You are going to start a business in wholesale hair extensions, but you don’t know much about this industry. In this article, we will find out together about some wholesale hair extensions categories to help you have more knowledge of your own business.

Overview the wholesale hair extensions market

Wholesale hair extensions is an industry that brings many advantages for both hair vendor and customer. Nowadays, hair extensions are becoming a more and more popular alternative method to change their outlook quickly, that is the reason why hair extensions wholesale is a potential market for many entrepreneurs.


Overview the wholesale hair extensions market

What do you know about hair extensions in the wholesale hair extensions market?

Hair extension is a main product in wholesale hair extensions which means long piece of hair that is added to a person’s own hair in order to change their hair style. Therefore, hair extensions are becoming popular due to their convenience and flexibility.


Overview the wholesale hair extensions market

Definition of wholesale hair extensions

Wholesale hair extensions is selling hair extensions in large amounts at low prices to hair vendors, rather than selling this to customers .
We divided wholesale hair extensions into 2 types are wholesale hair extensions from raw material area and wholesale hair extensions not from raw material area:

  • Wholesale hair extensions from raw material areas means that goods of this vendor collect hair from women in these countries to produce. It would be so good if they were located in which country has high-quality original hair
  • Wholesale hair extensions not from raw material areas means they don’t have hair sources in these countries. Therefore, they have to import from other countries to manufacture or resell.

Wholesale hair extension from raw material will have more advantages both in terms of quality and price. If you are looking for a source of hair to start a business, you should choose a wholesaler in the raw material area. Queen Hair is a wholesale hair extensions in the raw material area because we have a hair factory in Vietnam that is confident to provide you with good quality and cheap products.

Types of wholesale hair extensions

If you are still curious about the kinds of wholesale hair extensions you are using in the wholesale market. We are here to help you understand more deeply about these hair extensions wholesale. We divided this into two types of hair extensions based on the hair product they manufacture.

  • Virgin hair extensions: Wholesale hair extensions provide a main product as virgin hair extensions mostly rally in raw material areas such as Vietnam, India. Virgin hair extension were made from human hair, like the name “virgin hair”, hair in one bundle belonging to one donor, that is the reason these hair alignment is similar and still keeps the hair cuticles intact. Therefore, virgin hair extensions are chosen by many hair extensions wholesale, it can be easily restyled like curling, bleach and dying,… Furthermore, these hair have never been chemically-treated or dyed to ensure the hair still keeps the best quality about this natural, long-lasting and mixes well with the hair owner.

Types of wholesale hair extensions

  •  Remy hair extensions: Wholesale hair extensions provide a main product as remy hair extensions rally in countries that don’t locate in raw material areas. Remy has a cheaper price than virgin hair. In addition, remy hair is also human hair but is not the same quality as virgin hair by this way of collecting and process of making it. Remy hair was made by mixed hair from 2 or many people. In general, the quality is not as good as virgin hair, but still keeps a good condition.

    Remy hair extensions from wholesale hair extensions

In Nigeria, wholesale hair extensions tend to use virgin hair to ensure that hair still keeps good quality. It would be easier for a hair salon to style a customer’s wishes.This sale of virgin hair will bring many economic benefits. Queen Hair is a virgin hair wholesaler in Nigeria with a hair factory in Vietnam, you can contact us for more detailed advice.

Choose your wholesale hair extensions based on hair characteristic of different countries

In the wholesale hair extensions market, there are many countries that provide diverse types of hair extensions. We will show features of 4 main countries which have many wholesale hair extensions: Nigeria, Vietnam, China, and India. However, Nigeria are not from the raw material area, so every wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria have to import hair extensions from other countries such as Vietnam, India, China



Import data of wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria

Characteristics of wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria

Wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria is becoming more and more developed. We will help you know deeply about these wholesale for hair extensions below.

  • Nigeria doesn’t have professional hair extensions factories. The native hair tends to have a not really good quality, which is extremely dry, coarse, and short. Hair sources from Nigeria primarily import through hair extensions wholesale from other countries such as Vietnam, China, and India,…

Choose your wholesale hair extensions

  • The wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria is growing very fast and the market creates a huge profit for hair vendors due to consumption in both Nigeria and Africa. In recent research, women in Nigeria pay approximately 95$-180$ in one time to go to a hair salon to change their hairstyle. Therefore, hair extensions vendors might have great economic potential when they choose hair extensions suppliers.
  • In addition, Nigerian wholesale hair extensions not only supply hair extensions for their nation but also provide this product for the entire Africa. Hair extensions output from Nigerian wholesaler for hair extensions to the African market is accounting for the largest proportion and increasing in recent years so it would bring many economic benefits for wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria.

Export data of wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria to Africa

Therefore, if hair business owners want to start business with wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria, you should choose reliable wholesale hair extensions to build a great long-term relationship.

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Characteristics of wholesale hair extensions in Vietnam

Vietnam wholesale hair extensions is one of the best choice for the hair extensions market, especially in Nigeria for many reasons:

  • The price of wholesale hair extensions in Vietnam is very affordable. They have their own hair factory with raw material. In addition, the production expense in Vietnamese hair factories  is very cheap due to the labor costs being cheaper than other countries
  • Hair extensions from wholesale hair extensions in Vietnam are high-end quality because their natural hair is collected from 100% from human hair. Furthermore, hair donors in Vietnam are healthy in lifestyle and they wash their hair with herbal shampoo that makes their hair become stronger. That makes wholesale hair extensions from Vietnam very strong, silky and shining.
  • The diversity of Vietnam’s wholesale for hair extensions is also a bright spot that hair owner businesses need to pay attention to. Despite the variety of designs such as bulk hair, weft hair style straight, curly, wavy hair,… or any kind of hair color you want , the quality of hair extensions provided by Vietnamese wholesalers remains extremely good.
  • Shipping procedures between Vietnam and Nigeria are becoming so much easier due to good relationship between 2 countries. In addition, the Vietnamese government has many policies to support the export of goods, especially the export of hair, so international transportation is also very convenient. From there, the business process will be more stable in hair sources.

If you are wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria looking for reliable hair sources for your hair business, the Vietnamese wholesale hair extensions is a great choice. The political situation between Vietnam and Nigeria is very stable, with much support in the import and export of the two countries, so buying hair from Vietnam wholesale hair extensions is very convenient. Products from wholesale hair extensions in Vietnam are also reasonable, premium quality and diverse. Queen Hair is a factory in Vietnam and has a store in Nigeria that will bring you the easiest way to buy products from Vietnamese wholesale hair extensions with retail price.

Characteristics of wholesale hair extensions in China

Wholesale hair extensions in China is the biggest hair extensions market in the world because of the numerous products they provide and diversity in hair models.

  • Although China is the biggest wholesale hair extensions market, Chinese wholesale hair extensions are mainly imported from other countries such as: India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos,… so the characteristics are not uniform.

Characteristics of wholesale hair extensions in China

  •  China is well-known for modern wholesale hair extensions by competent workers with great technical expertise, so hair is chemically treated, and can be created in a variety of styles. As a result, the quality will no longer be as good as the original, so hair extensions in China is suitable for hair vendors demand from low and high prices with different in quality.
  • One thing you should be careful of is that China is the biggest wholesale hair extension market which means that there are many scammers in this market. You should choose reliable Chinese wholesale hair extensions to avoid being cheated.

Characteristics of wholesale hair extensions in India

Right after Chinese wholesale hair extensions, India wholesale hair extensions is the second biggest hair extensions market in Asia.

  •  Hair extensions from India were collected from Hindu temples by Indian hair extensions wholesale. The natural hair quality of an Indian is not really good, it has a natural curl and can be rather curly at times. In addition, the hair technique is not high, so products from Indian wholesale for hair extensions are usually acquired by the Chinese wholesale hair extensions for disposal.
  • Hair vendors need to be careful when buying from Indian wholesale for hair extensions because of sophisticated politics. Therefore, the hair extensions sources from Indian wholesale hair extensions is not stable.
    Vietnamese Hair Chinese Hair Indian Hair
    Price From 8.6 USD/bundle From 7.9 USD/bundle From 3-4 USD/bundle
    Available Stock Start production when have
    an order
    Available Available
    Quality Highest quality Affordable quality Low quality
    Hair Duration From 12-16 months duration From 4-6 months duration From 2-3 months duration

As a result, there are many choices when you find a country providing wholesale hair extensions such as Nigeria, Vietnam, India, China. But if you want to buy the cheapest hair extension with low quality and short usage duration, you could choose the India and China market. If you want high quality with the suitable price and long duration, you could refer to Vietnam and Nigeria. Queen Hair is Vietnamese wholesale hair extensions located in Nigeria supplying 100% Vietnamese human hair is worth considering.

Way to find reliable wholesale hair extension

In above, we talked about the characteristics of many wholesale hair extensions to help you decide the best market for investment. Now, we are going to find a wholesale hair extension that you can put your belief on in the world and Nigeria.


Find reliable wholesale hair extension

Find reliable wholesale hair extensions on google

Google is one of the best channel that will help you find the trust-worthy wholesale hair extensions:

  • Perform a google search about what kind of hair extensions you want to sell. Pay close attention to the wholesale hair extensions on the top of search engines. Because google will choose a reliable website to bring them to the top of the search engine.
  • Next, save your favorite hair extensions wholesale, and read the comments and feedback from their customers about their product to ensure that they provide good quality hair extensions and reliable wholesale hair extensions.
  • It would be easier when finding reliable wholesale hair extensions on social media. If wholesale hair extensions are trustworthy, their social media will look very professional. The photo about their product will look clearly and might have a logo on it. In addition, request a video call with them to see their wholesale for hair extensions office and product they supply.
  • One more way to find reliable wholesale hair extensions on social media is to make a post asking for reviews about one brand you want to work with. You might have actual reviews about their product and reliability from many people who have corporate with this wholesale hair extensions before.

Find reliable wholesale hair extension

Find reliable wholesale hair extensions on e-commerce

Besides Google, you can get many usefull information about wholesale hair extensions through e-commerce:

  • Firstly, you should choose a reliable e-commerce site such as Alibaba, Etsy… that is used by many people in your country, it is for sure that there are fewer scammers in wholesale hair extensions than other e-commerce sites. Reliable e-commerce has a very good policy to protect consumers.
  • Moreover, to avoid scams on the e-commerce platform, some e-commerce platforms have identified reputable wholesale hair extensions to ensure peace of mind when buying for users. Therefore, wholesale hair vendors should choose the wholesale hair extensions that were verified to buy their product.

Find reliable wholesale hair extensions through networking

You should ask your relatives who have experience in the hair extensions industry about reliable wholesale hair extensions that they have worked with before. The biggest advantage is that they have worked with many wholesale hair extensions before so that they have experience in buying high quality hair extensions from reliable wholesale hair extensions. They could give advice to assist you find wholesale hair extensions fit with your needs.

Signs to recognize wholesale hair extensions scammer

Wholesale hair extensions bring many economic efficiencies to wholesalers. Therefore, a lot of people use it to scam inexperienced wholesale hair extensions. We will help you find out some tips to recognize hair extensions wholesale scammers.

  • The first sign is that their websites look unprofessional. There is no information about this product on their website or their photos are low quality, it might be taken from other websites on the internet . Furthermore, they don’t put company addresses on websites to avoid being found.

Recognize wholesale hair extensions scammer

  • Images that are either fake or plagiarized and appear to be too wonderful to be true or have been obtained from authentic websites. In addition, discounts from wholesale hair extensions are unrealistic or prices that are too good to be true.
  • Next, photos that they provide are blurry and there aren’t enough reviews/comments, or there are spammy remarks with frequent errors. Last, contact information to wholesale hair extensions are missing and there are no social media accounts

Steps to work effectively with wholesale hair extensions

We just had to help you find reliable wholesale hair extensions. Next, we will go to the way to deal with them for the best quality and prices.


Steps to work effectively with wholesale hair extensions

  • First, research about customer demand, what kind of hair extensions on wholesale hair extensions based on usage, material,… your customers prefer to choose when going to hairstyling service. The common price they often want to pay is to go to the hair salon once and the duration they want to keep their hair extensions.
  • Next, you must understand exactly about the products that you intend to sell to customers. For instance, you should have knowledge about many types of hair in wholesale hair extensions such as super drawn, double drawn and single drawn. How to take care of your product to increase those duration as much as possible.
  • After that, find reliable wholesale hair extensions and check their social media such as facebook, instagram, pinterest,… to evaluate which product they provide by photo and video they have taken. Furthermore, review their trustworthiness through their old customer comments about their company and product. If they are stored in your country, you should come to their hair extensions shop to look at the actual product.
  • When you check their product and feel satisfied about that, create payment and take an order quantity of hair extensions suitable with business scale and remember to make a contract to guarantee that the product they deliver to you has the same quality as the product you watch before.
  • After receiving products from wholesale hair extensions you had chosen, you should check carefully their hair extensions and give them feedback to spread the high-quality product to other suppliers.

 Top 5 best wholesale hair extensions

If you are still curious about finding hair extensions vendors to put your belief on, we will recommend about 5 best wholesale hair extensions ranking by our criteria such as diversity, product quality, and reasonable price.


Top 5 best wholesale hair extensions

 Queen Hair – Top 1 wholesale hair extensions

Queen Hair factory is wholesale hair extensions located in Vietnam with many years experience in both manufacturers of hair extensions and distribution of the same.


Top 1 wholesale hair extensions in Nigeria

  • Queen Hair has a big hair factory in Vietnam with more than 10 year experience so we are confident to supply wholesale hair extensions at affordable prices. In addition, our material is made 100% from Vietnamese human hair, no mix, no synthetic so that quality is very good.
  • The quality of Queen Hair products were verified by many customers around the world. We have received a lot of good feedback from customer in Europe and Africa.

Feedback about Queen Hair wholesale hair extensions

If you are about to start a hair business, Queen Hair is good wholesale hair extensions for you. With affordable price, high quality, Queen Hair will help you get huge economic benefits.

K-Hair – Top 2 wholesale hair extensions

This is a trustable Vietnamese wholesale hair extensions where you can get both raw, bulk hair and hair extensions. All hair is virgin human hair, 100% cut off from women donors, so it is clean, no nits, no lice, unprocessed hair. with different hairstyles from straight ones to  wavy and curly ones.


K-Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair factory

5S Hair – Top 3 wholesale hair extensions

5S Hair is one of the most well-known wholesale hair extensions in Vietnam, exporting numerous varieties of Vietnamese hair to consumers throughout the world. They have progressed to become the major supplier of remy hair from Vietnam. The items are described as 100 percent human hair that has not been dipped in chemicals or dyed.

Ruby hair – Top 4 wholesale hair extension

Ruby hair is the newest wholesale hair extensions in 5 wholesale hair extensions with 5 years experience in this industry. But they have a good position in this market due to the product they provide is good quality and mainly supply weft hair, closure, raw black hair,…


Ruby Hair – Top 4 Wholesale hair extensions

Venus Hair – Top 5 wholesale hair extension

Venus Hair is one of the newest wholesale hair extensions with 2 years experience in the hair extensions industry. They primarily supply Vietnamese remy hair extensions with many styles: wavy hair, wavy hair, pony tail hair. Their quality seems to be very good and can be comparable with other wholesale hair extensions. Venus hair was verified about quality by many hair extensions vendors around the world, especially in South Africa.

The wholesale hair extensions market is becoming more active these days. A large number of hair salons have sprung up. However, with the noble objective of supplying consumers with the most attractive and inexpensive products possible, each brand of hair products has always held a special place in the hearts of customers. If you are still confused about finding some best wholesale hair extensions to work with, Queen Hair is the best choice for growing your business by many characteristics we mentioned above.

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