrealistic, or images that have been obtained from legitimate websites. Furthermore, Vietnamese hair manufacturers’ discounts are unrealistic or prices that are too good to be true. Moreover, there is much decry feedback about them on many network platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram,…
  • Early payment urge.  In general, in every deal, there is a specific timeline and workflow for each period. If any Vietnamese hair factories urge you to early payment, you should take it into consideration.
  • Too high or too low price.  Every market has a similar pattern for the price and Vietnam is not an exception. As analyzed before, the  Vietnamese hair factory has an affordable and reasonable price. Under any circumstances, if some Vietnamese hair factories offer too high or too low prices, this could be a sign of scammers

Top 5 best Vietnamese hair factory

If you’re still looking for Vietnamese hair factory to trust, we’ll recommend around five of the top Vietnamese hair factory based on our criteria of reliability, product quality, and reasonable price.

Queen Hair – Top 1 of the best Vietnamese hair factory

Queen Hair is the best hair factory in Vietnam that is chosen by many wholesale hair vendors to be their main products, especially in Nigeria. There are many reason that make us took a position in the hearts of customer are:  

  • Queen Hair has been making and supplying high-quality Vietnamese human hair for many years. Therefore, we have many experts to inspect the hair sources carefully and guide the hair donors in their diet to make their hair become stronger and reach the highest quality. 
  • In addition, Queen Hair makes a deal with Vietnamese women in areas where they grow their hair to supply for us abundant sources of hair. It will assist us optimize the prices when buying hair with a big amount of hair. Therefore, we provide an affordable price to every wholesale hair dealers to assist you receive economic efficient in your hair business 
  • With the highest quality products in the hair market, Queen Hair hair products can create a wide range of hairstyles with different colors. In addition, we also accept custom hair styles according to customer requirements, making you get your brand’s unique hair products. Therefore, many wholesale hair vendors choose

Queen Hair has recently decided to enter the hair market as a wholesale hair brand. Queen hair becomes the only Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, selling 100% Vietnamese human hair from Vietnamese hair factory to all around the world. Furthermore, Queen Hair factory in Nigeria supplies a diverse selection of Vietnamese hair extensions to help you choose the suitable hair extensions type for your customer.



Queen Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair factories

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  • Main product: High quality Vietnamese human hair. 
  • Shipment: Nigeria Agent,UPS, Fedex, DHL.
  • Payment: Naira Agent, Remitly, Bank Transfer, Western Union.

K-Hair – Top 2 of the best Vietnamese hair factory

K- Hair is a reputable Vietnamese hair factory one of the best Vietnamese hair factories with 80% of its customers hailing from Nigeria, where you can buy raw, bulk hair as well as hair extensions. All of the hair is virgin human hair that has been cut entirely from female donors, ensuring that it is clean, free of nits and lice, and unprocessed. Stretched lengths , straight, wavy, curly, kinky hairstyles…

  • Hotline/Whatsapp: +84855555347
  • Instagram page: k_hair_wholesale.factory
  • Shipment: Nigeria Agent, Fedex, DHL
  • Payment: Naira Agent, Bank Transfer, Western Union
  • vietnamese-hair-factories-11.jpg

    K-Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair factory

5S Hair- Top 3 of the best Vietnamese hair factory

5S Hair is a well-known Vietnamese hair factory, exporting a diverse selection of products from Vietnamese hair factory to customers all over the world. They’ve evolved to be the leading hair supplier in Vietnam. Customers can select from a variety of hairstyles, including straight, curly, and wavy hair, as well as several color levels.


5S Hair – Top 3 of Vietnamese hair factory

  • Main product: Weft hair, Tape-in hair,…
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex
  • Payment: Bank Transfer, Remitly, Western Union

Luna Hair – Top 4 of the best Vietnamese hair factory

Luna Hair is a Vietnamese hair factory with 5 years experience in the hair extensions industry. They proudly one of the best Vietnamese hair factory supply hair extensions made from 100% human hair and diverse hair products such as bulk hair, bone straight hair, curly hair,… Luna Hair towards the Asia market to sell their product. Therefore, their hairstyles are suitable with Asian people and this duration can be kept longest with the climate in Asia.

  • Product: Ponytail virgin hair
  • Shipment: DHL, Fedex
  • Payment: Western Union, Remitly

Venus Hair – Top 5 of the best Vietnamese hair factory

With two years of expertise in the hair extensions market, Venus Hair is one of the newest Vietnamese hair factory. They specialize in Vietnamese remy hair extensions in a variety of forms, including wavy hair, wavy hair, and pony tail hair. Their quality appears to be excellent, comparable to that of other Vietnamese hair factory. Many hair extension providers across the world, particularly in South Africa, have validated Venus hair’s quality.

  • Main product: Remy hair extension
  • Shipment: Fedex
  • Payment: Visa, Paypal, Remitly

Step to work effectively with Vietnamese hair factory

We simply had to assist you in ranking reputable Vietnamese hair factory. Then we’ll discuss how to negotiate with them to get the best quality and rates.


Step to work effectively with Vietnamese hair factory

  • First, before buying hair extensions from Vietnamese hair factory, you have to know well about those products. The way to do that is by searching on Google about how many kinds of hair extensions, what kind of product your local customers prefer to choose when hairstyling at a hair salon and how much they will pay one time going to a hair salon to restyle their hair.
  • After that, you must have a thorough understanding of the products you intend to buy from Vietnamese hair factory. For example, you should be familiar with many different sorts of wholesale hair extensions, such as super drawn, double drawn, and single drawn hair. How to take care of your goods so that it lasts as long as feasible.
  • Next, look for reputable Vietnamese hair factory and analyze whatever products they offer using photos and videos captured on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. Examine their trustworthiness by looking at historical customer reviews of Vietnamese hair factory and goods. If they are kept in your country, you should visit their hair extensions shop to see the real thing.
  • Last, when you are satisfied with a product from one’s Vietnamese hair factory, make a payment and place an order for a quantity of hair extensions that is appropriate for your business scale. Remember to sign a contract with Vietnamese hair factory to ensure that the product they give to you is of the same quality as the product you saw before. After getting products from Vietnamese hair manufacturers you choose, you should inspect them thoroughly and provide feedback so that the high-quality product may be shared to other providers.

From the information that we have provided in the article. We hope you can find the best Vietnamese hair factory to help your hair business grow in the best way. If you are still confused, contact Queen Hair immediately for advice as quickly as possible.

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