Vietnamese hair vendors are reliable partner for hair business around the world because of the highest quality, best price and great divesity of product. If you are considering purchasing hair from Vietnam hair vendors, this is the place for you, let find out all information of Vietnamese hair vendors in this article.

A quick look at Vietnamese hair vendors

Many wholesale hair sellers throughout the world have selected Vietnamese hair vendors as their hair suppliers in recent years. Many hair business owners are interested in Vietnamese hair vendors’ products for a lot of reasons.


Vietnamese hair vendors are chosen by a lot of hair business in recent years

Customers around the globe, from Africa, Europe, and Asia, choose Vietnamese hair because of its exceptional quality. Moreover, purchasing hair products from Vietnamese hair vendors can benefit hair business owners greatly, from costs, products diversity to quality, hence increasing their overall profit.

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Why choose Vietnamese hair vendors for your hair business?

Vietnamese hair vendors are one of the most recommended sources for your hair business. In terms of quality, price and diversity, Vietnamese hair is unarguably among the best in the human hair industry.

Vietnamese hair vendors have affordable price

Vietnamese hair vendors provide hair products at a very reasonable price. And this is for a few reasons:

  • Unlike a lot of other countries exporting hair, Vietnamese hair vendors have the advantage of having local material sources. Currently, the supply for Vietnamese hair is also quite abundant, especially in the Northwest and Northeastern mountainous areas of Vietnam.

  • The Vietnamese government has measures to push exports, especially hair products exports. This results in consistent delivery processes and low delivery costs for Vietnamese hair vendors.

Sure, you can go for cheaper vendors if you are okay with subpar quality. But from the point of view of a customer that comes to your salon for hair extensions or to buy a wig from you, it’s most likely that they would not enjoy unsatisfactory hair.

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Vietnamese hair manufacturers are still extremely affordable with superior quality, and we believe this is a worthwhile investment. The correlation between the amount of money spent and the quality obtained from Vietnamese hair vendors is still the most economical compared to other hair types on the world market.

Vietnamese hair vendors have great product diversity

Vietnamese recent implementation of advanced technology into hair extensions manufacturing are the reason why they have great product diversity. This is why Vietnamese hair vendors are able to provide you with any hair extension product in the market, if you know where to look.

  • The reason behind the diverse range of products from Vietnamese hair vendors is that the hair gathered by Vietnamese hair manufacturers is virgin hair, meaning it is 100% human hair collected from healthy donors, without any chemical treatment. As a result, hair can be readily styled, bleached or dyed to a variety of hues while still keeping its good quality.

Vietnamese hair vendors have a wide range of products

  • Vietnamese hair companies have been manufacturing hair for a long time in the hair market. As a result, Vietnamese hair factories can supply the exact types and colors of hair that wholesale hair dealers want. The crucial thing is that the hair remains in good condition.

Vietnamese hair vendors supply premium quality hair

Aside from good price, advantages of good diplomatic relations with Nigeria and product diversity, Vietnamese hair vendors also have another virtue to offer: great hair quality. Vietnamese hair has obvious advantages: it is silky, durable, and silky, with a natural gloss.

  • Vietnamese hair vendors’ products are donated by rural Vietnamese women who eat a nutritious, fiber-rich diet and live in an environment that supports their hair – not too hot, not too cold. Vietnamese ladies also wash their hair with lemongrass, locust, or pomelo juice, which has been scientifically shown to boost scalp and hair health.
  • Vietnamese hair vendors usually have stricter control on hair sources as our manufacturing plants are more focused on quality.

It is no coincidence that in the early days of the hair export industry, Jewish traders from Israel and experts in the business had chosen to buy directly from Vietnamese hair vendors. Seeing its edge in price, versatility and quality, any business savvy person in the hair industry would realize the profit they could gain from making a business with Vietnam hair vendors. Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, is one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors, and we also provide this product for Nigerians. We are here to help you make a great figure out of your hair business.


How to find reliable Vietnamese hair vendors

As a business owner, you would want to find quality Vietnamese hair vendors with the least money and time invested. No need to pay any third-party for a vendor list, you can find them yourself through free platforms:

Find Vietnamese hair vendors by Google

If you’re not sure where to start, look it up on Google. Look up terms like “Vietnamese hair vendors” or anything of the like. Browse the results, compare prices, and see what others have to say about them. Top non-sponsored results are usually worth checking out because they usually have a huge customer base and a lot of traffic on their websites.

Find Vietnamese hair vendors by e-commerce websites

The evaluations on e-commerce platforms provide valuable information into how satisfied customers are with Vietnamese hair vendors. Market research may be done on sites like Amazon, Shopify, Alibaba, or Shopee.


You can find good Vietnamese hair vendors online

Find Vietnamese hair vendors by social media

Under the impact of COVID-19, Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors and wholesale hair extension have lately upgraded their digital marketing. You would locate loads of Vietnamese hair vendors on Instagram, Facebook or even Pinterest, because these are certainly the most popular social media platforms in Vietnam. From their social media platforms, you can see more of their products’ photos and videos.

Find Vietnamese hair vendors by networking

Ask your acquaintances and fellow hair business owners for recommendations and advice in real life or on online communities like Facebook Groups or forums. You might even gain more than just recommendations on Vietnamese hair vendors, but also personal tips for running a hair business from experienced business women.

Ways to avoid Vietnamese hair vendors scammers

Before you purchase, don’t forget to be well informed to protect your money and your benefits from scammers. Here are some tips from Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, to avoid red flags from Vietnamese hair vendors scammers:

  • Whether this wholesale hair credentials and registered address

Check for their registered location and company registration ahead of time to avoid fraudsters ofl Vietnamese hair vendors. To confirm that they are trustworthy, you may wish to look into their legal background.

Feel free to contact Queen Hair via social media: +84 83 333 3942

  • Vietnamese hair vendors’ customers feedback?

Look at what people say about the hair products they paid for from Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor. This will save you so much time, money and frustration.

  • Customer protection policy of Vietnamese hair vendors

A responsible company strives to deliver high-quality products and services. How willing Vietnamese hair vendors are to commit to the best interests of their clients is a solid sign of whether or not you should buy from them.

Top 5 Vietnamese hair vendors

Vietnamese hair is excellent for anything human-hair related, but not all Vietnamese hair vendors are good. We have composed a quality Vietnamese hair vendors list for your reference:

Queen Hair – #1 among Vietnamese hair vendors

Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, is one of the very few Vietnamese hair vendors with our in-house factory in Vietnam.

  • Since its inception in 2000, Queen Hair has grown significantly in the Vietnam hair extensions sector, outperforming many other Vietnamese hair vendors. Throughout many years, Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, has been refining and upgrading our production process in order to provide better, more affordable hair to our consumers.

Feel free to contact Queen Hair via social media: +84 83 333 3942

  • Queen Hair is currently one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors in Nigeria. Queen Hair’s broad selection of  human hair in single, double, and super double drawn textures, as well as curly and straight hair. You may also have the hair color and length customized to your preferences. For additional information, go through our catalog.
  • Queen Hair Company provides a line of Virgin hair and 100% human hair at wholesale price. Contact us for a discount:

Queen Hair is one of the most trusted Vietnamese hair vendors


Whatsapp: +84 84 444 4829 (Ms Jessica)

Instagram: @queenhair_official

5S Hair – #2 in Vietnamese hair vendors

5S Hair is among the best Vietnamese hair vendors. 5S Hair is the first hair extensions factory in Vietnam, supplying high-quality Vietnamese human hair since 1989. 5S Hair Factory is one of the major hair suppliers in Vietnam, exporting mainly to European and African countries.


5S Hair is among the top Vietnamese hair vendors

 K-Hair – #3 in Vietnamese hair vendors

K-Hair is quite a strong contender in the list of Vietnamese hair vendors. K-Hair is one of the top wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam. K-Hair supplies a variety of human hair extensions from raw hair to styled or colored hair bundles.


K-Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

Luna Hair – #4 in Vietnamese hair vendors

Luna Hair is one of the most reputable Vietnamese hair vendors. Luna is continuously working to produce the best Vietnamese hair goods with the best quality, thanks to their specialty in production.

RubyHair – #5 in Vietnamese hair vendors

Ruby Hair Factory is one of the top Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam. Their hair processing frameworks can make hair pieces according to the desires of consumers, in addition to pre-made goods. The name means that every hair product made by this brand has the characteristics of a gem: it is high-quality, high-profile, and high-fashion.

Steps to work effectively with Vietnamese hair vendors

If you find the right ones, Vietnamese hair vendors will bring you quality products at affordable prices. But if you are careless in business deals, especially ones with foreign business, you may cause yourself some loss. Queen Hair has some tips to make your order go smoothly without the least fuss possible:

  • Make a detailed order for Vietnamese hair vendors

Feel free to contact Queen Hair via social media: +84 83 333 3942

Make careful to get as much information as possible from Vietnamese hair dealers, including all of the options, pricing ranges, and payment options. Language might be a problem, so try to be as specific as possible to avoid any miscommunications.

  • Be careful about payment for Vietnamese hair vendors

If you are not in Vietnam and making orders for Vietnamese hair vendors, don’t forget to ask: What type of card do they accept? Does the vendor accept Paypal, VISA or Mastercard? How much is the deposit? Being well informed is the best way to save time and protect your benefits on monetary matters.

  • Plan the time for receiving from Vietnamese hair vendors

Think about whether you need your item sooner or later. Your shipping prices will be significantly impacted as a result of this. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time.


Be mindful about the steps of receiving goods from Vietnamese hair vendors

Check whether the delivery agencies your Vietnamese hair vendors are working with are trustworthy. Any beautiful hair extension would be greatly less attractive with careless handling.

With some Vietnam hair vendors, you can have them print your logo for you on the packaging!

  • Make feedbacks for Vietnamese hair vendors

Tell the Vietnamese hair merchants what you like and what you don’t like. This will provide them with valuable consumer feedback, which they may use to better your future orders. Reviews are also a wonderful approach to save money because many Vietnamese hair vendors will provide you coupons in exchange for your feedback.

We hope this has helped you in finding Vietnamese hair vendors for your business. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Queen Hair via social media: +84 83 333 3942 for free advice from our experts!

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