The hair market is saturated with hair from a lot of countries, but Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair takes up the biggest share of the market. Each has its own strengths and drawbacks. In this article from Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, you will find out about the pros and cons of Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair, and decide which one’s better for your business.


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair: A detailed comparison

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Comparison between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

Even though Vietnam and China are neighboring countries, these two countries produce hair extensions quite differently. Insiders of the hair manufacturing industry know that Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair are not equal in price, quality and product range. Scroll down to see experts’ analysis of these differences:

Price comparison: Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

If you were to ask “Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair, which is cheaper?”, the quick answer would be Chinese hair. Hair products from both countries are of reasonable prices in the world market, but there are a few reasons why China are able to provide hair at a lower price:


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair price comparison

  • Chinese hair is collected from mixed sources

Chinese hair, for most of the time, is not Chinese people’s hair, but collected from several neighboring countries like India, Cambodia and Vietnam. The hair is mixed regardless of source, so it will hardly ever be virgin hair. This has reduced their collection costs immensely, but lowered hair quality.

  • Chinese hair is stocked in inventory

Chinese manufacturers, with their large industry scale and inventories, often mass produce their hair products and put them in stock. This reduces production and labour costs, as well as delivery time. What’s at cost is that human hair is a biological material, with a certain amount of moisture in it. Being in stock for long can significantly influence hair quality.

Lacking these factors, Vietnamese hair prices are a bit higher than Chinese hair. But even without treating hair in strong chemicals, these are the reasons why Vietnamese hair is still very affordable. You can consult more from Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market.


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair: reasons why Chinese hair is cheaper

  • Vietnamese hair comes from local hair source

Vietnamese hair collection is of a much smaller scale, as manufacturers only collect from domestic sources, namely the people living in the rural areas of Northern Vietnam. This hair may not be as abundant as collected from several countries, but local tradition of hair growing and hair care has secured a stable source for Vietnamese manufacturers.

  • Vietnamese hair has government export policies

The Vietnamese government is taking steps to boost exports, particularly those of hair products. As a consequence, Vietnamese hair merchants benefit from regular delivery methods and inexpensive shipping costs.

  • Vietnamese hair is made by custom orders

Vietnamese hair factories have a smaller scale than Chinese hair manufacturers, so they often take customs orders instead of mass producing. This has increased the quality of each hair product from vietnamese hair factory.


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair: Vietnamese hair price advantages

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In a nutshell, between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair, Chinese hair is cheaper. If price is your most prioritized factor in choosing a hair supplier, you may stop reading now. But if you are concerned about hair quality and consistency, scroll down to see the differences between Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair.

Quality comparison: Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

In terms of quality when you talk about Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair, many people might mistakenly believe Chinese hair to be as good, if not better than Vietnamese hair because of its shiny appearance. The truth might not be as appealing:

  • Chinese hair is very pretty at first, but will deteriorate after a while.  This is because Chinese hair is collected from mixed sources, heavily chemically treated to give it a beautiful coating, but only lasts for a short time. Cuticles are chemically removed, and silicone is used to give the hair a natural sheen and texture.
  • Counterfeiting continues to be a key issue for customers of Chinese hair suppliers, as numerous processing centers in China frequently blend comb, ground hair, and weft remnants to produce extensions and wigs.

On the other hand, Vietnamese hair may not have the same luster, but is naturally thick and durable.

  • The hair is collected from rural women of mountainous areas of Vietnam, who eat a nutritious, fiber-rich diet and live in a climate that is conducive to hair growth – not too hot or too cold.
  • Vietnamese hair can also provide great lengths (up to 30 feet!)
  • Vietnamese women use lemongrass, locust, or pomelo juice to wash their hair, which has been scientifically shown to improve scalp and hair health, hence their hair strength and length.
  • Because Vietnamese hair factories are more concerned with quality, Vietnamese hair suppliers normally have stricter control over hair sources.


Quality comparison: Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

If you are a hair business owner, putting quality first is a mindset that would carry your business far and high. Bringing quality products to your customers builds trust and a long term profit. This is another important factor in choosing between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair.

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Product diversity comparison: Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

Diversity is an important factor of a hair business, and something you should take notice of in choosing between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair.

If you run a hair business, you will notice that more clients mean more different sorts of orders. Finding a new vendor to offer the hair that you can’t acquire from your former seller would be significantly more troublesome. Save yourself the trouble and locate the best wholesale hair seller with a wide range of products in the first place. Here is a comparison between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair’s product range:

Judging Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair based on grade

The grade system of Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair differs quite a lot as well. In China, hair suppliers use the A-grade measurements, to mark hair quality by 3A, 4A, 5A,… to 10A.

  • 3A: This is frequently inexpensive, thin, low-quality hair with synthetic hair mixed throughout. It has been chemically treated, and you may be able to smell it. This type of hair tends to shed and tangle easily.
  • 4A and 5A: This hair is also fairly thin and easily tangled if not properly cared for. It’s often of poor to medium quality and is frequently used in hairdressing training.
  • 6A: This is decent quality medium thick hair that is perfect for anyone on a tight budget. It’s generally remy hair, which means the cuticles run in the same way, making it less prone to tangling.
  • 7A: This is decent quality, thick remy hair that sheds and tangles less.
  • 8A and 8A: This hair is made entirely of virgin human hair. This hair will not tangle as much as other varieties and will be easy to manage. You’ll note that better quality comes with a larger price tag.
  • 10A: This is the highest grade of Chinese hair available, but it is also the most costly. It’s 100 percent virgin hair that’s thick and strong, and if properly cared for, it will last you a long time.


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair grading system

In Vietnam however, the grading is only divided into 3 levels: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn.

  • Single drawn (1A → 6A): Single drawn hair contains different lengths of hair mixed in, resulting in the maximum thickness at the top, tapers in the center, and thin ends. According to Queen Hair standards, this signifies that 50% of the hair is the listed length.
  • Double drawn (7A → 9A): This is the second best hair grade, with 75% of the hair being the standard length. Double drawn hair is thick in the middle and gradually thin out towards the ends.
  • Super double drawn (10A → 12A): The best quality of hair, with 80-85 percent of the hair strands being the listed length. This hair grade makes it thick and full from head to toe, giving it a gorgeous, high-end look.

The reason why Vietnamese hair is able to be in Super double drawn – up to 12A grade quality is because of careful hair selection and excellent hair source.

For hair business owners, choosing a grade also affects your prices and product quality. If you are aiming for a customer base with a smaller spending, you can buy Single drawn hair or Double drawn hair, from 1A to 7A. If your target customers are people who would spend a decent amount on a wig or sewn-in set, Double drawn and Super double drawn in Vietnamese system (or 8A to 10A in Chinese system) would be ideal. However, only Vietnamese hair suppliers are able to provide you with the most deluxe thick hair that is Super double drawn, as grades higher than 10A are not available with Chinese hair vendors.


Choosing hair grades from Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

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Queen Hair provides Vietnamese hair in all three grades: single, double and super double drawn, that is silky smooth, no tangle, no shedding.


Choosing styles between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

In terms of product diversity, both Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair produce the most diverse styles, textures and colors in the market. Whether it’s bone straight, kinky or curly, jet black or light blond, you can find them in both sources.

Chinese hair, thanks to China’s formidable manufacturers, comes in a wider range of products.

  • China produces a lot of wigs, as well as ready-made hair extensions of all kinds of attachment methods: clip-ins, tape-ins, sewn-ins, etc.
  • With their manufacturing ability, Chinese hair comes in all sorts of colors and styles.

Vietnamese hair suppliers also supply hair extensions and raw hair of all colors and textures.

  • Being in this industry for a long time, Vietnamese hair brands and vietnam hair factory know how to tailor their products to the liking of customers, especially African clients.
  • However, clip-in hair extensions and full wigs in Vietnam are not manufactured as much, hence the price is higher and the source is more scarce. Vietnamese hair suppliers mostly supply weft hair and raw hair, the most popular type of hair in the market.


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair overall comparison

In conclusion, between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair: Chinese hair has better price and diversity, Vietnamese hair possesses better quality and the second lowest price in the market. If you want a wide range of quality hair products but still very affordable, Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, would love to offer you our Vietnamese raw hair and hair extensions in your business.

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Criteria of choosing Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

Based on your demands, you should carefully consider your priorities to decide on the best hair source for you. Here are Queen Hair’s guidelines on criteria of choosing between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair for your business:

Choosing Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair based on purpose

Before choosing whether to buy Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair, you need to pinpoint exactly your buying purposes. The reasons to buy hair are usually:

  • Choosing Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair  for personal use

Because hair salons can charge people more for their service and additional costs, a lot of people opt for buying hair directly from suppliers to attach by themselves. This is a good way to save money on hair stylists, and ensure your hair products are of good quality. As you don’t have to pay for another hair stylist, you can spend more on the actual product. This is why a lot of people choose Vietnamese hair for personal use, as the hair is of better quality and more durable than Chinese hair.


Vietnamese hair vs Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair: Choosing based on purpose

  • Choosing Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair for hair business

One of the most common purposes of buying hair from suppliers is to make it into products for a hair business: wig shops, salons or drop-shipping. In making wigs or vietnamese hair wigs, the buyer needs to take into account not only hair quality but also choice of lace in buying frontal and closure. For resellers, a lot of people import hair from China or Vietnam to resell in their own countries, especially in Nigeria. Overall, price and product consistency is a huge factor if you are choosing a hair supplier for your business. If low price is your highest priority, you should choose Chinese hair. However, if you want good consistency and stable profit as well as loyal customers, Vietnamese hair is a suitable choice for you.


Each purpose requires different quality, product range as well as other services you want from the supplier. A good idea is to jot down your buying purpose, what you want from a hair supplier and evaluate all the factors, then choose whether to buy Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair.

Queen Hair provides an extensive line of raw Vietnamese hair and virgin hair extensions, in both wholesale price for businesses and small orders for individual use.

See more how to take care of your bone straight hair and how to import hair to Nigeria from Vietnam

Choosing Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair based on budget

From what you have read above, you may be thinking that “So Chinese hair is for a lower budget, and Vietnamese hair is for a higher budget?”, but there are way more factors than that.

  • If the lowest possible price is your first goal, Chinese hair is the way to go. However, the hair quality may not be satisfactory for your customers.
  • In a way, Vietnamese hair can be a worthy long-term investment. You can sell more of your products because they are of higher quality, and satisfied customers will come back for more.

A lot of hair factories in Vietnam have a small minimum order amount, making it easier for business starters to make a sample order. Therefore, people with a small budget can opt for Vietnamese hair as well.


Choosing a hair vendor based on budget

Queen Hair understands that customers need to check for quality before deciding to work with a hair supplier, that is why our minimum order is only 500g – 5 bundles. We try our best to support our hair business partners, especially ones in Nigeria as we are a Nigerian-centric hair brand.

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This is why between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair, people with different budgets and purposes can still choose both. It is important to think about your price-quality correlation so you can choose the best Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair for your business.

Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair: Top 3 Vietnamese hair vendor

Vietnamese hair is wonderful for anything involving human hair, however not all Vietnamese hair dealers are trustworthy. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of high-quality Vietnamese hair vendors:

Queen Hair – Best Vietnamese hair vendor

Queen Hair – a hair factory in Vietnam specializing in exporting to serve the Nigerian market, is Vietnam’s top hair manufacturer if you want to know how to import hair from Vietnam, with an emphasis on the Nigerian market. Queen Hair has expanded substantially in the Vietnam hair extensions business as a result of our unrivaled quality.


Queen Hair is #1 hair supplier in Nigeria

  • Queen Hair sources hair from healthy Vietnamese women whose hair has a glossy, silky black tint that matches the characteristics of African women perfectly.
  • We supply raw hair bulks and processed hair extensions of diverse textures, styles, lengths, and colors to Nigerian partners with high-quality Vietnamese 100% human hair.
  • Contact our hair expert at:

Whatsapp: +84844444829

Instagram: @queenhair_official


5S Hair – Long running Vietnamese hair vendor

5S Hair Factory is Vietnam’s first hair factory, producing high-quality Vietnamese human hair weaves since 1989. 5S Hair Factory is one of the best hair factories in Vietnam, primarily exporting to Europe and Africa.

  • Products: Raw Vietnamese hair and hair extensions in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors are available.
  • Delivery: DHL, UPS, Fedex, Nigerian agent
  • Payment: Naira account, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Western Union, Bitcoin, etc.

K-Hair – Vietnamese hair vendor with good diversity

K-Hair is one of Vietnam’s leading hair vendors. K-Hair offers a wide range of human hair extensions at wholesale prices, including raw hair and treated or colored hair bulks.

The expansion of the K-Hair manufacturing facilities allows them to produce a wide range of hair products with varying styles, lengths, and textures. You and find out honest K-hair Vietnam reviews easily.


K-Hair is a Vietnamese hair vendor with good diversity

Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair: Top 3 Chinese hair vendor

China has large-scale production and an excellent logistics infrastructure, giving them a significant economic advantage. But with the abundance of choice and just as many scammers, it may be difficult to find good Chinese hair vendors. The following are three of the top hair vendors in China:

UNICE – China’s No. 1 hair vendor

UNice is a Chinese top hair vendor that sells only human hair. UNice is well-known for their wide range of products, which includes raw hair, hair extensions, and wigs. Many hair salons rely on them because of their low prices and wide range of products.


UNice is a top Chinese hair vendor

  • Products: human hair extensions, raw hair, wigs
  • Shipment: big delivery companies: FedEx, UPS, etc

TED Hair – China’s second best hair vendor.

TedHair is a well-known hair producer and one of China’s leading wholesale hair suppliers, offering high-quality hair goods and services. TedHair delivers their items to clients at a low cost by using China’s powerful manufacturing technologies and logistics capabilities.

  • Products: hair extensions, wigs
  • Customers: distributors, salons, and hair company owners

Baco Hair – Chinese Wholesale Hair Vendor

Baco Hair works with both small and major hair wholesalers. They also have a hair factory where they can make low-cost hair wigs and extensions. They are well-known for their advanced technology of processing human hair.


Baco Hair is one of the top Chinese hair vendors

  • Products: low-cost hair wigs and extensions
  • Seniority: 10 years
  • Shipment: worldwide

Steps to work effectively with Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair vendors

Once you have chosen a vendor, you still need to be attentive to quite a few things in working with a vendor as well as learning how to import hair from vietnam. Whether you choose Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair, these are common steps that you should know, in order to get the value you paid for:

  • Create a precise order with the hair vendor

Make careful to get as much information as you can about options, pricing ranges, and payment methods available. That way, you’ll be able to specify exactly what you want and how you want it from the top wholesale hair provider. To avoid misunderstandings, try to make a clear order.

  • Decide on a delivery method of the hair vendor

Before choosing a delivery method, keep the following things in mind: time, budget and shipping company. The fact that you require your merchandise sooner or later will have a significant impact on your delivery costs. A pro advice is to plan ahead of time. After that, check to see if the delivery company with whom your vendor is dealing is reliable. Any pretty hair extension would be far less appealing if handled carelessly.


Steps to work effectively with Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair vendors

  • Making suggestions for the top wholesale hair dealer

This is not required, however it is a good practice for prolonged collaboration. Tell your hairdresser what you like and dislike about the hair you received. This will serve as a precedent for them to follow in future contracts. Some Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair suppliers also have “review for coupons” programs, so providing feedback may help you save money as well.


We hope that this has helped you in knowing the difference between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair and raw hair vietnam reviews, and aided you in making the best choice for your business. If you want more free advice on hair or hair business, don’t hesitate to contact Ms Jessica – hair expert from Queen Hair. Queen Hair is delighted to help you build a lucrative hair business.

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