Trusted raw hair suppliers are often the best choice for companies and users. However, the hair industry is too broad for you to know who is a reputable raw hair vendor. Therefore, we have put together what you need to know about the best raw hair vendors in the world, as well as the knowledge you need when dealing with raw hair vendors. 

Overview of raw hair vendors

With the growing expansion of the hair extension industry, it is critical to identify reliable raw hair vendors. Since that day, raw hair vendors have been become highly found on a global scale. To start learning and working with raw hair vendors, you need to understand what raw hair is and who raw hair vendors are.


Overview of raw hair vendors

  • Raw hair is natural hair with intact cuticles that have been cut in the same direction from a donor to verify origin and quality. Raw hair has not been dyed or chemically altered, so it is still strong, silky, and can be used for a long time. With the properties listed above, raw hair becomes the top choice for businesses that specialize in hair extensions. The issue for business owners is that they must select raw hair vendors to maintain profitability and quality for the company.
  • Raw hair vendors are people that sell various forms of raw hair in quantity at wholesale costs. Typically, they have factories that produce raw hair in bulk after it is collected, then sell it at wholesale prices to customers, individuals, or business units providing services from hair.

Raw hair vendors are popular due to the growing demand for beauty products with 100% original human hair. People used to seek to wig ways made of silicon to minimize the expense of beauty in the past, but in the present day, real hair is being utilized and has evolved into a competitive beauty sector. Hair salons and hair companies are increasingly looking for raw hair vendors since a consistent supply and high quality lead to long-term profits.

Classification of raw hair vendors

It is difficult to differenciate among raw hair vendors. The specifics are mentioned in the article below so that you might recognize them. You can classification raw hair vendors by two criteria: Classification of raw hair vendors by the form of sale and classification of raw hair vendors by location.


Classification of raw hair vendors

Classification of raw hair vendors by the form of sale

There are several methods for identifying and distinguishing raw hair suppliers all around the world. In this section, we shall classify them based on the raw hair vendors’ business models: Raw hair vendors are resellers and raw hair vendors are hair factories.

  •  Raw hair vendors are resellers: These are people who buy hair from raw hair companies and resell it. They act as intermediaries between producers and consumers. Customers can be both retailers and residents. Most importantly, raw hair resellers cannot produce their own hair.
  • Raw hair vendors are hair factories: They are people who are able to produce their own goods from factories. They collect hair and produce from a variety of sources. Manufacturing raw hair vendors are considered to be more affordable manufacturers and sellers than raw hair resellers.
Resell raw hair vendors Manufacturing raw hair vendors
  • Available hair source
  • High quality
  • Can be retail for users and wholesalers
  • Always have wholesale price
  • Highest quality
  • Wide range of hair products
  • Price at the outlet
  • There wouldn’t be much variety in hairstyles and colors.
  • Unpredictable product quality
  • Production time

If you want to source abundantly with high quality and affordable prices, manufacturing raw hair vendors will be a perfect choice. What you need to do is choose a reputable partner and wait for the goods to be delivered to your hands. Don’t worry about their delivery time because they have many years of experience in dealing with shipping agents to get the most reasonable shipping costs. However, when you need the goods immediately, reselling raw hair vendors will be a quicker option. Choose to meet the needs of your business and increase profits!

Classification of raw hair vendors by location

In this section, we categorize raw hair vendors by location. It is also a good way to determine if raw hair vendors have a source of high-quality raw hair. Normally, raw hair vendors are divided into 2 groups: Raw hair vendors in the raw material area and raw hair vendors not in the raw material area.


Pros and cons

Raw hair vendors in the raw material area

Raw hair vendors in the raw material area are mainly concentrated in Asia. The countries with raw hair vendors in the raw material are usually Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Cambodia,… Each country creates different raw hair characteristics. But raw hair vendors in the raw material area still have some of the following characteristics:

  • Raw hair vendors in the raw material area work directly in the area where the precious raw hair manufacturers are sourced, inspecting and obtaining the hair directly from the local people.
  • Raw hair vendors in the raw material area do not need to import the ingredients from abroad because the source of raw hair in the region has high quality and low labor cost. As a consequence, the price of raw hair manufacturers will also be reasonable and of better quality.
  • Raw hair vendors in the raw material area usually have local factories and production facilities.

Raw hair vendors in the raw material area are usually quite reliable and have an abundant source of goods. They often sell their products at a more reasonable price than the market because of favorable conditions in the region with abundant natural raw materials. Queen Hair is the top raw hair vendor in Vietnam, with higher quality raw hair and competitive rates. Specialty, it is located in an area containing raw resources. You can easily cooperate with Queen hair with many great products at affordable prices.

Raw hair vendors in areas without raw materials

Raw hair vendors in areas without raw materials are also very popular such as Nigeria, China, etc. However, they have distinct characteristics that you should be considered:

  • Raw hair vendors in areas without raw materials are people who do not have available raw materials and must import raw hair from other countries, that is raw hair from a nation other than their own. If coarse hair is not properly preserved during transportation, it will be more prone to become tangled or lose quality.
  • Raw hair vendors in areas without raw materials products are more expensive because the hair has to go through the import process and many stages of processing.

In conclusion, you should select raw hair vendors in the area with raw hair materials to ensure the quality of raw hair and obtain preferential rates. Check with the unit you plan to work with to confirm that they deliver high-quality raw hair.

Raw hair vendors in raw materials Raw hair vendors in areas without raw materials
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality
  • Abundant hair sources
  • Diversity hair
  • Good quality
  • High tech
  • Variety of hair sources
  • Production time
  • Expensive
  • Limit hair
  • Easy to meet the scammer

Among the three largest raw hair vendors in the world, only Vietnam and India are suppliers of raw hair in the region where the raw materials are available. China is a raw hair vendor that is not located in an area where the raw materials are available due to the country’s urbanization trend. Furthermore, because of the unusual nature of China’s climate, raw hair vendors from China have lesser quality and life expectancy than in other locations.

Queen Hair Factory is the top raw hair vendor in Vietnam, with higher quality raw hair and competitive rates. It is located in an area containing raw resources.

Characteristics of 3 main raw hair vendors in the world

Asia is home to the largest number of the world’s suppliers of raw hair. Including Vietnam, India, and China are the top three raw hair vendors. The following information will assist you in understanding the outstanding characteristics of the world’s three main raw hair manufacturers.


Characteristics of 3 main raw hair vendors in the world

Characteristics of Vietnamese raw hair vendor

Vietnam is one of the most favorable raw hair vendors in the world. With years of experience in the hair industry, Vietnamese raw hair companies are a reliable partner with many wholesale hair business owners around the world.


Characteristics of Vietnamese raw hair vendor

  • Vietnam raw hair vendors offer affordable prices. They have abundant natural materials, so they don’t have to import hair from abroad. Besides, Vietnamese raw hair companies often have their own local factories. With  technological advances and long-term experience in the hair industry, the hair production cost is optimized. Cheap labor cost helps the products of Vietnamese raw hair vendors to be competitively priced in the market.
  • Vietnam raw hair vendors provide high-quality products. Vietnamese raw hair suppliers get raw hair from highland women, where the climate is cool, natural ingredients for hair care are abundant, etc. Therefore, Vietnamese raw hair vendors always provide the stronggest, most beautiful, and durable hair in the world.
  • Vietnamese raw hair vendors offer a great product diversity. With many years of experience, Vietnamese raw hair manufacturers have a broad selection of hairstyles from straight ones to wavy and curly ones. Hair colors range from dark tones to light ones. Furthermore, Vietnamese raw hair vendors use cutting-edge technology to develop as many new products as possible.
  • Vietnam’s raw hair vendors have inherited a safe, peaceful, and growing political environment. Furthermore, Vietnam has been seen as a “tax heaven” and several measures encourage import and export. As a result, working with Vietnamese raw hair vendors will provide you with a consistent raw material.

In conclusion, the hair products of Vietnam raw hair vendors is of high quality, reasonable price and great diversity. Therefore, when cooperating with Vietnamese raw hair vendor, your business will be very convenient and profitable. You can simply obtain this magnificent hair by contacting Queen Hair directly.

Characteristics of Indian raw hair vendor

Indian raw hair vendor have the most plentiful supply and also the lowest pricing on the market. The following are the features of an Indian raw hair vendor.


Characteristis of Indian raw hair vendor

  • Indian raw hair vendors provide items at a cheap price due to abundant resources from temples and cheap labor cost. Besides, the nature of Indian hair is often dry, coarse, slightly curly, and difficult to style, so it is often imported by Chinese sellers at a cheap price.
  • Indian raw hair vendors offer low-quality products. In fact, Indian women live in a hot atmosphere, as well as greasy, smoky eating patterns and bad hair care habits. As a result, Indian hair is typically coarse, frizzy, and difficult to restyle. Because of the negative characteristics of Indian hair, it is necessary to chemically treat hair because it has little high technology and goes through many different stages. In addition, Indian raw hair vendors source their raw hair mainly at temples. They are not sourced from a single donor, are mixed, do not match, and spoil quickly.
  • Raw hair vendors of India do not have a wide range of products. Raw hair purchased from Indian raw hair vendors has a poor hair base. But raw hair vendors still try to make the product as diverse as possible. Before styling, Indian raw hair vendors have to straighten the raw hair first. This process results in loss of product life and quality for the hair products of Indian raw hair vendors. Even users cannot restyle because the hair base is too weak and easily damaged.
  • Indian raw hair vendors are not stable. Due to the complex politics of India, it could be difficult to do with Indian raw hair vendors. In addition, products from Indian raw hair vendors are often not from a single donor. It is mixed hair from many temples and different sources.

Overall, Indian raw hair vendors might be an excellent option if you’re seeking something affordable and easily accessible. But the quality of items from Indian raw hair vendors is irregular. However, Indian raw hair vendor supplies product is not stable and long-term.

Characteristics of China raw hair vendor

Unlike Vietnam and India, Chinese raw hair vendors are not located in the region where raw materials are accessible, but they have become suppliers of raw hair with lower costs and more diversified designs than India. Let’s discover the secrets of Chinese raw hair vendors together!


Characteristis of China raw hair vendor

  • Raw hair vendors in China supply hair at low prices. Although not located in the raw material source area, China raw hair vendors can provide a variety of cheap hair sources in large quantities. China raw hair vendors easily buy raw hair from many parts of the world in bulk. They produce a large volume of goods with high technology and modern production lines. Besides, Chinese raw hair vendors have cheap labor resources in many areas. China raw hair vendors will be a great choice for those who need flexible price products according to hair quality.
  • China raw hair vendors offer low-quality products. Due to being imported from many places, the hair must be treated with many chemicals, so it is no longer strong and durable. Besides, because Chinese raw hair vendors do mass production, if they are in stock, the hair products will be piled up in the warehouse and not stored properly.
  • China raw hair vendors offer a wide variety of products. China raw hair manufacturers offer a wide range of products. China raw hair vendors are one of the world’s most experienced in this area. With the available experience, China raw hair vendors always know how to create products suitable for various user groups. Besides, nowadays, China raw hair suppliers own a lot of high technology in the hair industry. Hence, China’s raw hair vendors are increasingly able to create a variety of products that are both fast and affordable price.
  • However, if you want to cooperate with China raw hair vendors, please be careful. Because China is the region with the largest number of Chinese raw hair vendors in the world, there will be a lot of scammers. Be careful and choose reputable Chinese raw hair companies.

In fact, if you are a company owner looking for a low-cost, varied product, Chinese raw hair vendors are a good choice. However, their products are gorgeous but they have a limited life, therefore if you are looking for long-term values and quality is king, you should consider purchasing Chinese raw hair vendors.


Vietnamese raw hair vendor Indian raw hair vendor China raw hair vendor
  • Affordably priced
  • High quality
  • Stable source of goods
  • Diversified products
  • Receive many incentives from business and government
  • High technology
  • Many years of experience
  • Cheap products
  • Abundant source of goods
  • Diversified products
  • Many years of experience
  • Good price product
  • Abundant ingredients
  • Diversified products
  • High technology
  • Many years of experience
  • Production time
  • The product is not durable
  • The source of goods is not stable
  • Low tech
  • Hair source is not uniform
  • Product quality is not durable
  • Scammer

As a result, if you search for a country with industrial raw hair vendors, such as Vietnam, India, or China, you will have a plethora of hair options. However, if you want to get the smallest hair extensions with lesser value and a limited usage lifetime, Indian and Chinese raw hair vendors are an excellent option. If you want high-quality hair at a reasonable price and for a long period, Vietnam raw hair merchants are a great alternative.

Top 5 best raw hair vendors. 

Here is a list of the greatest raw hair manufacturing companies in the globe. We prepared a list in order to assist you in locating the best raw hair vendors.

 Queen hair – Top 1 best raw hair vendor.

Queen Hair is one of Vietnam’s most prominent raw hair vendors. Founded in 2000, it has a factory, a company headquarters, and seniority in the hair industry in Vietnam and throughout the world. Queen Hair is located in the raw material area and offers excellent quality and affordable prices.

  • Queen Hair is Vietnam’s best-quality raw hair vendor. With years of expertise, Queen Hair always selects strong, clear hair sources of origin. Moreover, Queen Hair possesses leading hair industry technology, allowing it to handle all varieties of hair without sacrificing quality.
  • Queen Hair, as the best hair factory in Vietnam in the hair source region, consistently provides items at reasonable prices. Raw hair vendor Queen Hair constantly believes that: Price goes hand in hand with product quality. So for high-quality items, Queen Hair’s price is still fairly reasonable in comparison to the common ground.
  • Queen Hair’s raw hair manufacture is highly diversified in function and design. Queen Hair has been able to design goods that are acceptable for a wide range of client groups thanks to the exquisite natural raw hair source. Queen Hair not only sells hair extensions but also hair clips, hair tapes, hair thickening agents,… in a variety of colors and designs.

Top 1 best raw hair vendor


  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: (84) 8444444829
  • Email:

K-Hair –  Top 2 best raw hair vendor.

K-Hair Factory is a raw hair vendor in Vietnam. It was established in 1989 and they are also one of Vietnam’s oldest raw wholesale hair vendors. K-Hair, like Queen Hair, is a raw hair vendor based in Vietnam, where there is a valuable supply of durable and strong raw hair. K-Hair sources top raw hair vendors on a regular basis and are committed to quality assurance. Raw hair and Remy hair is the main product of K-Hair.

Because of its reputation and expertise in various countries, K-Hair will be a wise choice. Their expert can help you customize or buy wholesale hair extensions. Customers have given positive feedback on the quality of K-hair Hair. With the slogan: Quality is King. You can rest assured if you cooperate with K-Hair in terms of quality and experience.


Top 2 best raw hair vendor

5S Hair –  Top 3 best raw hair vendor. 

5S Hair, which was founded in 1989, is regarded as one of Vietnam’s first raw hair vendors. They are a raw hair vendor, concentrate on wholesale distribution of big orders at affordable prices.

  • 5S Hair offers raw Vietnamese hair, such as clip-in and tape-in hair, at affordable pricing. Their item will be suitable with global raw hair dealers in Europe,  Nigerian, or everywhere you want.
  • Same as other raw hair vendors in Vietnam. The prices of 5S Hair are very competitive, with products of the same good quality as any other raw hair vendor.

The raw hair manufacturers available from 5S Hair are highly diversified. Whether you are a Nigerian with curly hair or a European with thin hair, 5S Hair can suit your demands.


Top 3 best raw hair vendor

Meir Hair Factory – Top 4 best raw hair vendor

Meira Hair Factory is a Chinese raw hair vendor with over 15 years of expertise in Brazilian raw hair manufacture. Meir Hair Factory has extended the Brazilian raw hair wholesale business in South Africa, Brazil, the United States, London, Nigeria, and many other places throughout the years.

  •  Meir Hair Factory’s main products include Brazilian Hair Wholesale, Wholesale Wigs, Raw Indian Hair Wholesale, Raw Cambodian Hair Wholesale with support.
  • Meir Hair Factory offers extremely cheap prices for its products. However, feedback has proven that Meir Hair Factory’s products do not have a long shelf life.

Meir Hair Factory is well-known for its low prices and numerous designs; nevertheless, the hair from China’s raw hair vendors is frequently insufficiently strong and difficult to reuse.

Indian Mermaid Hair Xtension – Top 5 best raw hair vendor 

India Raw Hair Vendor – Mermaid Hair Xtension is one of India’s oldest and largest distributors of coarse hair.

  • The major supply of raw materials for India Mermaid Hair Xtension is temples in India. This raw hair vendor usually distributes mainly products made from 100% human raw hair.
  •  Indian Mermaid Hair Xtension offers premium quality for Raw Indian Hair – Weaves or Machine wefts, Bulk Raw Hair, Closures and Frontals, Full Lace Wigs, Front lace Wigs and Customised Wigs, Blonde Hair.

Up to now, India Mermaid Hair Xtension is a raw hair supplier and they have headquarters in many parts of the world such as London – United Kingdom, Connecticut – the United States,…

How to find raw hair vendors 

Raw hair vendors are often found in many different places of the world. However, if you are unsure about which raw hair suppliers to use for business collaboration, check out the following options.


How to find raw hair vendors

Find reliable raw hair vendors on search engines

Search engines are the easiest way to find raw hair vendors in the world. With the vast and informative Internet network, you will easily find all the information about them.


Find reliable raw hair vendors on search engines

  • Besides, this is also a way to check if the raw hair vendors you are looking for are reputable or not. Because reputable raw hair vendors will have full transparent information on search engines.
  • You can quickly find reputable raw hair vendors using a variety of tools such as Google, Baidu, or Ask, and others. Trustworthy raw hair suppliers will be easily found on these tools due to their reputation, product quality, and market share, as well as the number of visitors or searches regarding them. Reputable units, in particular, will almost definitely contain clear business information.

Find reliable raw hair vendors on social media

Social media is a huge network. Therefore, this is valuable land for raw hair vendors to reach their customers more easily.


Find reliable raw hair vendors on social media

  • Raw hair vendors turn to social networks to reach more customers. Nowadays, the search for business partners and purchases through social networks is increasing day by day. Moreover, customers tend to visit the social networking sites of raw hair vendors to update pricing and information. Besides, they can interact with the business and receive advice easily when there is a need to buy.
  • Reputable raw hair vendors can be verified for transparency through the censorship of social networks. Thanks to the algorithms of social networks, reputable raw hair vendors need to provide enough transparent information to be able to operate. Besides, reputable raw hair vendors have regular updates on their social networking sites.
  • Raw hair vendors may be easily found on social media since companies today use social media to boost the possibilities of advertising their products to clients. You may locate them on any social network. However, we encourage that you using Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Social media is a great tool to help you find reputable raw hair vendors. Be sure to check out their social media pages to find out what a raw hair vendor is!

Find reliable raw hair vendors on e-commerce

Raw hair vendors regard e-commerce platforms to be one of the most essential stalls. To keep up with the trend of online shopping, raw hair vendors have used e-commerce to sell to customers all over the world.


Find reliable raw hair vendors on E-commerce

  • Real raw hair vendors will appear on reputable e-commerce platforms plan to sell their items on e-commerce sites in order to reach as many people as possible.
  • You should go to trustworthy e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc…. because companies must go through several steps to establish that their brand is credible enough to sell items on these platforms.
  • Raw hair vendors will be objectively evaluated on e-commerce by users. An e-commerce platform is a way for you to see real reviews left by previous shoppers. These reviews will help you have an objective view of the product quality and make the right choice when you are buying.

When you start looking at raw hair vendors, you should search their e-commerce site. You can easily check prices, compare multiple products and read genuine reviews. This is a great way to check if the product is of the quality as described.

Find reliable raw hair vendors by asking friends and experienced people

Asking friends, family, or experienced folks might help you identify raw hair vendors. This is a very subjective and specialized way of looking at things.


Find reliable raw hair vendors by asking friends and experienced people

  • Get to know reputable raw hair vendors through referrals. Lessons will be presented in real-time and will be authentic. More specifically, raw hair companies introduced by individuals close to you will develop trust, providing you with more peace of mind and avoiding an information crisis when you have read too much about raw hair vendors.
  • People who have worked with raw hair vendors will give you advice. Not only can they recommend you to reputable raw hair vendors, but they can also teach you how to work with raw hair supplies effectively. You can quickly cut self-study into guides. Thanks to that, maybe your work will be more convenient.

In summary, we advocate employing both strategies together. Because there are many respectable raw hair vendors around the globe, your task is to choose a raw hair vendor who is suited for your business.

How to start working with raw hair vendors with 5 steps?

To prepare to cooperate with reputable raw hair vendors in the world, you should prepare the following. We have created the content below to make your raw hair vendors easily accessible.

Before you start doing anything, there are a few things you need to prepare in advance. However, this is not mandatory, please select the information that is appropriate for your own situation.


How to start working with raw hair vendors with 5 steps

Step 1: Prepare budget

You need capital to start any new business. More importantly, you need money to import hair types from overseas raw hair vendors. Therefore, prepare a reasonable budget to pay for all the goods you intend to import or other additional fees.

Step 2: Have a detailed plan

To keep your business on track, you need a specific plan to clear up a number of issues, such as:

  • How do you target customers?
  • Where are you going to import your hair?
  • What kind of hair do you want to buy?
  • How much money do you have to pay for each item?
  • How much hair do you want to import? and many other items.

Step 3: Choose reputable raw hair vendors

You can find a lot of raw hair suppliers on the Internet or from people around. But look for reputable raw hair vendors in the world. Besides, look for raw hair vendors that are suitable for the amount of money you have prepared.

Also, check if those providers are really reputable or not to avoid being scammed by:

  • Ask them to video call and show pictures of the goods or factory.
  • Ask them to show all kinds of business certificates and product quality
  • Read reviews of those raw hair suppliers on their websites or e-commerce sites.

Step 4: Select the item you want to buy

After choosing reputable vendors, you can choose the types of goods you want to import.  Then ask your raw hair vendors to show you the most realistic images of this product.

Besides, you can refer to many different vendors of raw hair to choose the unit that provides the highest quality products.

Step 5: Contact the raw hair vendors of your choice, place an order and check

Get in touch with your preferred raw hair vendors and you’ll receive their ordering instructions. You can contact them by Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. If you want to get one-on-one consultation, you can call them directly or send a Gmail. In addition, please carefully refer to the order method, customer care policies, and delivery time commitment.

After ordering at reputable raw hair vendors, all you need to do is rest assured to wait.

After receiving the goods from the raw hair vendors, please inspect the goods carefully. If there is any problem with the quality of the goods, you should contact the raw hair vendors to cooperate with you directly. Then there will be support from them.

These are our recommendations for you if you want to start a partnership with reputable raw hair vendors. You can contact Queen Hair to know more about our services.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you know a little bit more about raw hair vendors, as well as think about choosing business partners in the hair industry, ensuring profits and reputation for your business.

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